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New York City, September 20th, 2006

Bank of New York

John was eight years old, his mother and father we're peace keepers over in Afghanistan.

While they we're doing their job, John was looked-after by his grandfather. So today they

had decided to go to the bank where John had started saving his money since he was five (his father had insisted, so that he could buy his own car when he turned 16) and put in the 10 dollars he had made through his lemonade stand. They entered the bank through some revolving doors, which John thought was just the coolest thing since transformers.

They walked up to Madeline, who always served John when he came to put in his savings. "Good morning, John, what would you like to do today?" John was always very shy talking to Madeline, even though he saw her once a week. John looked up at Grandpa to make sure she was alright, he nodded, and then John darted up to the counter. This was just short enough soJohn could see Madeline, but Madeline could only see John's head. John handed Madeline five loonies and once crisp five dollar bill and then smiled like he was the richest man alive. "Alright, wow, how'd you get all this money? Ok, I'll just go put it in the giant vault. Hmm, would someone like to see inside the vault?" asked Madeline.

Madeline was in charge of this particular branch and was probably putting her job on the line to let John into the vault, but she didn't seem to care today. "I DO!! I DO!!

PICK ME!! PICK ME!!" Madeline pretended not to see John right away, but in the end she picked John, like there were ten other children to choose from. As John was herded through the security gates that led through to the back of the bank, John waved back at Grandpa, as he did so John noticed a tall man wearing a full purple pinstripe suit and a purple hat. John smiled because he looked just like a clown he had seen at a circus with Grandpa