Why can't you see that she's faking it?

That deep inside she's falling apart

She doesn't know what to do or say

Because she's scared of breaking your heart

Didn't you notice him falling down?

To kneel down on his knees, head hung low

To pray that somehow they might make it

And for strength to handle every blow

Beaten and bruised they hold each other

She clings to him tightly as she cries

He holds her, praying for this to last

That they won't have to say their goodbyes

Deep inside they knew, but they still tried

For so long they desperately held on

To the love that they had for each other

But soon, in time this will be foregone

She kept trying to smile after

He kept on praying everyday

But soon her smile started to crack

And soon his prayers were in disarray

Together again they fell apart

Separated they started to die

They let themselves fall for each other

Now they'd die to take back that goodbye

One day she closed her eyes, now broken

One day he shattered, stopped caring how

She heard a voice saying, "Find him soon"

He heard a voice say, "Just end it now"

She found him too late; the blood seeped out

She fell to the ground screaming in pain

The one she would always love, now dead

She vowed not to love, ever again

Their stories of untold miseries

Have not yet come to pass (There's still time)

She smiles brightly, he prays with love

This time they might last (Their joy sublime).