The waters of the Nile flew downwards caring the reed boat I was on past a bushle of Papyrus reeds growing close to the side of the bank.

"Wow where am I?"

"You're in Giza or going threw it I should say." Said a woman with black hair in an Egyptian accent.

The reed boat kept drifting further down the river and the woman directed it towards the bank on the right side with her long wooden staff.

"Get off here." She said sticking the stick she used for directing the boat sharply into my back.

"What?" I cried in pain hastily jumping off of the boat. "Why?"

Then two well-built men grabbed me and started pulling me away from the boat further away from the river that was now shining in the evening sun. The woman just glared at me evilly and waved as the men dragged me farter away.

"Let go of me…Let go of me now! LET GO!!!" I shouted as they dragged me towards a cart. The tall strong man plopped me down on the edge of the cart with so much force that I winced in pain and tried to hold back the tears.

"Let me go…let me go right now!" I screamed even louder.

"Sorry no can do Miss." Said one of the men talking for the first time. The other strong tall one held me closer to his face and I could smell his awful breath. "The Pharaoh wishes to see you."

But I don't want to see him I thought as the tall man squeezed me tighter.

"She is a pretty one." He said moving my hair of my cheek and putting his lips close to my neck. "I wonder what the Pharaoh wants with you dear."

"Don't know." Said the other man while he got out some rope and started binding my arms and legs together. "Whatever it is though I say it is important and that we are only to deliver her to him."

I want to kick him my head screamed as the shorter man gagged me. Why are they doing this to me, why does the Pharaoh want to see me and why am I here? As these questions were rushing threw my head I felt a sharp pain on the top of my head and everything went black………

I flew up in bed in a cold sweat and tense with fright.

"Phew, I was only dreaming…" I said to myself. "Ow the bastards hit me hard…wait a second that can't be it was only a dream. Where am I this isn't my room." I said starting to freak out. All of the sudden the door to the chamber flew open and the two men that dragged me from the river came in to the room hastily.

"Okay precious. Time to go." He said grabbing my arm with a firm grip.

"Ow! You jerk! Didn't anyone ever teach you how to be a good host?" I said as he grabbed up out of bed and flung me onto his shoulder.

"Let me go…. Let me go!" I shouted as the two me brought me out of the room.

As we came out of the dark chamber the light filled my eyes and made me squint.

"So what do you think little missy." Said the tall man whose shoulder I was on. As my eyes focused I realized I must be in the palace. Gold trimmed the doorways in the halls and silk and linen hung from the archway into the main hallway. There were vases and statues lining the halls along with beautifully carved and chiseled columns. I stared my eye wide as because I had never seen any of this kind of thing before. Just as I started to struggle again a young woman bustled out of one of the doorways.

"Oh no you don't Melincor! She is not going to see the Pharaoh like that!" She said pointing at the dirty silk dress I had on. I don't exactly know even how I got it on.

"Aglaia, she has to go to the pharaoh now! He called for her." Said Melincor the tall man.

"Well he'll just have to wait a little longer. Bring her to my room imedently." She demanded and Melincor followed her to her chamber.

"Wait out here. I'll have her ready in a minute." Aglaia said shoving me threw the door way and shutting the door in Melincor's face.

"Now then have a seat." She said gesturing towards a large pillow on the floor.

I obeyed and did as she said and sat on the big silk pillow.

"Now put this on." She commanded and handed me a new white silk dress and pointed to the changing booth.

I walked over and took off the dirty ripped dress I had on and placed the new on. It was long but was slit up to the knees showing most of my legs from the knees down. I walked out from behind the curtain and Aglaia immediately shoved me into a chair and started combing my hair.

"Sorry for Melincor. He is a bit rough, as I can see." She said glancing at the bruise on my arm from where he grabbed me.

The comb grabbed a snarl in my hair and I wined a little but Aglaia kept combing.

"Stand up." I stood without questioning her. She hung large gold earrings in my ears and put a golden belt across my waste.

"Sit!" she said pointing to the chair again.

She must be respected by a lot of people I thought as she tied a pair of gold-laced sandals on my feet.

"Why does he wish to see me?" I asked hesitantly.

"None of you business you will find out soon enough." she said pinning a golden headdress to my head and slipping bracelet upon bracelet up my arm.

"Follow me." Said Aglaia opening the chamber door.

Melincor stepped out from the side of the hall and grabbed my arm again. The other man started to tie my arms and legs again except this time with linen ropes.

"Is that really necessary?" Inquired Aglaia.

"Yes it is." Replied Melincor in a harsh tone.

Aglaia stepped down and Melincor flung me over his shoulder again and carried me off away from Aglaia's chamber.