Extra! Extra! Friend Forgets Final Report!

"Stupid people." It was times like this that I just wanted to thwack him. "You've got work to do." And he did, as well. I was not going to do that entire project by myself. If he wanted to push it aside, then he could take the F, not me.

He disagreed. "We agreed that you would be the one to do the project, not me. You said it on Tuesday, that you would do the project." My friend had misunderstood. I had told him clearly that I would do the written half of the project. To him, that meant all of it I guess.

"It's supposed to be a group project! Where were you yesterday and the day before?" This was getting just a tad bit annoying. We decided, two weeks in advance, that he would work on the visual aid. But, like always, he did not do it and I ended up getting stuck with it by myself.

"I was sick." I could tell he was lying. "Had a cold over the weekend," he said. "You can ask my mom! I was coughing and sneezing and my head hurt and all that stuff. If you had a cold, you would have done the same thing!"

"And that explains why I saw you out bowling on Sunday!" Sick my foot. He blew it off. "I ain't giving you diddley squat for credit." Soon the report would be due, and still yet, he had done nothing to help. I guess I would be the one with the credit. I had talked to him on the phone this morning, explaining the situation.

"You have to help me with the project or you won't get any credit. I need help otherwise both our grades will go down, and down low. This report is almost worth three hundred points. I have a higher grade and it will probably drop mine to a C."

"I know but I've been busy with family problems," he told me. What was it with him and his lies? Could he not tell that I knew better? First he had a cold and now it was family issues? I was going to hit him if he lied to me one more time.

"That is ridiculous. I see you hanging out with friends all the time at the park. You should just leave."

"I will then, you can do the whole project by yourself, and maybe we shouldn't be friends any more." What a childish plebian. Just because he had to do a little bit of work and did not do it, he thought I was overreacting. And that was the fun part of the report.

"Fine with me," he replied. He left, stamping off in a westerly direction. I knew that I would not hear from him for a while now. And I doubted if we could reconcile. Not that it bothered me much.

"I hate that guy," I muttered under my breath. The project was due tomorrow morning at the first bell and I had not even a sheet of poster board. Wearily, I headed to my and then off to the local Wal-Mart for supplies. I had to get this done.

When I returned, I started in on my work. I had already finished with the report, so now all I needed was a picture. Charts would have been good too, but I lacked the time required. And besides that, how does one find charts representing the thermodynamics of flying Cheetos? I decided search the Internet. I searched franticly, trying to find something to help me out. It was all a vain attempt, however. Nothing could be done for such a momentous failure.

I worked on it all through the night and then at school the next morning. When the bell rang, I had not yet finished. With my luck, the teacher would call on me first for my report. I could always talk to her about the problem. She might understand. Oh well. It did not matter, now. What was done was done and what was not, was not.

I sat down and looked around the room to see if my former friend was there, but he wasn't in his seat. He was probably ditching so he wouldn't have to face our teacher when I told her that he had not finished his half of the report. Things like this always happened to me. It was only made worse when the teacher called my name.

"You're up first," she said. I walked up to the front of the room in fear. The poster I had made was awful. I had just started to talk when I was interrupted when my friend entered with a poster in hand. And it was a good one too. It looked like he had been up all night.

"Sorry I'm late," he said with a pronounced yawn. "I had to finish our visual."