Today I looked through the glass

Of your lovely point of view

I don't want to be ignorant

Of what you see

So, as I said before

My eyes gazed through yours

And I decided that for the first time

In a long time (or so I think)

I was wrong

It never mattered who I was

Or what they are

How life changes people

And sometimes keeps them the same

You and I couldn't be "we"

Our love was different

Even though it is lost

Sometimes I wish I could go back

And change myself

But after looking through your eyes

I know that I never could have been

What you wanted

Even if I tried to lie to myself (to you)

The fa├žade would have been too easy

To read

(My face was always an open book)

I like it when I understand

Why things happen

Actions are made

Consequences faced

I want to remain the same

But too many changes

Changes a person too

So another goodbye I have to say

(They keep on coming, don't they?)