¢¼Chameleon ¢¼

¡¾¢Ô¢Ó¢´ I have had to change so many things; I hardly recognize the person I see everyday. She looks and sounds like me, but her actions have been reduced to a prolonged self-defense mechanism- to lose this hardened armor would mean defeat and sacrifice of all she knew- My reflection is who I really was- am - will be - but like my old life, it is little more than a dream - a memory of a past life I'm no longer sure even existed. My reflection lives my original life, while I, its mask, remain here, lying low until I can be united with my true self again. My reflection and I are shadows of each other, we remind ourselves of who we were and the events tht brought us to where we now remain. Music, art, and fantasy are the three elements of my life now - just as Fire, Earth, and Water were the mainstays of my shadow's days. We both wait- her in the mirror, I in the dim light of my harsh reality for the time when we can be united. While I jump off the edge, she grasps the rope that anchors me here in this life - we are connected in spirit and mind. A faint half-wry smile flickers across her lips, as she once again withdraws into the shadows of the mirror, leaving me alone again - for now I am Solitary once more. ¢´¢Ó¢Ô¡¾