A Spoonful Of Optimism

Time goes by,

Like sand trickles away,

Paint this world,

And make someone's day.

Never forget

Your past at all,

Just learn to heal,

And survive the fall.

Be optimistic,

Look at the bright side,

You have so much more,

Than some people tonight.

Value each moment,

Hold life in your palms,

But don't try to capture,

Time in your arms.

Because memories fade,

Like dusty windowpanes,

But sometimes they linger,

Like reminders of pain.

Value it all,

But don't cling to it,

Revenge is sweet,

But don't sink to it.

Let it all float,

Past you unharmed,

Forgive and forget,

Leave enemies charmed.

So be nice to the world,

And they'll pay you back,

Just remember that life

Is not white and Black.