Authors Note:

Hello All!

Well if there is anyone left.

I have essentially been gone from writing for about 5 years. I have finally gotten my life a little less hectic (as much as a college student can) and I have begun to write again. However, I am writing under a new name and new account. I am doing so because this is a new start for me and I am in a different part of my life than I was when I wrote these stories. I will leave this account up so people can read what is here, but as of now I am not planning on continuing any unfinished stories I have. If I do one day decide to I will completely scrap them and start over. I want to thank all of the lovely, lovely people who supported me for so long on here and I deeply apologize for disappearing for so long.

If you would like, you can hop over to my new page and check out my new story I am working on.

Here is the link to the new story:


And the link to my new profile:


Once again thank you all and I hope you can continue on with me as I reignite this part of my life that I loved so much once before and have rediscovered my passion for.