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Also, I drew a map of Sethion. It's on my Homepage, the address can be found on my profile page. It's not a very good drawing, but it does get the point across. I've also posted a glossary of some terms that have to do with the world of Sethion.

(Edit: In Chapter Two, the Divine of Heaven says that it'll take three weeks to reach the city of Scheol, capital of Hell. I've revised it. It only takes two weeks to get to the Majestic Palace.)


Heir of Sethion (Changed Title; also pending for change)

Chapter Three

Nicholas berated himself on the way to the second floor cafeteria. What had possessed him to give Joshua that book, and to read it to him, no less? Perhaps he really was suicidal, after all. And that mission, what in Heaven was that bitch thinking? Didn't she know that after they didn't come back, she would be blamed for their deaths? There was something more that he was missing, some giant piece to the puzzle, and he was going to find that piece, no matter what. He would protect Joshua, bring him back alive, and then spit in her face while telling her, her plan didn't work.

"Ho, Nicholas," he was too engrossed in his musing, that he didn't catch who hailed him. He turned to see the black winged angel, Shawn.

"Just the angel I was looking for," he said in greeting.

"Me?" Shawn asked, pointing to himself.

"You aced your last skills test, right?" he asked.

"With flying colors," Shawn said proudly crossing his arms against his chest.

"Good, where's Adam?" he asked, as Shawn opened him mouth to speak.

"Cafeteria. What's this-" he was cut off.

"Come on," he gestured, knowing the black winged would fallow. Upon entering the Cafeteria, Nicholas headed to the ketches to drop off the plates, while Shawn sought out Adam. As he was exiting the kitchens, he was face to face with Shawn and Adam.

"What's this about?" Adam asked.

"You aced your Skills exam too, right?" he asked.

"All, but the written part," Adam asked confused.

"That's fine," Nicholas nodded to himself.

"What's the matter?" Shawn asked, obviously annoyed at his questions being ignored.

"I have a favor to ask you two, but first I have to find someone else," Nicholas said walking out with the two angels fallowing.

"You want to cash in so soon?" Shawn smirked.

"Not at all," Nicholas shrugged, leading them down the closest staircase. "In this, you have the option of declining. Whereas, with our deal, you have no such luxury," Nicholas turned his head slightly to see the black wing grimaced.

"So, what's this favor?" Adam asked.

"Hold on, I need to find someone else, so I don't have to explain twice," Nicholas said as they made their way to the Guard's barracks. As, expected, Adrena saw him first, even in the middle of a sparing match. Well, it wouldn't really be explained as a sparing match, more like training a green guard.

"Nicholas," she waved, ending the sparing match with a kick and telling the kid that he needed to strengthen his defense. She smiled and walked over to them. "Come to help train new recruits?"

"More like recruiting," he said with a shrug, she gave him a confused look. "Did you ace your Skills test?" he asked.

"Of course I did. You know that," she said, even more confused.

"I know, I need to ask you a favor. You can decline if you want," he said.

"Sure, go ahead," she nodded for him to continue. Nicholas turned to look at all three of them, and took a deep breath. "The Divine has sent Joshua and me on a mission. We are to take a party of five, including ourselves, into Hell-"

"What!" Shawn was outraged.

"Bare with me for the moment?" he asked, not begrudging the angel. "We are to journey into Hell and demand the Daimon as to what he's doing about the raider incident at the border. We are to take any supplies we need," he let out a breath as he finished briefing them. They all stared back at him as if he spontaneously grew another wing.

"That's shear suicide!" Shawn stammered.

"Yes, I know. Apparently it was my mother who devised the 'grand' idea," Nicholas sighed.

"Well, if you don't mind my saying so, but your mother's evil. To send her own son to Hell? Outrageous!" Shawn said indignantly.

"Why yes, yes she is. I could kiss you right here and now for saying that, if it weren't for a certain angel we won't mention." That had to be the greatest news he would hear for a long time, even if the black winged didn't know his mother.

"You'd better not," Shawn threatened.

"The Divine condoned this?" Adam asked.

"He made it seem like it was his idea," Nicholas spat. Really, before this morning, he thought the Divine better.

"And you want us to come along?" Adrena finally spoke.

"I'm giving you an option, if you don't wish to come, then don't. I would never force something like this on anyone, unlike my mother."

"Are you sure it was her idea?" she asked, obviously not wanting to believe it.

"I'm sure she wants to send Joshua and me to our deaths," Nicholas shrugged indifferently. Really, there was no way of proving it, and he was quite surprised that the three figured it was a suicide mission, and not a 'good idea'.

"Well, I can see how it would be a good idea." He spoke too soon as Adrena looked thoughtful.

"Ha, good idea? Even if, by some stretch of the imagination, it was a 'good idea', you have to admit we're going to our deaths," Shawn spat. If the angel weren't with Adam, and he himself wasn't madly in love already, he defiantly would have liked Shawn.

"So, will you come with me?" he asked him.

"Of course," Shawn stated as if it were to most obvious statement ever spoken.

"Shawn," Nicholas started, putting a friendly arm around his shoulders. "You and I are going to get along just fine. If only for the fact that you hate my mother already," Nicholas smiled. Adam cleared his throat and glared at the offending arm. Nicholas muttered an apology and removed his arm.

"Really, Shawn, you should put some though into what you say," Adam scolded.

"Like you weren't going to say yes anyway," Shawn smirked knowingly, or was he leering?

"That's not the point,-"

"See, I knew you'd say yes," Shawn draped an arm around his partner.

"-the point is, think before you speak," Adam chided, not waving off the arm.

"Right, that's two. Are you both sure? We very well could be going to our deaths?" Nicholas asked again, just to be sure.

"We would never abandon you," Shawn smiled.

"We just met yesterday?" Nicholas asked, confused

"And you didn't condemn us," Adam smiled. "But if you did want to cash in, you could take it as that?" he inquired.

"Not a chance," Nicholas teased.

"Didn't think so," he sighed.

"What about you?" Nicholas asked Adrena, who stood quietly during the entire exchange. She just quietly watched the couple. "You know, you're not being forced-"

"So, that's why I always see you two together," she exclaimed excitedly, not hearing the hybrid angel.

"W-what?" Shawn asked worriedly, taking his arm off Adam.

"Of course, why didn't I see it before," she berated herself. "And I usually pay attention to these things. You two look so great together."

"What?" This time it was Nicholas who asked, confused. "What are you talking about? Do you even know what I'm talking about?"

"Going to Hell, yeah, yeah. Got it," Adrena shrugged, not looking away from Adam and Shawn. "Oh, no, don't worry, I wont tell anyone," she assured them as they started opening their mouths to deny her.

"Adrena!" Nicholas raised his voice, bringing her back to him. "Be serious, do you understand what I'm asking you do?"

"Yes, we're going walk right into Hell, uninvited, and ask the Daimon of Hell very nicely if he would stop the raids at the borders, which, by the way, I didn't even know about," she said smiling, all in one breath. For one as shrewd as her, she sometimes didn't get it.

"And you're sure? All of you?" he asked them.

"Yes," the three of them said in union.

"Right, take only what you deem necessary. We'll meet at the stables at noon," he finished with a salute, in which they returned. He left them with Adrena harassing the other two about great couples. Now, after packing himself, he had one thing left to do; have a word or two with his mother.


Joshua lounged on his couch, bags packed at his feet. With his hands folded on the back of his head, he stared at the ceiling and thought about this mission they would take into Hell. The more he thought about it, the crazier he thought it was. Really, what was his father thinking? Sending his son, and his new step-son, the two Heirs' of Heaven, on such a dangerous mission. There was really no guaranty that they would get there and come back safely. However, it was Rosen's idea. Maybe Nicholas was right about his mother? Maybe she really was trying to get rid of them so she could become Divine? No, that wasn't right; Joshua sat up with his elbows on his knees. Rosen loved his father. It took her years to actually say yes to his father's proposal. Besides, it was obvious that Rosen loved her son; she wouldn't send her son to Hell just to have him killed. She-

"Heir of Heaven?" his thoughts were interrupted with a knock at his door. Joshua stood and stretched before answering his door. It was one of his father's Guard.

"Yes?" he asked politely, although already knowing what the guard wanted.

"The Divine wishes to see you," the guard bowed and walked away. Stepping out of his room and closing the door behind him, he walked to his father's apartment. The guards, seeing him coming, already had the doors open. His father wasn't in the main room, so he walked over to the open office door where the Divine was sitting at his desk, glasses on and intently studying a piece of paper.

"Father," Joshua announced himself.

"Joshua," the Divine acknowledged him. Taking his glasses off, he stood and walked over to his son, carrying a sealed letter with him.

"Divine," Joshua bowed his head slightly then looked up at his father.

"Son," I'm very proud of you," Dominus said, putting a hand on his shoulder. Joshua would never tell his father how much that meant to him. "Not just because of this mission, but because you are a loyal son. You will make a great Divine someday," he smiled lovingly.

"Thank you, father," Joshua smiled back. He didn't want to tell his father otherwise, but he truly believed that he wouldn't be a good Divine, he was too soft. Dominus handed him the letter, hesitated, and then embraced his son.

"Come back safely, son," Dominus stepped away from him. Joshua bowed his head and walked from the office then the apartment to find Nicholas.


"Mother!" Nicholas yelled as he entered his mother's sitting room. When there was no answer, he yelled again. Throwing his hands up in frustration, he was about to walk out, when his mother walked into the sitting room, wearing nothing but a towel.

"Hello Nicholas dear," she greeted while walking over to her mini bar to pour her self a drink. "Would you like a drink?"

"Mother, what are you planning?" he asked, seeing no sense in going around the subject. She already knew why he was there.

"Planning?" So, she was going to play like that, Nicholas thought.

"Sending us to Hell? What, are you hoping we both get killed so you can take the throne when the Divine dies?" he hissed at his mother.

"Nicholas," she shook her head and sighed before taking a sip of her wine.

"Mother," he said in a warning tone, narrowing his eyes.

"My dear son," she smiled as she sat on her couch, her towel scarcely covering her. "Nothing will happen to either you or Joshua when you go to Hell. Contrary to what you believe, I'm not planning anything." She eyed her son while taking a long sip of her wine. "I believe that peace negotiations can be established with Hell. What better way to show trust, other then sending the Heir of Heaven himself?"

"Let me guess, that's what you told the Divine, and he believed you?" Nicholas asked skeptically. He would have enjoyed the extra height he had on his mother, if it wasn't for the fact that she was sitting for that exact reason, to make him feel comfortable with height difference.

"Nicholas dear, when will you ever trust me, your own mother?" she asked with a frown.

"When my own mother stops trying to use me to get what she wants," he finished in a low voice and turned on his heal to leave the room. He didn't see the satisfied smirk she wore as she finished her wine.


Nicholas was mumbling to himself about evil mothers when ran into Joshua, quite literally. Joshua fell on his bottom as Nicholas took a moment to register the situation.

"What are you doing running around the hallways?" Nicholas asked while reaching out his hand to help the Heir to his feet.

"Looking for you. Besides, you should be watching where you're going," he said with that teasing smile Nicholas loved so much. Joshua took the offered hand and pulled himself up.

"Packed and ready?" the hybrid asked.

"Yep," Joshua said cheerfully. "Also have the letter from father," he showed Nicholas the letter.

"What are you so cheerful for?" Nicholas asked as they started walking to his rooms to get his own packed things.

"No reason," Joshua beamed.

"Whatever," Nicholas brushed it off and continued walking in silence. He was in a very bad mood, and not even Joshua's smile could break him out of it. Stopping in front of his door, he grabbed his two bags that he left there. Then walked across the hall to Joshua's apartment. Upon reaching to door, Joshua let them in and went to the couch where the bags were. Nicholas picked up one to add to his two, and Joshua picked up the remaining two.

"You got everything?" Nicholas asked as Joshua locked his door behind him.

"Just have to stop off at the kitchens," Joshua replied. They turned the corner and walked the long hallway to the kitchens.

"So you spoke to your mother," Joshua stated, not asked.

"Damn evil bitch," Nicholas muttered.

"I take that as a 'yes'," Joshua laughed lightly. Before Nicholas could ask what was so damn funny, The Heir's cousin walked into their path. Luke, Nicholas was pretty sure was the white-winged angel's name.

"Luke," Joshua said. Nicholas just turned to stair at his step-brother. He had never heard so much venom in the angel's voice, especially when talking to someone. Well, one thing was for sure, if judging from Joshua's reaction to his cousin, Nicholas was going to be weary of him.

"Hello dear cousin," Luke smirked, his brown eyes showing nothing but malice.

"What do you want Luke?" Nicholas could almost feel the ice in Joshua's voice.

"Just wanted to wish you luck. You going to need it," Luke said. Joshua chose not to answer him. "Though, it would be a shame if you two didn't make it back," the younger angel looked thoughtful.

"Leave. Now," Joshua chose not to take the bate. His fist clenching, one around the strap of his bag, and the other at his side. Now Nicholas was sure that he felt ice, the hall had gotten a few degrees cooler than what it was. Not really noticeable, but Nicholas had a way with felling even the slightest change in temperature.

"Luke, your name was," Nicholas walked up to the angel with a smirk on his face.

"You're the abomination," Luke said simply, without taking a step back when the hybrid was only inches from him.

"In order for that insult to have any affect, I have to take offence," Nicholas' smirk took on an almost demonic aura, as he effectively told Luke that insults wouldn't work on him. Luke decided he wanted to take a swing at the hybrid' face. Nicholas easily moved his head out of the way and swung behind him, without missing a beat, Nicholas kicked him so that Luke, with his already forward movement, landed on his stomach. Before the white-winged could get back up, Nicholas took hold of both his wrist with his right hand, dug his right knee into his back between his wings, and with his other hand, he held the back of Luke's neck.

"Get off of my, hybrid!" Luke spat, trying to lash out from the hold.

"You really need to work on you skills," Nicholas mocked. "You have no idea who you're trying to fight against. I am superior to you in every way, power, skill, and rank." Nicholas brought his face closer to the angel's ear. "Next time you try to attack me, or any one of your superiors, I will kill you, and just because I can," he finished and slammed Luke's face into the marble floor, knocking the angel out. Nicholas stood and brushed off imaginary dust off his traveling cloths. He looked over to Joshua, who hade a strange look on his face.

"Did I over do it again?" the hybrid asked. Joshua shook his head and smiled. He walked over to Nicholas while stepping on Luke.

"Not in this circumstance," Joshua said simply and walked into the kitchens, with Nicholas looking after him. By the time he got it into his head to fallow the angel, Joshua was already out of the kitchen with an oversized bag on his shoulder.

"To the stables, right?" Joshua asked. Nicholas just nodded and Joshua started walking down the stairs. There was something about the Heir that Nicholas could put his finger on. His attitude and facial expressions just weren't matching. Nicholas had an ability to read people by the way they act, and at the moment, Joshua was impossible to read. Shaking his head to rid his thoughts, he moved to fallow Joshua.



"You know how much I hate horses, right?" Joshua commented to Nicholas while looking at his white stallion.

"Your horse, or horses in general?" Joshua didn't even have to look at Nicholas to hear the smirk in his voice. Joshua didn't answer; he just continued looking at his hated horse, Peace. It was a mutual relationship, he hated Peace, and Peace hated him. Peace; what a name for a horse, especially a horse that was more suited for war than peace.

"I don't understand why you just don't get rid of it," Nicholas said while waving off the stable hands so he could saddle his own mare, Fallon. Joshua didn't answer him again, they both knew why he wouldn't get him a new horse, it was the last gift his mother gave him before she died. So, as much as he would want to lead the damned animal off a cliff, he had to keep it.

"Why we can't fly?" Joshua asked. Nicholas just looked at him as if he grew another wing.

"I'm not even going to answer that question," Nicholas said simply while securing his bags to the back of his Fallon's saddle. It was a foolish question, Joshua admitted to himself. Sure angels could fly, however they would use up quite a bit of strength and power to do so. An angel's body is normally too heavy for their wings to pick them up of the ground. They could glide of course, but with out The Arts, an angel would get no where fast with their wings. Sometimes, Joshua wondered what the point of having wings were if they were close to useless.

"Ho, Nicholas!" Joshua was interrupted from his musing when three angels approached them. It was the couple they met the other day, Shawn and Adam, and another of Nicholas' comrades, Adrena was her name, the one who called out Nicholas' name. Joshua eyed her suspiciously as they approached. It wasn't that he didn't like her; it was just that he was sure that she had some sort of crush on his Nicholas.

"Good, you guys made it," Nicholas told them with a grateful smile.

"Of course, we wouldn't abandon you," Shawn said with a smile. "Besides," he stared quietly. To make sure no one around him could hear him, "It beats being here, I hate politics. I wouldn't want to be here when the only two royals I can stand are on there way to suicide." Joshua cleared his throat at the would-be insult to his family.

"Shawn," Adam sighed and lightly hit his partner in the head. "Forgive him Heir, he doesn't know when he's speaking his thoughts or thinking them," the black winged said politely.

"Don't worry about it," Joshua laughed. "And didn't we already establish no formalities?"

"That would be impolite, Heir," Adam told him.

"Fine, just no scraping and bowing. Deal?" Joshua smiled at him and held out his hand to the other angel.

"Deal," Adam said and took the Heir's hand firmly.

"Hey," Shawn interrupted them when he took his horse and Adam's out of the stalls, saddled and ready. "Are we leaving, or what?"

"Right, because we all can't wait for death," Nicholas said sarcastically as he mounted his own horse. Joshua, Adrena, Shawn, and Adam all fallowed suite respectively as Nicholas led the way out of the stables and to the front of the castle gates. The guards stationed there gave a respectful bow to Nicholas and Joshua. Instead of going through the city, Nicholas led them through a bypass path that skirted the city and ended at the south entrance of the Grand Wall. More guards nodded at them respectfully as they passed through the giant open gates. With their horses, they started The Finite Path, which cut through the vast Jinova Forest and the only road that connected directly the Imperial Palace of Heaven to the Majestic Palace of Hell.


"You still think this is a suicide mission?" Joshua asked the hybrid when the Grand Wall was far away behind them.

"Let me guess, you still think that we're going to get out of this just fine?" Shawn asked before Nicholas had a chance to answer.

"I'll admit, this mission will most likely be dangerous, but I don't believe that our parents would intentionally send us to our death when they would be blamed for it," Joshua said firmly.

"Except when you're my mother," Nicholas muttered looking ahead with a scowl.

"You're still just being paranoid," Joshua argued.

"My mother has a reason to send us to Hell. Yes, she's the one who convinced the Divine," Nicholas started before the Heir could say anything. "I'm going to find out that reason without any of us being killed," Nicholas promised, more to him self then anyone else.

"Yes, oh Great One," Adrena mocked, and when Nicholas turned to glare at her she smiled.

"You're on his side," Nicholas muttered. "I've been telling the both of you for years that the bitch is evil, and you still don't believe me. But don't worry," he started with a smirk. "When she shows her true evil colors, you will both admit I was right."

"Perhaps," Adrena said with an indifferent shrug.

"I believe ya," Shawn said from his place next to Adam.

"See, someone believes me," Nicholas said to his two closest friends who just sighed. Apparently they've had enough of the conversation. Serves them right, the hybrid thought, they shouldn't have brought up the subject of the bitch.

"Damn right," Shawn piped up again. "Any mother who sends her own son the death is evil in my book."

"And I've only meet this angel a few days ago," Nicholas smiled, thankful for the support. "Only if he wasn't already taken," he said jestingly. He didn't realize his mistake, even as Joshua and Adrena tightened their hands around the reins of their horses.

"Well, I believe that we've had enough of this conversation," Adam finally interjected into the conversation. "I propose there be no mention of the Divine's wife, in any manner, for the duration of the mission, and let come what may. Deal?" he asked them. Nicholas responded, along with the rest of them, with a muttered acknowledgment. "Good, now let's continued, we have at least two weeks ahead of us," Adam finished and they continued walking The Finite Path in silence. All of them thinking; "let come what may".

Author's Note:

And, on another note. I've changed this title from Heir of Heaven to Heir of Sethion. Which brings me to a question I want to ask. If Heaven and Hell, being two countries in this story, were put into a continent, what names would you come up with for that continent? I've come up with Sethion, though for some reason, I don't think that it sounds too good. So, until something better comes up, I'll stick with that. Who knows, maybe it'll grow on me.

Well now that I'm done rambling, please tell me what you think of my first on-going original story. I would also like to thank the reviewers I have so far;

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