BACKGROUND INFORMATION: This story is based on the Roanoke colony that mysteriously disappeared while trying to colonize the New World. John White left the people of the colony for roughly six years, trapped in England during a time of war. When he returned, no one was at the village. None of the remaining supplies were missing, no bodies were about. It seemed like they had just vanished. The only clue were the letters "CRO" carved into a wooden post outside of the village. He suspected this was a sign to indicate the Croatoan tribe that lived near Roanoke Island, but no evidence was ever found as to what happened to the settlers. This is my own verison of what happened, through the eyes of a 17-year-old girl named Clara and her experience with the "lost colony."


All of us took a risk coming here. Six months on a ship, cramped and dreary, all because my family was hoping to get the land they deserved. We wanted a fresh start and we were hoping the New World colony could help us. I was only twelve when my father announced that we would join the others on the journey to Roanoke.

I was excited at first because Mr. John White promised us 500 acres of land! It was made for a king and we, the middle class farm workers, would receive it! That was why majority of the colonists went. Roanoke Island was inhabited once, but they failed and were forced to return to our mother country, England. Mr. White was determined to have this colony succeed. We left on the eve of my fourteenth birthday, my father, elder brothers, and grandparents on board.

We landed and immediately began to build up what most of us called "New Roanoke." Our lives began to steady and the first English baby was born on American soil, Virginia Dare, Mr. White's granddaughter. He admired her so, but we were running out of supplies. The land wasn't cooperating as much as we had hoped. So Mr. White left us to fend for ourselves while he went back to England to replenish our supplies.

We never saw him again.