Scrabble Wars

I couldn't believe it. He had never said such mean things. The tiles had been laid out to insult me. We had been doing this for the last several rounds. Frankly, it was beginning to bore me.

"LOSER on a double-word score. Ten points." I glanced at my own pieces. Not much to do... Wait! I picked my tiles carefully. "BASTARDS." I got the triple. Thirty-three plus fifty bonus points.

What a great move! I scratched out my new score on the scoreboard. So far, I was in the lead now by sixteen points. That word had put me there. He grumbled angrily as I drew my next set of tiles. M D O R N O I. I would need a C for my next word.

Quietly, my opponent placed his tiles accordingly. "STUPID," he said, and smiled. We went through the customary process of writing down his score. It put him back in the lead by a few points. But I had an idea.

"MORONIC." Played on a double word score, it was pretty good. That was especially true since the game was almost over. Just two letters in the bag and they were mine. I dumped the contents of the bag into my hand. K R. This would be simple. The O from my last word would work perfectly.

"DIPWAD," he said. "With a triple letter on my W." He was almost in the lead again. If it had been a double word score, there would have been no way for me to win. But thank God it was not.

"DORK." And I went out, still in the lead. I smiled in quiet satisfaction. It was not often that I could think of a word that easy for my last turn. "I win. That's what you get for calling me a pushy, overbearing prep student! Boohya!"

"Curse you," he said. "And the bag's empty!"

"I also went out," I reminded him. "Like I said: Game set, I win."