One day a tiny girl stumbled upon an enchanted bird.

The bird said "Kiss me, and I'll give you a gift,"

So the little girl kissed him without another word.

Down from the tree the bird flew so swift,

And deposited in her hands a special, magic pen.

"Whatever you write with this pen will come true,

And after a day it will be gone," said the wren.

"So be careful and take care to watch what you do,

And only use it on something very dear to you."

The bird flew away, and the girl sat on the ground,

She got some paper and sat poised with her pen,

But could think of nothing to write, she found.

She tried to think of something over and over again,

But her mind was as blank as new-fallen snow.

Without thinking, she simply began scribbling a thought,

And with every word she wrote, her heart started to glow.

The pen danced in loops, lines, and curves - quite a lot,

Against her slow hand, her mind struggled and fought.

She wrote of a boy, the most perfect indeed,

Who would be everything that her heart desired.

He was strong, true, and kind. He was all she would need.

His heart was of gold - his character quite inspired

The goodness in every single person he met.

With his arms, he would protect her from pain,

Upon seeing his smile, she was never upset.

He had jokes and giggles to always entertain,

He wore her heart 'round his neck, upon a silver chain.

With him, she would always be safe and happy.

She wanted him to exist, with every wish in her soul.

She poured out her dreams, both serious and sappy,

And when she had given all of herself - the complete whole,

The little girl sank back into the grass and began to cry.

For she knew he couldn't exist - he was too perfect to be true.

With her little, sad heart, she begged God to answer her - Why?

When all of a sudden, she heard a sound of music - laughter, too!

And when she sat up in alarm, her tiny eyes beheld you.

Her tiny eyes got wider, and her heart grew as well!

Her one heart's desire was standing before her very eyes!

She was no longer alone - she'd been rescued from hell!

She had found the most perfect and most special of guys,

Created with her own hands, and her own simple mind.

She wrapped you up tight and surrounded you with love.

And from that day forward, your hearts were entwined.

Sometimes when she's all alone, she sees a magic dove,

Who winks at her so that she knows - her gift was from above.