What's the deal you may ask?

I'm re-editing this story. Taken from my profile:

"Why is she rewriting a perfectly good story?!" you may ask. Well, for those who are curious, frankly, I was tired of the constant comparisons between this and another fictional piece of work. But a large major factor had to do with the plot itself; in our day and age, robots aren't entirely out of our grasp, but they aren't just here yet. Plus, I was doing a menial job when the idea struck me. Working it out, I planned the story from start to finish, modifying quite a few major elements and a few characters here and there. It was a bit unrealistic to have a girl living on her own while her parents didn't provide for her in their absence. It was unrealistic for a fan club to be made and attended vigorously in person (I'll throw you a bone here, it'll become a Facebook group instead). There's a lot of modern things I can throw into the story that can make it a lot more realer in today's world, which I feel it deserves greatly.

Now, I'd like to point out the last time I wrote - anything remotely story-oriented (one-shot/stories) was in October of 2009. That's just disappointing for me. I think, with the life that I have currently at the moment, my creative juices are all... juiced out. Stories are like long-term commitment relationships; they require nurturing, time, and lots of patience. On the other hand, one-shots are perceived as one-night stands - kind of - in that you only have one short story, a chapter, out. It's very short-term. Essentially, continuing either 2 of my stories (SOS or GTIPEB) feels dizzingly overwhelming like staring at a panoramic view of a galaxy. It's massively... complicated. I think to start, I'll dip my toes in the water by writing a few one-shots then when I'm confident enough, I'll plow through GTIPEB - which, the first 10 chapters, are essentially mapped out and ready to be written. I've already got over 20 story ideas and only around 3-4 one-shot ideas, so I'm definitely looking to get some one-shots out there to test my writing.

That means, I'd really greatly appreciate when that happens, for you to leave me some feedback. After all, that feedback will be contributing towards GTIPEB and SOS - making me a better writer and making you a better critic and hopefully a better writer down the road too.

Bonus - I'll be home this summer which I'm hoping is going to allow for plenty of writing time. I look forward to getting back into the game.

To anyone out there who's still keeping tabs on me, thank you. I'm truly appreciative that you're interested in my work, and that you want to share it with your friends. While the removal of my orignal story may have hampered that point, it won't be long until the first few chapters are up that I'm hoping you all will be buzzing around.

And, over the past year, I've been getting the occassional author alert/story alert/story favourite emails here and there - and I would like to also extend a huge THANK YOU to those who think my writing is cool enough to be favourited. And I will have something up real soon, I promise!

Thank you all.