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It all started in the year 3877 this was the year when Ambi-tech, a company that had left Earth and started experimenting with D.N.A manipulation, released the first version of what they called the perfect workers the Jahory. It had been made out of the DNA of many different animals graphed onto the human skeletal structure.

The Jahory had a standing height of 1.5 meters, and weighed about 90 kilograms. Its massive arms hung about 45 centimeters past its waist. The Jahory had eyes like a cat so that it could see in the dark and a nose like a bloodhound so that it could smell the different things it would need to mine. The Jahory also had millions of microscopic hairs on its shins knees chest, and on the back side of its wrist. The hairs work like the hairs on a geckos foot, allowing the Jahory to climb walls without a latter, and giving them the ability to hold things against their chest leaving their hands free to do other things. The Jahory was designed to be able to mine on any planet or work in any factory. Even in the early stages of development the Jahory had shown violent tendencies. A scientist left a Jahory in a lab with three other experiments unattended. Five minutes later when the scientist returned the other experiments were found dead. Looking at security camera footage they found that the Jahory kill the others experiments after on of them sniffed the Jahory. Later on in the development Ambi-tech found a way to suppress the violent tendencies. The Jahory still had the violent tendencies but they remained dormant unless exposed to an electric shock of more then 1000 volts. After the accidental shocking of a Jahory and a team of researchers being killed, some people did not think it right for the Jahory to be made.

There were a few multi-trillion dollar companies that had already pre-ordered Jahory workers. To speed up the development process two of the companies began funding Ambi-tech. A few campaigns against Ambi-tech started, but were only able to slow down the company with its new funding. The groups had a few nonviolent disputes, but then a Jahory was sent to assassinate the leader of the oppositions group.

There was soon a full fledged war that lasted three years. It ended when a man by the name of Keith Williams, convinced the makers of the Jahory to leave the Sol system. No one ever figured out how he was able to do it, much less even talk to them. Keith Williams was a famous inventor, and was known to make rash statements that if somebody could do something, he could do it better. It turned out that with most things it was true, but there were a few times when he didn't succeed in doing it better. Although Keith didn't have anything to do with the Ambi-tech war, a friend of his challenged him to do a better job at negotiating then the governmental diplomats. Keith took his friend up on the challenge, and within 4 hours of him setting out on his mission of pride, the war stopped.

Rumors have been going around for a long time; that he had the D.N.A pattern for the Jahory, and threatened to make a virus that attacks every part of the D.N.A at the same time. Different governmental investigators looked into the rumors but weren't able to find any proof that they were true.

After Keith died, the government went threw his belongings to try and find something, but all they found was a journal. In the journal there was mention of a hidden lab which suggested that the rumor was true, but they were never able to find it. There was a museum made in his name, six years later. All of his work was kept there on display.

Chapter#1 Boredom leads to insanity.

It had been 169 years since the Jahory left, now they were reappearing. The (Name of the good guys.) were getting reports of Jahory ships all over the galaxy. At first it was just sightings, but then the Jahory started attacking random stations, and planets. The military had been mobilized to counter the increasing Jahory attacks. Two major pilot facilities had been destroyed during one of the attacks, leaving the (Name of good guys.) with a shortage of good fighter pilots.

Even with the shortage of pilots, Colonel Tag Baker, still couldn't fly his ship and was forced to take a robotic taxi. These Taxis were one of the slowest ways to travel; it had taken ten minutes for the taxi to arrive at his house. Normally he would just walk where he needed to go, but today he was in a hurry. Earlier that morning he had been board out of his wits, he had nothing to do. He was not able to do anything for the military because his Pilots license was taken away. He had been sitting on the couch, where he had just finished eating breakfast. He turned on the tube, and started flipping through the channels. He stopped when he saw the news. The same old news, nothing new ever happened. That's what he was thinking when report on Jahory activity came on. They had just taken out another outpost. He hated this, he want to be out there helping against the Jahory. He turned it off and leaned back on the couch thinking of what else he could do. Getting up he went over to the book shelf, the book shelf was holographic with some books displayed, "Computer, Generate a book that only someone out of there mind could read in one day." said the Col.

The emotionless voice of the book shelf replayed, "I have selected the journal of Keith Williams for you to read. It was said by (some famous dude) that only a man out of his mind could read it, much less in one day and that it would make you insane, if you weren't already."

"Okay I'll try it."

"In which form would you like it? Download, paperback, hardcover, or digital?"

"I guess paperback." The book appeared suspended in the middle of the holographic book shelf. The Col. Reached out and took the book. The book looked like it was going to take a month of steady reading, but he was so board, he plopped him self down on the couch, and started reading.

After reading the first two pages that explained to the reader about the life of Keith Williams he flipped to a random spot and started reading. After flipping through a few pages he noticed that the font was different than in the beginning.

He flipped around through the book and found that through out the book different font was used. He stood up and walked over to the book shelf.

"Has this journal been altered at all from its original form?"

"The spelling and some grammatical errors have been corrected, other then that there have been no changes in the journal." "Transfer the unchanged version to my P.D.A." said the Col., pulling the P.D.A. out of his pocket. He flipped threw the book writing down the names of the different type of fonts. (the fonts spell out the key to the cipher that tells the location of the hidden lab.(explain))

It was because of these fonts that he was in such a hurry. He had to catch Dr. Marker, a friend from the military who had been on his special ops team, to have his discovery confirmed. After his friend got out of the military he began teaching at he University of . Although Dr. Maker had had always said he didn't want to be a teacher. That was the reason he joined the military. He had a Dr.'s degree (in what? Don't know) but after getting it decided he did like teaching, and joined to make a living. But when he met the woman who is now his wife, he left and found a teaching job so that he could be around for his family. The doctor was now well known by different universities as a well accomplished professor, and his students rarely had negative things to say about him. He was the father of three, and was will to do anything for them. Tag's thoughts turned to finding his friend as he exited the taxi and paid his fees.

He climbed the stairs to the universities main entrance, and was greeted by the universities automated help desk. "Good evening Sir may I help you?" "Yes I need to talk with Dr. Marker." said Tag as he fiddled with the zipper on his well worn leather jacket. "I can show you where his class is, he will be done any moment now." Realizing he had been fiddling, he stopped, "No, just tell me where his class is." "His class is in room 624, on the 2nd floor."

The Col. Started running, He knew the automated helpers were programmed to move slowly to prevent students from running. He made it to room 624, and looked in the window; Dr. Maker was walking around in the large class room, handing out assignments to his young pupils. The class was dismissed, and started filing out into the now crowded hall. Dr. Marker finally came out after all the students had left. Looking up and seeing the Col. As he came out, he exclaimed, "Col. I didn't expect to see you here!"

"I thought I'd drop by and see how you're doing." replied the Col. with a smirk on his face. "I am doing well; I have a lecture in front of the board of universities tomorrow. But don't let me bore you, what brings you here?" As they walked down the empty hall Tag switched to the reason he had come. "Have you ever read Keith Williams' journal?"

"Of course I have."

"I think I found the key to the cipher that tells the location of the Lab." The man came to a stop. "Show me." He said getting a very serious look on his face; he knew how important this was to the universe. add reason why The Col. showed him what he had found.