My Angel of the Night

My leading light

My angel of the night,

Where art thou?

When the touch of twilight

Darkens the sky,

When the whisper of the wind

Calls, cold and cunning.

Where is the sanctuary?

Where is the safety?

Of wings to break my fall,

To chase back the demons that call?

Where art thou?

Where is that familiar sense?

Where is that fierce presence?

Or your might and power?

My leading light

My angel of the night,

Have you left me astray?

Have you left me at all?

Am I wrong to wonder?

Am I wrong to question?

Where were thou?

When I needed thee most?

Where were thou,

When I fell.

My world gone from heaven

Strait to hell,

Where were thou

When the fist shadows fell?

Havoc wreaked,

Chaos reigned,



Are all that remained.

In the black of night

I called thy name

And whereas before thy always came,

At the darkest of hours

I could not summons thee.

Where were thou?

Oh! Where were thou,

When darkness came calling

When shadows slipped within my safe haven

All I had was the mirthful warning of the raven

And it heathen caws.

Where were thou!

Whilst I lost

All that I have,

All that I had,

Leaving me bitter and bereft.

What have I done wrong,

That thou hath left?

Where art thou?

My leading light,

My angel

Of the night.