In the midst of the dark, the stream did not sparkle. It shown clean, smooth, and unrippled. Not even a drop of water from the dew-covered trees disturbed the glass sheer of water that covered it. The moon slowly began to show in the blackened water and it hardly seemed to lift the darkness. Not even visible were the spirits, which lurked there in the darkness where as to come. Silence…the only thing to describe this lonely place. But before long the shriek of a woman hovered over the still air. The water was disrupted and the quiet night was filled with screams. A shroud of people all came in mad dash down a muddy towpath by the torrent. Children slipping into the water and mother's screaming, ripping their children from the blackened earth. Soon the clanging swords of the village men were heard in the distance. There was plunge in the brook followed by a scarlet stream of blood which flowed down to the frightened village women. A haze of gray smoke began to rise as the men valiantly held off the intruders, but by then as one by one began to fall, the village was already in flames. Not a single one survived that night, except one lucky soul who floated down stream…veiled in crimson blood.

Her eyes opened ever so slowly. I held the moist cloth on her warm head thinking about when I found her, lying there by the stream outside the village. She blinked and her pupils got smaller as they adjusted to the light of the room. She started to shift but it was like someone was holding her so she couldn't move at all.

"Aiiiiiiiihhhhh!" she cried out in pain.

"Try to hold still," I said holding the cloth tighter in my hand. " It's okay you're fine." I said not really sure of myself because I didn't know really what happened to her. I don't even know her name, she looks familiar and yet I have never seen her before I thought as I looked at her lying there on the cot. A faint, "Who are you?" brought me back into reality as I stared into the girl's deep lavender eyes.

"My name is Gabri."

Her faint "Where…" was covered by her shrill scream of pain. Yet again, it seemed like she was trying to get away from something, but it was causing her great pain.

"Hold still, Hold still! If you move it will just make it worse." I said a little confused and tried to hold her still with out violating her space.

"Aaaa….aaa…" were the last words she got out of her mouth before she blacked out again.

What happened to this girl to make her have so much pain I thought. She has no bruising, no marks of impact, no scares, scraps, cuts, not anything! She has nothing, but yet she is still in pain, but what else can I do for her? There is only so much I can do I thought to myself as I paced by her cot on the floor.

It started to rain and there was an o so familiar pitter-patter on the roof of the hut. I shoved a towel in the bottom crack of the door because water always came through it and made the dirt floor a mess. Not that it helped too much the floor was always wet except by the cot, where she slept. I walked over and looked at her restless body just lying there, her eyes looked troubled, but they were closed. Her deep lavender eyes clouded my vision and my mind. I got out another blanket and draped it over her hoping she was warm enough. I started a fire as the rain outside steadily grew louder and the wind picked up. Then a question popped into my head. Where am I going to sleep? I looked around the tiny hut and decided that I would just lay some blankets on the floor next to her and sleep there, since it was the only dry space so far inside the hut. I went over to lock the door but as I did so the girl let out a moan. I turned around and she was holding her head again. As quickly as I could I locked the door and rushed over to her and sat beside her cot.

"Are you okay can I get you anything?" I asked quickly before she would black out again.

She didn't answer she was just staring blankly at the ceiling. Looking at nothing in particular. She didn't say anything for quite awhile just looking at that certain spot.

"Where…where am I?" she said softly, almost in a hoarse whisper.

"Your in my hut in the village of Garoh." I said quickly.

Her gaze then again returned to the spot on the ceiling of the little thatched roof hut. I just looked at her. I had so many questions that I wanted her to answer but I just couldn't get the nerve to ask her… not even what… her name was…