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Pop Tarts

One day, there was a boy named Rodney, who loved to eat snacks. He loved Pop-Tarts in particular. And everytime his stupid mother (who didn't really care about him) told him not to eat snacks, he didn't listen. When she was at a bar, getting drunk, he went out to Publix and stole some Pop-Tarts and then gave the employees a sob story about how he was a poor boy and needed some food.

That day, he stuffed his mouth, ass, nose, eyes, ears, etc. with pop-tarts. Then he ended up throwing up. But he continued to eat them.

The next day, he woke up and when he looked in the mirror--HOLY SHIT!! HE TURNED INTO A POP-TART!!!

So, he started to scream and run around hysterically because he turned into a pop-tart and blah, blah, blah. Then he fell down the stairs and hit his head. Well, not really, his head, but a piece of strawberry. Yeah, he turned into a strawberry pop-tart.

He got up and saw that his mother wasn't there. She was probably still at some bar, getting drunk and stuff. Soooooo, he grabbed his book bag and made his way to school. But along came Polly. Or was it the spider? No, wait, it was neither! Right, so along came this ugly boy that had three eyes.

(People often mistook him for an alien, or so...)

"Hey, kid! Gimme your pop-tart!" he yelled.

"Why?" Rodney asked.

"Because I'm hungry!" the boy snapped. "And besides, my mother beat the hell out of me last night, and she stole my pizza remains that I had last night, so I'm hungry! Now, gimme your pop-tarts or I'm gonna...I'm gonna...I'm gonna..."

4, 152, 412, 784 hours later... (or at least that's what it felt like)

"...I'm gonna...I'm gonna...kick your butt!" the boy finally said.

But Rodney just shrugged and kicked the boy in the wiener. The boy died. Rodney went off. He finally got to school. When he entered, everyone was staring at him. "What?!" he shouted. "Why are you all staring at me?!"

Everyone stayed quiet for a few seconds, then everyone attacked him, trying to get a bite out of him.

"HEY, NO!" Rodney yelled. "DO I LOOK LIKE A POP-TART TO YOU?!"

No one really paid attention to him. Some people, ripped out on of his arms, others ate his eye, some ate a leg, and someone took a bite out of his brain. Now he was stupider than usual.

The bell rang and everyone scurried out of the halls and went to class. Apparently, so did Rodney (instead of playing hooky as usual). He went inside the classroom and sat down.

"Okay, class," the retarded teacher said. But she trailed off when she saw the human pop tart sitting at his desk. Like, right there. In her classroom.

"Excuse me, Pop-tart?" she said. "What are you doing here?"

"Uh...you're gonna think I'm crazy, but I just woke up today and I was turned into a pop-tart!" Rodney exclaimed.

"Get out!!" the teacher screamed.

"What? Why―"

"GET OUT!!" She grabbed her purse and began whacking him with it. Then she grabbed him and ate his other arm.

Rodney ran out. Then he ran down the stairs so fast, he tripped and couldn't save himself cause he didn't have an arm. Then he died.

And no one in the world ever bought pop-tarts again cause they didn't want to turn into them and then die.

The End

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