Feeling Unloved?

I have a lot of struggles

Is what I used to say

I always felt such sadness

That never went away

I used to sit and cry a lot

And tried to get others to feel my pain

When all I really wanted

Was something very plain

I wanted a feeling

That is called love

I wanted to feel

Peace from above

I wanted to be stronger

And I wanted to learn

I wanted to help others

Because of the amount that I would earn

The craving that I had

Turned me rather cold

Rather than helping those that helped me,

I let go of their hold

I hurt those that I loved

And now I feel such shame

For making them listen

When they were not to blame

And the thing is,

My logic was just lacking

They already loved me

And gave me lots of backing

So for any of you

Who think you unloved

Look in your heart

And then rise above

The feeling that you have

Is probably just a lie

Given by Satan

Just to make you cry

Learning to do so

Will make you much stronger

Because the devil will be in this world

For a whole lot longer