"Chanel, you have such a well-mannered daughter," boasted Karen Christine's fourth grade teacher as she and KC's mother chatted in the yearly parent-teacher conference. "I wish all my students were like her.

"Thanks," she responded, beaming with pride. "She's very special to me."

"She's off to a wonderful start," the teacher continued. "Her grades are excellent and she gets along with everyone."

"That's good to hear," Chanel answered. "I do my best. You know, with her father gone, it's good to hear I am doing something right."

"You are," the teacher smiled.

"Ms. Benjamin, I just wanted to let you know, Karen is such a joy to teach," said KC's sixth grade dance teacher one evening after dance practice. "Most eleven year olds are a little hard to handle, but she is exceptional; and she's a wonderful dancer. I wish my daughters had her drive and ambition."

"I'm glad she's doing her best," Chanel responded with pride and joy, smiling down at her daughter.

"Is this your mother?" KC's English II teacher asked, stopping her one evening after a football game as she and her mother sauntered to their car, reveling in the team's victory.

"Yes ma'am. Mom, this is Ms. Aucoin, my Lit teacher."

"Hi Ms. Benjamin. Your daughter is such an excellent student and a wonderful girl. I can't wait to see what she accomplishes in the future."

"She is," Chanel agreed.

"I wish all my students could be like her. I'd be in heaven." The women giggled and talked more about KC. She had become accustomed to adults admiring her and boasting about how she was so well-mannered and a good, clean, honest girl. But it wasn't just adults that admired her; she was well respected by all of her peers. Although most of her peers lived reckless, crazy lives, KC chose to stay mellow and focus on her future and they respected her for that. The only people who seemed to have issues with her prudish life were her short string of boyfriends. They could never appreciate her decision to live a wholesome life.