Your Angel of the Night

I heard your call,

As you took the first fall,

I felt your tears,

And could do nothing at all.

You misery, your pain

Mixed with mine

As your tears fell,

Cold and bitter,

As salt-water rain…

I heard you, though I could not answer

My voice the white noise in your head

I saw you, though I could not aid

The silent specter you could not see

I watched you, and it was I who paid

For this was meant to be,

Though, it left my heart torn in two,

Helpless, as the dark played its games

With you.

If only you knew,

I was there, too.

I beat my wings

Against the Four winds,

Till they were bloody, and bled

Dark, deep crimson red.

I bargain, and I battled,

But not matter what I said,

The answer was no,

As I think, I always knew.

Fate would have her way,

No matter what I did say.

I tell you this,

And 'tis no lie

I fell with you,

Though I could fly.

This was the choice,

This was the chance,

I did take,

Casting heaven on last look

I took that tumble and fall,

Just to be there, through it all.

If you asked me why,

I would tell you no lie.

Though another may take my place

At the first touch of light,

I am still your angel

Whence again comes the night.