Can't believe I bought it,
Can't believe I was so dumb,
Can't believe — because of you —
To petty emotions I succumbed.

How could I have been so stupid,
How could I have been so blind
As to think that in my lifetime
True love I'd ever find?

Just what about you was it
That turned by heart around?
Why of all the people did you
Make the heart in my chest pound?

And, why of all the men that I've met
Did you have to capture my heart,
Only to tire of it shortly
And tear it all apart?

Why did you choose me?
Why did you lie,
Leaving me broken,
Trying so hard not to cry?

Why did I love you
When I had everything to lose?
Why, in spite of this, would you
Still be the one I'd choose?


L. Kantenseter