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Weak and Strong

The Beginning

He sighed quietly as he climbed the ladder they had built together. He pulled himself into the fort, and looked around. He had taken the microwave, but he noticed that she left everything as it was. He sat in the doorway, his dark hair falling into his eyes. He saw a hole in the wall, the wood splintering at all angels. As his eyes traveled the room, they rested on a wilting rose lying in the middle of the fort. He reached for it, fingering the forest green ribbon that was tied around the stem. He sat there for a moment, lost in thought, holding the wilting red rose he found on the floor. Suddenly, he jerked his hand away, and brought it to his face. Blood trickled down his finger, and he winced, cursing the thorns. As he went to place the rose on the floor, his eyes caught a wooden box on the floor to his left. He sat cross legged on floor, and pulled the box into his lap. Opening the box, he found a collection of letters in scripted handwriting. Bowing his head, he opened the first letter and began to read.


This can't go on. It has to stop. And do you know why? I can't take it.

Every time I see you, my heart jumps. Every time I hear your laugh, I lose my breath. Every time you brush past me, my balance falters.

I can't stand watching you talk with your friends, watching you laugh, watching you carry on a perfect life while I see mine torn into oblivion before my eyes.

You were always the mysterious one. You were the one with careless hair and striking eyes. You were the one who had a laugh like bells, and a voice that rang. You were the one with the knowing smirk, the one with shining eyes.

Sometimes, I see you walking down the hall, past darkened lockers and bare walls. I'd see you smile, and for a second, I couldn't breath. I'd hear you laugh and I felt dizzy. I'd watch you talk to your friends, and light twist in your hair, my breath would catch in my throat.

You walk past me sometimes, brushing up against me, and I lose all reality. My world crumbles, and I lose my footing. And for a moment, I see nothing except your shining smile, and the delight in your eyes. I can hear nothing except the twinkle of your laugh and the thump of your footsteps. I close my eyes, and wish so many things. I wish for one more day, one more hour, one more minute, one more second, so maybe I could see that smile, and hear that laugh. I wish you would smile at me again, hold me again, kiss me again. I wish things were like they were.

I remember that one night, during the summer, when you came to my house. You showed up as the sun was leaving the sky, and lead me away, taking my hand and pulling me down the driveway. We walked, sometimes skipping, down the street until you pulled me off the road onto a secluded path. I was a little surprised, and a bit scared. You told me not to worry.

"I'll take care of you, Maggie." You told me that all while holding my hand. I remember blushing and following you into the woods.

We had a first kiss there, in a clearing in those woods. It was dark by the time we reached it, and you pointed at the stars. "Always shoot for the moon," you said. "If you miss, you'll just fall in the stars."

Do you see why this can't go on? Do you see why I can't stand it?