Remember Him—Your Son—


The phone rings


No one answers

Something is wrong;

It always is when—

No one picks up


This time;

What could it be?


Another beating of your child

In a darkened room;



Desperate, painful cries

That no one hears;

Or cares about—


Remember him—your son—

On the brink of death


Or perhaps—perhaps

You are too busy;

Feeding the dog

His food—

His daily meals—

Because you claim

He eats too slow


Remember him—your child—

And the abuse he suffers from you


Maybe—just maybe

You're ridiculing him once more

Embarrassing him—

Shaming him—

Forcing him to wear his sister's clothing

Rather than buying him his own

Because you say he's not worth it


Remember him—your gift—

And how poorly you have treated this treasure


Can you live with yourself?

Knowing you have caused him—

A young boy of merely nine

To spend his life; his future

In a wheelchair—you crippled him

Making him remember his haunted past

And constant abuse from you—his mother


Remember him—your blessing—

And how we care more than you do



Justice will be served


Or later—

No longer will we watch; pretend

We have taken authorized actions now—

Yes, this family has turned against you


Remember him—your son—

And how you have lost him forevermore