Chapter 1: Meet Betty

Betty Hayes clenched her books to her chest tightly like the books were too precious to let another person even touch them, as she walked up the stairs of Norwood High School. One look at Betty, and you could guess just how uptight, shy, scared, and a reserved girl she was. The way she held her books gave that very fact away. Then there were her oversized glasses with red rims, clashing with her blue tee-shirt with a picture of a little dog. Her brown hair was frizzy and nappy, badly in need of combing, and her posture was horrible with her back arched over the books. Her pants were loose and seemed to be from a thrift store. They were patched up and the bottom of her pants were covered in loose strings.

Yes, well, that was Betty for you in a nutshell. True, she was no pretty sight, but she couldn't really be judged that way. Inside she really was freighted, and really scared as a lost little puppy shying away from the world. All she really wanted in life was to somehow be noticed…and not by her awkward looks, personality, or posture. She wanted to be noticed for her personality. She wanted to be popular. That seemed impossible however. No one in their right mind would accept her into their social group. She was a loner, and loser according to them. She felt like a worm wriggling on a hook in the lake, just waiting to be eaten…just waiting for the ridicule from her peers that she knew she would receive. That was normal, though, for Betty. Sure, she got used to all the laughing and joking after time, but really she was sad and longed for a different life…a life that would bring her happiness.

Only one person really stood beside her throughout her whole two years of high school…that was Nathan Brook. He always was there for her when she needed a lift. He gave her small compliments and made her feel that she was really a human being. She smiled at the thought of him. Yes, if it hadn't been for Nathan, she might have already broken down and would from then on be miserable for the rest of her life.

As Betty thought about these things her grip on the books loosened and she walked on paying no attention to where she was going…or who was in front of here. Just like that in a moment she realized books were flying everywhere.

She scrambled to gather her books back into her hand, as she chastised herself for being so clumsy. Surely everyone saw that little incident, and people would most certainly laugh today about it.

As she picked up the books she noticed another hand helping. There was one book left and she reached to grab it. The other hand beat her to it, but before she could stop her hand from getting the book it gently was placed on the mysterious hand. She quickly drew it back in embarrassment and stood up, not looking at the person.

"Here" The person said holding out the book. She recognized that the voice was of a man's.

She grabbed it without looking at the person, but when she took the book from his hands, she just couldn't resist. The face before her eyes made her whole inside jump in shock.

It was Dave. Dave Richardson, the most popular guy in school.

He had dark brown hair, almost black, that swept across his face and sea foam green eyes that were so dreamy. They seemed very intense, despite the fact that a light green isn't very intense. He was tall and postured well, and when he smiled dimples appeared. Truly he was a vision.

Her heart swooned. He had touched her hand. "T…Th…T…Thanks." Betty managed to stammer out.

And just like that he left.

It would be easy to say that she had a crush on him- every girl did at the school-but that would hardly be enough. Betty knew Dave ever since kindergarten way back-but for Betty, it just seemed like yesterday. She had a crush on him every since the 4th grade, and if you would have asked then if she was in love with Dave she would have without a doubt replied "yes".

And now, Dave had touched her hand! Well, needless to say Betty stood dumbfounded in front of the school, while people just passed her and began to giggle. She didn't hear them though. All she could think of was Dave.

Then, Nathan interrupted her fanciful thoughts.

"Betty, what are you doing?" He asked.

Nathan was tall and somewhat gangly with glasses as well. His light brown hair was a mess and very unkempt but that seemed to add an attractive touch. His dark brown eyes weren't intense like Dave's but they held a caring and compassionate look. You just knew he was there to help anyone just by the way he looked. No, he wasn't at all cute compared to Dave, but no one would argue he wasn't too bad to look at either.

Betty snapped back into reality and faced her friend. She decided not to tell him. He wouldn't understand anyway, and he would likely think she was just dreaming, so she smiled. "Oh, nothing, just thinking."

"Oh. Thinking about that Chemistry test for today?" he asked.

"Uh…Yeah." she replied. "Chemistry. I studied a lot last night so I hope I get an A on it" she declared as she adjusted the numerous books held in her hands.

"I know you will…you always do." Nathan replied with a smile. "Come on. Let's get inside before the bell rings."

Betty never understood why he always complimented her so, but she was glad he did. Hearing encouraging words like those made her feel special and seem like she was one of the fish instead of the worm. That was why she considered Nathan her best friend.

He led her inside and they got their books and headed to their first period class together…English: Her favorite subject.