It was any New York woman's nightmare. The sound of the honking horns outside of the apartment building was driving her crazy. The early morning traffic that always seemed to come at a standstill in front of her apartment building was making her cranky. In an attempt to salvage just a few more moments of sleep, she pulled the lily white sheets over her fiery red hair, tucking it under her head, but it was to no avail. The incessant honks wouldn't go away. Grumpily sliding out of her bed, she trudged over to her window pulling it open with ease as her ocean blue eyes stared down at the drivers with pure disdain.

"Shut up!" She yelled at the top of her lungs, slamming the window shut, before sliding back into bed. Roxanne Markovic wasn't a happy woman at the moment. Finally accepting defeat to the morning traffic, Roxanne crawled out of her bed, slipping her robe on as she trudged out of her bedroom. Rubbing her eyes tiredly, she made her way through her living room of her apartment, to get to her kitchen. But in there she found something she wasn't anticipating. Standing in her kitchen was a half naked man, she was sure she had never seen before in her life, cooking her breakfast.

"Who are you? And why are you in my kitchen?" Roxanne questioned pushing her hair out of her face.

"Roxanne, it's me Nigel. We met last night. You invited me back to your place for a couple of drinks," The perfectly chiseled man smiled charmingly as Roxanne groaned heavily, rubbing her temples tiredly.

"Okay you have to go. Now." Roxanne nodded, grabbing his hand, picking up his strewn shirt as she made her way to her front door, "Okay Nigel, I'm sure we had fun last night but I have no idea who you are. Bye," She said shutting door in his face as she pushed him out into the hallway.

"So I'll give you a call then!" She heard the desperate man call out from the hallway as she leant against her door sliding down the length of it tiredly. Roxanne was in no mood to work today. As she sat at her front door, staring at her mess of an apartment, she decided that she would definitely be going out for breakfast. She couldn't spend another moment cooped up with her canvases. She was pretty sure that it was that that made her go out and find her a one night fling. Hurriedly brushing her teeth, Roxanne slipped on a pair of black jeans, white canvas slip on's and a flannel shirt before she bounded out of her apartment with nothing more than her wallet and her keys.

Stopping at her mailbox on her way out, Roxanne distractedly pulled out all of its contents, tucking it under her arm as she made her way down Park Avenue. Finding a comfortable looking bistro, Roxanne smile politely at the maitre'd as he escorted her to a seat; Roxanne dropped her mail on the table before her as she ordered coffee. Perusing through her many bills, there was one letter that caught her eyes. The calligraphy on the envelope seemed very out of place. Ripping the envelope open Roxanne's mouth fell open slightly as she continued reading the letter. Regretting that she didn't bring her phone with her, Roxanne silently cursed herself as she saw a waiter walking towards her with her coffee. Now there was no way she could run for it.

Placing her money on the pristine white table cloth, Roxanne stood up, walking out of the bistro calmly. She wasn't going to act rash. She was going to pay a visit to her brother to make sure that the letter she had received was a mistake. Hailing a cab, Roxanne gave the cabbie the address of her brother's office, making sure she was clear that she needed to get there as fast as possible. As the cabbie pulled up in front of the law offices of Horowitz, Schaeffer and Markovic, Roxanne gave him her money, before she ran into the eight avenue building.

Making her way up to the seventh floor of the building, Roxanne paced in the empty elevator. She was hoping to god that this letter was a horrible joke that her brother was playing on her. He was a lawyer after all; she wouldn't put it past him. The doors were opening too slowly for her liking. Running down the hallway, Roxanne flung the door that had the name Alan Markovic on it, open making the dark haired man inside jump uneasily. His familiar ocean blue eyes locked with hers, before a look of contempt filled them as he pulled his long legs off his desk, closing the file that was in his hands.

"What the hell Roxy!" Alan Markovic, her twin brother exclaimed, standing up.

"Okay I have no time for your contempt Alan. Tell me you didn't get one of these," Roxanne said dropping the calligraphy written letter on Alan's desk. Picking it up, in his long slender fingers, Alan read the letter carefully, the shock evident on his flawless face, "Oh please tell me you didn't get one."

"Oh I got one," Alan nodded pulling a similar letter out of his top drawer.

"I said tell me you didn't get one," Roxanne frowned slapping Alan on the shoulder.

"Gee sis are you in the second grade?" Alan questioned rubbing his shoulder, frowning heavily.

"Look don't get testy with me," Roxanne said sitting on the leather chair in front of Alan's desk, crossing her long legs.

"Sis you're in my chair," Alan pointed out.

"Yeah yours is a lot more comfortable than the ones you have your visitors sit on," Roxanne nodded.

"Okay I'm just going to let this this slide because it is a one time thing," Alan said pointedly, "So...what are we going to do about these reunion invitations?"

"I say we burn them," Roxanne smiled making Alan laugh loudly, "Come on Al do you really want to go to this? Do you really want to go and pretend to be nice to people we haven't seen in ten years?"

"Who knows it could be fun," Alan shrugged adjusting his blue silk tie.

"Oh you sneaky little bastard, you just want to rub it in people's faces that you're a partner at a law firm," Roxanne said as Alan cracked a huge grin.

"Okay maybe I do, but is that so bad?" He asked sitting on his desk, pushing his sister's legs off it.

"No, I suppose it isn't entirely bad. You go. You have fun. I'm going to stay home and work." Roxanne sighed.

"Wait you're not coming with me? How can I rub my success in other people's faces without my wing man?" Alan asked making Roxanne smile, "Is this about Colin and James?"

"No this is not about two boys I...I don't know what exactly I had with them but whatever it was, this is not about that." Roxanne frowned.

"Whatever you say sis. Now can you please leave? I have work to do. See unlike you, I have to sit in an office from nine to five and actually work," Alan said pulling Roxanne out of his seat.

"No need to throw me out on my ass. Later loser," Roxanne said before walking out. It had been two weeks since Roxanne and Alan had received their invitations and they were getting ready to attend their re-union. Walking out of her bedroom in a knee length, black, strapless cocktail dress, Roxanne struck a pose for Alan.

"What do you think?" She asked slipping on her two inch heels that assured she was now her brother's height.

"You look gorgeous Roxy. Now can we please go?" He asked glancing down at his Rolex.

"Okay I understand that you want to gloat but I need time to get dressed. A girl doesn't look like this in five minutes," She glared as they stepped out of her apartment. Pulling her knee length white coat on, as Alan hailed a cab, Roxanne slipped into the car next to him. The silence that engulfed the cab was eating away at both of them and the cabbie who had no choice but to turn on his radio. As the music, that neither Roxanne nor Alan could understand played loudly, they exchanged grins as the Indian cabbie began singing along. As the cabbie pulled up in front of the all too familiar building, Roxanne and Alan quietly got out, standing shoulder to shoulder as they stared up at it.

"Do I look okay?" Alan questioned turning to Roxanne who surveyed him closely. His perfectly cut suit made him look professional yet easy to approach.

"You look good Al," Roxanne nodded.

"Alright, let go. It's now or never," Alan said offering his sister his hand.

"How about never?" Roxanne suggested as Alan laughed. Walking into the Plaza Hotel, Roxanne and Alan walked over to the ballroom, both stopping in front of the entrance doors, "Al I'm telling you a lot of people in that room don't like me. I can't do this."

"Big deal three people don't like you. Get over it. And remember you're my wing man. You have to work tonight. You better make me look good," Alan said pointedly as Roxanne rolled her eyes. Walking into the ballroom, arm in arm, Alan and Roxanne both had different ideas in mind. Roxanne wanted to remain un-noticed and Alan was here to dominate the re-union. Shrugging her coat off and putting it in the room for the coats, Roxanne emerged only to have Alan grab her hand and drag her to the bar, "You need a drink maybe then you'll stop being so jumpy."

"I'm good. And I'm not jumpy," Roxanne glared, "So what table are we at?"

"Table number twenty-eight." Alan replied looking at the card in his hands as he picked up his wine glass from the bar. Trying to find their table amongst the crowd, both of them froze when they saw who they were seated with.

"Kill me now," Roxanne whispered in Alan's ear.