'Mommy, can't we see the beautiful people?'

The ugly girl asks her mother

'Child be quiet!' the woman says

And they walk away

From the plastered faces

Lovely skin and worthy figures

The mortal Venus they portray

Taunting all our little hearts

Scraping nails against our skin

Drawing blood to drink

For their own pleasure

Graceful bodies, the perfect size

Temptation welling up inside

Vain and stunning

How could we contain

Our lustful greed

For the beautiful people

'Can't we just see the beautiful people?'

We ask

As if our coveting eyes didn't show

Our true affections to them

They are perfect, so unlike us

All we wish is to touch their magnificence

(We hide our lusting thoughts)

Of course even if we get there

To the beautiful people

Rejection, objection

Tearing our hearts

Or worse

We become a toy

Their little play-things

Here today gone tomorrow

Somehow we don't care

If they beat our hearts

So they have but a faint beat

All we want is


From the beautiful people