Everything happens for a reason hun,

Another milestone, another elephant,

Another scar that throbs night and day,

But we all know that old scars cease to hurt.

Only when the rain sets in, the storm is there,

That's when they'll twinge, and remind you,

That cut, that scratch, that gash, the broken heart,

I keep my promises babes.

You lost the t-shirt huh?

That's okay cus you know you had it once,

Sometimes memories are better than reality,

We both know that.

We're becoming pros at life,

You and me both ,

The hurt, the pain, the scars,

We have a freaking collection.

But sometimes it's better,

To just let it out, to breathe,

With an occasional relapse,

And let it flow.

I'm sorry everyday,

I'm not there to catch you,

That I'm not there to dry the tears,

That I'm not there in person.

I'm sorry.