Light Eternal

My light in the dark,

My flickering candle,

Thee, to whom I turn,

When life,

Is more than I can handle.

The shadow in my mind,

The sun in my face,

The one whose silhouette

I walk within.

Thee, to whom I can run,

Thee, to whom I can turn,

Thee, from which I'll always learn,

Look before you leap…

Think before you speak…

Secrets are not always meant to keep…

And last, "those that inherit are the meek."

My light in the dark,

That never fails,

Thee, with faith abiding,

Against which would have

The whole of the world paling.

The breath of my being,

The light unending,

Thee who I lay:

My trust,

My life.

I know thee,

And thou know me.

So you see,

I have not more to say,

"With thee my faith doth stay."