you can see the world all the more clearly in
shades of grey. there is no vibrant distraction
(or this world is a distraction—i can't decide
which), no brilliance of light—just how things
are instead of how they seem. you always
used to say that nothing was ever simply
black or white, but i guess you never
saw the world without the rose-colored glasses
(i guess you always saw it through the sunny days—
never in the rain). & as Moonlight Sonata swirls
from a piano in an open window and faint droplets (fat with
hope) drop from the sky, i wonder how
you can say that rain is depressing (you always
called me the 'gloom & doom' type, but you never understood how
the rain brought my personal epiphany--)

i've never been more drenched in my life.
You've never felt more distant to me—and to tell you the
truth, i couldn't be happier.

A/N: For some reason, Moonlight Sonata always reminded me more of rain than of moonlight...strange, yes, but music is open to interpretation.