Chapter I The Three Friends

Battle fumes were still lingering in the air as the broad general Rhilian rode up steadily on his glorious white stallion. Rhilian had abnormal light, fine brown hair that seemed almost blonde. He was just taller than six feet, the average height of men in Hildurio's army. His face was immensely scarred and radiated his experience on the battle field. His deep navy blue eyes intimidated all but his closest corporals and friends. His equally light brown eye brows rested unnaturally close to his eyes and were slightly curved, constantly giving him a look of authority and power. His weapon of choice was a lengthy two handed sword that was stained with blood from Rhilian's victims. The hilt was decorated with gems and gold indicating a weapon of great mastery, the bottom of the hilt had two obtrusive spikes. The sturdy guard on the sword was just as deadly as the blade; it was lined with small needle-sharp pricks all of which had the deadliest of scorpion poisons on the tips. The actual blade was surprisingly light although as hard as granite and remarkably sharp. He wore a suit of heavy armour, the chest piece made of plate armour, the arms protected by chain mail and the shoulders made of the strongest leather and straps.

"How many dead and wounded?" Rhilian boomed out with his given authority to another broad looking man who rode quickly up along side him.

"Around seventy five dead and we haven't got a confirmed amount on wounded." The man answered looking boldly at his general.

"Dytrallious, I believe the enemy will be regrouping near the forest edge and either possibly come back with reinforcements or await our final attack on their accursed encampment. Send two scouts to go around and monitor the sentinel's movements and two more up on that hill then to proceed to the other end of the forest and if possible monitor the well being of the previous scouts." Rhilian said staring confidently forward at what looked like never-ending forest a head. Dytrallious had long dark brown hair that rested comfortably down by his shoulders; his eyes were a deep emerald green. He had a large hideous scar running from his left eye to the very right of his mouth. His weapons were two light weight scimitars that were ten inches shorter than Rhilian's two handed sword. The blades were like Rhilian's, smeared with blood however instead of the hilt being lined with gems the actual blades were decorated instead.

"Yes general." Dytrallious said then he reared his horse then trotted back to the main camp. Rhilian continued scanning the glistening forest with his unnerving eyes. Small puffs of smoke rose near the edge, 'once they are gone…' Rhilian thought irritably to himself randomly. Bodies of Rhilian's enemies were laid across the plain some several yards away and some but a few metres from Rhilian's feet. After a few minutes, he saw his scouts ride unobtrusively off to their set destinations. Rhilian stared blankly at them riding off for several long seconds then wheeled his horse around and preceded towards his main organised camp.

Within minutes of his horse gracefully cantering he was at his busy camp, the smell of decaying and death invaded his nose. Rhilian turned his half shaded face to where the wounded were being kept, hundreds of people were moaning in unbearable agony. His eyes widened in fright as he saw one of his close friends lying motionlessly on the ground. He leapt skilfully off the white stallion and sprinted towards his wounded friend.

"Shuyan, are you alright?" he bellowed amongst the moaning soldiers. The broad man by the name of Shuyan turned around to see the large figure of Rhilian approach him.

"Good day Rhilian… I mean general." He smirked with a wide smile. Rhilian stopped a metre back and stared curiously at Shuyan.

"I thought you were badly hurt, I see it's just a scratch." He said in a low whisper pointing at Shuyan's bleeding arm. "Oh yes, Dytrallious ordered me to get it checked out. I told him I was fine but you know how stubborn he gets." Shuyan replied still giving off his unusual grin.

Shuyan had slit dark brown eyes; his hair was black and unfashionably short. He was darkly tanned with very little cuts and scars and was also moderately broad in figure. His choice of weapon was a magnificently crafted bow which he says was made from the ancient wood of the goddess's tree in Hynula region. He also carried a sharp machete in case the enemy got to close for comfort and also for obviously clearing foliage.

"Not a good win was it?" Shuyan asked trying to sound comforting as he stared at all the wounded soldiers groaning around him. Rhilian looked away suddenly as if hurt by the comment.

"All wars take casualties, and anyway once the last of the Sentinels are captured or killed, Nadurio said I can begin my quest." He said confidently. Shuyan continued to look up at him slightly annoyed

"The diamond swords aren't real. They're a myth." Shuyan said with a trace of pity in his voice. Rhilian looked back down at Shuyan then away again

"We'll see." He said then strode off wishing not to be lectured further.

The white stallion was rearing up in panic as Dytrallious futilely tried to grab the reins. Rhilian marched up to the fighting pair.

"Your horse is bloody stubborn, it'd be better off as meat for the wolves." Dytrallious yelled out angrily as he gave up the fight.

"I've taught him not to be secured by anyone else." Rhilian replied giving off a smile as he easily grabbed the disgruntled horse's reins. After the white horse was secured in the horse shelter and was happily munching on some hay, Dytrallious and Rhilian walked off to the large red tent indicating high authority.

"You know it's about twenty one years now that you, Shuyan and myself have known each other." Dytrallious said awaiting Rhilian's reaction.

"Damn… that's pretty long, I still remember meeting you. The funniest sight I've ever seen, your father trying to lash you as you stole his bread. Then my father meet yours and well they didn't turn out quite like us." Rhilian said smiling as the thought wondered through his mind. The large pair boldly strode over to Shuyan who was nursing the deep cut on his arm.

"I thought you said that you can't get hurt by any mortal man" Dytrallious bellowed happily to his wounded friend.

"It was a cheap shot" Shuyan countered looking up at the smiling pair.

"Come on Shuyan, you're not that badly wounded. Lets get back to the tent." Rhilian whispered.

Later that night the three were talking as they slept in their designated beds.

"The worst part about this war is the constant blood that gets on my hands." Shuyan was saying.

"Who cares about the blood, it's your own men that fall beside you. That's the worst part." Dytrallious countered as he wondered about several events that happened earlier in the day.

"The worst thing is that they go on too long, once this campaign is finished. I'm going to find those swords." Rhilian said countering both of his companions. Shuyan sighed then said feeling slightly annoyed

"Rhilian, those swords are myths. Even if they did exist where would you start to find them?" Rhilian turned to face Shuyan who was lying in his bed on the opposite side of the tent, "I do have ideas, it was my fathers dream to find them however when I was born he knew he couldn't go looking for them. So about five years ago he told me all the different things he found out about them." He said continuing to stare at Shuyan. Dytrallious stared blankly at the ceiling

"Enough talk about swords, and battle instruments. Lets talk about women." He said staring happily at the ceiling. For the rest of the night they talked about the women they would take to bed.

Early in the morning, Rhilian awoke. Shuyan and Dytrallious were still snoring away as Rhilian tip toed out the opening. He had an unusual fascination for the sunrise, several of the wounded were staring curiously at their general slowly walk out of the encampment and headed to the lush hill. "The fresh air was a godsend in comparison to the stench of corpses. 'The scouts will be reporting soon' Rhilian thought to himself as he took a deep refreshing breath in. He looked down towards the stretching forest. The smoke was now gone and all that was left was the trees which were waving peacefully in the light breeze, the bodies from yesterday also seemed to vanish but it didn't bother Rhilian much. He turned back and awaited the stunning sunrise, suddenly a beautiful woman appeared in front of him, her eyes were a dazzling sky blue which glistened stunningly. Her light brown hair drooped down her back also waving slightly in the light breeze.

"Rhilian how is the battle against the sentinels faring?" she said in her soothing tone. Rhilian smiled as he looked at the beautiful girl,

"Minella, good of you to stop by. Yes, you can tell king Nadurio we have scattered the enemy but taken many casualties." He said trying to hold his wide smile as he talked.

"I'm sure; he'll be pleased with your work. I do believe he's planning for your departure for the quest of the diamond swords." Minella replied returning her smile. Rhilian looked down at his feet then back up at her face.

"Once I've done my quest Minella, we'll leave Hildurio city. We can leave together to the shores of Gyroan beach and live there for the rest of our days." He said looking deep into the beautiful woman's eyes. "I love you Rhilian, please be careful while you fight the sentinels." She said with glistening tears starting to fall from her light blue eyes. Then as mysteriously as she appeared she disappeared.

Dytrallious rubbed his eyes roughly as he sat up on his comfortable bed, he turned to his right and saw Shuyan tossing and turning. He then looked to his left and like every morning Rhilian was gone.

"Get up you bum get up" he roared out as he poked Shuyan hard in the ribs. Shuyan moaned a bit then turned over showing his back to Dytrallious. Dytrallious sighed then grabbed Shuyan's arm then tightened his grip on the wound. Shuyan reared up screaming in pain

"Fuck you that hurts more than you know." He said grumpily as he also rubbed his eyes and nursed his arm. "Well I see Rhilian's gone again." He said looking curiously at the empty bed. The two staggered out the tent to be greeted by the unwelcome smell of death. Shuyan stared up towards the hill and saw a large figure sitting peacefully up on it. "There's the asshole." He said amusingly as he proceeded out the loathsome encampment with Dytrallious.

Rhilian was sitting happily on the wet ground remembering the exquisite sunrise and the sudden arrival of his love Minella when Shuyan and Dytrallious came strolling up to him. Rhilian twisted to face them,

"Enjoy the sleep in?" he asked curiously.

"Good like usual, maybe one day you should try it." Dytrallious cleverly replied revealing his pale yellow teeth. Then with out warning several arrows came whistling down in front of them. Rhilian launched up in shock, he whipped the sword from his back and held it firmly pointing it towards the small groups of sentinels lined up at the bottom of the hill. Shuyan ripped out his bow and several arrows and also pointed it at the sentinels; Dytrallious twirled out both of his gleaming scimitars. Several more arrows whistled towards them, Rhilian held the flat side of the sword to face the incoming dangers, one bounced harmlessly off and the others sheared through the air past him. Shuyan leapt aside as arrows plummeted where he was standing. Dytrallious twirled both the scimitars with great skill and unmatched speed, the arrows fall to splinters of harmless wood as they collided with the spinning blades.

"Charge" Rhilian roared out as he launched forward holding out his decorated sword.

Shuyan let loose two arrows, they skimmed threw the air and plunged deep into two separate sentinels, blood poured out of one's neck and another screamed in pain as Shuyan's arrow crash-landed deeply into his eye. Four more remained and they desperately launched arrows at the two large charging figures making their way down the hill with extraordinary speed. The large figures had exceptional skill deflecting arrows as they ran. The four worried sentinels stared at each other then ripped out their crude melee weapons awaiting the inevitable fight. Dytrallious and Rhilian hit head on with the sentinels, Rhilian slicing left to right twirling it up then bringing it down on top of their heads. Dytrallious twirled his weapons gracefully around his fingers surging forward with unmatched speed and skill. Within seconds the sentinels were lying in pieces on the ground.

"It's kinda odd… why would they send such a small party to assault our encampment?" Dytrallious asked with an expression of confusion spread across his face.

"Maybe they weren't for the encampment, maybe they were only for me." Rhilian responded as he proceeded up to the top of the hill where Shuyan sat happily on a greener patch of ground.

"Well, that was an absolute waste of life." Shuyan said smirking as he got up trying to stand up as tall as them. They proceeded back to the camp to set up an assault plan on the final encampment. The walk was short and the camp seemed to be busier than before.

"I don't get it, how did they know you were there. From the trees you'd be a speck." Dytrallious asked in confusion,

"They could have eagles, or magic could be involved, either way they're gone and all that remains is their encampment." Rhilian replied sharing his knowledge. "Any way we need to alert the others of the attack." He said rubbing his chin gently.

Dytrallious and Shuyan walked off to their giant tent while Rhilian walked off to the fourth in command.

"Filack, the sentinels just had sent an assassination group to kill me, luckily Dytrallious and Shuyan were there to help me defend myself. I have a plan for the destruction of the encampment. Firstly you'll be in charge of the army and I'll need four of our best fighters." The young inexperienced blonde-haired man's expression turned from shock to excitement when he heard the chance of commanding Hildurio city's vast army.

"Yes, general what is your plan for the four warriors?" the young lieutenant replied, his eyes widening with excitement.

"Dytrallious, Shuyan, the four warriors and myself will go to the encampment and an espionage party; we'll destroy as much as possible while the army you're controlling distracts the enemy. I have reason to believe they have magic involved enhancing their sight so we'll wait behind and while you're marching towards the trees we'll move out to the far edges and hopefully we'll find their path leading to the encampment." Rhilian replied pointing out to different parts of the forest. Filack nodded still trying to hide his excitement; they would wait one more day before the plan was put into action.

Rhilian returned to his large red tent where Shuyan and Dytrallious talked excitedly about the failing assassination attempt. They turned to face their close friend and general. He strode further into the large tent smiling, after a few minutes he finished telling them the plan. They liked it.

"Pretty cunning Rhilian." Dytrallious smirked out staring through the tent opening. All three left after a small discussion took place.

"We might as well practise for the fight tomorrow." Shuyan said with a wide unnerving smile. All three got up, Dytrallious and Shuyan stretched then followed Rhilian to the training grounds.

"I almost got hit by those arrows; I think I need to practise dodging them." Shuyan said staring at some of the army's archer's practise shooting at targets. Rhilian looked at Shuyan then at the archers.

"I got a plan." He said starting to smile, Shuyan stayed behind as Dytrallious and Rhilian walked up to the practising archers. Rhilian smirked as he told Dytrallious the plan, after hearing it Dytrallious laughed and looked back at the unsuspecting figure of Shuyan.

"excuse me archers, If you would be so kind to use those blunt wooden point arrows and fire at that man standing over there, if you get him you'll be given an improved bow." Rhilian said trying to hold in the laughter that was struggling to escape. The bowmen looked at each other with expressions of confusion spread across their faces. They looked up at their general one last time then walked over to the stacks of blunted arrows. Dytrallious laughed then turned around to stare at Shuyan who was staring blankly to the hill Rhilian was on before.

"Hey Shuyan, dodge these." He yelled out as twelve arrows skimmed through the air towards Shuyan who was shocked to see wooden shafts fly at him. Rhilian watched in amazement as Shuyan jumped up and grabbed two of the twelve arrows flying past him. He instantly notched them in his withdrawn bow and as he landed back onto the ground, he let them loose towards Dytrallious and Rhilian. Both smiles faded from their faces as the arrows sped quickly towards them. Rhilian whipped up his long sword and the blunt arrow ricocheted harmlessly off it, Dytrallious ducked down and the arrow whistled gracefully over his head into an unsuspecting archer behind him. Rhilian and Dytrallious whipped around to see the archer cry out in pain as the arrow bounced off his chest. Shuyan cracked up laughing as Rhilian and Dytrallious walked back to him, embarrassed that their plan was so easily foiled.

"You guys fell into that so easily, well that's made my day… lets go do some practise on melee fighting" He suggested still laughing. Dytrallious, Rhilian and the many archers stood in bewildered admiration for Shuyan's unique skills.

The three warriors walked down to the melee pit which was located at the very right of their huge organised camp. There were several fighters battling with long wooden poles as they eventually reached it.

"Good morning Jionous, how's the practising going?" Rhilian asked as he approached a man just as bold as him.

"Good general Rhilian, I'm teaching these slobs and my brother how to fight like real members of Hildurio's army." He replied in his usual deep tone. Jionous had very short, light blonde hair; his eyes were a navy blue like Rhilian's eyes. He had an unnerving tattoo spread across his face which apparently represented Iveasura, an incurable disease. He carried a long spear like pole, which had barbaric spikes at the one tip and a sharp spike on the opposite tip.

"Jionous, how bout a fight, you may learn to be as good as me." Dytrallious said smirking as he looked at Jionous expression. "Sure, it'll be good to show this mob how I can easily beat a corporal." Jionous replied smiling as he walked off with Dytrallious to one of the small melee arenas. Shuyan placed his precious bow down and withdrew his machete threateningly.

"Shuyan, we don't use actual weapons here other wise there'd be no one to fight the sentinels." A young man by the name of Bullinous said as he looked at Shuyan's intimidating weapon.

"Your brother Jionous wouldn't be scared. How bout you and me fight in that arena." Shuyan replied pointing to the arena next to where Dytrallious and Jionous were getting prepared. Bullinous also had short blonde hair; his eyes were an intimidating dark green that seemed permanently bloodshot. His skin was a dark tanned showing him as an outdoors man.

"Alright, but I kind of want my limbs by the end of it." Bullinous replied to Shuyan's offer. Rhilian walked over to the arenas where his friends were getting prepared to fight.

Dytrallious had chosen two moderately sized rods to replace his scimitars; Jionous used a regular unthreatening pole to replace his very dangerous weapon. Rhilian watched as the two circled each other then launched forward, Dytrallious was slightly broader and taller giving him a slight advantage over Jionous. Jionous's pole clashed with Dytrallious's dual wooden poles. Dytrallious twirled his leg around Jionous's leg skilfully tripping him up. Jionous fell hard against the ground; he instantly recovered and rolled to the left as Dytrallious brought one of the poles down towards him. Jionous leapt up and swung his pole towards the back of Dytrallious's neck, Dytrallious whipped his arm behind his back holding the pole to counter it. Again there was a collision between the weapons. Dytrallious's spare hand holding his other pole flew towards Jionous's stomach. Jionous leapt aside dodging the blow by an inch.

"Nice moves." Rhilian bellowed out, he then turned to Shuyan and Bullinous. Bullinous was considerably taller than Shuyan. However Shuyan was a lot broader and also unmatched in speed apart from Dytrallious. Bullinous rushed in wielding a large axe, he leapt up and brought it down towards Shuyan's head. Shuyan leapt aside and swung his deadly machete at Bullinous's right leg; Bullinous countered it with his heavy axe then twirled around holding out his giant axe. Shuyan ducked down and laughed as he prodded the still twirling Bullinous in the back with his machete.

"Well guess I win then." He said with a look of satisfaction spread across his face. Bullinous jumped down from the arena and yelled up to Shuyan

"Congratulations Shuyan, good fight."

Rhilian looked back at Dytrallious and Jionous still battling; Dytrallious was spinning around and twirling the poles around his fingers with unmatched skill. Jionous was having difficulties getting his long pole past them. Suddenly Filack came strolling down towards Rhilian.

"General, the scouts have reported several sentinel archers lining the tree edge, the north entrance of the forest is clear but the route is a lot longer" he said making sure his voice was heard by everyone. Rhilian paused while looking at the ground, thinking of one of his brilliant tactical plans; he usually came up with to defeat his foes.

"I guess that'll be our only option… Filack, you lead the army forward towards the trees to distract them and any magic sentries they could possibly have however do not enter the woods… they will be far more adapted at fighting in their home territory than they were yesterday in the fields." Rhilian said then paused looking up at Dytrallious and Jionous clash once more. "As you remain on the periphery, my group will be sabotaging the encampment." Rhilian replied keeping his voice silent so only Filack could hear him. "I will advice you further on what you must do, later… For now we must let the men rest from yesterday."

Filack looked up at the battling pair then at Shuyan still receiving applause from his victory.

"Very good General… I'll be at my tent." He said bowing down Rhilian before turning abruptly and marched off.

Dytrallious leapt up pushing Jionous's pole aside, he then sent his leg directly into the middle of Jionous's stomach. Jionous slid back wards clutching his stomach, he then launched up twirling his pole skilfully in the direction of Dytrallious. The two clashed together once again, Dytrallious using his strength to push Jionous's pole back with his two poles. Jionous struggled under his extreme weight being placed on his pole, He tried to kick Dytrallious but as he did so Dytrallious leapt up landing on his foot, then pushing both his weapons into Jionous's stomach ending the battle.

"Very good fight." Rhilian roared out as he clapped his hands. Jionous and Dytrallious shook hands then leapt off the elevated battle arena. Rhilian walked over to Dytrallious who had sweat running down his forehead.

"Well that's enough exercise for me today." Dytrallious said wiping his forehead. "Shuyan won pretty quickly, I feel a bit sorry for Bullinous..." He continued looking over at Shuyan talk to Jionous and Bullinous. After Shuyan had finished chatting, he walked over to Rhilian and the still puffing Dytrallious.

"I'm going back to the archery range, you guys really should learn how to fire a bow, it'll come in handy sometime." He said as he grabbed his bow resting on a wooden ledge. The three large men walked over to the almost deserted archery ranges. Rhilian grabbed a reasonably made bow resting against the small archery wall. Dytrallious cycled through several bows before deciding on a lighter coloured one which looked masterfully made. They each notched their blunted arrows then let loose at their designated targets, Dytrallious's arrow landing on the yellow part of the target representing the lowest point. Rhilian's arrow landed on the black part of the target meaning he didn't score anything. Shuyan laughed out loud then shot two arrows at once; his arrows splintered the sides of both his friends' arrows.

"You're such a show off." Dytrallious said grumpily firing another arrow which landed near the middle. "Did you see that? I almost got the middle." He said ecstatically then fired another arrow which didn't even hit the target. "I… uh… spoke too soon." He said laughing. An hour of non-stop archery passed with Rhilian and Dytrallious steadily getting better from practising their bow skills, eventually they threw in the towel and headed towards the large general's tent.

Rhilian was first to reach the entrance, however a sight from the wounded area attacked his eyes. There were corpses littering the ground, and the wounded barely moved in their uncomfortable stretchers. Rhilian felt a flare of anger raise in his mind; he turned to see Dytrallious and Shuyan also clenching their teeth.

"Why are the corpses just left on the ground… they should be buried. It'll be spreading disease soon if nothings done." Dytrallious said angrily as he marched up with Shuyan and Rhilian to the giant hospital tent. They were deeply surprised to see the four doctors' playing cards. Shuyan ripped out his machete and launched forward only to be stopped by Rhilian.

"Why the fuck are you assholes in here playing cards." Shuyan yelled out angrily flailing his machete wildly.

The doctors instantly dropped their cards at seeing the general and two corporals staring angrily at them.

"Answer your corporal now" Rhilian said glaring loathsomely at the dumbfounded doctors. The doctors looked at each other starting to sweat then stared back at the three outraged men.

"We are on a break; we'll be finished in five minutes." One of the older doctors said in a worried tone. Rhilian continued to stare them while Dytrallious went to the tent flap and yanked it open…

"I bet you haven't even seen the sight out there, if you're going to have a break at least make sure there are two doctors out there to ease the wounded men's nerves." Dytrallious yelled out as his grip tightened on one of his scimitars. The doctors got up keeping their eyes from the three intimidating men. They walked over to their equipment still keeping their heads bowed.

"Also I want you to have the corpses buried; it's not very good for our men's moral to see their friends lying on the ground in their own blood." Rhilian said in his usual deep tone. The doctors walked out into the opening and instantly sent their hands to their noses trying to prevent the smell. Shuyan carefully placed his machete back into its sheath, the throbbing vein in his neck still visible.

The three still disgruntled men walked out into the disease filled air and watched the doctors begin their work. They helped bury the dead and eventually all that remained were the wounded soldiers who were being comforted by the doctors.

"I still can't believe those doctors were just slacking off while the men outside were pretty much waiting until they died." Shuyan said starting to calm down.

"I'll let King Nadurio know of their insolence, but until then there's nothing we can do." Rhilian replied as he stared at one of the doctors tap a patient's leg. They then walked away from the still smelling area to their large red tent.

"I didn't think I'd ever get this bored when I joined the Hildurio army." Shuyan said trying to start a conversation as they lay back in their designated beds.

"Well tomorrow our day will be full of action" Rhilian replied as he stroked his small beard. Dytrallious pulled out a pack of cards from his pocket then laughed as Shuyan and Rhilian stared at the pack curiously.

"You guys knew that I was a pickpocket when I was younger, well I still got those skills and just to make sure those doctors don't slack off anymore… I took these as that older one past us." Dytrallious said with another laugh. Shuyan started cracking up and almost fall off his bed, Rhilian sat quietly on his bed smiling weakly remembering Dytrallious's anti-law ways. Shuyan eventually stopped then grabbed a table and brought it in front of his ruffled bed.

"Let's have a game." He said smiling at his companions. They played many varying games, each for several hours betting different things and eating delicacies available only to high-ranking officers, whilst the sun sunk behind Fheia's summit of Guldan's ancient volcano. Finally Rhilian threw in the towel after losing everything in the tent he owned apart from his bed, sword and the clothes he was wearing.

The start of the evening went slowly and all Rhilian could think about were the legendary diamond swords and that soon after the sentinels were gone he could finally begin his quest to find them. He lay back on his comfortable bed as Shuyan and Dytrallious continued playing cards remembering back to when his father told him the locations of each sword. The first sword was located in Shining Forest near a place called Marble City. It was owned by a large Ogre by the name of Gritlio; Gritlio was apparently nine feet tall and had the strength of a dragon. He had gotten the sword from an ancient dark wizard that guarded Dragon Cave; the second sword was taken to the old necromancer's tower to north-west edge of Sendurius where apparently an undead monster wields it to this every day. The wizard had forged them from the ancient abyss found in Gaulatraus Region. Ever since Rhilian had heard of the diamond swords' power he had wanted to search for them. His father who was now too old to find them wanted his son to continue his legacy. After pondering the different things he may encounter on his future quest for almost a full hour he fell asleep.

"Rhilian, leave this area now. The Sentinels are to be left alone. Your quest for the diamond swords is far more important now." A soothing voice said in his dreams. Suddenly unearthly skeletons and zombie creatures roamed past him and started slaughtering young children and innocent women. Rhilian stared in silent horror unable to move, unable to scream. Rhilian launched up with sweat spread across his brow. He was puffing almost uncontrollably, and his teeth hurt from being clenched together. It was night time, Shuyan and Dytrallious were snoring away as Rhilian leapt off his bed.

'What was that?' Rhilian thought nervously to himself. 'Was just a nightmare' he assured himself as he began to cease shaking. He walked outside and was greeted by cool refreshing air; he took a deep breath in.

Rhilian looked up towards the hill he was sitting on in the morning, it looked so peaceful which was all he wanted at the moment. Within minutes he was sitting on it taking deep breaths of clean air. He lied back looking at the continuous forest in front of him.

'Once the swords are mine, Minella and my life will be as peaceful as this.' He thought happily to himself forgetting about his abnormal dream. He stayed lying on the ground looking at the gloomy forest until the sun rose from the Eastern ranges of Sendurius. Like the morning before Minella appeared, Rhilian smiled as she looked down radiating her beauty.

"Good morning my love, sleep well?" Rhilian said still smiling

"Good morning to you too, yes… Unusually well. How fares the battle against the Sentinels?" Minella asked as she stared past Rhilian into the encampment.

"Nothing new except six sentinels tried to kill me yesterday, in a few hours our final plan against the sentinels will be put into action." Rhilian replied looking into her blue eyes.

"Please be careful Rhilian, our dream will never come true if you… you fall." She said with a tear falling from her eyes to the ground then disappearing.

"If it were possible I would kiss you right now" Rhilian said continuing to look into her deep blue eyes.

"Garacius is teaching me the spell of teleportation; soon I will be able to be with you wherever you go instead of just appearing to be here." She told Rhilian. Rhilian got up and smiled… Then without warning an arrow past harmlessly through Minella's apparition and crash-landed deep into Rhilian's leg. Minella screamed just before disappearing. Rhilian roared out in pain and whipped out his sword. Blood leaked out of his thigh and ran down his leg. Rhilian stared down at the bottom of the hill where around twenty sentinels stood holding bows. Several more arrows came whistling up, Rhilian dodged and deflected many before two more hit into the other leg. Rhilian collapsed to the ground moaning in pain, he looked over at the quiet encampment then saw Shuyan and Dytrallious stretching and yawning as they walked out of the tent.

Dytrallious took a deep breath in; the air was a lot better than the foul stench of the decaying that could be smelt the day before.

"I bet the dick is up on that stupid hill again." Shuyan said as he pointed to a figure lying down on the hill. Dytrallious walked out of the encampment with Shuyan following. Suddenly they saw around twenty sentinels march up to the motionless figure. Shuyan ripped out his bow and two arrows. Dytrallious launched out his scimitars as he nervously watched the sentinels get closer to Rhilian.

"Go get help Dytrallious, there's no way we can beat that many." Shuyan roared as he let loose his arrows at the nearest two. Dytrallious hesitated then ran back to the encampment.

Rhilian looked up at the towering sentinels, suddenly two arrows flew past him and buried themselves into the nearest of the twenty sentinels. The sentinels cursed angrily as two of their companions fell to the ground soaked in their own blood. Two more arrows past over hitting another two.

"For Mistress Thirsa." The commander roared as countless shafts flew towards Shuyan. Rhilian cried out and threw his sword at the commander. It instantly beheaded him causing blood to spray over the remaining sentinels. Rhilian looked over at Shuyan and saw him do his extraordinary stunt, he launched into the air grabbing two of the many arrows. He landed then sent them flying into the enemy. One sentinel sent his sword down towards Rhilian's neck when about forty arrows whistled past and dug themselves into the unsuspecting sentinels. Rhilian looked over again and saw thirty eight of Hildurio's finest archers lined up holding a bow each. He sighed in relief then rested his head against the moist grass.

Dytrallious and Shuyan sprinted up to Rhilian and saw the three arrow shafts sticking out of his legs. They lifted him up and heard him groan in agony.

"Ah shut up you arrogant fool, you're going to the doctors' tent to get those scratches checked out." Dytrallious said with a laugh as Rhilian stared angrily at him, Shuyan picked up his sword then went with them. Within minutes Rhilian was inside the doctors' tent receiving painful treatment to his legs. The arrows were torn out with large chunks of meat with them; blood spilt on the bed causing a small pool. Dytrallious and Shuyan were ordered out of the room. Suddenly a huge barbaric figure moved into the room and grabbed Rhilian's legs. The doctors watched in shock as the wounds sealed up and soon left no trace of injury. Rhilian shook and quivered then stopped as the large man released his grip on his legs; Rhilian quickly recovered and looked up in shock.

"Who are you?" He asked in a surprised tone.

"Garacius and this is just a gift from your wife Minella. I don't approve of your battle here; you should be on the quest for the diamond swords. You have no time to waste." The eight foot man replied then disappeared without a trace. Rhilian sat there still shocked with the feeling of the abnormal healing powers and how did the man called Garacius know of his quest for the diamond swords? He sat there pondering different unanswered questions for several minutes until Dytrallious and Shuyan walked in and saw Rhilian's unwounded legs.

"Wow, see you doctors can heal anything once you put your mind into it." Dytrallious said still looking at Rhilian's uninjured legs. Shuyan walked up to Rhilian with an expression of confusion across his face.

"What the fuck… how the hell did you… they do that?" he said still with the confusion across his face.

"I'll tell you later firstly we must get ready for the assault on the camp." Rhilian said hopping off the bed, then bending and stretching his legs leaving the many doctors looking at the three heroes with dumbfounded expressions. After several minutes of walking Rhilian and his two confused friends were at Filack's tent.

"Corporal Filack prepare the army, I want you to go the south entrance… like I explained earlier you are to wait in the fields without entering the forest and distract as many as you can. Keep the archers in the middle and swordsmen on the outside with their shields up high; once the encampment is destroyed we will shoot a fire arrow up, keep looking to the north for the signal to return." Rhilian ordered Filack. Filack nodded and went out into the open and was soon followed by Rhilian and his corporals.