Middle Man

the ones who made us are searching for the ones who made them and they come here,

deep in the psyche, where thoughts are created, manipulated, and mulitilated, here lies the truth to the answers we seek

freedom is an illusion created by the mind and projected to the masses to lull us to safety in the arms of an unknown murderer

humanity is walking a fine line and it is about to be cut

free falling cannot save the ones who jump, forcing their own death, rather than die a part of the nameless masses

free falling, finding identity, and loving yourself for what you truly are is the key to life

life is a maze of survival, and appropriate tactics must be used to sustain it

many fall, weary of the hunt, and of the dreary conundrum that basis itself in normalcy

the definition of normalcy is flexible, lending itself to many changes, until obscurity dominates and leaves those by the wayside, confused and searching in the dark

false light is plentiful, true peace is hard-sought and after the storm, the calm is brief

continue the search for truth, for it will not search you if you do not do the same to it.