No Price To High

He was kneeling by the bed where his wife laid motionless. It was midnight and he knew she was dying. Nothing could help her anymore. All the treatments she was given failed. The

cancer was to strong to beat. He was crying now, looking into her blue eyes and holding her hand. There was nothing he could do and that was bothering him. He was a doctor and

cancer like his wives was his specialty to treat. But not now. He did all he could, and now he was out of options. The only thing he could do was wait for her death. Crying harder by the

minute he thought of all the things they did before the

cancer. He kissed her gently. Knowing it were her last seconds of her life he whispered into her ear.

"I love you."

She didn't reply back. She didn't have time, her eyes rolled to a side and her breathing stopped. He cried louder now. Tears flowing down his cheeks like a river. His voice breaking, not

able to pronounce proper words.

"Why!? Why did this happen!? Why!? Why wasn't I able to help her? What did I do wrong?! What?!

He didn't get an answer, he was the only one in the room. There was no one else. He blamed himself for her death, for her suffering. He was cursing himself. Him and his practice.

Everything, and everyone.

"What can I do now!? I have failed her! I promised she would make it! But she's dead! No one can help her now! How I wish I had her back! Oh, how…if there was a way! I would

pay any price!

"Any price?"

He quickly turned around to see who said that. By the window stood a dark figure dressed in black.

"Any price you say?"

"Who are you? What do you want? How did you get it here?"

"I am some one who can bring her back. Who can make you happy again. Who can change all this."

"Do it I will pay any price."

"Even if the price is eternity serving me?"

"Yes, I will, I swear! Just bring her back to me! I beg you! Please!"

"That is an oath sufficient enough. Now let it be."

The figure snapped his fingers and the woman opened her eyes. The doctor cried out in happiness. Kissed her on the forehead and asked.

"How are you feeling darling?"

"What happened? I feel…better."

She didn't know what just happened. She was unaware of the figure by the window. She didn't know her husband just sold his soul to the devil for her life. She was cured but at what

price. Her husband started to cry again. He hugged and kissed her. Overwhelmed by happiness he didn't notice that the dark figure was still in the room watching them. When he finally

calmed down he heard a voice.

"Don't forget what you have promised."

Both the husband and the wife looked at the direction from where the noise came but saw nothing. It was then that he remembered what just happened. He would never tell his wife.

"What was that?'

"What? I didn't hear anything. Let's go and get some sleep"