Chapter 8: Worth It?

"Please tell me that you are not going to that Hailey's birthday party." Georgia said that Saturday. She was fixing her hair in preparation for the party.

"I am." Betty replied.

"Well, I can hardly figure out why you aren't popular…maybe it is because you hang out with people like them." Georgia declared.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I mean, that they are part of you social rejection. It's partly because of them that you are who you are."

"They had nothing to do with who I've become. I am the only person that molded, that shaped me into who I am today."

"And so you willing made yourself into a social reject?"

Betty had no reply.

"Sorry to break it to you, but whether you like it or not, Nathan and Hailey have been holding you back. Believe me, if it wasn't for them, you would be in a much better position."

Is Georgia right? Is it because of Nathan that Dave doesn't notice me? Would things have been different if Nathan and me weren't friends?

All these questions ran through her mind as she watched her sister pick out an outfit.

She was more confused than ever, because if Georgia was right, then that would mean that to purse Dave she would have to dismiss Nathan. Could she do that? After all those years that they have been together, shared so many jokes, so many wonderful moments laughing, playing, and teasing?

Her mind slowly drifted back to two years before.

It was a crisp evening and the sun was just about to set, bringing darkness with it. Nathan and Betty lay in the lawn, not caring who might come by and stare at them in amusement.

When at last the first start of the night came out Nathan turned on his side.

"There's the first star."

"Yup," Betty answered with a smile.

"Care to make a wish?"

"Oh, Nathan, don't you think we're too old for that. Wishing on stars if for children."

"Nonsense, anyone can wish…it just takes a childlike mind to believe that it will come true."

Betty laughed, "Well, if you insist."

"Star light, star bright,

First start I see tonight,

I wish I may I wish I might

Have the wish I wish tonight.

They whispered it as softly as they could.

Betty closed her eyes tight and wished… "I wish that I would find true love, that my prince charming would sweep me off my feet and carry me to his castle in the sky. That he would always be there and love me…until the end of time."

Betty had to laugh at her own wish. It sounded a lot like what a child would wish for, when she had chided Nathan on the childishness of wishing on a start. It was her wish, nevertheless.

"So, what did you wish for?" Nathan asked.

"You know I can't tell you."

"I know…just wanted to ask. Seems like that's always the question asked after a moment like this."

"I agree."

They laid there for thirty more minutes in perfect and complete silence as the sky shone bright with the twinkling stars.

How could she possibly deny Nathan her friendship? Was Dave worth it?

Betty didn't know, but nevertheless stood there in Georgia's doorway with a far off gaze.

"Happy Birthday!" Betty exclaimed upon entering the house.

"Betty!" Hailey screamed and ran to greet her friend with a big hug.

"I brought you a gift." Betty said holding the wrapped box before her. Hailey screamed out in joy and eagerly took it, running off to set it with the other presents.

"Oh, Betty, I thought I heard Hailey scream you name. You're just in time for the Cake." Mrs. Kingston said coming from the kitchen.

"Sorry I was late. I had a lot of homework to do." Betty said offering the truth. She would have been in earlier if her teachers hadn't all decided at once to swarm her with work.

"Oh, nonsense that's understandable you're here now, and that's all that matters. Come on in the kitchen."

Betty obey and followed Mrs. Kingston's lead. The kitchen was filled with all sorts of people, mostly Hailey's relatives, eagerly gathering around the table waiting to have some cake. One greedy little kid attempted to swipe some of the icing of the cake, but Mrs. Kingston managed to catch the kid in time with a snap of her hand.

"No touching the cake!" she exclaimed. "We'll have some as soon as we sing happy birthday."

The little boy groaned but it was not heard over the loud noises as the candles were being lit. With that, the group proceeded to sing the song. It was totally off key, but Betty couldn't help but smile at everyone's attempt, even herself. She was no singer, but as long as she was in a group she didn't have any problem with singing…it was the solo area that she had a problem with, like many other people.

After that, the cake was cut, and Betty received it with thanks.

"I better be going, now." Betty said with urgency. She had just seen the clock, and noticed the time.

"Oh, do you have to? So soon?"

"I'm afraid I must."

She waved and before she left the room caught up with Nathan.

"Tell Hailey that I said I was sorry I couldn't' stay any longer."

"You're leaving?"


Disappointment was written all over his face and Betty felt awful for doing this to him…and her.

It'll all be worth it in the end, she told herself. Think of what you're aiming for. Dave. Popularity. Happiness.

She sighed and with one last wave exited the home and headed toward the party that Georgia was undoubtedly at already.

Truth was, she wasn't exactly sure if it was all worth it, if she was doing the right thing. She wasn't sure if she would be able to keep her friendship with Nathan if she was to be popular.

If what Georgia says if right, she thought, than Nathan has to go.

Loud. That was the only word that Betty could think of to describe the scene at the party. Loud, obnoxious, and a damage to her ear drums with every second that she stood there.

The scene made Betty feel very uncomfortable. She wasn't used to seeing all these people hear, danciing, yelling. the smell of smoke and booze reached her nose, nd the wringled it in disgust.

For this "special occasion" Betty had made sure to look her best. She tried to come her hair, and borrowed cloths from Georgia (without her permission)and even put on makeup (the best she could do from watching Georgia).

Looking at the crowed right now, though, Betty felt very much out of place, even though she had dressed up.

Strobe lights were on, people were yelling (trying to make themselves heard over the music, and it seemed that almost everyone was dancing. She observed some of the people and she watched thier movements. They remindered her of one things: animals.

They dance like hungry animals, she thought.

She sighed and looked around some more.

I wish I had never came, Betty thought,but imediatley chaged her mind. I'm here for Dave...where is he?

With all the courage that she could possibly muster she made her way through the crowd all the time, keeping an eye out for Dave. She found him all right, but he didn't see her. He just took a drink talked to this girl and headed up the stairs with her by his side. This girl was not Linda.

Maybe they're friends, Betty thought.

She looked around some more, and say her sister Georgia a few feet away laughing hysterically and drinking.

Booze perhaps, Betty thought with disgust.

It never occured to her that being popular meant leading this kind of life. All she thought of was Dave.

To help pass the time, she muched on some chips and drank some soda. There was no possible way that she was going to drink the booze that sat on the counter a few yards from herself. So, contentdly she sat down and ate and ate, waiting for Dave to come back down. She was enraptured in her thougts that she didn' see Georgia pass by her and walk up the same steps.

Five minutes passed and when no Dave showed up betty desperatly needed to use the bathroom. She stood and walked up the steps. She had no idea where the bathroom was.

It could be any room, she thought.

Quickly, she decided to check the nearest door. Upon openeing the door there was a bustle of movement, and Betty could tell this was no bathroom but it didn't stop her from looking ot see who was in the Bedroom. When she peaked in she was shocked to find Georgia and another man on the bed.