Caffeine Problems

I was late. Again.

I sighed angrily as I walked into the coffee shop. Like always, I had to grab Bo's daily dose caffeine. It was meant to give me amnesty for being late. Which was not my fault. Mrs. Dobbins was being a bitch about my rent. I swear, the old bat gets weirder every hour.

Have I mentioned that I hate coffee? Hate the smell, the taste, look. You name it, more than likely I hate it. So you can't blame me when I completely lost it when the little high schooler skipping first period spilled her large, hot, caffeine mixture on me. Not my fault either. I wasn't even in the door two strides!

"Oh my God! I just paid four bucks for this! Can't you watch where you're going?!" Did I mention that I'm not a people person in the morning? Especially to skipping sixteen year olds?

"Hey! You ran your happy ass into me. Take the phone away from your ear before it gets stuck there and go to class. I swear to God I'll call Saint Mary's to ask if they're missing one of their perfect angels." I snapped back. The girl was what I wanted to be in high school: Blonde, busty, and good-looking in her Catholic uniform. She had one of those new pink razor phones open in her hand.

I didn't even get a new phone until I was eighteen. God.

"Excuse me? Do you know who I am?" She barked back, her gum nearly falling out of her mouth.

"No, I don't, nor do I care. But something tells me you're going to say your daddy's a lawyer and I'm sued right?" I shot back as I walked to the napkins. I'd hated these kinds of girls in high school. The young cashier smiled pityingly at me behind the counter. I wondered if she'd given him a hard time as well.

"Excuse me?" She repeated in a higher voice. Apparently she was training to be a parrot. At this rate, she'd make an excellent one.

By now we had half the coffee shops attention. The hot guy by the window, the gay boys at the laptops and some business people on their way out. Which I needed to be doing soon.

"I am --" Little Miss Spoiled started off all self-importantly.

"I. Do. Not. Care. Go away." I said carefully to make sure she understood. "Yo Jake," I turned to the second cashier, who in turn raised his eyebrows at me. "Get me the number for Mary's?" Smirking, middle aged Jake turned toward the phone boo, placing the coffee he knew I was there to retrieve on the counter.

My face was starting to burn with all the eyes now turned toward us. I needed to get this deed done quick before I started to really blush. So, I gave her my best you're domed smile I gave to those at work, I waited for Jake to stop fiddling with the phone book.

Glowering behind heavy lined and mascara eyes - spoiled bitch stomped her foot and then stocked out the door. Guess daddy didn't want to deal with Miss Mary. Though I was glad that I was in her class. I could only imagine what horror would be in store for me if she rallied all her little friends to her.

Once the door slammed everyone went back to his or her coffee. I grasped Bo's hot drink, left money on the counter, waved to Jake and took off.

Crap. I'd need to be even later. I had to change. Guess I had filing duty too today. Damn.