Chapter 1 Half-Demon

The house was like a typical haunted house you would see in scary movies. The very trees around it were lifeless giving a very eerie feeling to the area. An old gate leading off an old foot path creaked spine-chillingly. It had jagged rusted spikes resting atop warning intruders off. The ground seemed drained of any life forms, not even a single blade of grass could be found from the many cracks. The house itself looked like the type of middle age house from the eighteen hundreds. It had creepy tower-like attics protruding the ceiling. The balcony above the dark front door made of oak rested atop two gargoyle imprinted pillars. Two large windows to the right of the main door were like old church windows however one had an out-of-place hole through it. The foot path starting from the gate was cracked and had dirt spread across it. Overall an area no one would like to visit except one bold man…

The one man went by the name… Jeremy Lucas Taylor. He was a fearless (quite disturbed) man that had investigated well over twenty well known mysteries in North America. Originally from the small country of New Zealand, once he had finished with most of the gloomy mysteries there, he decided to travel to more perilous mysterious in the large continent that was America. His face was alarmingly spotless, without a freckle, acne or mole. He even shaved off his eyebrows and all of his once thick hair. All that remained was his flat small nose, tucked ears, unusually large mouth and dark brown eyes.

This week he would be investigating the proclaimed

'Horror House' which stood out of place in the calm and lush country town of Goodsprings in Nevada. Every single man or woman who has entered the house is found brutally mangled on the path, bearing only their skin and bones outside the house the next day. The fearless Jeremy was going to make this change and get to the bottom of this well known mystery.

"Jerry, make sure you press that red button before you enter that house, If you don't the camera won't actually be on meaning nothing will be recorded. Oh yes, the locals say the ghost that haunts this building is an old torturer that went insane from killing countless prisoners." Proclaimed a young enthusiastic boy by the name of Ferrin.

"Do not call me Jerry, its Jeremy. I know the history of this house so you needn't bother telling me and the only reason I'm recording this is for the pay so I can get to Scotland. Now go home and I'll meet you in the morning." Jeremy replied bitterly as he withdrew his famous sword. Every single mystery that he solved involved his sword. His last journey was in an ancient cave in the Grand Canyon which was said to be infested by a primitive alien or mutant creatures. It turned out to be six grown men each of which had a grotesque alien costume that had nothing better to do than to scare tourists passing by. Jeremy had been attacked all at once. However his sword was more than enough to combat their six army knives. He forced two to surrender and sent the other four to intensive care in the nearest hospital. To Jeremy every mystery was a hoax and he would prove each to the world.

"Take care Jerry ahem… I mean Jeremy." The blonde haired freckly boy named Ferrin yelled out as Jeremy pushed the creaky gate open. Jeremy made no reply as he advanced to the intimidating front door. Ferrin's large van zoomed away in the background as Jeremy nudged the door open with his surprisingly light sword. He grudgingly pressed the red button on the small camera which rested comfortably on his shoulder (after refusing to have a camera hat because he thought it looked stupid). He heard a small beeping noise then all around him went quiet. The small porch in front was in dire need of repairing as there were protruding holes everywhere. Jeremy looked down and noticed the colourful mat in front of door on the lonely porch. It said

'Welcome all.' Jeremy's sword instinctively launched up as did his face as he heard desperate scuttling within, then eerie silence again. He honed in all his senses as he left the cold outside air which was to be quickly replaced by unusually warm thick air in the house.

To the left was a dark straight staircase leading to one of the many tower attics. There was also a dark room just to the right of the staircase however Jeremy couldn't make anything out within. To his right there was another dark room which Jeremy thought contained stacks of books. Like a private library. And finally there was a straight corridor leading deep into the house… however Jeremy was beginning to think of it as a mansion. He had assumed the scuttling came directly straight from the corridor which led further into the house. But usually in a haunted house or mansion in this case he would like to investigate the surroundings and rooms. Even on the odd occasion he would take a break and have a read of some of the collected books… which more often than not contained dark and odd rituals and practises.

Slowly and boldly Jeremy strolled into the library room with his sword up just in case anyone decided to try get the jump on him which had happened to him basically every haunted house he went to investigate in. The library room had the window with the hole in it allowing the star and moon light to partially illuminate the area. Although it was still quite dark Jeremy continued further in without a shiver or hint of fear but rather comfort. On the very right of the room crouched in the corner was a very dusty but cosy looking armchair with several splits of the material looking familiar to claw marks. Jeremy stretched out his arms and gave a big yawn just before he took a seat in the armchair.

Jeremy barely moved his head as he heard more scuttling within however it seemed much closer than previously. His sword was still in his hand but not in its usual fighting ready grip. Jeremy kept his eyes well open but didn't move them at all. Several minutes passed in eerie silence and Jeremy still had his eyes completely still. It wasn't until the scuttling started again that Jeremy blinked. It was obvious that whatever was causing the scuttling was slowly making its way towards him. Once Jeremy's' eyes were moving again a very outstanding book came into view. Its seam was dark red with sprinkles of dust. Jeremy narrowed his gloomy eyes to try make out the engraved title. It read

Identifying Possession

The name was intriguing and Jeremy decided he would read it… after he discovered what was making the scuttling noise. After a low toned groan Jeremy arose from the surprisingly comfortable armchair to finish his job then return to the book. Once more the scuttling noise sounded from somewhere quite close, Jeremy assumed it was somewhere near the stairs he saw earlier. Slowly and what seemed to take a lot of effort, Jeremy walked out of the library room and begun walking straight in the direction of the stairs.

As he neared, the eerie scuttling occurred once again. It sounded as if it as coming from somewhere underneath stairs. Jeremy had previously been in two houses with a cellar with the entrance under a staircase. Both times he was attacked while in the cellar, the offenders usually hid somewhere in a very dark position and would leap out when they thought Jeremy least suspected it. Unfortunately for them, Jeremy was taught to be ever vigilant by Buddhist monks six years in the past. Jeremy walked past the staircase to try find a side door that would led to the cellar. As he neared, a section of the wood on the side of the staircase eerily creaked open revealing another set of stairs leading down into darkness.

Jeremy paused just outside the opening and looked at the top left of the wooden door. His lip curled to represent a smirk. A small piece of metal was attached which was joined to a small strong pipe that ran down the right side of the descending stairs. Jeremy assumed that someone down in the cellar pushed the pipe which pressed against the small piece of metal causing the door to creak open. Jeremy ducked down and strolled into the gloomy opening. Suddenly the door slammed shut trapping Jeremy inside.

More scuttling could be heard from the nerve racking cellar that would make any normal persons' neck hair stand on edge. Jeremy however sighed and gave a slight frown. He quickly sent his hand to the pipe on the side of the staircase. Without a pause he tugged it with all of the strength in his right arm. It slid forward smashing the wooden door open and causing something in the cellar to stubble forward and come into Jeremy's' view for a second. He gave another smirk with narrowed evil looking eyes.

"Come out now, I've dealt with much more convincing haunted houses, fraud. If you make me hunt you down there, I swear I will cause you more pain than you have ever felt before." Jeremy yelled out keeping his brown eyes narrowed.

Jeremy waited for barely a minute before boldly walking down into the cellar with his sword raised. The scuttling occurred once again as he placed his right foot off the stairs' step and onto the dusty cellar floor. It was even darker in the cellar than upstairs where the church windows let at least some light in. As Jeremy had been taught, he took a seat on the bottom step and stayed there not moving his eyes for several long minutes. It was spine chillingly silent in the cellar as this was suppose to be the place where torturer had made many people suffer and their screams shouldn't have be heard by outside world.

'Perfect place to trap and kill someone.' Jeremy thought with interest without moving his eyes. 'This must be the place where he or she leads all people who come into its' house. Then chop!' Jeremy thought with another curl of his lip but remaining completely still.

Almost five minutes had past before Jeremy finally got to his feet to face whatever dwelled in the historic cellar. Small chains and odd instruments were splayed across the cellar floor as Jeremy marched onwards not caring whether he knocked them or not. Once dead in the middle of the cellar Jeremy stopped not moving a muscle. His eyes were no longer any use to him as the weak light coming from upstairs only illuminated a small section of the cellar. Carefully Jeremy placed the point of his sword against the floor and then closed his gloomy eyes.

His other senses would be the only thing to help him in his goal now and he was taught very well in how to enhance them. To his right somewhere in the gloomy darkness he could hear silent movement as if it was slowly coming towards him. Jeremy also noticed a change in the smell of the room. To Jeremy's' disgust it smelt like body odour and it was strengthening as the silent footsteps neared. It was blandly obvious to Jeremy that what ever was down in this cellar, it was human or some kind of animal that sweats. Jeremy knew the hostile creature was barely a metre to his right now and would attack very shortly. Usually that would be where he would find the most pleasure in mysteries such as these. He found fighting in a life or death situation extremely exhilarating.

The slow silent movements of whatever was hunting Jeremy stopped suddenly and the smell of body odour was stronger than ever. Then came the sound of what he was waiting for. A very silent swish of the wind told Jeremy he was being attacked with some kind of weapon. He bent his body and head to the left barely missing harms way, however the hi-tech camera rested on Jeremy's' shoulder was struck by something solid and blunt sending it flying into one of the old cellar walls. Jeremy twirled to his right keeping his eyes closed while he lifted his sword in a threatening pose.

All went silent as Jeremy kept his pose but did not attack yet, as he wasn't sure if the offender was still in front of him or had leapt aside. The smell was still strong meaning Jeremy's' opponent was still near. The swish came again but from somewhere to his left. This time he ducked down, feeling a rush of wind pass above his bald head. Jeremy knew exactly where the offender was now and rushed forward with his sword tucked in an unthreatening pose. Instead he used both his hands to grab the opponent somewhere firm. Using all of the strength in both arms and the support of his body he tossed the hostile creature or human in the direction of the stairs.

A large bang came from the direction of where Jeremy tossed the enemy indicating Jeremy threw him into a wall rather than the stairs. Instinctively he opened his eyes to see a very cut apart looking man struggling to get up from the cellar floor. He was directly in the light coming from upstairs illuminating perfectly for Jeremy to finish his job.

"I warned you before. Now I'm going to cause you pain." Jeremy said smiling evilly.

"Cause me pain? Ha… I am the guardian of this house. The guardian of its real master. You don't know what pain is until you meet him. Maybe I'll introduce you." A coarse and evil sounding voice came from the injured man.

Jeremy had enough and boldly strode to the man with his sword sheathed. The man desperately tried to get to his feet but Jeremy was already upon him.

"If your master is as stupid as you then my job is as good as done." Jeremy said before smashing the side of scarred mans' head directly colliding with his temple. Instantly disorientated the man causing him to fall backwards. Just before Jeremy grabbed him, he picked up the badly damaged camera then started dragging him up the flights of stairs. Once he was out of the immensely dark cellar and in the partial illuminated ground floor Jeremy grabbed his offender's throat.

"So there are more dumb shits in this house I assume." Jeremy yelled at his captive.

"He is more powerful than the very sun in our solar system." The pasty white man screamed out manically. Jeremy sighed once more.

"Enough!" He yelled finally then slammed the man into one of the nearby walls knocking him instantly unconscious.

He left the unconscious man lying on the ground with the small blood mark on the side of his head where he collided with the wall. Silently he proceeded to the entrance corridor where he'd decide where to go next. The house suddenly went abnormally ice cold replacing the once thick warm air. Jeremy paused instantly as he noticed the temperature drop. He closed his eyes and went into deep thought trying to think of a logical reason of what caused it. Several explanations came to mind. The first possibility was some kind of fan pumping out cold air and the second possibility was a kind of glowing red insect that actually holds the ability to draw the warmth from the air. However it would take several hundred to cause the warmth to be drawn away so quickly. Jeremy reopened his gloomy piercing eyes deciding the only reasonable possibility was the small glowing red insect as a fan would make too much noise and would take quite a lot of room to cause such a create drop in temperature.

He remembered the cold came from his left then spread across him, this could only mean one thing. The warmth drainers were somewhere deep within the house meaning Jeremy would be leaving the slightly illuminated area to investigate. He gave a quick look towards the library room wondering about the book he found, and then he was off in his bold stride. The further he went into the enormous gloomy house, the colder it felt until finally it felt as if he was in a high powered refrigerator. Small goose bumps appeared all over Jeremy's arms which seemed to anger him slightly. His teeth were clenched and his eyes growing bloodshot as his anger increased.

Creaks of the floor boards occurred every few seconds as Jeremy marched angrily deeper into the dreaded house with his sword unsheathed. Oddly enough the very visible goose bumps on Jeremy's skin started to fade even though the temperature was colder than ever. Crafted images of disfigured human faces were lined along the glowing red, seemingly never-ending corridor walls. Suddenly he stopped dead in his tracks as he realised a possibility of something. He closed his eyes once again and focused his mind only on his hearing.

Waiting several long seconds Jeremy's hearing finally picked up the very silent sound of wind blowing in from somewhere. Instantly the image of a fan came to mind when he heard the very quiet sound of the wind. Instantly he turned to the closest crafted face in the wall. Its eyes were a dark glowing red almost looking like it was bleeding. It's oddly shaped nose bent in weird directions which would've frightened most people, however the worst part was the demonic looking mouth with elongated canine teeth and razor sharp incisors. Jeremy lent closer with his ear inches away from the terrifying mouth of the disfigured face.

It became obvious to Jeremy there was a very high powered fan deep within the mouth pumping out extremely cold air. Jeremy paused as he was totally unsure of what to do. The first thought was how fans could be in a house that isn't supplied with electricity. The possibility of a generator crossed his mind which would be the answer to the question. The next question to enter his mind was how he stops the fan. Giving one blink then squinting his eyes as he quickly shoved his long sword deep into the mouth. Something hard and fast collided with the granite-hard sword giving horribly loud screeches of twisting metal. Jeremy slowly withdrew his sword to find a very, very tiny scratch where the high powered fan blades collided. Jeremy noticed a small temperature rise near the area but quickly went cold again. Trying not to shiver, he looked back at the many more faces stretched across the corridor.

Giving a barely noticeable grimace, Jeremy realised each face bared a hidden fan within causing the cold to endure. He knew he'd be able to stop most of the fans but he didn't want to sacrifice his powerful sword in the process. Jeremy turned back to the face to have a quick stare at horrible dark red eyes. Slowly he brought his finger to one and quickly shot it back when the eye scuttled slightly to the left. Jeremy pulled up his sword and flicked the eye completely off the face making it land directly on his palm. To his surprise he realised the eyes weren't eyes at all but rather the small insect that wields the ability to draw heat from the air. Jeremy carefully placed it on the floor instantly turning the floor red due to the insects glowing red ability. Jeremy raised his boot and brought it over the small scuttling insect.

Suddenly the vision of his Buddhist master entered his disturbed mind. He remembered one of the lessons with his master.

'Remember, we do not harm anything Jeremy. It is bad karma to injure, kill or perform any potentially harmful act to another living creature. This includes the ever vigilant insect, the life preserving plant and general but significant mammals, reptiles and sea dwellers.' Was the lecture he was given. Although some of it didn't quite seem possible, if they did not eat plants or animals how would they survive? But the thought of killing the small insect seemed despicable now and Jeremy decided rather than kill it, he'd instead take it outside where it'd be much happier.

He went around to several of the faces to collect each eye. He was just about to turn around to head towards the main entrance when a large door at the very end of the corridor slid open also causing every one of the fans to shut off and a bright light to illuminate the entire corridor. Jeremy instantly pocketed the collected insects then withdrew his famous sword to protect himself. Without a doubt Jeremy marched forward towards the source of bright light.

At the end of the corridor was a room with bellowing turrets of flame coming from the edge of floor. Jeremy walked into the room with his dangerous sword still up. He noticed the room was extremely hot. Suddenly the door behind him closed. Jeremy instinctively launched around. To the right of the door was a sturdy looking lever. He assumed this caused the door to close. Jeremy turned back around and to his surprise saw an ethereal blue figure rise from the floor boards. Suddenly he had a horrible feeling all over. Feeling sicker than he has ever been before, as if something was draining the blood from his body.

"Cunning, very cunning. You mortal are the first to have actually reached me in this house. You now have the honour to have me as your last image before you die… most horribly I might add." The ethereal blue creature said menacingly. Jeremy gave a frown and suddenly felt incredibly angry.

"I'm sorry to say you freakish creature that it is you who will die… most horribly." Jeremy yelled with his veins becoming more apparent all over his body.

The ethereal creature floated gracefully forward to Jeremy who had his sword out. Jeremy had enough and was unable to restrain his anger. He launched forward and let loose a powerful strike at the bluish creature. It collided violently with the creature and bounced back as if it struck concrete. Jeremy launched back feeling nauseous and even more drained.

"Foolish mortal, do you really believe you wield the ability to defeat one as great me? I am Drodilin the fourth immortal." The creature called Drodilin roared out with a supreme voice. Drodilin's arm suddenly shot out giving no time for Jeremy to react. It grabbed Jeremy's throat and brought him up close to its blurred face. Jeremy tried to push away with his right arm not noticing that one of the red insects was crawling along his hand. It crawled from Jeremy's hand to Drodilin then paused. It then started to draw the heat from the air on Drodilin's blurred face. Drodilin roared up in pain releasing Jeremy as it did so. Jeremy backed away wobbling a bit as he did so, feeling horrible. Again he paused thinking of the situation. The flames around, the incredible heat in the room and Drodilin's reaction to having heat taken away from around him.

"Hey, you piece of retarded shit!" Jeremy yelled angrily looking at Drodilin. Drodilin finally managed to get rid of the pestering bug and looked back down at Jeremy who had his right hand in his right pocket. "Catch!" He said flinging a ton of bugs onto the ethereal form of Drodilin.

Jeremy stopped and watched as the bugs clutched onto Drodilin. Drodilin reared up in pain roaring and screeching as he did so. What came next absolutely shocked Jeremy. The ethereal form of Drodilin flickered then disintegrated into thousands of red eyed locusts. Jeremy didn't have much time to dwell on it as the thousands of locusts flew towards him with tiny rage fuelled eyes. Instantly he turned around holding the high tech camera as he did so. Jeremy threw it as hard as he could at the lever which snapped the door open. Jeremy took no time to run out as fast as he could. The locusts were close behind snapping there jaws menacingly. Suddenly the door shut causing every one of the fans to turn on. Within seconds freezing cold air flooded the corridor. Jeremy paused to look at the slowing locusts. One by one they fell to the ground with the last one landing just in front of Jeremy's boot.

"What the fu…" Jeremy said before pausing to look at a stunning transformation take place.

The locusts instantly liquidised and turned into a large blue puddle. Jeremy stood back with his sword pointing down as the liquid started joining together until it formed the shape of a human. Jeremy clutched his sword firmly once again feeling much better than previously. The human figure soon gained the colour of a Caucasian male however his facial expression showed pain.

"Well I must say… You are by far the most convincing fraud I have ever encountered. However… Dordilen if you remember what I said previously… It will be you who will be dying… most horribly." Jeremy yelled out with fury fuelled eyes. Suddenly the human figure of Drodilin arose gracefully to his feet. Jeremy swung his sword at the Drodilin's foot expecting to hear screaming however instead his sword rebounded back harmlessly.

"I must thank you, half-demon for setting me free. It is unusual for a human to overcome the powers of a demon, yet here you are resisting to the best of your abilities. Now tell me how many years has it been since the Evil Vanquishing?" Drodilin asked staring blankly at Jeremy.

Jeremy held his sword looking with both bewilderment and anger at Drodilin.

"What the hell are you talking about and why won't you die!?" Jeremy screamed out angrily but keeping a safe distance from the immortal creature.

"I am Drodilin, the fourth immortal. I cannot die. I'm starting to think you don't hold the ability to hold back the demon." Drodilin said levitating slightly from the ground.

"There is no such thing as demons, immortals and… and you're not supposed to be able to levitate." Jeremy cried out in anger squeezing the grip of his sword tightly.

"Now there's not much I can say to that. Have you lost your mind?" Drodilin said in a softer tone.

Jeremy was unable to comprehend what was going on, he wasn't scared or worried but rather confused and surprised. This was the one time Jeremy experienced something he could not explain and he didn't like it at all, his anger grew almost uncontrollably.

"You… you, bah! I… What are you and don't say that immortal crap." Jeremy yelled after stuttering several times. Drodilin gave an expression of sympathy.

"Oh dear… You've had a run in with a Torkilian haven't you young lad?" Drodilin said nodding his head sadly. Jeremy gave the expression of utter confusion.

"What in hells name are you talking about…? Torkilian? What the hell?" Jeremy cried out in a raged voice. Drodilin placed his hand on Jeremy's shoulder.

"There, there. Everything will be fine. You can come be my sidekick and maybe one day you'll return to your normal ways." Drodilin said with a smile as if he was going out of his way to help Jeremy.

An anger that Jeremy had never felt before overwhelmed him and his eyes instantly turned pure black and his veins popped up to the surface of his skin.

"Immortal… The Evil Vanquishing Ritual was a failure. Not only did you become evil yourself but small amounts of evil endured. You failed… And within months the second apocalypse will begin. Now do you really have the power to kill the human…? After all it's not his felt for existing." Jeremy roared in a much deeper tone than usual. Drodilin stared at Jeremy as his eyes returned to normal and his veins sank back into his skin.

"I… I must go human. I wish you luck but I can not accompany one such as yourself." Drodilin said as he hastily levitated towards the exit of the house.

Jeremy was left standing there confused… He had the weirdest feeling ever as if something had taken over his body. He wasn't able to comprehend it properly; it just felt like he was in his body however something else was controlling it. Now that he had regained control and the weird Caucasian male named Drodilin was gone, Jeremy decided to head back to the room with the turrets of flames to recollect the camera.

Ferrin put the gear of his van in park and pulled up the handbrake. After that he turned and pulled out his key. He was back outside the haunted house where the fearless Jeremy was investigating. It was just before sunset which was the usual time Jeremy would come out of the house with a culprit causing the haunting. And as usual Jeremy came out of the house holding a dark red book in his left hand and dragging a body using the strength of his right arm. His sword was hanging loosely from his belt. Ferrin enthusiastically jumped out of the van with his trusty pepper-spray in his right pocket.

"Good catch Jerry?" He said to Jeremy who was walking down the old path in a sullen manner.

"Start the van Ferrin; I'm not in the mood." Jeremy replied bluntly as he tossed the damaged camera to Ferrin.

"Bloody hell! Jeremy you always ruin the cameras. Oh well… I think I can still salvage the film inside." Ferrin said in an annoyed tone.

Jeremy opened the old rickety gate and threw the man that smelt terrible through. Ferrin went up to him and felt his wrist for a pulse.

"Not to strong… What'd you do to this guy?" Ferrin asked as he helped Jeremy put him in the back of the van.

"Knocked him out… It's not important. I don't think he was the main mystery behind this haunting. I ran into someone… something weird." Jeremy started with Ferrin listening enthusiastically. "I'm going to need you to get any images from this camera to help me investigate this. I won't be leaving for Scotland until I solve this." Jeremy said in an annoyed, yet knowledgeable voice.

"Sounds good to me. I'll drop this guy off at the police station then I'll meet you at the studio." Ferrin said as he opened the van door.

"I'll meet you later in the morning… I'm going to look around in the house more." Jeremy said before walking back in the direction of the house.

Once again Ferrin drove off in the distance as Jeremy strolled up to the gloomy house that stood as a monument to his uncertainty. Several thoughts ran through his head as he walked.

'What did Drodilin mean by half-demon? What is an evil vanquishing ritual? Why didn't my sword even scratch his leg?" Jeremy thought in annoyance. As he reached the porch of the house Jeremy looked down at the dark red book still in his left arm.

The book could hold some of the answers that started to dig at Jeremy's mind. He kicked open the door and found the same comfortable seat in the library again. Jeremy sat motionless again with his eyes kept wide open. After three minutes Jeremy looked down at book and slowly opened it. The first page had a horrific picture showing a person with an expression of absolute pain. Coming from the person were two ghostly like creatures. One was a pale blue showing an expression of absolute terror and the second was black-red with horns and looked scaly. It was giving an evil grin and looked like it was drilling itself into the person.

Slowly Jeremy turned the page and scanned the writing with his eagle-eyes.

The wonderers of the evil spirit domain otherwise known as hell have found openings in dimensions that allow them to manifest themselves on the physical plain. They may appear as three forms:

Brute: - A brute is demon that has materialised itself on the physical plain. They are able to actually inflect harm on physical beings. Brutes can come in many different forms.

Shade: - A shade is an invisible form of a demon. While they can not pose direct harm to any physical beings, they prove excellent spies and are able to manipulate the minds of different creatures if present for prolonged times.

Wraith: - A wraith is the most dangerous form of demon. They are only ever seen in dark black cloaks. Their touch instantly releases the victim's soul with in turn instantly kills the being. They yield the being to go invisible however are unable to harm any living creature while doing so

While these demons are able to manifest themselves on Earth they do not yield the terrifying ability to possess humans like spiritual demons (except shades which can do so temporarily). Possession is when a spirit demon manages to corrupt the soul of a human and force it from their bodies. This will either result in the soul being drawn to hell or being trapped forever on the physical plain. Another method of possession is when a human dies, resulting in the release of the soul. However if the body is resuscitated and a demon takes the place of the soul… Then the body is controlled by the demon.

Humans that are possessed are basically demons, they have no feelings for other humans… they are easily angered, inability to feel laughter or happiness and find hurting or killing other humans a correct way of doing things.

A way to recognise that a human is under possession of a demon is firstly noticing these signs. Secondly is the eyes of the possessed human. Witnesses of a possessed human describe the eyes of the possessed as having a yellowish tinge. Demons are also said to prefer being bald and using their teeth to kill victims.

There is another type of demon form that exists however it is incredibly rare. They are called half-demons…

Jeremy paused as he read the two words; he wiped his forehead as he recognized some of the symptoms that a possessed human had. He looked back down and continued reading.

Half-demons are humans that have both a soul and a demon controlling them. It is usually under extreme circumstances that these cases occur. It can start when a human that holds the ability to actually pose a threat to the greater evil is born. A large amount of demons will actually attack the soul of that human to remove it from the body. The soul if strong enough can fight back resulting in both the demon and soul fusing within the body. Another possibility is if the human dies however the soul remains behind. If a demon tries to take possession of the body as it is resurrected, the soul may also try to get back. This will also result in a half-demon.

Half-demons hold the same characteristics as possessed humans. They are almost permanently angry and are unable to enjoy any type of music. They cannot feel happiness, experience love or feel sympathy. They also do not have the ability to fear anything. While Half-demons do not have yellow eyes like possessed humans they also prefer being bald.

Jeremy stopped reading after that point and let the large book drop to the floor. If demons existed he was surely a half-demon. He was an abnormality, an abomination of the human race that should just slit his own throat. Again he felt uncontrollably angry and let this anger out on the wall next to him with five well placed blows. A large, crumbling gaping hole was left there. Jeremy looked down at his bleeding hand in annoyance.

"Fuck it!" He screamed in anger as he launched off the chair and marched out of the door.

Ferrin fall back into an armchair in exhaustion. He had spoken with the chief of police and explained the situation. The man Jeremy had brought was quite clearly insane, he was constantly yelling about demons, and the great Drodilin. But now Ferrin was back in the studio relaxing in a comfortable armchair with a broken camera in front of him. Just as he reached out for it, Jeremy slammed through the door looking totally enraged.

"You'd better have gotten the film from it Ferrin." Jeremy roared angrily with clenched fists.

"Calm down Jerry. I just got back give me time. I think you should have a rest you've been up all night." Ferrin said trying to calm Jeremy down.

"Fine… Have it ready when I wake up." Jeremy replied as he made his way to one of the beds within the studio.

While Jeremy was in bed, Ferrin extracted the tape of the badly damaged camera. Luckily the tape was still perfectly intact. He placed it quickly into the broad VCR looking forward to another one of Jeremy's famous explorations of haunted houses. On the television came up the picture of a porch with a mat in front of an opened door. The mat had the words 'welcome all' making Ferrin smirk. Suddenly the picture on the television screen jerked up as a noise went off somewhere deeper in the house. Soon after the view moved forward into the house. Straight forward was a corridor leading deep into the house. Ferrin squinted and just made out a red tinge on the walls of the corridor.

Before Ferrin could get a better look the picture took a sudden turn to the right revealing a room with many books. Jeremy's sword came into view as the picture moved forward into the library-like room. The television screen of the library showed an old arm chair in the corner of the room. Ferrin was surprised when Jeremy randomly headed towards the armchair, yawned then took a seat. He stayed there for several minutes letting Ferrin take a good look at the accumulated stacks of books. The faded titles were very interesting making Ferrin wish he were there to grab them. Before he could finish reading all the titles of the many books, the picture jerked slightly and the sound of Jeremy groaning could be heard. Weird sounds of something moving could be heard in another area of the house as Jeremy started moving.

Soon after a few seconds of the picture moving towards a darker area of the house, Ferrin could make out a section of a wall opening by itself as if an invisible force were opening it. Ferrin smiled thinking for once that maybe this house was in fact houses. The thought was quickly stricken from his mind when Jeremy found a small pipe joining to the door which led down to the cellar below. He watched in interested as an exciting scene unfolded. The camera instantly recognised the immense darkness and flicked to night-vision allowing Ferrin to continue watching.

In the distance Ferrin could make out a man talking to a long robed figure looking incredibly creepy. Two glistening eyes were all that could be made out. Ferrin enhanced the volume hundred times normal to try make out what they were saying.

"My lord, there is another meal for you." The man said pointing towards the screen while Ferrin watched with open eyes.

"Well done mortal… You may live for another year." The creature hissed. "Render him useless then bring him to me preferably live." It finished.

Ferrin was startled when the creature dispersed into small insects which he was unable to make out. Each insect started crawling through cracks in the ceiling disappearing from view.

"Holy…" Ferrin started before falling silent when seeing the odd looking man walk up towards the camera. Ferrin could tell Jeremy was unable to see but he knew that Jeremy had various tricks up his sleeve to overcome such problems. A small battle took place as Jeremy kept ducking under the man's attacks until finally the camera was smashed from Jeremy's shoulder.

Ferrin cursed in annoyance but then sighed in happiness when the camera bounced back and showed the legs of the two battling. Suddenly the man was uplifted and tossed out of view.

"Yeah go Jerry!" Ferrin yelled in happiness. Then Jeremy marched out of view as well to pursue the fallen man. Ferrin listened enthusiastically as Jeremy started talking. After the conversation Ferrin grimaced at the way Jeremy acted.

"I better edit that part out." He muttered to himself. The picture suddenly jolted as Jeremy picked up the camera and marched back up the stairs.

With excitement Ferrin continued watching from the strange angle the camera recorded whilst Jeremy held it and the dangerous man. Slowly the picture showed him walking up the stairs. Automatically the camera sensed the light and switched to normal vision rather than night-vision. Again the two started talking before Jeremy violently slammed the man's head into a wall with all of his strength.

Straight afterwards the picture showed Jeremy walking deeper into the gloomy house. The night-vision automatically came on again as Jeremy strode into the eerie darkness. Soon the picture showed a long corridor that had a low-tinge of red. The picture of the camera continued forward until it reached a horrific looking face. Slowly Jeremy's face came into view as he placed his ear next to the terrifying face.

"What are you doing Jerry?" Ferrin said to himself in surprise at Jeremy's actions. He almost fell back in surprise as the camera lurched backwards and showed Jeremy's sword plunging deep into the mouth of creature. What followed made Ferrin's skin crawl. The loud horrible screeches of twisting metal attacked the microphone of the camera.

When Jeremy's brought his sword back out, Ferrin had to zoom in to see a very small scratch on the side of the sword. Abruptly the sword was removed from view and Jeremy's face came into view as he inspected the red eyes. Ferrin cried out and fell backwards as the red eye moved to the left quickly. He sighed in relief when Jeremy flickered it from its position and revealed that it was an insect.

"Bloody hell!" Ferrin sighed to himself.

The next pictures showed Jeremy randomly going around collecting the glowing red insects from each disturbing face. Suddenly the picture turned to show a door opening far at end of the corridor. Ferrin paused as something briefly came into view. Using his technological skills he reversed the motion and witnessed a creepy hooded figure rapidly passing the door. The rest was shocking as Ferrin beheld the scene Jeremy had faced and how he managed an escape thanks to the small insects. The picture on the camera ended extremely blurred as the camera hit something hard before everything went blank. Suddenly somebody appeared behind Ferrin looking angry…

"Got that tape yet Ferrin?" Jeremy asked in annoyance.