Another Dreamer


"I only want you."


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Zoey: Stop yelling' at me Mum, stop it. It wasn't my fault.

Zoey's Mother: Then whose fault was it girl? Don't you deny it.

Zoey: No, it wasn't me.

Zoey's Mother: Don't you deny it. Don't you DARE deny it.

Zoey: …not my fault…

Zoey's Mother: It's all your fault and you know it.

Zoey: Mum….

Zoey's Mother: Stop 'Mum'ing me. I'm not taking that anymore.

Zoey: I'm sorry. I didn't try.

Zoey's Mother: You wanted to make my life miserable, well, yeah happy now? Happy?

Zoey: I didn't mean to.

Zoey's Mother: Happy?

Zoey: No! That hurts.

Zoey's Mother: Are you happy?

Zoey: Stop. Stop it.

Zoey's Mother: Yeah, I can see it. You're happy.

Zoey: It hurts. Mum, stop!




Katie: Zoey? Zoey? It's okay, it was just a nightmare. Stop your crying. Everything's okay.

Zoey: Is that you? Where are you?

Katie: I'm right here next to you. One second, baby, I'll turn on the light. There, that's better isn't it?

Zoey: Yeah, it is.

Katie: You okay, sweetie?

Zoey: I had a bad dream.

Katie: You where screaming in your sleep. You okay now?

Zoey: It was scary.

Katie: Do you want to talk about it?

Zoey: Not really.

Katie: Well, if you want to, baby, you just come and get me, okay?

Zoey: Okay Katie.

Katie: Alright. Goodnight Zoey.

Zoey: Night Katie.




Katie: She has another nightmare last night.

Mrs. Victors: Another one?

Katie: I think it was about her mother.

Mrs. Victors: Properly.

Katie: She was screaming and cryin' in her sleep.

Mrs. Victors: Hmmm.

Katie: She was yelling; yelling for her mother to stop..

Mrs. Victors: To stop?

Katie: Stop hurting her, I guess.

Mrs. Victors: Hmmmmm….

Katie: Help me. I don't know what to do. I want to help her.

Mrs. Victors: Oh, I'm sure you do. I know you do.

Katie: Please, what can I do?


- -


Zoey: Hey Katie. Can I talk to you?

Katie: Sure, any time you want to. Come sit on my lap. What's the matter?

Zoey: The kids at school make fun of me.

Katie: They do?

Zoey: Ann said that her father said I was a bastard, and some kids laughed.




Zoey: What's a bastard?

Katie: It's a bad word.

Zoey: Then why do they call me it?

Katie: They're mean. That's why.

Zoey: But everyone plays with them. Why do they play with them if they're mean?

Katie: I don't know. People are funny that way.

Zoey: I don't think it's funny.




Zoey: Katie, they called me it again.

Katie: Call you what?

Zoey: The bad word.

Katie: Oh.

Zoey: They laughed at me again too.

Katie: They did?

Zoey: They also said I looked funny.

Katie: That's not nice.

Zoey: I know. They said I looked funny 'cause I was a, you know.

Katie: The bad word?

Zoey: Yeah, that.




Zoey: Katie?

Katie: Yes.

Zoey: Why do I look funny?

Katie: You don't look funny.

Zoey: Yes I do. All the other kids are pretty.

Katie: You're pretty.

Zoey: No I'm not.

Katie: Sure you are.

Zoey: The other kids don't have black and purple spots.

Katie: Your bruises are…they make you…special.

Zoey: They aren't special. Don't lie.

Katie: I'm…I don't want to baby.

Zoey: It's from when…from when Mum hurt me, isn't it?

Katie: I – yes. They are.

Zoey: Oh.

Katie: It's alright. You're still beautiful.

Zoey: I don't want to have spots.

Katie: Bruises honey.

Zoey: I don't want them.

Katie: I'm sorry.

Zoey: Will they ever go away?

Katie: I…I don't know.




Miss. Lovell: You can come in now Madam.

Katie: Thank you.

Miss. Lovell: You want to talk about Zoey?

Katie: Yes.

Miss. Lovell: I was going to call you, wanted to discuss her too. I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Katie: Oh.

Miss. Lovell: Are the kids still picking on her?

Katie: Still?

Miss. Lovell: Yes, they have for a while. As I said-

Katie: I know. You wanted to 'discuss her too.' I know.

Miss. Lovell: You only found out?

Katie: Yes. Why didn't you stop them?

Miss. Lovell: I tried.

Katie: Can't you punish the kids who are doing this?

Miss. Lovell: Well…yes.

Katie: You're the teacher! You teach the kids. Well, teach them they shouldn't do these things.

Miss. Lovell: I'm sorry.

Katie: I'm sorry? That's not enough.

Miss. Lovell: Then what is?

Katie: Stop them. The kids, it's horrible.

Miss. Lovell: I tried.

Katie: Well, try a little harder.

Miss. Lovell: Are you still having money problems?

Katie: What?

Miss. Lovell: Are you still-

Katie: I know what you said! What does that have to do with anything?

Miss. Lovell: Well are you?

Katie: Answer my question.

Miss. Lovell: Are you?

Katie: You know what?

Miss. Lovell: Yes?

Katie: You're rude, foul and vulgar. No wonder the children are too.

Miss. Lovell: Madam. Please.

Katie: No, I've had enough. Have a nice day.

Miss. Lovell: You too…Madam.




Katie: Have a good night sleep.

Zoey: Thanks Katie.

Katie: Don't let the bed bugs bite.

Zoey: Katie?

Katie: Hmmm.

Zoey: Why don't you want me to go to school anymore?

Katie: You need a rest.

Zoey: Of school?

Katie: Yes.

Zoey: Why?

Katie: You're having a little break, a vacation.

Zoey: So I'm going back?

Katie: Maybe.

Zoey: Maybe?

Katie: I don't know baby.

Zoey: Katie?

Katie: Yes?

Zoey: Am I staying with you forever?

Katie: I…guess.

Zoey: You guess?

Katie: I don't know.

Zoey: You don't know a lot of things.

Katie: No one knows everything.

Zoey: No one?

Katie: No one.

Zoey: Oh.

Katie: Good Night Zoey.

Zoey: Good Night.




Mrs. Victors: Why did you bring Zoey with you?

Katie: I had no choice.

Mrs. Victors: No choice?

Katie: I took her out of school.

Mrs. Victors: Why?

Katie: They made fun of her.

Mrs. Victors: Everyone gets made fun of sometimes.

Katie: But…they were hurting her.

Mrs. Victors: Hurting?

Katie: Not physically, mentally.

Mrs. Victors: Did she say this?

Katie: Well, no…

Mrs. Victors: Hmmm.

Katie: I couldn't leave her home alone.

Mrs. Victors: Of course not. She's too young.

Katie: Besides that, I didn't feel comfortable. I don't think she would have felt comfortable.

Mrs. Victors: Did she-

Katie: No, she didn't say that.

Mrs. Victors: You're putting words in her mouth.

Katie: I'm not trying. It's so hard.

Mrs. Victors: Well, that okay then.

Katie: Okay?

Mrs. Victors: It's time for her to move on. It doesn't seem like you're able to support a foster child anymore.

Katie: But, please. She loves it here.

Mrs. Victors: I thought you said she was having trouble.

Katie: She is, at school. I took her out. I'll home school her. I'll…please, I love her.

Mrs. Victors: I know you do.




Katie: Honey?

Zoey: Yeah?

Katie: I…come here baby.

Zoey: What's the matter? Do I have to go back to school?

Katie: No.

Zoey: What's the matter then?

Katie: You…they…they says you have to move on.

Zoey: Move on?

Katie: Move on.

Zoey: Where?

Katie: Another city.

Zoey: Are you coming?

Katie: No.

Zoey: Why?

Katie: You're going to a different home.

Zoey: Again?

Katie: I guess so.

Zoey: I don't want to move on.

Katie: I don't want you to go either.

Zoey: Then, can't you stop them?

Katie: No baby.

Zoey: Oh.

Katie: You'll have a new family.

Zoey: I don't want a new family.

Katie: I hear you're going to have a sister.

Zoey: I don't want a sister.

Katie: And a dog.

Zoey: Dogs are smelly.

Katie: Dogs are cute and cuddly.

Zoey: No.

Katie: You'll have a new house.

Zoey: I like this house.

Katie: Real friends.

Zoey: You're my friend.

Katie: Come on Zoey. It will be fun. Think of all the new things you'll get.

Zoey: I don't want anything new. I don't need anything new.

Katie: Zoey…

Zoey: I only want you Katie.

Katie: Oh Zoey.





Characters: (In order of appearance)


Zoey's Mother: A heavy alcoholic and drug addict, Zoey's mother went into states of confusion and anger. When in such states, Zoey was the main subject of her mother's madness. Zoey would often get beaten and abused by her mother. Finally, when Zoey was about six, she was taken away from her mother. Nightmares of her mother still haunt Zoey.


Zoey: A small and timid seven year old, Zoey hangs on to her current foster mother like there's no tomorrow. Since she was taken away from her mother, Zoey has been "foster home hopping" and Katie's home was the only one she has ever truly loved.


Katie: A middle aged women who never married, Katie is kind and caring, and has always wanted to have children of her own. Although she is struggling with some money problems, she wishes she could take care of Zoey and treat her like her own daughter.


Mrs. Victors: The head of the foster home organization, Mrs. Victor is a older lady who tries to find the right home for everyone, but knows when someone can't take care of a child.


Miss Lovell: A young and inexperienced women, Miss Lovell is attempting to be a teacher, but it doesn't really seem like its working.