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A smile.

The way the lips turn upwards and the wrinkles in the face deepen. The way it can send warmth through your body or a chill up your spine. The way it can make a world of difference in the most complicated of situations.

The way it lies.

It is said that the human mind is the most complex thing in the universe. We think, and from that comes creation. We believe, and from there comes hope. We crave, and in there lies our own destruction.

Anger. Despair. Frustration. Greed. Jealousy. Elation. Insight.

We are capable of it all, and as such haven't we earned our title rightfully?

We have the power to hold creation and destruction in our hands and we think by some God-Given right that it is our duty to make the most of this power. Is that why we lie to each other? Is that why we tell the truth? Because somewhere in the depths of our minds we believe that only humans have the opportunity, the depth, to do so?

Is that why only humans smile?

A smile can be the most honest and most deceitful thing you could ever do.

The way it brings hope, whether false or not. It's simple, just a small tugging of lips, and perhaps that is why so many sayings have been coined from it. "It takes many more muscles to frown." It's said to be easy yet no one seems to take the time to point out that a simple smile can be the hardest thing in the world.

It's never just something as simple as black and white. There's depth to it. Meaning deeper than we may realize. A smile shows more emotion than plain happiness. So how do we continue to say that it's so much harder to frown?

Everywhere in the world a smile has become a universal symbol that we as humans easily recognize. The most common of emotions related to a smile is, of course, happiness.

Somewhere in the world…

A woman holds a tiny, velvet box in her hand. She trembles slightly as she reaches to open it. Her eyes are greeted with a simple silver band and the word "Yes!" escapes from her lips as a smile spreads across them.

A young girl's feeling of nauseating pain is dulled by the realization that after many grueling surgeries, it has finally worked. She watches a show that she's seen many times before, but now, finally, her lips pull upward in a small smile for the first time.

A man holds his child for the first time. He feels the way the small form moves with each breath as he cradles his son against his chest. It's been a hard couple of years for them, but now, in the form of a tiny being, there's hope to be found.

Many times our smiles show the rawest of emotions that we feel. There's truth behind them. You lay your soul out to the world with one simple gesture.

And then other times…

"Smile, though your heart is aching. Smile, even though it's breaking…"

A woman looks up at the man that she has been forced to marry. She has been raised to believe that in this bond there is honor to be found. Honor, that though the reasoning has been drilled into her mind, she could never truly bring herself to understand. Her heart screams for release, but being compliant is a sign of a good wife. "Smile." he demands of her, and she does so.

A young girl holds her younger sister close as she promises the lie of peace for the world at war that took her parents away. She calls out for help in silence and prays for an answer. She wills herself to stay strong, if not for herself, then for her sister. She smiles through the tears that fall to the ground.

A man watches through narrowed eyes as he brutally interrogates the man sitting before him. A cold, sadistic smile curls his chapped lips, and it's meant to intimidate, it's meant to entice fear. He comes from a world where sharpened objects receive answers and cries for mercy are not that uncommon, but in the back of his mind is the painful reminder that ever day when he returns home the stench of blood lingers and he vomits until his stomach is empty and the guilt that clings to him, like a leech to his skin, still remains.


Because there's nothing left to live for, you smile.

It's a harsh reality to face when you are dealing with something that it supposed to be so pure. But with the complex nature of our minds that we so wholly take pride in there is bound to be some consequence.

So there it is.

We are intelligent. We use our intelligence. We lie. We comfort. We tell the truth. We hurt. It's never been a question of whether or not we're smart, only a question of how we use our knowledge.

And in the mist of all the human quirks that we have become so accustomed to lies the smile.

A smile.

The greatest lie the human race ever told.

And the greatest gift we've ever been given.