I See You

I see you.

Last week.

I see you.

Everywhere I go,
Everything happy and gay I see,
Everything I hear,
Everything soft I touch and kiss,
I see you.

I smoke, and smoke, and smoke…
Every breath in and out,
I inhale everything you ever gave me.
I exhale anything stupid I ever said to make you disappear.
I see you.

I dream, and dream, and dream…
Every touch,
Every look,
Every sweet surrender—
Is relived over, and over, and over.
I see you.

I miss you,
I love you,
I want you here,
I want to be with you…
But I don't know.
What did we have?
What do we have?
Was there anything really really really?
Or was it a short romance,
Cut short by circumstances
Beyond our control?
I see you.

Wish you were here,
Know you miss me,
Know I miss you.
Want to spend time with you,
Unsure of what I'm really feeling
Unsure of what you're really feeling.
I see you,
I see you,
I see you.
Do you see me?