You looked into my eyes

Tell me that you loved me

Those were the best things I could ever hear

Take me into your arms

Make me feel so warm

Take this empty coldness away

But you couldn't stay

Oh you had to leave

Do you know when you walked away

How hurt I feel inside

Every time I see you again

I just want to curl up and die

There were times when I would give

Anything just to be hollow

But every time you look at me

I put on a halo

Someone take me home

Take me far away

Far from all this pain inside

You always come and go

You feed me all those lies

When you said

It'd be forever just you and me

I'd give anything to turn back time

And never would have given you the chance

Don't come back anymore

I've had enough of all your acts

When I asked you to choose

All you had to do was say my name

And everything would've be fine

You and I

Would be happy

But you took the other road

And you chose her

Only God knows how many times she was playing you

But no

Love is blind

You walked away from me