The End of the Battle

The two men fell further and further into the abyss-like ice cavern. Both the long cloaks they wore whistled around as they descended further from the surface of the world. The first objects to land were a long black staff and a crystalline sword that had a tint of green. Then followed the two men carrying out their battle in midair before their sudden halt caused by the ground. The impact was harsh, leaving both men splayed on the ground breathing heavily. The first to rise once more was the younger and broader than the second. Slowly and painfully he raised the crystalline sword into the air.

"Your torment on the world is finished Krit. You and Lokken will never harm another soul." The broad man said as the other slowly arose holding a black tome.

"I have one more soul to harm… Rhilian." The man named Krit said before pointing at the icy walls around them. Rhilian twisted his face around and noticed the walls of ice started to melt at a shocking rate. Within minutes the cavern flooded setting a miniature earthquake off to the surface above. Rhilian swam forward in the icy waters towards Krit holding his sword in attack position. Several seconds later the water re-solidified.

Chapter 1 An Old Friend

The trees outside swayed with unbelievable fury in the strong Indonesian gusts. A middle aged looking man sat peacefully in his cosy cottage staring with little interest at his television. The common news reporter parked herself down on her black seat retelling world events making them sound three times more exciting. The middle aged man was sitting content in his comfortable armchair barely moving as the incredible winds relentlessly attacked his cottage. The cottage was very empty, with only very necessary assets. A comfortable bed was positioned in the very right corner of the one roomed cottage. A small office table lay underneath a thick-glassed window with several pieces of written-on paper resting atop it. The arm chair, the middle aged man was relaxing on was positioned against the middle of the western side of the cottage wall. Just to the left of the arm chair was the only door leading in and out of the sturdy cottage.

The relaxing man sitting on the comfortable armchair was named Garacius. He had short visible brown hair curled into an odd fashion and bushy eyebrows which were the same colour as his hair. He was extremely muscular and was oddly about eight feet tall when standing. His skin was reassembly tanned and was oddly spotless. His chin was covered in small hairs, the same for the small area above his lip. To most people he would seem very intimidating. His eyes were an alarming piercing green, which made him seem very alert.

Suddenly the television turned off leaving Garacius alone with the howling wind taunting the cottage. He took in a deep breath then gave a long lasting sigh.

"How unfortunate…" He said quietly to himself looking outside at a flickering, broken power line dangling from its usual place. With a quick flick of his finger the television came back on seemingly clearer than before.

"And onto other news. Two ancient humanoid creatures have been found frozen deep within Antarctica. Both have been dug from their resting places and are currently being examined in America for scientific investigation. This is the only picture of the frozen figures available at this time…" The long black haired news reporter said eagerly before being cut off by a picture of a huge ice block containing two human figures within.

Garacius leapt off his chair when he recognised the two hostile looking humans.

"Rhilian… Krit." He said silently in a worried tone. After a few seconds of walking back and forth deciding what action he should take, he came to a decision. He stopped and remained motionless for several seconds. The power line outside miraculously fixed itself and the television turned off instantly.

"America here I come." He muttered under his own breath with the tone of worry still present. Suddenly an unbearably bright light appeared where Garacius was standing. Several seconds later it disappeared with Garacius no where in sight.

"I can't believe it, two completely preserved men. This one here is holding a book and this one here is holding some kind of crystal sword. There's another two in a dual sheath on his back. My god it's amazing… an extraordinary find." Said an uncontrollably ecstatic man wearing stereotypical scientist clothing.

"This one holding the book looks rather old compared with the other. It may be possible that this one is the others' father. I can't really make out the facial features but from here both look rather similar. Hey I just thought of something… check around the area you found them. I'm sure you'll find more around there… Are you listening Jason?" The same voiced man said almost dancing with happiness. Without getting a reply the scientist wheeled around in excitement which was quickly replaced with fear.

The discoverer of the marvellous find who was named Jason was hanging in the air as something gripped his neck. The scientist backed away with wide open eyes as the man named Jason started turning ghostly pale and his veins bobbing up to the surface of his skin. Eventually his skin was a colourless grey and his eyes slowly turned yellow. The silhouetted figure holding Jason emerged from the shadows releasing his prey as he did so. The scientist continued to back away until pressed up against the ice block preserving two ancient humans.

"Do you know where they were dug up?" The ghostly figure hissed out in a coarse tone. He waited impatiently as the scientist opened his mouth but no words came out.

"Never mind… I suppose you're the only one other than my minion here that knows." It said. Without another word the evil figure made its way to the slouching scientist.

Garacius appeared with a flash of blue light outside the scientific warehouse stunning several security guards. Garacius instantly leapt off to the left concealing himself in the darkness as the guards went off to investigate the mysterious flash that disappeared as fast as it came. Garacius waved his finger again and disappeared, this time without the flash just as the guards arrived looking bewildered. Several flicked on their handy flashlights and waved the lights around the area with surprised and confused looks on their faces. Two of the five outside guards returned to their posts to continue their duties while the three investigating still frantically searched with confused expressions still imprinted on their faces. As the three guards walked off in another direction to search elsewhere, large outstanding footprints of something quite big started appearing and made their way towards the heavily guarded scientific facility.

The research warehouse was huge; there was a long line of large supply trucks each sitting outside the loading bay of the facility. There were several tanks that presumably held either petrol or gas for the facility. Far to the left Garacius could make out several power generators with thick wires leading to various parts of the facility. The main thing Garacius looked for were the side entrances to the enormous research warehouse. After deciding which was the best entrance to take Garacius slowly and stealth-fully made his way to it.

It took barely a minute for the long trail of footprints to reach the complex's side entrance door. An armoured security camera rested atop the door scanning the vast grounds in front of the scientific complex. Just to the left of the durable security door also rested a control panel with the numbers from zero to nine and in small font 'enter' button. Suddenly the high-tech camera was ripped out of the wall above the door revealing crackling wires and a few seconds after that, the control panel was also ripped out mercilessly revealing even more crackling wires. After the two miraculous destructions of the two high-tech security equipment, a black wire from the original area of the camera and a dark red wire from the original area of the control panel were somehow drawn together by an invisible force.

The electricity from both wires connected causing a loud crackle of electricity which miraculously forced the security door open. Another footprint appeared just before the door, leading to hard tiled floors. Garacius reappeared after a few seconds of silence. The corridor didn't seem to have any cameras so Garacius started walking forward. At the very end of the corridor was a large reinforced door. Garacius boldly walked forward. Just before the end door there was another reinforced door. Garacius paused and looked at both doors for several seconds. Finally he decided which one he'd take and proceeded through the end one.

The door automatically opened as he neared it. On the other side of the thick door was a maze of corridors. Garacius didn't take long to decide which way he would go. As he travelled further forward getting closer to his destination he noticed an increase in security with guard numbers increasing along the corridors. Garacius was forced to use his disappearing act again as a group of three well-armed guards walked past. Garacius continued to walk onwards as he reappeared. Soon enough he came up to a large glass observation window. The room, the observation window showed was very foggy and barely anything could be seen within.

Suddenly two more guards came around the corner chatting away forcing Garacius to disappear again.

"That guy is absolutely crazy… No normal person could go into a creepy house like that and not even shiver once." One of the guards said as he made his way from the break room where they were watching television.

"Must be disturbed or something… Hey look it's fogged up in there." The second guard said suddenly looking into the room from behind the observation window.

"Probably thawing out that ice cube." The other guard said also looking in mild interest. After a few minutes of pointless chatter the guards wandered off. Garacius reappeared with sweat running down his face.

After wiping his forehead with the back of his sleeve, Garacius pressed his hand against the large observation window. Suddenly he reappeared on the other side. He walked further into the room until finally he reached the middle where a large protruding ice block stood. In the large ice block stood a lone figure of a broad man holding a very sharp crystalline sword that had a green tinge.

"Rhilian." Garacius muttered under his own breathe. Suddenly something hard slammed into the side of enormous figure of Garacius.

Garacius turned to face a horribly distorted figure of a scientist. The scientist had bright yellow eyes and looked incredibly creepy. Garacius paused and the scientist struck him again but bounced off his concrete like skin.

'Demonic possession. What the…' Garacius thought in surprise as he noticed the zombie-like scientist's eyes. Suddenly in a flash Garacius withdrew one shiny blue axe and before anything could be done he tapped the top of the zombie's head. Immediately after, the head of the scientist exploded showering blood and pieces of his brain everywhere. Garacius watched as a horrible demonic apparition arouse from the deceased scientists body and let out an extremely loud cry. Garacius stood motionless as it got louder and louder until finally all the surrounding windows burst open allowing the fog to escape.

Garacius quickly turned around and placed his hand on the ice block. The next second he was gone as well as the ice-block with the frozen body inside. A mass of guards poured through the open hole where the observation window was to see the headless figure of the scientist and another man wearing a suit with bright yellow eyes. They lifted there guns and watched as the suited man walked slowly towards them with hungry yellow eyes.

Rhilian awoke with a start, flailing his arms crazily and breathing quickly. Realising he was safe he sat wandering where he was. He felt unbelievably cold and was shivering uncontrollably.

"It's good to see you Rhilian. It's been too long." The familiar voice of Garacius said. Rhilian quickly wheeled around on the bed to face him.

"Garacius! I think I've failed to stop the apocalypse. I think Krit succeeded." Rhilian yelled out frantically.

"Yes Rhilian. He did succeed. But that's all in the past now." Garacius replied softly. Rhilian gave him a strange look.

"What?" He asked in a confused voice.

"Krit managed to complete the spell before you got to him. Dytrallious and Shuyan told me, Krit managed to pull you into an ice cavern after you got him with the venom diamond sword." Garacius said calmly.

Garacius started waving his hands several centimetres above Rhilian's body. Rhilian quickly stopped shivering as his body started to warm up.

"I remember now! I… I got Krit just on the side of his arm. He did something to slow the venom before pulling me towards him. I remember falling then everything goes blank." Rhilian quickly said wiping his forehead as he was now starting to sweat. "What happened? How long have I been out? Are my mates ok?" Rhilian questioned Garacius with a worried expression.

"Dead, I'm afraid… But they survived the apocalypse and lived long lives." Garacius said looking at Rhilian with a bland expression.

"What!" Rhilian cried in horror. "How'd they die?" He asked in fear.

"Rhilian it's a different time frame to the one you're use to. It's been fifty thousand one hundred and sixty seven years since you fell into that ice cavern. They both lived life to the fullest after you died. Shuyan returned to Hynula region with that archery girl from Marble City. They got married and had uncorrupted children." Garacius stated.

Rhilian was beyond surprised and listened to Garacius carefully. He wiped his hand through his hair as he listened.

"Dytrallious also travelled back to Hynula Region… and became general. He got married to an attractive girl who use to be your maid… Hudora I believe her name was." Garacius said to add to Rhilian's surprise.

"The apocalyptic spell from the book was complete. It rained meteors upon the earth but thanks to the kindness of goddess Hynula and the water priests several species including humans survived the five year rain of meteors." Garacius explained carefully.

"Minella! What happened to my wife?" Rhilian cried out in terror quickly realising his wife must have died over fifty millenniums ago.

"I think it best if we discuss this another time Rhilian… For now I want you to rest. The human body isn't designed to be frozen in an ice cube for over fifty thousand years." Garacius stated bluntly and walked out of the room before Rhilian could complain.

Garacius took a seat outside of the cottage while Rhilian started thinking of his situation. After several minutes Rhilian sat up refusing to rest and followed Garacius outside. The cottage Rhilian left was somewhere in the middle of a forest. Garacius wasn't anywhere to be seen, leaving Rhilian the chance to explore. He stepped down from the small porch and headed towards the thickest of trees and bush.

'Must be somewhere in Hynula Forest.' Rhilian thought to himself as he looked at the very healthy green trees around him. These trees were the only reminder of his previous life fifty millennia ago. He took a seat on a random rock and continued to look around with sadness in his eyes.

It was a further ten minutes before something happened that disturbed Rhilian from his thoughts. Two enormous lizards about the size of men started strutting past, not giving him a second glance. Rhilian instantly covered his eyes and fall backwards, off the rock.

"Don't worry Rhilian, these aren't basilisks." A loud voice said behind him. "And… if I remember rightly you're considered worthy enough to stare into the eyes of a basilisk." The voice of Garacius said as Rhilian turned around.

"What are they?" Rhilian asked quickly as he got to his feet.

"They are commonly called Komodo Dragons." Garacius replied as he watched the large lizards pass by. "They're descendants of basilisks. They don't hold any magic like basilisks… in fact most magical animals died out after the apocalypse." Garacius added thinking back.

Rhilian and Garacius were left alone as the large lizards disappeared from view. Rhilian stared down at the ground with a dismayed expression.

"Is there any point in me staying alive in this new age?" Rhilian asked in a silent tone. Garacius scratched his chin and took some time to answer.

"Servants of the greater good have informed me there is another demonic plan to destroy the world. With the same culprits as before…" Garacius started.

"Lokken, Krit?" Rhilian exclaimed.

"Yes… And Bulgurius." Garacius sighed.

"Bulgurius! All three necromancers are alive now?" Rhilian cried in horror. Garacius stood up stretching.

"Not yet. I believe Krit is alive. Bulgurius and Lokken will be soon. So we have to start a defensive plan soon. If Bulgurius is the same as the last time I fought him, he'll try things on his own, away from Lokken and Krit, which will be an advantage for me." Garacius explained.

"He'll be away from Lokken." Rhilian said remembering Garacius's only weakness.

The many trees around the talking pair started rustling as the wind picked up. Rhilian continued to look down at the ground.

"What are we going to do?" He said bluntly hoping Garacius had all the answers which he usually did.

"Get the right people to help us. I'll explain the plan once we've found Elsen." Garacius replied grabbing Rhilian's arm.

"Elsen's still alive?" Rhilian said before there was an immensely bright light.

When the light disappeared Garacius and Rhilian were in a totally different area.

"Yeah." Garacius replied smugly. "We're in a place called England now. Elsen is the leader of an organisation that is almost the equivalent to town guards. He's called a policeman. I'll go look for him; you stay here and be careful those diamond swords may draw some unwanted attention." He said before walking off.

Rhilian watched as Garacius marched away. A few seconds later he realised he wasn't standing on any type of surface he'd ever felt before. It was extremely hard and felt like hundreds of rocks and stones linked together by hardened black glue.

After staring in wonder at ground he was standing on, he also realised the large buildings around him. The substance that made them was also very odd. Looking sturdier and much more solid than wood, it had an odd similarity to the ground he was standing on. He knew it wasn't marble but had a similar feel to it. He knew it wasn't metal either. Confused and a little intrigued Rhilian began wandering around. It wasn't long before he found a large empty area with white lines painted in linked E symbols. In some of these large random symbols were big painted metal objects attached to rubbery circles or wheels. In each of these metal objects there were slanted panes of glass. Instantly Rhilian disliked them and preferred to stay some distance from them.

An elderly lady living in one of the flats in the apartment spotted Rhilian acting suspiciously around the cars in the parking lot. She took no time to pick up the phone and dial the police. Meanwhile Rhilian had lost interest in the heavy metal objects and was staring in amazement at the hundreds of lights in each building around. He knew it was night time seeing a few stars clearly however the intense lights in each building seemed to be making it harder to see the less bright ones.

As Rhilian walked around trying to comprehend the odd things around him, a hooded figure made its way to him silently. Rhilian heard footsteps and instantly twisted around to face the possible threat.

"Give…" The hooded figure started. "Give me your cash. Give… Or I'll cut… cut you." The figure stuttered holding out a small knife.

"You're robbing a general with a maiden's vegetable knife?" Rhilian asked holding but a laugh. The thief staying silent apart from three rasping breathes before talking again.

"I'll hurt you man, I'll open you up man." The desperate thief cried looking around himself nervously.

Rhilian looked at the man in pity; the man was obviously undernourished and had extremely bloodshot eyes even visible in the moderate darkness. Suddenly the thief launched forward stashing at Rhilian. Rhilian easily dodged the blow and shoved the thief back. Due to his strength the thief fell on the ground causing him to release the knife. Quickly the thief regained his weapon and stared loathsomely at Rhilian. Again he made a strike at him. Rhilian lent to the side dodging the blow and quickly grabbed the thief's arm. Using his above average strength Rhilian swung him into one of the metal objects.

As soon as the thief hit the metal object, an extremely loud noise went off. Two bright lights also started flickering on and off. Rhilian backed away in surprise and confusion. As fast as he could the thief bolted off leaving behind his knife.

"Thief!" The same old woman cried out in horror pointing at Rhilian from her balcony. Rhilian looked up at the old lady and smiled.

"Don't worry ma'am. He won't be coming back." He said smugly.

"I've called the police you scoundrel, they'll put you in your place." The old woman cried out with a threatening finger. Rhilian remembered Garacius was looking for Elsen who was the head of the organisation of Police.

"You have my thanks madam. When will they be here?" Rhilian asked obviously not understanding the situation.

Suddenly Rhilian heard distant pulsing sounds in the distance. They sounded like they were quickly making there way towards him.

"Now they'll get you." The old lady sniggered before hobbling back inside her flat.

When Rhilian turned back around he saw two metal objects quickly making their way towards him. There were red and blue lights atop both metal objects that were flashing maniacally. Rhilian instantly withdrew two of his most dangerous weapons. The Diamond Sword of Storms and the Diamond Sword of Hellfire. The metal objects quickly came to a stop and altogether four uniformed men jumped out of both holding curved metal objects. Rhilian gasped in surprise at seeing the men get out of the metal object.

"Freeze!" One of the men said.

"No. I've done that for apparently over forty thousand years." Rhilian stubbornly replied.

The police officers gave each other odd glances then back to Rhilian having their weapons pointing towards him.

"Slowly place your weapons on the ground, and then step back." The same officer yelled threateningly.

"No! I won't disarm myself. You may try to cause me harm." Rhilian yelled back defensively.

"Tasers officers." The same officer cried out angrily withdrawing a yellow coloured objects from his belt. Each officer followed suit and drew there yellow objects. Slowly two carefully made there way towards him aiming their weapons at him dangerously.

"I warn you, I will not tolerate any attacks. I will strike back if you try to harm me." Rhilian yelled threateningly.

The officers seemed to be within their desired range and gave Rhilian one last warning before changing the settings on their tasers. Rhilian held his swords in a defensive position which protected his body. Suddenly a long wire shot out of one of the yellow objects. It rebounded off Rhilian's Diamond Sword of Storms. To the officers' surprise a large electrical current arced out of the sword into the wire. It instantly travelled up the wire and caused the yellow object to explode violently. Rhilian leapt back in surprise. Another officer fired out a wire. This time it struck Rhilian's leg. He yelled out in pain as a powerful blast of electricity rippled through his leg and up into his torso. Rhilian strained to move his left arm controlling the Diamond Sword of Hellfire. The officers quickly made there way to him holding out more yellow objects. Rhilian managed to place the permanently burning sword onto the wire as even more volts jolted up his body. Instantly the extreme heat burnt through the wire releasing him of the paralysing electricity.

Instantly Rhilian launched up with the remains of the wire dangling from his upper thigh. He twisted around and with extreme precision cut apart each yellow object in the hands of the officers. Each officer backed away in surprise and fumbled to get their guns.

"Stop! Why are you attacking me?" Rhilian ordered an answer holding his swords out.

"This guy's lost it man. Crippling fire only!" The leader of the four officers roared aiming at Rhilian's legs. Quickly Rhilian cut open the leader's gun with the hellfire sword singeing the leader's hand. Another officer managed to shoot causing a bullet to lodge itself in his abnormally large bicep. Rhilian roared in anger, surprise and fear at the same time. He didn't even see the projectile leave the weapon. His arm pumped blood out of a small hole where the bullet had entered.

Rhilian felt his entire left arm go numb and he knew he couldn't control it anymore. He saw the Diamond Sword of Hellfire fall from his left hand. A second officer pulled the trigger of his gun. The bullet dug itself into Rhilian's right knee tearing ligaments and tendons as it went. He groaned in pain and threw his other diamond sword as he fell. The sword collided with one of the officer's patrol cars. Lightning arced around the car and within seconds it exploded sending the standing officers into the air. Rhilian remained on the ground feeling the heat of the fiery explosion on his face. Quickly using his right arm he grabbed the Diamond Sword of Hellfire. With effort he raised it into the air. In a matter of seconds the fire burning the car travelled to diamond sword, extinguishing the car.

The pain was immense and Rhilian had never experienced anything so powerful. He was covered in scars from blade wounds and arrow holes but the projectiles from the officer's weapons were an unbelievably fast and damaging. Using the most of his strength he shifted along the ground and reacquired his other diamond sword. The officers were still on the ground some with pieces of metal sticking from their arms and back. Slowly Rhilian shuffled along the ground to them to check they were alright and to see if he could grab one of their weapons.

Suddenly two large figures made their way to him looking at the devastation he had caused. Rhilian twisted his neck to look at them.

"Garacius, Elsen… Good to see you both." Rhilian croaked jokingly even though in pain.

"I wish I could say the same." Elsen replied staring in wonder at the destroyed patrol car and the four downed officers. Garacius stepped over Rhilian and placed his hands over each wound. Rhilian watched in wonder as a bullet slid smoothly out of his arm and another out of his knee and finally the sharp pointed taser-head in his thigh.

"I think I'll take you with me next time." Garacius sighed.

Elsen was a broad man like his father Garacius; he had an eye-patch covering a long sword-made scar. His still intact eye was a dark brown. His hair was short and naturally spiked. His face bore many scars and burns from living in over fifty thousands years of conflict. He however had a reasonably cheerful personality despite what he's faced.

Suddenly the old lady appeared at the buildings door screaming and yelling.

Elsen marched up to the lady showing his badge indicating he was a high-ranking officer. Garacius watched on as his son calmed the old lady.

"Thank you ma'am, your quick thinking has led to the arrest of a very dangerous criminal." Elsen lied winking to Rhilian.

"Hey!" Rhilian cried angrily as he slowly got up."

"Oh, it was my pleasure officer. Make sure you lock him up for good." She yelled flailing her frail arms.

Garacius led Rhilian off behind a building and after Elsen had finished with the old lady he joined them.

"I think she likes you." Rhilian smirked even though still in a bit of pain.

"Nah! She's too young for me." Elsen replied with a laugh. Garacius snorted in laughter as well.

"Let's get back." Garacius said grabbing Rhilian's arm.

"What about the town-guard men… uh… the policemen?" Rhilian asked in worry.

"They're souls are still attached to their body. Their wounds aren't bad. No doubt the explosion will draw more officers. They'll get treated at the local hospital and no doubt will be back on the force in several weeks." Elsen replied while Garacius started waving his hands.

Again there was an unbearably bright blue light. Then the next second they were in a completely different area.

"Into the cabin. I'll explain the plan now." Garacius said walking towards the sturdy wooden house. Rhilian and Elsen followed. Once inside Garacius placed his table into the middle of the room and placed several chairs around it. The very old group of men took their seats.

"Alright, I don't know much about how the impending second apocalypse is going to be performed but I know the right people that can help us stop it." Garacius started. "I'll start with us. I will be able to stop Bulgurius easily enough if he stays away from Lokken."

"And what if he doesn't, father." Elsen asked.

"Then he's a different person to whom I last fought." Garacius answered. "This will be an advantage for everyone else, no doubt."

Rhilian stretched out his right leg hearing several crackles from his knee. Elsen and Garacius turned to him.

"Rhilian, most of Sendurius Region is scattered throughout the bottom of the world now. Places called New Zealand, Australia and most of the pacific islands… including the island we are on now. If you are still passionate of your home region, you will be the one to defend these areas." Garacius explained in a stern tone.

"I'm in… But what are we going to do when they come back to life?" Rhilian asked getting slightly impatient.

"The first move is theirs. We will base what we do on what they do." Garacius replied.

Rhilian nodded stiffly. Garacius turned to his son Elsen to tell him his job in the impending apocalypse.

"You're associated with most of Europe… that will be your area to defend." Garacius ordered while Elsen listened carefully.

"Yes father." Elsen replied nodding his head.

"Now we all know how these necromancers act and operate however… We are still not enough to take on the supporters of the necromancers. We must get others to join our cause. I already know of one that will prove critical in our defence… A half-demon." Garacius explained. Elsen gave a small gasp in surprise.

Rhilian had never heard of a half-demon but by Elsen's reaction and the way Garacius said the two words made him think it wasn't a very good idea.

"Father… A half-demon? Either necromancer would easily convert him. The power of evil would overcome his normal senses." Elsen stated as Rhilian stared at the two.

"Usually… yes. This Half-demon has been trained though. Buddhist monks have taught him to restrain his anger. It was just like you and Terbino all those years ago." Garacius said making Elsen fall silent.

"Terbino was a half-demon?" Rhilian asked in surprise.

"No… but he may as well have been. Demons targeted him over and over. Every time he got angry, he almost lost his soul and became a demon." Elsen said making Rhilian nod in silent acknowledgement.

The wind started picking up again outside making the small cottage creak and groan under the mild pressure. Elsen turned to Garacius still disliking the idea.

"Where and who is the half-demon?" He asked.

"Jeremy Taylor… The American phenomena investigator. He hosts a television show." Garacius replied bluntly as he suddenly thought of something. "As a half-demon, he lacks some normal human characteristics." Garacius stated. "Fear, happiness, love… basically the same as a normal demon." Garacius finished.

"I still don't really like this… but I suppose you understand better than me." Elsen said nodding his head in reluctant agreement.

A sudden thought entered Rhilian's mind which he decided to discuss with the two immortals.

"What about the Amulet of CHRIST?" Rhilian asked.

"It's around… but never to be disturbed again. Two people have already used its power to defeat evil… me and Terbino. I believe its power keeps the last of magic to remain. Since the orb of infinity was destroyed during the apocalypse, very little magic still exists." Garacius stated making Rhilian look back down at the table surface.

"There's an area that Jeremy is about to investigate. It's called the Bermuda Triangle. We shall get him to join our cause there." Garacius explained in a bold tone.

"Why don't we just teleport to him now?" Rhilian asked not understanding the ways the two immortals did things.

"Patience and we must make a good first impression to make him choose to join us." Garacius finalised concluding the meeting.