Cosmostrike: 2007: The Legend of Area 51

By Thomas McCaughley



-The legend of Area 51-

Chapter 1: The Kalahari UFO Crash Date: 7th May 1988

Across the vast black, gulf of space. Among all the stars, all the planets in the Milky Way, lies the Planet Earth. Suddenly a new bright light flashed nearby, and strange silver metallic flying saucer shaped UFO appeared, with its underside pointing towards the planet. Slowly but surely it changed its axis so it was now horizontal, and then moved into orbit around the Earth. It was an alien starship- a Grey starship to be precise.

On the bridge of the ship sat an alien in a comfy looking chair, looking like the stereotypical image that every human has in their mind about aliens- about 3 foot tall, wearing white one-piece uniform, with their elongated limbs, toes and fingers. His skin was a blue grey, his head hairless, and had no nose but simply two nasal slits, and a small mouth with no lips. This race of aliens would later be called by most humans as the "greys". Most of which originate from the planet Zeta Reticuli B (however in this case, these Greys were from the Altair star system, part of the Ashtar Galactic Alliance). On the bridge was a control panel (but without any buttons or controls, it was designed to be used with telepathy), with two samll aliens sitting at it. like

"Sir, we have arrived at the co-ordinates." said the Grey sitting on the chair on the left side of the controls of the ship, however his lips didn't move- he was also talking telepathically

"Excellent." replied Captain Jarfez the Grey sitting in the comfy chair, again via telepathy, "Begin scanning verbal communciations."

"Yes sir." replied the Grey. He typed something in on the computer. "Sir I'm picking up televison broadcasts, that seem to suggest that the division between races, are slowly starting to disappear on this planet. Even that "partied" that was taking place on that country called "South Africa" is starting to end."

"Already?" said Jarfez. He looked puzzled. "To develop so far in so little time… That's impressive. Bring us into the planets atmosphere. I want to get a closer look at this."

"Yes sir." replied the helemsmen. "But captain, I must remind you about the governments policy on primitive worlds…"

"Yes, yes I know, don't worry we won't be seen." replied Jarfez. "We'll keep to a high altidude."

The starship started to descend into Earths atmosphere. Everything seemed normal down on the engineering level which was located below the bridge. It was a larger circular room, with huge metal arches located around the walls. The most striking thing about this room was that there were no sharp corners, anywhere in the room- even where the walls met the floor. In the centre of the room was a small spherical machine the size of a football (an uupendium-antimatter reactor) with a chimney running out towards the top of the ship- the waveguide, there were also three console shaped machines around the core however again there were no screens, buttons, pipes or wires. Infact these weren't even computers- these were gravity amplifiers. Together this formed the ships hyperdrive- it's means of travelling faster than light, by generating a tranversable wormhole, or a compressed space-time tunnel known as hyperspace (the name given to the space inside a wormhole), in which the distance bettween two points in space is greatly reduced. Inside of hyperspace, you could cover about 100 light years in an hour and a half.. It was also the ships main source of power- and the effect of maniplating gravity could be used for many of the ships needs- gravitational simulation, inertia cancellation (which stopped the massive effect of the G-force from the ships speed) and defensive shielding. There were chairs positioned around the antimatter reactor but nobody at that moment was sitting at them at the moment. There were two chairs that were facing towards the reactor, with two more Greys sitting in them- these were the engineering officers. However they didn't have much to worry about at the moment, the technology in this ship was just so advanced, that it didn't require much maintence. On the far side of the room was another chair, with another alien sitting in it, with his arms and legs crossed looking impatient. There was a white circle around him- a force field generator- he was this ships prisoner.

The ship now descended into the planets atmosphere, towards the African continent. It could be seen for hundreds of miles around, looking like a large comet falling out of the sky. It could even be seen on radar- and it had caught the attention of hundreds of military officals across the world. Infact, at a South African airforce base near the Kalahari desert. Fighter pilots were already scrambling to their planes. A Dissault Mirage III fighter jet, with its long cone like blue body and wide triangular wings, with blue and white "sky camouflage" and equipped with state of the art sidewinder missiles , now taxied onto the runway of the base. Soon its powerful rear thrusters fired up and launched the plane into the sky- ready to intercept the alien visitors.

The alien ship was now hovering over the Kalahari desert at a low altidude. The trees and shrubs being blown around in a dust storm from the ships anti-gravity engines.

"Begin scanning for nearby settlements." ordered Jarfez telepathically.

"Yes sir." replied one of the helmsmen. Suddenly there was a bleeping noise from the telepathic console. "Sir scanners have picked up a military aircraft heading towards our position at 2,400 kilometres an hour."

Jarfez tutted and shook his head.

"Typical," he muttered. He now raised his voise. "On screen." A circular shaped holographic projection of a screen with the fighter jet zooming towards them appeared hovering in the middle of the air. "Red alert. Raise shields."

"Yes sir," replied one of the helmsmen, who used his telepathic console to try and activate the ships shields. There was powerful wirring noise from the ships hull- the noise of the cold plasma shield generators powering up…but it suddenly died down. Jarfez and the other bridge members looked around the room.

"Engineering!" Jarfez called down to the two engineers on the deck below. "What's wrong with the shields?"

"Search me, Captain!" replied one of the engineers who was frantically removing panels on the floor of the ship to try and reach the ships shielding mechanism. "Somethings up with the plasma generators, we're trying to fix it now."

"Could you hurry it up please?" asked Jarfez. He watched on his holographic monitor as the figher plane started to bank so that it's wings were rotated so they were nearly vertical- revealing the missiles positioned along them.

"Nearly done Captain…"

The plane launched a sidewinder air-to-air missile sending a huge stream of smoke trailing behind it!

"HURRY UP!" yelled Jarfez.

"Just give me a second!"

The missile was going to hit them. There was nothing they could do about it.

"Oh crap…" thought Jarfez.

The missile slammed into the underside of the ship, shattering the ships gravity engines and sending debry flying everywhere! The two engineers were killed instantly. The ship began to shake violently and started to plummet towards the ground at fantastic speed- without its gravity engines there was literally nothing keeping it in the air.

Jarfez stared out of the holographic projection of the outside world ; the ground was getting closer all the time…not long


10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…BOOM! There was an explosion on the underside of the ship. flames engulfed the ship as it skidded along the ground, burying its nose cone into the ground as it went. On the bridge all the crewmembers were sent flying back as they got thrown into the sides of the room which started to explode. Jarfez covered his eyes as a huge flame engulfed the bridge. All he could hear was screams. Screams. Screaming. Then the world went dark.

It took several hours for Jarfez to wake up. His view was pretty fuzzy, but it was becoming clearer with time. He opened his eyes and lifted up his head. He realised there was a big scar on his head. But that didn't matter, it didn't even matter to him that he was alive, the only thing that concerned him right now was the safety of the crew he was responsible for. He looked around. The bridge was completely destroyed. Fires were the only things lighting the room. The lighting on the ceiling had been destroyed with shattered glass and wires hanging towards the ground everywhere. The helmsmen who had been working at the computers had been burnt to a crisp.. Jarfez sid led out of his chair and moved towards the bodies. He turned them over to see there faces. One looked like he was perfectly calm, but obviously dead. The other had the look of pure anquish, and pain over his face. They had served with him for many years, so did the rest of his crew for that matter…now they were all gone. He couldn't accept it…There was a hatch on the floor of the room. He opened it up and there was a ladder below- leading to the engineering level.

The engineering level was much worse off. Half of the floor had been blown away by the impact of the missile, and the rocks of the outside desert was literally poking through. Jarfez climbed down from the ladder. The two engineers were obviously dead, but the prisoner they were holding, Nexin –a pirate Captain- was lying on the ground, injured, but alive. He turned to Jarfez.

"So you're alive too huh?" said Nexin telepathically.

"Yeah…." replied Jarfez.

"Shame," continued Nexin. "Are you the only one?"

"Yeah…" answered Jarfez.

"Good…" replied Nexin. "I didn't like them much…"

Jarfez clenched his fist, ran at Nexin and slammed it into his face. Nexin was sent flying back into the cell walls. Jarfez grabbed Nexin by the scruff of his neck and pulled him up to his face.

"Listen you bastard," said Jarfez. "You can insult me, you can insult my beliefs, but the one thing you cannot do…IS INSULT MY CREW!" He paused to breathe. "They gave their lives protecting the galaxy from scum like you!" Nexin stared into Jarfezs eyes, he could see the rage, and he knew he would kill him if he insulted his crew again.

"Whatever…." replied Nexin, Jarfez let go of him.

"Where are we anyway?" asked Nexin.

"Earth…" explained Jarfez.

Nexin laughed. "It would be wouldn't it…So what stage of development are they on now?"

"As far as we could tell they've already started to end racial conflict within various countries. Probably phase 3." explained Jarfez.

"Then they should be able to reverse engineer the technology in this ship…" said Nexin. "What are you going to do? Try and make contact with them?"

"I don't know…" replied Jarfez. They made their way to the air lock of the ship and headed out into the open. The two of them looked around. It was early in the morning in the desert, so it was cold as the sun was rising.

"No sign of any life…" said Jarfez. Suddenly a large group of South African soldiers in black suits armed with rifles scrambled from either side of the starship and surrounded the two of them. They instantly pointed their guns at them in fear.

"My god, those two are alive!" cried one of the soldiers.

"What do we do?" asked Nexin.

"I'll try talking to them" replied Jarfez, still speaking telepathically.

He walked a bit closer to one of the soldiers, but he jerked his gun at him.

"St—op! Don't come any closer, or…I'll shoot you!"


"What do we do with them?"

The lead soldier looked at the starship and then looked at the two aliens.

"We're taking them back to base…Check inside that thing for anymore of them…" answered the soldier. He turned to the two aliens. "You two! Get in the truck!" The soldier pointed to a truck round the other side of the ship with his gun.


Jarfez and Nexin walked slowly to the truck that the soldier had pointed to and climbed into the back. The soldier got into the truck with them and pointed to the corner of the truck and made them sit the whole of the journey, he kept his gun pointed at them the whole time.

The journey took about half an hour. After that the two of them were forced through the air force base along with the bodies of Jarfez's dead comrades, treated like objects, Taken through the long plain corridors, people stared at in fear. Jarfez and Nexin were forced into a cell and studied by scientists. The bodies were taken to a lab and were dissected…

Jarfez and Nexin stood in the cell and saw the slit in the steel door of the cell that scientists were studying them from. They turned to talk to each other.

"What do you think will happen to us?" asked Nexin telepathically.

"I don't know…" replied Jarfez. "I don't think they will dissect us, they've got plenty of dead specimens to do that, I think they might be arranging between us and their leader…" Nexin laughed. "What?"

"You saw the look on those soldiers' faces…" said Nexin. "They don't trust us, they fear us! Do you really believe that they'll let us meet with one of their world leaders? I think they're gonna use us to get the technology they need from your ship and then kill us…"

Jarfez laughed.

"Good luck to them if that's the case…" explained Jarfez. "I'll never help them,"

"Yeah? Why's that?"

"Every ships Captain is trained for events like this! You know about the Ashtar Alliance policy on this world right?"

Nexin laughed. "We're trapped here on a stupid rock and you're thinking about upholding some dumb law that doesn't make sense."

"It's not dumb. The Alliance has tried working with these humans before, but it turned out that they're just not ready for this level of technology…they would destroy themselves with it." answered Jarfez.

"Who cares," replied Nexin. "If it means I get to get out of here, then I'll show them how to make wormholes."

Jarfez lunged at Nexin and grabbed him by the throat, knocking him against the wall.

"You can't!"

"So? As long as I get off this rock and back to civilization I don't care what happens to them!"

"You can't! I won't let you! I'll tell them not to listen to you!"

Nezin laughed.

"What makes you think they'll listen to you?" Jarfez couldn't respond. "Your authority means nothing here Captain!" He said bitterly. "Which one do you think they'll listen to? The one who is trying to help them build a reactor? Or the one who is trying to stop them?" Jarfez still couldn't respond, a smirk appeared on Nexin's face. "Which one do you think they'll let live? You never know, they may want to dissect a living specimen, if they do, they'll choose you Captain." Jarfez let go of Nexin. "This is it Captain. It's do or die here. You can either choose to help me to help these people make an antimatter reactor, repair your ship, and get back to Altair, or you can die here on this planet."

Jarfez really couldn't say anything. Nexin was right. But he couldn't betray his people; he couldn't let these people destroy themselves.

Chapter 2: The Artifact July 24th 2007

10 miles off the coast of Dover, a small sleek boat stopped in the middle of the sea. It wasn't a big boat, just a small private one owned by a Mr. David Houser. There were two men and one woman; two of them were dressed in diving gear, wetsuits and breathing apparatus. One of them was tall, with a slight beard, he was pretty muscular, he was 32 this was David Houser. The second one was a boy of fifteen, he was shorter than his uncle and had brown hair like an afro except spiky, and dark eyes, he was mixed race half black, half white his name was Sam Houser. The third one was 21, Sams' older sister Leia, he was dressed in a plain white T-shirt and black shorts with Sandals, she had blonde hair like Sam and wore glasses, she was also mixed raced.

"You ready Sam?" David asked Sam with a strong Irish accent.

"Are you joking?" replied Sam as he grinned who had a London accent. "Course I am!"

Sam really couldn't contain his excitement; this was the first time he'd gone diving so he'd been looking forward to it for months. But there was a part of him that was telling him that this really wasn't giving him what he needed. He'd been living with his uncle for three years now, ever since his parents died. They were both killed in the war in Iraq, and since then his uncle had been taking care of him and his sister. In the months and years that followed that Sam really hadn't been the same, it felt like a part of him had died on the inside along with his parents. Leia had taken it hard too but not as hard as Sam did. Their uncle had tried to help with the pain of losing a parent by taking the two of them on exciting trips to try and cheer them up. Although on the surface it appeared as though Sam had cheered up, to Sam it felt like just an artificial shell to keep the real feelings he had on the inside.

"Ok Leia!" David called to Leia. "Keep her where she is! Don't go anywhere!"

"Why would I go anywhere when I got this?" asked Leia. He held up a DVD of "Star Trek: the motion picture".

"You're such a Boffin!" cried Sam. Sam was right, not only was his sister a major, major Sci-fi fanatic, but she had a degree in physics and was now working for Cambridge University working on some complex particle accelerator.

"Hey! Just because you can't appreciate Gene Roddenberry doesn't make me a boffin!" cried Leia.

"Whatever Princess," sneered Sam. That's what Sam called his sister to annoy her, after the Star Wars character Princess Leia. Star Wars and Doctor Who being the only only sci-fis' he and his sister both liked.


Sam laughed a bit.

"Cut it out you two!" said David. "And Leia, if you are gonna watch your DVD make sure your also paying attention to us. I'm not in the mood for drowning today."

"Ok, whatever David…" replied Leia, he got into the cabin of the boat.

"Ok you ready to go?" asked David. Sam nodded. "Alright lets' go." The two of them sat on the side of the boat, and then back flipped off the side and dived deep down into the water.

Sam couldn't imagine anything more incredible, the water was so clear; he could see right down to the bottom, strange rocks and corals flashed passed him. There were hundreds of fish that flashing past his face, it was amazing, Sam smiled and turned his Uncle, Sam made an O with his thumb and fore finger to show everything was alright. They swam off together, staying close together. They swam for about half an hour, looking at all the strange rock formations, it was like nothing else on Earth. Sam looked around; down on the ground, there was one rock formation that caught his eye. There was a cylinder made of glass with brown metal stoppers on each end of it, that was short of plugged into the ground. Sam swam down a bit; the brown material was shining in places.

Sam squinted to look what was inside the glass part of the cylinder. He eventually made out that there was some kind of grey gooish fluid, swirling around inside and making all sorts of strange patterns- it was as though the fluid had a mind of it's own. He reached down and felt the metal stoppers on either end- it was unlike any metal he had ever touched before- it tingled. He signalled over to his uncle, who swam over to him. Sam pointed to the cylinder, his uncle reached out to it and felt it, the same thing happened to David as it did to Sam. David pointed up towards the surface, Sam nodded, and they both swam up to the surface together. When they came up to the surface, they signalled over to Leia in the boat. Leia turned the boat around and drove it towards where the two of them were.

"What's up David?" asked Leia.

"We found something on the sea bed!" called David. "I want to try and haul it up!"

"What is it?"

"We've no idea…We'll explain once we get it up here."

"Yeah, alright, gimme a second." Leia chucked them a metal hook with a chain attached to it. David grabbed it and the two of them dived back down to the bottom with the hook. They studied the cylinder and found a latch they could attach the hook to. They then swam back to the surface and gave the signal to begin winching it back onto the boat. The powerful electric winch began reeling in the cylinder like a fish on a line. Sam and David helped heave the thing over the side of the boat and left it on the deck. They propped up the Cylinder on it's side- the fluid inside the glass was still swirling around of it's own accord.

"Whoa…" said Liea.

"You got any idea what it is?" asked Sam.

"Er….I dunno…" replied Leia. Leia reached out and touched the metal. "It tingles…"

"No shit, Sherlock." said Sam sarcastically.

"What could do something like that?" asked David.

"I have no idea…" said Liea. "It probably has something to do with that strange fluid inside it."

Sam rolled his eyes.

"We didn't need you to tell us that." He replied.

Sam's eyes ran over the cylinder again.

"What's that brown stuff on it, rust?"

David knelt down by the cylinder and began scrubbing it. There was a shining green metal underneath. He scrubbed it some more, there were strange symbols on the cylinder, like hieroglyphics.

"What are those symbols?" asked Sam.

"I have no idea. AT ALL." Said Leia. "They don't match any language I've ever seen, Chinese Japanese; they're like nothing I've ever seen before."

Sam reached out to touch the cylinder again- he had noticed that some of the fluid inside it was leaking. He felt the liquid- he could feel it moving, tiny microscoping particles moving over his skin, it was the strangest thing he had ever felt. He was about to move his hand away from the cylinder, when he realised he must have touched a slightly jagged edge on the metal parts of the object. As he moved his hand away it sliced open a huge gash on the palm of his hand. He gave out a loud "Ow!" and grabbed his right wrist with his left hand. He stared at the gash on his hand- blood was seeping out of it and mixing with the strange liquid that had been leaking from the cylinder. He continued to stare at it, Leia came over to grab his hand.

"Shit!" she yelled. "Are you alright?"

Sam remained silent- he kept watching the stange grey liquid. It was moving across the palm of his hand on it's own- crawling towards the gash. Leia and David stared at this as well. Suddenly all the liquid was gone- it had entered Sams blood stream through the cut. They stared at Sams hand for a few seconds.

"We're getting you to a hospital." announced David finally. "Now."

About an hour later, the three of them were in a waiting room in a nearby hospital. The Doctors took the cylinder away for analyis to see the strange liquid was inside it, as well as bandaging up Sams hand and making sure the wound wasn't poisned by any strange chemicals. They had also been questioned about how they found the cylinder- almost as though they we're being interrogated.

Sam wasn't one-hundred percent about what he heard, but he thought he heard one of the Doctors mention something about a "chemical composition he had never seen before." But Leia told him that was almost impossible. They kept waiting and waiting, about an hour later a blonde male Doctor in a white lab coat came out to meet them. He looked nervous- almost scared.

"So what is it?" asked David. "What is that thing?"

"No, you're not in any danger from it- the liquid that entered you system seems harmless." explained the Doctor. "

"We'll that's a relief…" said David. "But what was that it? We saw it MOVING for Christs sake."

"I'm afraid I can't tell you." replied the scientist.

David raised an eyebrow.

"Why the hell not?" he asked.

"I'm sorry." replied the scientist shakily. "But almost as soon as we analyised the cylinder we we're contacted by the CIA psychic-warfare division. M15 will be here tomorrow to pick up it up."

"What?" asked Sam. His face lit up. "Psychic warfare? CIA? What does the American government have to do with this?"

The Doctor looked scared.

"I've…I've already said too much…" he replied. "I'm sorry but you'll have to sign this." He pulled out three papers out of his lab coat jacket, he handed it to each of them.

"What is it?" asked David.

"It's the official secrets act." replied the Doctor. "You're to speak to no one about this."

Sams's eyes widened.

"What?" cried Sam. "Something exciting finally happens in my life and I can't tell anyone about it?"

David stared at Sam.

"Something exciting?" cried David. "You mean, diving, rock climbing, martial arts and just about everything else I have ever done with you just wasn't enough for you!"

"Er…." said Sam.

The Doctor sighed.

"Could we please speed things up a little bit…." said the Doctor. "We're a little busy at the moment."

"Yeah, sorry." replied David. They signed the papers and handed it back to the Doctor.

"Thank you." said the Doctoer.

"Yeah thanks." replied David. The three of them turned to walk away.

"You would be wise to forget what you saw." called the Doctor, he then turned to walk away.

They went back to his Uncle's house in Dover where they were keeping the boat. The three of them were sat on a couch in Davids' living room watching the new series of CSI. The commercial break just came on. Sam eventually spoke.

"So what do you think that thing was that we found?" asked Sam, he spoke in a excited, fast voice..

"I don't know and I don't care." He turned to Sam. "Sam, what the hell does that mean "Something exciting at last?" I've been doing exciting stuff with you for the past three years, we find one piece of radioactive trash at the bottom of the ocean and you forget everything? What the hell does that mean?"

"No David, I didn't mean it like that! I just thought that this might have been a chance to get into like an adventure or something…like Harry Potter or Alex Rider or Anime characters…" cried Sam. "I've got nothing against the things we've done."

Leia burst out laughing.

"You thought that thing was going to lead to some kind of adventure!" laughed Leia, as she rolled around on the couch pointing at Sam. David stared at him, and eventually she shut up. David turned back to Sam.

"Sam I understand you're desire for adventure…" said David. "Deep down that's what every kid wants. But I'm sorry that's…never gonna happen. I try my best to give you excitement…so you understand why I'm angry when you said what you said. You made it sound like, everything I did with you was just pointless…I did my best, I spent a lot of money for you!"

Sam paused for a moment and looked down at the ground.

"Sorry…." said Sam.

Later that night, Sam lay in his bed on his bed on his side. Feeling guilty about what he said, but that wasn't just it. There was something else going on his mind. He couldn't put it out of his mind, so eventually, he just fell to sleep.

It was dark. Completely dark, there was a thin layer of mist floating above the ground. Sam looked around there was nothing in sight. What the hell was going on? Sam knew this was a dream, didn't he? This was unlike any other dream he had ever had, he knew that although he was in a dream world, this was somehow…real. He looked around.

"Hello?" called Sam. "Anybody here?"

"Just me…" came a voice. Sam spun round. There was no one, just more blackness.

"Where are you?" asked Sam.

"Not here…" replied the voice. "Far, far away…"

He laughed. "Oh great I'm going insane…"

"You're not insane…"

"No I saw this on TV, listening to the voices in your dreams is a bad thing!"

"I'm not just a voice in your dream…."

Sam covered his ears.

"Blah…Blah…Blah…Not listening!"

"I'm talking to you by telepathy…" replied the voice.

"Telepathy?" cried Sam. He paused. "That means you can talk to me with your mind?"


"See…" replied Sam. "But how do I know that this isn't just a dream."

"Pinch yourself…."

Sam pinched himself on the right arm.

"No way!" cried Sam. "It actually hurt."

"Yes, your brain is still asleep so it can't register pain. But MY brain is telling your arm to hurt."

"Right…" said Sam. He laughed. "So what do you want from me."

"We haven't got much time…" replied the voice. "You found an object at the bottom of the ocean today, didn't you…"

Sam looked up.

"What?" cried Sam. "Do you know something about that?"

"Yes, I know what it is…" replied the voice.

"What? Tell me!"

"Now's not the time…I'll explain later…But that object could mean the difference between the survival and annihilation of the human race!"

"What? What is that thing, a weapon?"

"No…I'll explain some other time, but all you need to know for now, is that object must NOT fall into the hands of the United States government at all costs!"

"What? Why?"

"There's no time! You HAVE to stop them! You're the only one who can stop them from getting the cylinder!"

"Why is it so god damn important? How do I know I can trust you?"

"You have to stop this from happening Sam! You're the only one who can do this!"

"But, why me?"

"There's no time! This message takes a lot of power to project! I would have done this myself but they got to me first.I know this is asking a lot of someone I have never met before and in all honesty, might never meet, but I am out of options.You have to do this!"

Sam suddenly sat up in bed. Panting, breathing heavily, his hands were shaking. He wiped his forehead; he was covered in cold sweat.

That was a dream…wasn't it? That can't have been it? That was like something out of one of his Japanese animes, like the adventures he had always wanted…the adventures, his uncle and sister said would never happen…it couldn't have been possible. Yet somehow….he knew it was real…he couldn't describe it, he just knew in his mind it was real. It wasn't like one of those dreams that you were so sure was real that you couldn't tell the difference between reality and the dream…it was more like….knowing, knowing that something real was in that dream…In fact he was so sure it was real he was willing to listen to the voice in that dream and do as it commanded.

He got out of bed and dressed. He wore dark clothes and shoes along with gloves. He got up and looked at himself in the mirror, and then quietly slipped through the door then ran down the street. He didn't have a plan, he didn't know how he was going to get there, but he just knew he was going to get that cylinder. He was like a mad man, but he was going to get that cylinder.

Thousands of miles of way, hidden in a secret base in Nevada, Jarfez the Grey Captain sat in the corner of a dark, damp cell. He looked up.

"It is done…" he thought.

Chapter 3: Pirate 24th July 2007

Captains Log

S.C.S. Liberon Denasos

Galactic date: 11298.63

Thanks to a Grey information dealer on Star Base 56 the Admirality has been able to locate the location of the hideout of the Reptilian-Grey pirate clan, that have managed to avoid detection from the Sirian Star Navy for 10 galactic cycles. They are located in the Sol star system. My ship's battle group being closest to the location, we have been ordered to take my ship to this location and to destroy this base and capture as many of the outlaws as possible. We also have beliefs that these pirates have been abducting primitive species from their home world in order to experiment on them. If they are keeping them prisoner on the base our orders are to return them to their home world, and erase all memories of there time in captivity. Not a mission I would exactly call "worthy" of one of the capital ships of the Star Navy. But none the less playing diplomat with the Alpha Dracononian Empire, for three months is not my idea, or anyone else on board this ship, idea of "fun". The crew and I are looking forward to getting back into the field.

Just a few short light minutes from Earth lies planet in the Riraron (human name Mars). On one of the planets moons – Riraron 3 (human name Phobos) is shaped like a large bumpy asteroid- a huge rock floating in space. And on that moon lies a colony. While most of it lies underground large buildings shaped like domes rest along its surface. Dotted around the domes are towers, lined with powerful circular laser turrets, shaped like a cross between a searchlight and a cannon, positioned on rotated circular platforms, and the cannons themselves could shift there positons up or down, do they could be aimed essentially in any three dimensial direction. About a dozen ships shaped like the one Jarfez crashed on Earth lay docked on gantries connected to the main domes. In the control room of the main dome, Greys like Jarfez bustle about run around at computers. The room is rounded, there are computers lined around the circular outer wall, which face out into the darkness of space. There is another circle of computers in the centre of the room where three more Greys were working.

This was the heart of the Alpha Draconian-Grey pirate clan. A group of rogue aliens who essentially kidnap hundreds of species and steal ships, across the Galaxy for there own purposes. Although this group is supposedly a renegade body from the Alpha Draconian-Grey governments, it has been rumoured that they have been funded by their governments because it is helping them to their own ends, although this has been denyed. None the less, as a result they have built up many powerful enemies as a result.

A big Reptiliod alien walked through the automatic sliding doors of the control room. He was about 7ft- so he towered over the smaller aliens; his body was lined with muscles. He looked more reptilian than the Greys, having red eyes, claws, and a greenish-grey scaled skin, a flattened v shaped nose. Unlike the Greys, he was wearing clothes, he wore grey "military" style trousers and a black shirt with shoulder pads on it. He also wore an X-shaped sash across his chest. This was "Admiral" Frajt the leader of the pirate clan, one of the biggest scumbags in the galaxy. He walked up to the central control desk.

He grunted with his telepathic voice. "What do you have to report?"

"Nothing much Admiral…" replied one of the Greys at the computer. "Solar flares in the Zirrax constellation have left a Spherix freighter immobilised."

"Cargo?" asked the admiral.

"Fuel grade Uunpendium, nothing special…" replied the alien.

"Dispatch a ship anyway." replied the Frajt.

"Yes sir…" replied the computer officer.

There was a bleeping noise from the control panel of the computer.

"What is that?" asked Frajt.

The computer officer started to look concerned.

"Long range sensors have detected a large fleet of ships coming this way…" replied the pirate.

"Can you identify the signatures?" asked the Frajt.

"Not yet…" replied the pirate. "Wait…wait…I think I've got it…"

He froze, and stammered back from the controls. He swore in a shaky voice.

"What is it?" asked the Frajt. No reply. "TELL ME DAMN IT!"

"Computer has identified the hypedrive signatures as that of a Sirian Justess Class Star cruiser!" cried Grey.

The entire room fell silent.

"Shit, they've found us!" cried the Admiral. "Go to red alert, raise shields!"

A red light started flashing and an alarm sounded. Outside of the ship, a strange purple glow began to shine from a grid running around the dome of the colony- an energy shield made of cold plasma, capable of protecting the colony from weapons.

In orbit around Phobos, a huge golden lying saucer 800 meters in diameter flashed into orbit out of hyperspace. The ship was facing with its underside pointing in the direction of it's travel, it slowly rotated on its axis so that it was eventually horizontal, revealing that it was made of three sections. The middle section was the largest disk, with the outside of them lined with weapons- large laser turets- shaped like the ones that the pirates were using. As well as being equiped with like plasma beam weapons, which were shaped like to modern day missile launchers, The bottom section was smaller and had three large cylindrical machines on the interior of the underside of the craft (gravity amplifiers- the engines). The top section again was shaped like an upside down bowl lined with several porthole windows, with several rings of elevation around it-this was the bridge of the ship. The side of the ship bared the flag of the Sirian High Council (a triangle with strange circular patterns in the centre), and the Ashtar Alliance (a large A with a flying saucer in the centre). This was a Sirian Justess class Star cruiser- named the S.C.S. (Sirian Command Starship) Liberon Denasos.

The middle section of the ship opened up to reveal a huge doorway leading out into the vaccum of space (however all the air was prevented from being sucked out of the ship by a plasma force field around the doorway) from the flight deck of the ship- this was were all the smaller spacecraft were launched from. At the rear of the flight deck there was an elevator that brought up smaller spacecraft like Starfighters, onto the flight deck from the hanger bay. There were already spacecraft like this positioned all along the flight deck in an organised and tidy way. The flight crew, wearing different coloured space suits were working on preparing the craft for take off at a moment's notice- fueling, maitaince etc.

The bridge of this ship was similar to the one on Jarfez's ship, except this one was a gleaming white. Also the main viewer at the front of the ship was much larger than the one on Jarfez ship. Also, there were more than one species of alien on this-mostly Sirian who appeared to be essentially human, some with blonde hair and blue eyes, essentially looking sweedish.

Their ancestors known as the "Archaic ones" (commonly known as the Lyrans on Earth) were the first humanoid race in the galaxy, who seeded their genetic material on many planets- including Earth, which is the reason for such cultural diversity in humans on Earth. The alien who sat in the Captain's chair was an amazing creature. He had a body shaped like a human but the head of the figure was shaped like an eagle. A long powerful beak pointed outwards. Its eyes were so sharp it looked like it could pierce your soul. Its feathers were a sapphire blue. He had three talons on each hand and foot. Two massive muscular wings lay folded behind him. He wore a blue uniform, with silver buttons and pockets. He wore a belt round his waist, as well as sash round his chest with a metal buckle on it. There were several medals lined on his chest. On each arm of the uniform was the symbol of the Sirian Star Navy. The same symbol was painted on the wall behind him. He was Captian Areon Talnor. One of the most decorated Officers in the whole Star Navy.

"Captain we have reached the designated co-ordinates." said the Sirian (via telepathy) at the helm of the ship.

Captain Talnor looked up.

"Red alert, raise shields!" ordered Captain Talnor (who was also telepathic). A red light started flashing in the background and an alarm sounded. The exterior of the ship began to glow with a simlar purple glow that the pirate colony was now glowing with.

"Hail them!" said Captain Talnor.

The female communications officer –Liutenant Saraz- sat a computer at the back of the bridge pressed a button on the console.

"A Channel is open Captain." replied the Communications officer .

"This is Captain Talnor of the S.C.S. Liberon Denasos, "spoke Talnor in a confident, commanding voice.. "You are outgunned and out numbered. Blah, blah blah, you know the routine, surrender or we will be forced to open fire."

Saraz flicked around with the controls.

"No response," said Saraz.

There was a bleep from another one of the computer consoles where the tactical officer and CAG (Commander Air Group) –Luitenant Commander Tekak- was stationed.

"They have opened fire with Laser batteries …" said Tekak. The towers lined with gun turrets opened fire, sending out long continuous beams (compared to handheld lasers with have to take breaks inbettween firing beams) of red light, however lasers are invisible in vaccums so they couldn't be seen. But non the less the beams hit there targets nearly instatanously and caused small burns on the underside of the ship in complete silence, however these explosions were a lot smaller than they could have been- as the ships gravity sheilds were causing most of the light to bend away from the ship.

"Damage report?" asked Captain Talnor.

"Minimal. Shields are holding." Replied Tekak.

"Send in the the Fighters," ordered Talnor. "Target their gun towers."

Down on the flight deck, the signature Starfighter of the Sirian Star Marines, the "Star Strikers" were being loaded from an elevator at the rear of the flight deck and moved slowly towards the launch door.

The fighters had no landing or take-off wheels; they simply hovered silently off the ground- but they weren't flying. They were about the same size of an Earth fighter plane. The underside of the ship was essentially a disk, like all Sirian ships, however ontop of the disk there was a large dome that sloped more to the front of the disk than it did at the back. It was on this heavy slope that the cockpit of the craft was postioned (as a result the cockpit was sloping as well). Either side of the cockpit were two large laser-cannons (essentially a smaller version of the turrets positioned on the main ships with rapid-beam fire capability. At the front of the ship by the craft, 6 plasma beam emitters three on each side- smaller than the ones the main ships were armed with- were postioned. Pilots wearing advanced spacesuits- the fighters had no life support systems- climbed up the ladders on the side of the fighters into the cockpits. The left and right wall of the flight deck was now lined with 14 Star Strikers along the walls in standby on each side. The last two now lined up to the rest of them to make 16. They would wait here until ready to launch.

"Firefly, you are clear for launch." said Tekak over the fighters radio.

Meanwhile the pilot in the cockpit of one of the fighters that was already positoned to launch strained his neck.

"It's about time," he whispered. He grabbed the joystick of the fighter and pushed down on a red trigger. The craft began to hover further off the ground (vertical take off) making no noise, static eltrical bolts began to appear on the underside of the craft. The dust and other particles were thrown away in front of his ship (gravity engines work by creating a distortion infront of the craft, for it to "fall" into) and it zoomed out of the force field at tremendous speed, into the silence of space, where no noise could be heard from his engines.

The Fighter headed towards the gun towers.

"Quaker this is Firefly," said the pilot into his radio. "I am preparing to commence bombing run on their gun towers."

"Roger that Firefly," replied Tekak, "You are clear to proceed."

"All right it's time to kick some ass," said Firefly

The Fighter flew over the gun turrets, and rired up his back facing gravity engines to create a small distortion behind his ship with the same effect of a modern day retro engine to stop spacecraft from moving in the same direction due to the lack of friction in space. He stopped and "hovered" over the gun turret -something that a fighter plane wouldn't be able to do in atmospheric conditions- and dropped an advanced looking plasma bomb on the turret, which looked like a huge purple bolt of lightning, exploding and reducing the turret to rubble! The fighters rear engines kicked in again it flew off into the distance!

"Yee-haw!" cried Firefly. "Man I never get tired of that!"

Suddenly a plasma beam emitter flipped up from beneath the surface of the asteroid and opened on the fighter. The plasma beam was another purple bolt of lightning, however this one was being guided by electromagnetism so it was homing in on it's target- in essence acting like a heat seaking missile. The beam came in from behind the fighter aiming for it's engines. The pilot eventually picked up the beam on his scanners.

"Oh no you don't!" said Firefly. He flipped his fighter around so that he was now facing it, and shot it with his laser cannons, causing it to explode and then flipped his fighter around again to face the direction he was going in again! This manouver was called the "180-Yaw", this wouldn't have been possible under the laws of areodynamics, but in the realms of vacuum and low gravity in space, manouverablity was much different.

Inside the complex, the pirates were running to get to their ships to escape. They were scrambling to launch the shops as fast as possible. Law of the pirates- every man for himself. Lots of fighting broke out as they were trying to make it into the airlock. The ships were almost ready to leave; one had already succeeded in getting out of the space dock.

"Sir, they are attempting to escape in their freighters, one has already left the space dock. What are your orders?" asked Tekak.

"Order Firefly to commence bombing run on the ship docks." ordered Captain Talnor, "Target their engines, prevent them from leaving."

"Aye Captain." replied Tekak.

The Fighter fired up its side engines, moving from left to right without changing the direction the fighters nose was facing (another ability that woulnd't be possible with atmospheric flight).

"Oh no you don't!" yelled Firefly. "No one gets away from me!"

The dropped two more plasma bombs over the ships inferior engines. The explosions (again making no noise) paralysed the ships.

"Direct hits sir," informed Tekak.

"Excellent," replied Talnor. "Now we've taken care of their ships, lets' deal with the base. Arm Plasma beam, target their shield generators."

"Yes sir!" replied Tekak. He pushed some buttons on his console. The Denasos opened fire with a powerful purple plasma beam, which homed in on the energy grid protecting the base and destroyed it. The luminous blue glow surrounding the base disappeared.

"Shields down Captain," replied Tekak. "Beam in is go."

"Right," answered Talnor. "Order the marines to the tele-transporter, I'll lead the assault." He turned to an alien who was wearing nearly as many medals as he was- his first officer, Commander Dask "You have the bridge Commander; cover us while we board the base."

"Aye, Captain." replied Dask. Talnor got up out of the chair and walked over to a door in the back of the room. Dask sat down in the chair in his place.

A platoon of around 30 Sirian Star Marines piled into a large "Star Trek" style tele-transporter room. With large blue circular energy pads which would teleport them to the battlefield and back- there was a naval officer at a large touch sensitive holographic computer console, preparing the machine for activation. They marines were wearing blue battle armours that had been shaped to make the soldiers look like they had muscles. They were wearing a helmet that had breathing apparatus and a visor, which the soldiers used to look out from. The symbol of the Sirian Star Marines was on a patch of the left arm. They were holding phase locked semiconductorBattle Lasers- shaped like modern day hand guns; they were white, and the barrels of the guns were a strange oval shape, with a large black circular laser emitter in the centre. There was also a large stock at the end of laser (something modern handguns don't usually have) which also housed the cooling fan. A large rectangular power pack was located near the barrel of the laser. Talnor entered the room through a pair of automatic sliding doors. was wearing a special extension to his battle armour, so that it covered his wings as well as his body. He rolled his shoulders a bit and rubbed his wings.

"Damn," said Talnor. "These battle armours always give me cramp in the wings. They really ought to put some padding in or something…"

"We're ready to go sir." replied the officer manning the computer console.

"Great," replied Talnor. "Lets' do it."

"Yes sir!" replied the officer enthusiastically.

Talnor joined the marines on the transporter energy pads.

"Commence teleport." Ordered Talnor.

The console officer pushed several buttons on the holographic screen, on the console. A luminious blue glow appeared from the energy pads and surruounded the marines, soon they began to fade from view and disappeared into nothingness.

Suddenly, in the hanger bay of the Pirate colony, the same blue glow appeared in the centre of the room- the marines began to slowly materialise back into the world again. The pirates started panicking and started reaching for their weapons- but it didn't take long for the marines to fully appear, and as soon as they did- they opened fire. The laser beams themselves were silent- but the weapons made a distinctive whiring noise from the cooling systems when fired. The pirates were being absolutely slaughtered by the might of these lasers.They weren't as well equipped as the marines- so they felt the full force of the 5Kj energy beams- powerful enough to blow 30mm holes in the thin flesh of the Greys.

The marines started to take cover behind crates and other objects in the hanger bay as the pirates prepared to retaliate. There were explosions on the other side of the room, bits of wooden crates flew all over the room. Captain Talnor pulled out a nanotech grenade from his belt, It was just a bit larger than a modern day gas grenade, being silver and cylindrical shaped, with a arming trigger at the top of the device. He armed the device and through it over to the other side of the room. There was a first, small explosion from the outer casing of the grenade which sprayed it's nearby surroundings with what appeared to be a black gas (made of Nanomachines), but as the gas travelled through the air at a huge speed, it formed into thousands of tiny sharp pieces of metal shrapnel which pierced the pirates bodies. A fire broke out from the explosion, and the surving pirates fell back, through the exits- the marines followed.

Meanwhile in the control room, Admiral Frajt was standing by a window watching the explosions from below. The Greys at the central control desks were starting to panic.

"We're losing all power!" cried one of the Greys.

"Our troops are falling back!" yelled the other Grey. "The Sirian marines are forcing their way up the elevators!"

"Order them to make a stand!" yelled Frajt.

"I can't sir. They're refusing to obey orders!" cried the computer officers.

Frajt walked over to the desk and grabbed the alien by the neck and held him up into the air. The alien started to choke, Frajt clenched his fist. A lon, wide blade slid out of his bare wrist- piercing his flesh- the blade was coming from INSIDE his body. The blade was so sharp you couldn't see the edge clearly- this was a mono-sword- the blade was so sharp it was only one molecule thick.


There was a sound of a gun being cocked from behind Frajt.

"That's enough!" cried Captain Talnor.

The Frjat turned around. Captain Talnor and two of the marines were standing next to the elevator doors. The two marines were on their knees pointing their lasers at Frajt. He let go of the alien he had in the strangle hold, and ran at the two marines with his sword at the ready. The marines opened fire, the short-pulses of light appeared to hit the oncoming monster, instantaneously. He shook around as each of the laser beams pierced his body. The marines stopped firing, they looked at their lasers.

"We're out of power sir!" said one of the Marines. They looked at Frajt. There was blood coming from just about every part of his body. But somehow, he was still standing. He was panting heavily, and his arms hung by his sides limply- but some how still alive.

"What?" cried one of the marines "Why is he still alive? They were all direct hits weren't they?"

There was a pause, Frajt panted.

"My turn." said Frajt. He picked himself up and ran at the two marines at unbelievable speed. The first one was completely helpless. The sword pierced straight through the soldiers armour and came out the other side, blood started to pour onto the ground from the wound. Frajt tossed the marine aside from his sword and then went for the next one. It was one clean slice across the chest this time; blood spurted across the face of his killer. Frajt then turned to Captain Talnor, he was expecting for another easy victim. But in the small space of time Frajt was running at him, Talnor had pulled out another weapon from his belt- a knife, but like Frajts sword, the blade was also one molecule thick. He held the weapon up with one hand and used it to block Frajts sword, he pressed against the back of his hand to hold back the sword. Frajt stopped as he struggled with Talnor, who was also struggling. Suddenly Talnor spun around with a roundhouse kick and lashed into Frajts side and sent him flying back. Talnors blade had been damaged from blocking the attack, but a strange grey gas- nanomachines- began to seep out from the blades handle and travelled to the point of damage and repaired it.

"Huh…" said Frajt as he stopped skidding backwards. "You're strong…"

Talnor looked up him.

"I've heard of you..." said Captain Talnor. " 'Admiral' Frajt. The metal boned pirate. That's what they call you isn't it?" A smirk appeared on Frajts' face. "They also call you the greediest bastard in the Galaxy…" Frajt looked angry. Talnor continued his speech. "You sought out the ultimate battle armour as one of your treasures, and when you found it, in order to make sure you would be with it as long as you lived, you had it surgically implanted inside your body didn't you! Your so god damn greedy you're willing to kill people to protect your treasure." Talnor looked at the bodies of his dead men. "You even killed my men. The men I was responsible for." He looked up at Frajt. "Big mistake."

Frajt laughed.

"Right…." said Frajt. "And you are?"

Suddenly the armour that was placed onto Talnors wings suddenly burst off to reveal his full wing span.

"Ahhh that's much better." thought Talnor. "Those armours are so restricting."

He made one huge flap with both wings, forcing a huge wind to blow at Frajt. He was barely able to jump out of the way in time. He crouched down on the ground with his arm pressed against it. Frajt smirked and laughed.

"I've heard of you as well!" cried Frajt. "You're the legendary air master aren't you? The one who can cause air currents with his wings! The hero of the battle of Dadoris! Captain Areon Talnor!"

(Polaris is the human name for the Dadoris Star System)

"Yeah that's me." Replied Talnor calmly.

"Your reputation precedes you!" cried Frajt. "It's an honour to fight you!" He paused. "But tell me. I don't know as much about your past as you do about mine. I would appreciate it if you could tell me a bit about it before we fight. That is common courtesy after all."

Talnor smirked.

"What makes you think I would tell a pirate scumbag like you?" cried Talnor.

Frajt frowned.

"Fine!" he relied. "Enough talk! SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT MASTER OF AIR!"

Talnor crouched down and then flapped his wings downwards; he jumped up and rode on the wind that he had created, allowing him to glide over Frajt like a bird of prey- ready to strike. A shadow passed over Frajt as Talnor blocked the light. Talnor pulled out his Knife again, he flapped his wings again, and threw his knife into the current of air. The Knife distinctively curved towards Frajt. Frajt used his sword to deflect the knife.

"So the rumours are true about him!" thought Frajt to himself. "His wings are so powerful that the gusts of wind he creates with them leave vacuums behind them. And he can use that to control the directions the air currents travel in. But how did he get so goddamn strong?"

He didn't have much time to think about this. Talnor had now swooped down at him like a Hawk attacking its prey. Talnor grabbed one of Frajts legs with his Talon like feet and held him in place. Frajt was about to strike at Talnor with his blade, but Talnor flapped his wings again, a massive current of air was thrown at Frajt, the force was so great, his arms were sent flying back before they had a chance to come any where near Talnor. Frajt was helpless. Talnor kept flapping his wings his arms and Frajts whole body was just flapping back, like a newspaper caught in an updraft. Under normal circumstances, Frajt would have been blown backwards, but Talnor was holding onto him tightly with his claw. Talnor grabbed the sword on Frajts right arm. So much force was coming from the wind now the sword shattered straight off his wrist. Sparks appeared were the blade had been shattered. Frajt cried out in pain. Talnor let go of him, Frajt was thrown backwards and was pinned against the wall. Talnor stopped flapping his wings and the air turned still again. Frajt collapsed onto the ground. He panted and managed to pick himself up. While still resting against the wall, he was holding the arm that Talnor had broken the blade from.

"You bastard!" cried Frajt. "You broke my arm!"

Talnor turned towards his knife that was now wedged into the ground. He casually walked over to it and picked up the knife.

"It's less than you deserve." replied Talnor. "It's just a shame I need to take you back to Sirius to stand trail. I'd kill you myself otherwise."

While Talnor was talking Frajt had clenched his other fist together and made another blade appear. He ran at Talnor.

"You of all people should know Captain!" said Frajt. "FIRST RULE OF COMBAT: NEVER TURN YOUR BACK TO YOUR ENEMY!"

Frajt was ready to slice through Talnors body, but Talnor already knew he was going to try and kill him. Talnor flapped his wings back, the gust of wind caught Frajt and pressed him against the wall again.

"Wrong." replied Talnor. "The first rule of combat is only turn your back to a corpse." Frajt panted. "The thing is, you ARE a corpse. You just don't realise it yet." Frajt gritted his teeth. "I hate people who attack while their opponents' backs are off gaurd." He continuously flapped his wings; the wind was crushing him now. "You've just given me the excuse I needed to kill you." Frajt cried out in pain. Talnor reached for his knife. "Go to hell." Talnor threw the knife into the wind. The current carried the knife along. Frajt could see it coming closer, until it was right between his eyes. That was the last thing he saw. Blood spurted everywhere. The knife was lodged right between his eyes and was wedged into the wall behind him. It was the only thing that was keeping him standing. Talnor stopped flapping his wings and the wind dyed down. He walked over to the body and removed the knife. Frajt collapsed on the ground. Talnor wiped the blade of the knife clean of the blood.

He walked over to the computer console where the two other aliens who Frajt had tried to kill were cowering underneath. Talnor looked down at them.

"You're under arrest." said Talnor. He held up his knife. "Do you want to come quietly or do I do I have to do this the 'hard' way." The two Greys looked panicked.

"Er…we surrender!" said one the Greys.

"Ah that's good." said Talnor in a friendly voice. "I don't think I need to put restraints on you, I'm sure you're aware of what will happen if you try to escape from me." He said in a cocky voice.

"Er…yes sir!" replied the two of them.

"Ok just give me a moment!" smiled Talnor. He turned towards the bodies of the dead officers.

The two aliens stared at each other.

"Jeez, for a legendary warrior he's a bit weird…" said one of the Greys. "I can't tell whether he's trying to be friendly or trying to scare us." Talnor picked up the two bodies and carried them on his back. He turned to both of them.

"Sorry." said Talnor in a whisper. He turned to his prisoners.

"Well come on then!" he cried.

"Yes sir!" cried the prisoners, panicking. They ran towards the elevator.

An hour later he was back on the bridge of his ship. Commander Dask was giving him the summary of the assault on the pirates HQ.

"All in all it was pretty successful." said Commander Dask. "Five casualties, Two fatalities. We have most of the pirates as prisoners on board. Not to mention a few passengers."

"Passengers?" asked Talnor.

"Yeah" Replied Dask. "We were right. They had been abducting primitive humanoid species, from a certain nearby planet,"

Talnor laughed.

"Lemme guess," asked Talnor.

"Earth"- the two of them said together.

"It's always humans," laughed Talnor. "Hasn't that species been interfered with enough yet?"

Dask shrugged.

"Well laws were put in place in order to stop any further contaimination of their development from alien technology," explained Dask. "But we found information that suggests that these renegades were still helping one of that's planets governments build starships. Some sort of exchange, hardware for genetic material…"

"What?" cried Talnor. "Still?"

"Yes sir." sighed Dask.

He sat quietly for a moment, thinking.

"What is it sir?" asked Dask.

Talnor woke up.

"Oh nothing," replied Talnor. "Just a feeling I have…" He paused for a moment. "Inform Naval command that we will be taking the passengers back to their homeworlds, starting with the Earthlings. Is everyone onboard? Has Firefly been recalled?"

"Yes sir." replied Dask.

"Good." answered Talnor. "Helmsman. Pull us back to a safe distance."

"Aye Captain," replied the Sirian at the helm.

The Denasos pulled itself out of the orbit of the asteroids gravitational pull.

"We are now at a safe distance captain," replied the Helmsman.

"Full power to plasma beam cannon." Ordered Talnor.

The Denasos rotated on its axis so that it's underside was now pointing towards the colony. Suddenly a huge section of the underside opened up to reveal a massive Independence Day style cannon weapon. It slowly charged up, giving itself a bright red glow, until eventually firing. Shooting out a huge thick red beam of pure energy, slamming into the colony below, resulting in a huge nuclear explosion, sending a mushroom cloud high into orbit around the tiny moon. When the smoke had cleared, any evidence that colony once existed, had been vaporised.

"Target has been destroyed sir." announced Luitenant Commander Tekak on the Bridge of the Denasos.

Talnor sat back down in his chair.

"Set course for the planet called Earth." Said Captain Talnor.

"Course laid in sir."

"Ahead full speed,"

"Aye Captain,"

The ship rotated on it's axis so that their underside was pointing in the direction of their destination, the three amplifiers on the ships underside started to glow- generating a massive gravity distortion in front of them. When they were at full power ship sped of into the wormhole in a flash of light.

Chapter 4: Break in 24th July 2007

It was 5.30am and it was completely dark outside the hospital where Sam, Leia and David had left the cylinder, everything seemed fairly peaceful. In the lobby of the hospital, a security guard sat a desk watching the CCTV cameras with his feet up on the desk. Another guard entered the room from a door in the back of the room. He walked up to the guard at the desk, who turned to look at him.

"My shift up already?" asked the guard at the desk.

"Yeah it is." replied the standing guard.

"Jeez, time does fly when you're having fun…" said the other guard sarcastically.

"Alright, well I'll just be a moment, you go on a head." He walked over to another door with the toilet sign on it.

"Yeah alright," replied the guard at the desk. He got up and signed out on an employee book on the desk. He walked off towards the exit of the building. A few seconds later, Sam entered the building from the same entrance. He headed for the door at the back of the room. He'd been waiting for about half an hour for his chance to get in unoticed.

He headed for the lab where he saw the cylinder being taken to. He found it on the second floor of the hospital. He found the door to the lab. He tried to open it but it was locked. Sam looked around; there was no one else in sight. He pressed himself against the wall next to the door, and waited. It didn't take long for a scientist to come out from the door. Sam grabbed him by the shoulders and kneed him in the stomach. The scientist wheezed and Sam followed up with a karate chop on the back. The scientist collapsed on the ground- unconscious.

"Sorry!" apologised Sam.

Sam ran into the laboratory. It was dark, dimly lit. There computers on desks that lined the walls, and a glass wall at the end of the room. The cylinder was on the other side, being monitored by complex devices. There were two scientists sat down at the computers, one of them stood up.

"What the hell!" cried the Scientist. "You're not supposed to be here!"

Without hesitation Sam kicked the scientist in the stomach and he keeled over, Sam followed up by elbowing him in the back making him collapse onto the ground. The second scientist tried to raise the alarm but Sam ran over to him and punched him in the chin, he fell over backwards.

"Sorry!" apologised Sam again.

Sam then turned to the room where the cylinder was being held. He ran in, shoved it into his rucksack and ran out into the corridors.

Sam kept on running down the corridors of the hospital. He couldn't leave the way he came in. The guard in the lobby would raise the alarm. He was looking for a fire exit but he had no idea where he was going, and he didn't know how long those scientists would be unconscious for. Suddenly he came to a sign for a fire exit; he turned to run down a stair well, only to find that another security guard was there.

"Who the hell are you?" asked the guard.

Sam turned and ran in the other direction. The guard chased after him, he pulled out his walkie-talkie and informed the other guards that he was here. There was a turn in the corridor just up ahead from where Sam was. Another guard came from around it. The guard was about to pull out his truncheon, but before he had a chance Sam had already punched him in the Stomach and then kneed him in the head. The guard fell to the ground unconscious.

"Sorry!" cried Sam.

Sam turned the corner and ran down it.

"DAMN IT" thought Sam. "All these corridors look the same.."

There were two directions the corridor turned to at the end of the hall. A guard came from each one. They already had their truncheons ready. They ran at Sam, but Sam kept running at them. One of them took a swipe at Sam, but Sam jumped to the side and then jumped off the side of the wall and kicked the guard in the face. In the split second the guard was falling to the ground, Sam had stood on the guards back, and used him as a platform to jump off and knee the other guard in the face. They both went down and Sam landed on the floor on all fours, then got up and continued to run.

"Sorry!" cried Sam again.

He saw another sign for a fire escape up ahead, but there were three more guards blocking the path. The first one was already running up to Sam. Sam slide tackled the guard so that he fell on the ground. The second guard came at him now, but Sam got on his feet before the guard had a chance to attack. Sam lashed out with a round house kick on the second guard. The guard was knocked against the wall and was winded. Sam then punched him in the face rendering him unconscious and threw him on top of the Guard that was already lying on the floor. The third guard was coming up from behind him, he pulled out his truncheon and took a swipe at Sam, but Sam ducked to avoid the blow, and before the guard had a chance to react Sam stood back up again and grabbed the guards arm and twisted it downwards breaking it. There was a sickening crack and the guard cried out in pain. Sam pulled the truncheon out the guards hand and threw him on top of the other two guards. Sam then drop elbowed the last guard in the stomach and he fell unconscious.

"Sorry!" panted Sam.

Sam got up and turned around, the first guard that he had run into was right behind him still chasing after him. Sam looked at him. The guard stopped and realised that he didn't have a chance of beating Sam. The guard turned and ran in the other direction. Sam stared at the guard and smirked.

"Yeah you KNOW to run!" yelled Sam, waving his arms at the gaurd. There was a groan from behind him. One of the guards was about to get up. Sam turned around and kicked him in the head and he collapsed.

"Sorry!" said Sam. Sam didn't have long to stay either, Sam turned and ran towards the fire exit.

Sam ran out of the door marked fire exit onto a metal stairway on the outside of the building. Sam jumped off the stairway and landed on a pile of rubbish bags. Sam picked himself up and ran on. He could hear police sirens in the distance. They would be a lot harder to beat than those guards were.

Sam by some miracle had been able to avoid police detection. He was already on the bus heading back to Davids' house. There weren't many people on the bus at this time of night, but those who were sitting as far away from Sam as they could get. He was sweaty and he smelled of rubbish. Sam was sitting at the back of the bus with his bag with the cylinder in it under his seat. Sam had his eyes closed, he was exhausted. He opened them and looked at his watch. 6am in the morning…Then it hit him.

"What the hell am I doing???" cried Sam. "I've just broken into a hospital and stolen an object that's being hunted by both M15 and the CIA, I beat up six security guards and now I'm being hunted the police, just because a voice in a dream told me to do this??" Sam continued to think. "Come to think of it how DID I beat up those guards, I mean I know I'm karate trained, but come on I'm fifteen…" Sam then notices something on the back of his right hand. He pulled back his sleeve. It was a pattern like this:

"What the hell?" thought Sam. He rubbed his left thumb over the pattern. It stung slightly, like a burn, as though it had been burnt on to his hand, it still felt warm. But when did it appear?

"This just keeps getting weirder and weirder." thought Sam. "First someone appears to me and a dream and tells me to steal this thing. I know have the strength to beat up six security guards without a problem. And now this burn appears as if from no where…." He remembered the dream, he still knew that it wasn't just a dream, the voice was speaking the truth, he was a telepath. He couldn't explain it to himself, but he didn't need to. He was going to protect the cylinder with his life if he needed to. His only problem was trying to explain it to David and Leia.

"Oh shit." thought Sam. "DAVID!"

Half an hour later, Sam was standing outside the house. All the lights were on. Sam ran up to the front door and opened it hurriedly. David and Leia were standing in the front room. They turned and ran up to Sam.

"WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?" cried David. "I was about to call the police."

Leia sniffed.

"What's that smell?" asked Leia. Sam still stunk of rubbish.

Sam walked up to the couch and dumped his rucksack on it.

"We need to get out of here." Said Sam.

"What? Why?" asked David.

Sam unzipped the bag to reveal the cylinder. The room fell silent.

"Oh. My. God." said Leia.

David ran up to Sam and grabbed him on the shoulders.


"I jacked it." Replied Sam.

David looked confused

"That means you stole it right?"

Sam rolled his eyes and nodded.

"You, stole. It?" repeated Leia.


"A voice told me to do this in my sleep." replied Sam.

The room fell silent.

"Oh great my Nephew's gone insane…." said David.

"I'm NOT INSANE David!" cried Sam. "You have to believe me! This is for the better!"

David looked at Sam, and then turned to reach for the phone.

"What, what are you doing?" asked Sam.

"I'm calling the police," replied David. "Maybe if we turn you in early enough we might just get away with this…"

Sam pressed the hang up button on the phone.

"I can't let you do that." said Sam. Sam grabbed Davids' arm. "I can't explain to you why I did what I did…The voice that spoke to me. I KNOW it wasn't just a dream, I..I can't explain why, I just know…I have to do this David!"

David looked into Sams eyes. He could see he was serious. He'd never seen him this serious in his entire life. He paused for a moment to think, then sighed.

"Alright…" said David. "As crazy as it sounds, I believe you."

Sam let go.

"David, you CAN'T be serious?" cried Leia.

David turned to Leia.

"I don't know why, I just believe him." explained David. "Besides, I can't just let the police take him."

David looked down at the mark on Sams' hand.

"What's that on your hand?" asked David. Sam pulled out his hand.

"I have no idea." began Sam. "I just noticed it on the bu…." Sam looked at the symbol. It had changed. It was bigger now, it looked like this:

Sam stared at the pattern on his hand. There was a silence.

"Sam?" asked David eventually.

"This pattern…" said Sam. "I only noticed it about half an hour ago, I have no idea how it got there, or what its drawn with, but it seems to be growing…About three more circles have appeared since I last checked."

David took Sams hand and rubbed his thumb over it. It was pretty hot now.

"It looks like a burn of some kind…" said David. "But what could burn in a pattern like this…" He turned to Leia. "Does it mean anything to you?"

"Not really…" replied Leia. "But it does look familiar…"

"Forget the thing on my hand!" yelled Sam. "We've got to get out of here! M15 and the CIA will be looking for us now. By now they'll probably have identified me from CCTV footage and they'll have found out where we live."

"Right but where do we go?" asked David. "We can't go back to the London house they'll be looking for us there as well."

Sam turned to Leia.

"Leia, do you have friends at your university that could find out what's so special with this thing them telling the government?" asked Sam.

Leia paused.

"Er…yeah, yeah I think so." replied Leia.

"Right, we need to head for Cambridge." Said Sam.

"Ok but how do we get out?" asked Leia. "We're dealing with M15 here for Christs' sake! If we take the car they'll just be able to trace the car registration by using CCTV."

"Leave that to me." smiled David.

A few minutes later they were in David's garage. There an old blue BMW sat in the middle of the room surrounded by junk and tools. David walked over to an old cardboard box and pulled out a pair of black registration plates from the pile of junk.

"Where the hell you get them from?" asked Leia.

David smiled.

"I got caught up in some of the sectarian action in Northern Ireland back in '98." explained David. "I used these so that I could get out of the country without the IRA being able to pick up my track. Never thought I'd need to use them again though…"

Sam raised an eye brow, he knew his uncle had been involved with the problems in Northern Ireland but he didn't know he had actually had connections the IRA. It took about half an hour for David to swap the licence plates around. They were about to get in the car, when Sam finally spoke.

"What were you doing with the IRA?" asked Sam.

David paused.

"Doesn't matter now…" replied David. He was barely talking; it was as if he was ashamed of this past. "Come on lets go on."

They got in the car and drove back towards Cambridge. It took about three hours for them to arrive. When they arrived Leia got in contact with one of his friends Mike. He arranged a laboratory to analyse the cylinder. An hour later they were in a lab like the one Sam had stolen the cylinder from. Leia and Mike were on the other side of the glass wearing lab coats, goggles and other protective clothing. They had found a crack on the cylinder and used it get a syringe to take some samples of the liquid inside. They began studying it under the microscope- they were fascinated by what they saw.

Thirty minutes later, Leia emerged from the lab with a huge grin on her face.

Sam and David stood up.

"What is it?" asked Sam. "What's so special about this thing?"

"Have you heard of nanotechnology?" asked Leia.

"Now's not the time to be talking about sci-fi, Leia…" said David.

"I'm serious!" cried Leia. "Nanotechnology is a real scientific study of manipulating matter at a molecular level, and that's what this liquid is doing."

There was a pause.

"Huh?" asked Sam.

Liea knelt down next to Sam.

"The liquid inside the cylinder," explained Leia. "Is made up of tiny little robots, about the size of single celled organisms called Nanomachines. They're all swarming together, preparing to do some kind of task. But we're not sure what."

Sam looked scared.

"Tiny molecular robots?" he cried. "And they're inside me?"

Liea nodded.

"Yeah," she continued. "That explains that abnormal power you're possessing, the nanomachines are altering your DNA to make you stronger?"

"Altering my DNA?" panicked Sam. He started breathing heavily- hyperventilating.

"Sam, relax." Said Liea. Placing her hands on his shoulders, but Sam didn't stop. "Sam stop!" But he didn't he kept breathing harder and harder- he was having a panic attack. He grabbed his head in pain and yelled.

"What's wrong?" yelled David. Sam fell off his chair onto the floor and curled into the floor- it was like he was having a seizure.

Sam had another dream, like the one he had before. Still dark and misty, he called out again.

"Are you here?" asked Sam.

"Yes…" replied the voice.

"Ok I stole the cylinder, what else you want from me? And just who are you?"

"My name is Jarfez; I am what you might call an alien. The device you found is an ancient artefact from thousands of years ago. For the sake of the world it must not get in the hands of the American government!"

Sam paused.

"You're an alien…"

"Of course, how else would I be able to speak to you telepathically like this?"

Sam paused.

"How do I know your speaking the truth?"

"You know deep down I am…"

Sam closed his eyes, he still couldn't describe it, but he knew his words were words of truth.

"Then I was right!" cried Sam. He jumped up. "I knew it! I knew it! I was right! It IS an alien device!"

Jarfez paused to reply,

"You're not scared?" asked Jarfez.

"No. Why?"

"Because I'm an alien...From what I can tell your species fears everything you don't understand. You fear your god so much you're continuously trying to use your science to prove he doesn't exist.."

"No." said Sam. "I don't fear you. Why should I? This is what I've always want to do! Get taken away from reality; meet something out of the ordinary!"

Jarfez laughed.

"What?" asked Sam.

"Oh, it's nothing." replied Jarfez. "I can just tell I chose the right person for this task."

There was a pause.

"So what do you me to do with it now?" asked Sam.

"Bring it to Roswell, New Mexico, I will explain things when you arrive."

"New Mexico?" asked Sam. "That's in America, right?"


"But, I just STOLE this thing from the American government. Now you expect me to basically GIVE it to them?"

"Erm…Yes." replied Jarfez.

Sam paused.

"Ok." replied Sam. "But, why?" But before he could finish his sentence Jarfez interrupted.

"Good, I'll meet you in Roswell." interrupted Jarfez. "Until then. Farewell."


Sam woke up. He was still in the lab. He was on the floor with David and Leia standing over him. David had his hands on Sam's shoulders.

"Are you alright?" asked David.

Sam stood up.

"We have to go to Roswell, New Mexico." said calmly.

"That voice spoke to you again?" asked David. Sam nodded.

"Roswell?" cried Leia. "That's in America! We'll be practically giving the CIA the cylinder.."

"That's what Jarfez told me to do, and I believe him." said Sam. "We've GOT to go to Roswell."

Meanwhile back in the facility in Nevada. Captain Jarfez was still in his cell. He had been beaten, there were bruises all over his body, panting heavily and was barely able to stand. Two soldiers were keeping him upright holding him under the arms. Nexin the pirate captain was standing in front of him with two fingers placed on his forehead and his eyes closed. He opened his eyes and smiled.

"There." said Nexin. "Your "chosen one" now believes the right thing is to come to Roswell. He'll be delivering the cylinder right to our front door."

Another soldier walked into the cell. He was old with grey hair and wore a lot of medals, he had his army hat under his arms, he walked up to Jarfez and punched him in the face, Jarfez spat up some blood. He continued to beat him, Nexin walked out of the cell.

"Then I can finally get off this rock…"thought Nexin.

He walked down a corridor he came to a balcony. It was overlooking a massive room.

Around 2000 strange glass containers, filled with a green liquid, preserving what appeared to be Grey/Human hybrids stood below in a massive hanger bay. Robotic arms inside the glass containers what appeared to be metallic armour onto the aliens- an entire cybernetic armours army. They had domed heads, with a red visor running across the front. Their bodies were rounded, the chest had been moulded to look like muscles, and there backs had a groove in them with rocket boosters pointing out. There legs were shaped like ovals with spikes on the underside, connected by blocky legs. The hands were spherical and divided into three claws. The words "Mechanoid 3000 series: RM-23" followed by a serial number were written on their heads.

At the front of the army stood a very muscular alien hybrid, with a strange outer metal skeleton that had been attached onto his skin. Parts of this skeleton had red armour covering the bones, on the shoulders, and lower and upper parts of his arms and legs. There were also red highlights on each side of the rib cage. He was also wearing a metal skull helmet, with a glowing red glass visor across the eye line, so you could just make out two red lights behind them where the eyes should have been.

Hanging above the army attached to loads of steel wires hanging off the ceiling was a giant flying saucer starship starship, much bigger than Jarfezs ship- the size of about 500 meters in diameter. There was a large bottom section to this ship sloping upwards, with a control dome positioned on top. The ship was an unpainted grey. The top side of the ship was lined with laser gun turrets. At the front of the dome on the top side was a large dome with a glass windscreen running all around it- the Bridge of the ship. There were gantries and walkways leading all around the ship. Scientists with check boards were ticking off things on them. On the side of the ship were the words- United States Navy: USS Harry Truman- a fully prepared star-warship in the hands of the American government.

"I don't care what happens to this world." thought Nexin. He turned away from the army and walked on down the corridor.

Chapter 5: UFOs 24th July 2007

Beyond the moon, a flash of light appeared in the distance in the deep dark blackness of space- the opening of an artifical wormhole, which revealed Captain Talnors' ship the Denasos. Once it appeared the ship slowly rotated on it's axis' so that it was horizontal again.

Everything was normal on the bridge of the ship.

"We have arrived at the co-ordinates sir." said the helmsman.

"Sir, sensors indicate the inhabitants have fairly advanced sensor equipment." said Tekak. "They should be able to detect us from this distance."

"Engage cloaking device" ordered Talnor.

"Yes sir." Replied Tekak, and pushed some buttons on his console.

Suddenly, the Denasos began to swivel and shimmer and eventually disappeared out of view- it had become invisible thanks to it's plasma shield.

"We are now invisible to their sensors…" replied Tekak.

"Begin sensor sweep." Ordered captain Talnor. "We may as well conduct an official military survey while we're here."

Tekak pressed some buttons on the computer.

"Population six billion." said the officer. "Diverse range of animal and plant species, there's a high amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere, directly as a result of internal combustion. Their technology is fairly advanced, however their spacecraft are still chemical based, it would appear they haven't achieved hyperdrive yet."

He pressed a few more buttons on the computer console. "Sir, there's something odd about their technology. The most advanced technologies are almost identical to Zeta Reticulan technology, and about 60 of all modern technology is directly based on Grey technology..."

"Not suprising." replied Talnor. "Their governments have been in contact with various Grey races for nearly a century after all. Luckily this planet doesn't have Uupendium so they can't power the damn thing."

Suddenly there was another bleeping noise from Tekaks console. "Wait a second…I'm getting something else. The radiation from a hyperdrive!"

Talnor spun round.

"What?" cried Talnor. "Are you sure it's a hyperdrive?"

"Yes sir." Replied Tekak. "And whats more…it appears to be of a naval classification."

There was a pause.

"A warship?" said Talnor. "You ARE joking."

"No sir," answered Tekak.

"They shouldn't have that kind of technology yet, even with alien intervention!" cried Dask.

"I know, I know…" sighed Captain Talnor. He turned to Tekak. "Have you been monitoring communications?"

"Yes sir." Replied Tekak

"Is there anything to suggest what phase of their development they are in?"

The tactical officer pressed a few more buttons

"Radio and infrared communications indicate several different languages." replied Tekak. "Not to mention lots of talk of war. Suggesting they're in phase 3: fairly peaceful, advanced, but still divided."

"I see." replied Talnor. He paused to think. "Any talk of alien arrivals on their world?"

Tekak pressed more buttons on his console. He shook his head.

"Nothing on verbal communications." He replied. "But they do have an internet."

"Start searching it." replied Talnor. He turned to Commmander Dask. "What do you think we should do?"

Dask shrugged.

"Not a lot we can do." replied Dask. "Until we have a more accurate idea of where that ship is we can't do anything. They're still in phase 3 of development, so their planet is still divided into nations, and if any one of those nations got a hold of the technology in that ship it could provide real problems. But they've already passed phase 2 the world war phase, so they should have a neutral organisation that is attempting to keep the peace on their world. If the technology is under the control of that organisation, then the technology could be used for good."

"But it's still altering their development." said Talnor.

"I suppose so." replied Dask. "Maybe if we can negotiate with whoever has the ships to try and keep the technology a secret until they're ready to use it."

"That'll be hard," replied Talnor. "We're still alien to them. They might see us as a threat. And they know that there are loads of alien races out there that aren't exactly friendly."

"I guess so," replied Dask. "But it's about the only thing we can do. If we try to take the technology from them, then it might provoke them into a war with us."

Talnor nodded. He paused to think.

"Something bothering you?" asked Dask.

"I don't know." said Talnor. "Somethings…not right."

Dask paused.

"Well one of the many things I have learn't to do while I have been your first officer over these many years captain." replied Dask. "Is to always trust your feelings."

Captain Talnor half-smiled, then stared out of the windshield down at the planet below them.

Meanwhile back in Cambridge, Sam was in a laboratory. He wasn't wearing a shirt and was being scanned by CAT scan. Another woman scientist in a lab coat was studying the results. David was standing behind the glass screen. Leia was sitting down at a desk on a computer watching the results.

"What the hell is going on with him?" asked David.

"It's strange." replied Leia. "The CAT scan is revealing signs that there was a second brain wave pattern being forced in his mind…"

David turned to her.


"I think Sam may be right, someone has been talking to him telepathically…It's the only explanation I can think off. Either that or has an odd multiple personality disorder."

David paused for a second.

"You were joking about the multiple personalties right?"

Leia gave him a sarcastic look.

"Yes." she replied.

David sighed.

"Ok so he's not insane, this is real." He turned back to the glass screen. He looked at Sams' chest. He looked more muscular.

"When did he get so…toned?" asked David.

"That's another odd thing…" said Leia. "His muscles seem to be…growing. His metabolism rate seems to have increased as well, and his body temperature is a bit higher than usual as well, those nanomachines are drastically altering his genetic structure…"

"Is it a threat to him?" asked David.

Liea shook her head.

"Not yet," she replied. "

A few minutes later, David and Leia were in the laboratory with Sam.

"What exactly did this voice say to you?" asked Leia.

Sam thought for a second.

"He said he was an alien," replied Sam. "And that it mustn't get into the hands of the American government, and to stop it from doing so, we've gotta take the cylinder to Roswell."

Sam looked at the pattern again. It now looked like this:

"It's grown again…" continued Sam. He showed it to Leia and David. "Do you recognise the pattern yet?"

They shook their heads.

"Sam I want run a blood test on you." said Leia. "I just want to make sure you're alright."

"Yeah, ok." replied Sam. Leia walked over to a tray and pulled out a syringe with a huge needle. Sam started to sweat bit.

"Nah, on second thoughts, forget it. I'm fine!" said Sam in a panicked voice. David walked behind Leia and grabbed him and held him in place.

"What are you doing?" asked Sam half -shouting from fear.

"It's for your own good." replied David.

Sam started to struggle.

"Nah, nah, nah, No really I'm fine!" cried Sam. "Lemme go! I hate needles! Lemme go, lemme go lemme go!"

The woman scientist walked up to Sam and placed a finger on his lips. Sam blushed a bit, and before Sam realised she had already taken the blood sample.

"See?" said the scientist. "That wasn't so bad was it?"

Sam looked embarrassed.

"Yeah, whatever." replied Sam in a shaky voice.

About half an hour later, Leia was in a separate laboratory, studying the blood sample under a microscope. She could see the concave blood cells distinctly. They were vibrating around, bumping into each other.

"This is just plain weird…" said Leia. She looked up from the microscope and rubbed his eyes from the tiredness. She walked over to David and Sam to begin to explain what she had discovered.

"So what's going on?" asked Sam. "Is there something wrong with me?"

Liea was grinning.

"No not really." began Leia. "But what is going on is an AMAZING feet of genetic engineering!"

"Genetic engineering?" asked Sam.

Leia started at Sam.

"The seal represents some kind of gathering of the nanomachines…" began Liea. "Their using that point in your body to self replicate."

Sam looked puzzled.

"Self replicate?" asked Sam. Liea nodded. There was a pause. "What does that mean?"

Leia looked annoyed.

"The machines that entered your system are silicon based…" explained Liea.

"Meaning?" asked Sam.

Liea looked even more annoyed.

"Stop interrupting me!" she blurted out.

Sam kringed as she yelled.

"Jeez sorry." He replied. "Go on."

She breathed heavily.

"Anyways," she continued. "Silicon based means they are machines as we understand them. Circuits, microchips, processors, metal etc. Even if they are on a microscopic scale they are still made of materials that we would use in modern day technology. However their simply aren't enough of them in your system for this level of genetic alteration. So they have somehow, attached themselves to the tissue on the back of your hand. So any blood cells that pass through that area on your hand get modified by the machines to become carbon based nanomachines! It's creating Biomechanical nanomachines!"

There was a pause.

"Biomechanical?" asked Sam.

Leia rolled her eyes.

"The science of making machines using Biological components." She explained. "These machines successfully modifiy the chemicals in the blood cells to make biological equivalents of themselves, to continue the job that they started. So now these biomechanical nanomachines are spreading through your body. Manipulating your DNA- speeding up you metabolism and increasing your muscle size and strength- it's making you stronger Sam!"

Sam stared at Liea.

"Liea is thing a threat to him me in any way?" asked David.

"It doesn't look like it is yet…" explained Leia. "The microwaves given off are only a small side effect and don't seem to pose a threat. But I think it might be best if you tried to control its power. If it keeps increasing your metabolism rate you'll get tired really quickly."

"Control it huh?" asked Sam. He jumped off the bed. "I think I can do that." He looked to Leia. "Er…how do I do it?"

Leia smiled.

"The seal releases more nanomachines out depending how much electrical energy from your brain you put in your hand." explained Leia. "Try relaxing."

"Relax, okay…" repeated Sam. He closed. His eyes and took a deep breath. He stretched his fingers, and then relaxed them. His muscles began to shrink a bit."

"My god. It's working. It's incredible!" said David.

"Hey I think I'm getting the hang of this." replied Sam. "I think I can increase its power too!"

He jumped out of the bed.

"Sam be careful - you don't know what could happen to you.."

"It's ok, I know what I'm doing," replied Sam. Sam grabbed his right wrist with left hand and squeezed. He strained his face, and cried a bit in pain.

"Jeez, don't push yourself…" replied David. There were a few sparks from the seal and it started glow. Sam's muscles started to grow again. David and Leia stared in amazement.

"Bloody hell…" said David. His muscles continued to grow.

"Ok Sam that's enough now." said Leia. Sam let go of the seal. His muscles began to shrink back to normal size.

Sam turned around. The two of them just stared at him.

"How do you feel?" asked Leia.

"I feel great!" cried Sam. "Really I do. I mean it. Really I'm fi…" Before Sam could finish, he collapsed and fell over backwards, David caught him in time.

"SAM!" cried David. He slapped him lightly a few times the face. Sam looked thinner now.

"I ain't so good now…" whispered Sam, smiling. David lifted him back onto the bed. He turned to Leia.

"Boy I'm hungry…" said Sam.

Something sparked in Leias head.

"That's it!" cried Leia. David turned to Leia.

"What is it?" asked David.

"The seal depends on speed up his metabolism to work…" explained Leia. "So if you use it to much all his energy from the food he's eaten will just go."

"So….what, he'll get tired really quickly?" asked David.

"Unless he eats loads then, yeah," explained Leia.

"So this thing's a threat to him?" asked David.

"No not really…" replied Leia. "As long as he keeps its power suppressed it shouldn't do much to him." He turned to Leia. "Sam I would only use that technique you just you used very rarely, it causes you an extreme acceleration of your metabolism, if you use it to much it'll use up all energy. Use it only if you need a huge burst of energy…"

Sam nodded.

"You okay now?" asked David.

"I think so…" replied Sam. He stood up slowly out of bed.

"Man I'm hungry…" said Sam as he clenched his stomach.

David smiled.

"Yeah we've not eaten since this morning." said David. "Come on, I'll get us something for lunch. What you want?"

Sam paused to think.

"I'm kinda in the mood for Chinese." said Sam.

David laughed.

"Yeah, Ok. Chinese it is," replied David. "Come on, let's go." Sam put his clothes back on. David put his arm round Sam and they walked out of the room.

Meanwhile back on the S.C.S. Liberon Denasos. The tactical officer Tekak had a computer shaped like a clip board in his hand. He walked up to Captain Talnor who was sitting in his chair thinking.

"Sir." said Tekak. Talnor didn't respond. "Sir?"

Talnor woke up and looked at Tekak.

"Sorry Luitenant." replied Talnor. "What is it?"

"I've compiled a report on the inhabitants of this planet." replied Tekak. He handed him an advanced looking PDA. Talnor began flicking through the images on screen.

"They're an odd species." replied Tekak. "They defy definition. On the one hand, they have massive potential for destruction, with mastery of thermonuclear weapons, but on the other hand they have great potential to help, their medical science is incredibly advanced for a species at their stage."

"What type of species are they?" asked Talnor. "Warlike? Healers?"

"That's just the thing sir." replied Tekak. "It seems to vary from each people. There seems to be a lot of hatred among them, I hear lots of news of terrorists, and wars and some of the most terrible events that took place 60 years ago, in an event they call the Second World war…But then I hear stories of aid for the poorer countries."

"What about the environmental side of them?" asked Talnor.

"Well," began Tekak. "They seem to be doing a fair amount of damage to there environment through global warming. But there are groups dedicated to saving it. I think they have potential."

"Hmm…" said Talnor. "They seem essentially good." He turned to Tekak. "What do you think? How should I class them?"

"They don't strike me as being bad sir." said Tekak. "There are only a small amount of them that are communist; and they seem surprisingly resilient; I don't think they would accept an oppressive regime from the Alpha Draconian Empire. I think we can consider them potential allies."

Talnor smiled.

"That's what I like to hear." said Talnor. "When we get back to Naval command I'll inform them that humans can be considered as potential allies." He paused. "Now what about that Grey ship? Did you find any reference to an alien arrival?"

"Yes sir." replied Tekak. He pressed a button on the clip board. A picture of a flying saucer came up on screen. "I found many references to Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs as they like to call them. Some are true, but a lot of them are just weirdos spreading rumors on the internet."

Talnor laughed

"Nerds." said Talnor. "No matter what planet you go to you can't avoid 'em."

"Yes sir." replied Tekak. "But I did find an interesting reference to a UFO crash about 60 years ago." A photo came up on the screen of the clip board.

"Grey microwave art." replied Talnor.

"Yes sir." replied Tekak. "They've been appearing more and more often ever since the ship supposedly crashed. They appear in fields, burnt in by water evaporation caused by microwaves. The humans call them "crop circles". They've become a mystery of their society."

"What about the warship?" asked Talnor.

"According to the rumours, the United States Governments main Alien technology facility is called Area 51." replied Tekak.

. "What do we know about this Area 51?" "That would explain why there is such a similarity to Grey technology on this world" said Talnor

"Very little sir. The American government has been conducting top secret experiments there for years apparently. It's very well protected."

"What do we know about its defence plans?"

"Again, very little sir. That sort of thing can't be found on the civilian internet, and if these people are good at something, they are very good at making firewalls, so we can't hack their military computers."

"Do we have the co-ordinates of the base?" asked Talnor.

"Yes sir." replied Tekak.

"Run a full sensor sweep on it." said Talnor.

"Yes sir."

Tekak walked over to his console and pressed a few buttons on it.

"Commencing sensor sweep, now." He announced. There was a bleeping noise from the console. Tekak frowned.

"Sir there's an electronic scrambling field from the base." said Tekak. "Sensors can't penetrate."

"Are there signs of such fields anywhere else on the planet?" asked Talnor.

"No sir, they shouldn't have this technology." said Tekak. "It's not a natural phenomenon either…"

Talnor sighed.

"Then it's true." said Talnor.

Tekak frowned.

"What are your orders Captain?" asked Tekak.

Talnor looked up and turned to his first officer Dask.

"Mr. Dask?" said Talnor. How are our guests?"

"We have interrogated them sir and they have told us where they used to live on the planets map" said Dask. "We should be able to re-introduce them."

"Have you wiped their memories?" asked Talnor.

"Yes sir." replied Dask. "They're currently asleep."

Talnor got out of the chair.

"Ok." replied Talnor. "Here's what we do. We leave these people about 10 miles out from the settlement where they live. You know the routine, mess up their hair a alot, make them look drunk and just generally crazy.. Once we've done that, we plan out a course of action with our first contact with these people…"

"Aye Captain!" replied Tekak.

"Begin operation rehabilitate." said Talnor. "Get our passengers ready to be transported to the planets surface." Talnor suddenly looked serious and looked at the city below. "Also have the marines and the starfighters put on standby…"

"Sir?" asked Commander Dask. "I thought we were considering these people to be our allies? Not declare war on them."

"You're right," replied Talnor. "The people of this planet are still on my list of potential allies…I just have a feeling, that's all."

Dask smiled.

"You and your feelings…" thought Dask.

Meanwhile, back at the university, Sam, David and Leia were sitting round a table eating Chinese food. Each one had a bowl of rice and a pair of chopsticks. David and Leia were about to start eating theirs, but Sam had already started eating and was shovelling food down at an incredible speed. All David and Leia could do was stare at him. Suddenly Sam stopped eating and panted, and then he held his bowl out.

"More food please." said Sam, in a sort of joke polite voice.

"Wow…" said David still staring in amazement. "You might wanna take it easy with the food Sam….I've never seen you eat like this…you don't wanna throw up."

Sam smiled.

"I know. I don't get it either.." cried Sam. "I've never felt this hungry before in my life." As he served himself some noodles into his bowl.

"That'll be because of the pattern on your hand…" said Leia. "It uses up the energy from your food, and you used it's power quite a lot earlier on so it makes sense you feel hungry now. If you use its power again later on it'll make you hungry again."

Sam started shovelling food into his mouth again.

"So this thing makes me stronger and lets me eat loads without getting fat huh?" said Sam as he started sucking up some noodles.

Leia nodded. "Basically, yeah…"

"This thing is awesome!" cried Sam.

Leia took a bite from his rice bowl.

"Sam later on I want to test this things power in a combat situation." said Leia calmly.

"Combat situation?" asked David just as he was about to take a bite from a duck pancake.

Leia nodded. "I think whoever created this seal designed it to be used as a fighting weapon, as opposed to an athletic device, it would explain why he was able to beat up those guards at the other university. I want to test some of the results we get."

"Yeah ok." mumbled Sam as he shoved a whole prawn toast. Into his mouth "But how are we gonna get me into a fight situation?"

"We have a karate instructor here on the campus." said Leia. "I'll get him to spar with you."

"Yeah, ok." Replied Sam as he swallowed down a load of food and banged his chest with his fist.

About half an hour later, Sam was standing in large gym hall. There were windows that looked onto other rooms in the gym with work out machines like tredmills lined around them. The room Sam was in was white with a soft blue mat on the floor so that when one of the contenders fell it would soften the impact. There were also keeling mats around the sides of the room where the karate students would kneel when the lessons were taking place. But there was no one here watching this match. Leia had made sure that there weren't any other people there who might give them away to the police or the government.

Sam was standing in the middle of the mat, dressed up in a karate uniform. He was standing in front of a huge Muslim karate master. He was at least 6ft and was about 20 years older than Sam, he had a beard and hard dark eyes. He looked really threatening, the sort of guy who stopped muggers from going down dark alleys just in case they accidentally tried to mug him. Sam looked up at this man, he smiled sarcastically at him then gave him the sign meaning he would be right back. He ran over to David and Leia who were sitting on chairs lined up against the side.

"What the hell?" cried Sam. "You expect me to FIGHT that guy? He looks like he could bloody eat me!"

"Sam, relax." replied Leia winking. "It's just a test of your strength. You're not going to be properly fighting, we'll pull ya out before any harm is done."

Sam didn't look very reassured.

"Yeah, okay, whatever…" replied Sam. "I'm gonna hold you to that…"

Sam walked back into the centre of the arena with the big guy. A gong sounded. Sams lip started to shake.

"What the hell am I doing?" thought Sam. The two of them made the martial arts bow. Sam started to shake all over. The big guy yelled and made a karate stance, making Sam jump, he looked incredibly fierce. Sam who was trembling by now also took up the stance, but he looked feeble in comparison to the big guy. Leia took out her laptop and pressed a couple of buttons. The sensors that had been placed all over Sam and the masters body activated, an image of the outline of their bodies appeared on the screen. There were graphs on the side of the screen showing heart rate and other bodily functions.

"Sam's got a far higher metabolism rate than the other guy," thought Leia. "And his adrenaline rate doesn't account for it. Must be the power of that seal…" Leia looked up. She nodded at the guy standing next to the gong. He sounded it, beginning the fight. Sam's opponent gave a huge cry and lunged forward with a left punch. Sam gulped and used his left arm to block by holding it up to stop him from hitting his face. Sam looked away in fear because he thought that his attempts would be feeble in an attempt to stop his human cannonball from hitting him. But it wasn't.

Sam heard a large thud, but he wasn't knocked over. Sam opened his eyes to see the shocked faces of the master and his uncle and sister. The master got his senses together and came in for another attack with a right karate chop, Sam just deflected it away with his right arm to his amazement. The master then spun round for a round house kick, and lashed out with his right foot, about to knock it into Sam's chest, but with lightning quick reflexes, Sam grabbed the kick his with right arm and held the master in place.

Under normal circumstances this would have been a critical error on Sam's part. Grabbing your opponent's kick takes a lot of effort and not enough of a chance to block your opponents counters. The master was about to come in for another attack with his left fist. But with incredible strength, Sam lifted up the master with all his strength and threw him aside like a stick. He rolled on the ground and eventually stopped, picking himself up panting. David and Leia were up out of their seats staring.

"How the hell did he do that?" asked David.

"It's the power of the seal…" explained Leia. "I knew it was giving him strength, but this is amazing!"

The master eventually stood up again, still panting.

Sam held out the back of his hand and stared at it.

The seal was glowing.

He stared at the master, who was still getting back into his stance. Sam wasn't sure if it was just him, but every body else seemed to be moving to slow for him, he just had to move faster. Sam ran up to the master at lighting speed and came at him with a punch. The master barely had time to block with attack before Sam came at him with another attack.

The master blocked again. The chain continued, Sam kept attacking with phenomenal speed and the master barely being able to keep up with him.

"Atta boy Sam!" cried David who was standing up on his chair. "Kick his ass!"

"This is incredible!" cried Leia. "Not only is the seal enhancing his muscles but it's increasing brain activity. All the extra electrical activity from his increased metabolism is being pumped into his central nervous system. To him we must be moving in slow motion."

Sam was still coming at the master with a flurry of punches and karate chops, but he was starting to slow down and the master was starting to keep up with his speed. Until finally the master deflected away Sam's punch and lashed out with a chop kick, sending Sam flying.

"Don't stop now!" yelled David. "Get up Sam I know you've got more in ya!"

Sam started to pant.

"Dammit!" thought Sam. "What happened to my speed? Come on I KNOW I can move faster than this. Wait a minute…"

He thought back to the incident in the laboratory when he increased his power by grabbing his wrist. "If I do that again…then maybe I'll be able to get back my speed.."

He picked himself up, and grabbed his right wrist with his left hand. He started to concentrate, the seal started to glow brighter now. There were a few small but distinctive sparks from around his limbs, Sam yelled, his muscles started to bulge again and his karate suit ripped in places. He stood up straight and faced his opponent.

The huge, experienced karate master who was twice Sam's size now looked terrified of the fifteen year old -and with reason. Before he even had time to prepare himself, Sam had already run at him and punched him in the stomach and winded him. The master keeled over and collapsed on the ground.

David and Leia could do nothing but stare. That last attack was so fast they could barely see Sam.

"Incredible…" said Leia. "Simply, incredible…"

David eventually came to terms with what had just happened.

"Amazing…" thought David. "Sam, when you came to stay with me, you were just a timid boy, afraid of everything. Now look at you. You've grown. You're so strong."

Sam turned around to face David and Leia. He rubbed the back of his hand and grinned at the two of them.

"He, guess I kinda overdid it…" said Sam innocently. A bunch of men came running over to help pick up the master. Leia and David came walking over to Sam.

"So what do you think of the seal?" asked Sam.

"Its unbelievable." replied Leia. "And whoever made it is as smart as god. If any power could get a hold of this they could rule the world…" She looked serious. "Whatever it is, no one should have it. We have to keep it a secret."

Sam looked at his hand. The seal had grown again:

"Hey look!" cried Sam. "Its gotten bigger!" Leia grabbed his hand and stared at it.

"Hmmm," said Leia. "I think it gets bigger every time you reach a new level of its power…." She paused for a second. "Wait a moment…I think I know what the design might be!" She pulled out her laptop and sat down on the chair. She loaded up google on the screen and typed something into the search bar. A picture came up on screen:

They looked at the screen and then at Sams hand and then looked back again.

"What is it?" asked David.

"It's a crop circle that appeared outside Stonehenge in 1995." explained Leia. "A treble-julia set…" I think that's what the pattern on Sam's hand is growing into. It hasn't completed the first arm yet, but I think its power goes up respectively how many arms are being shown…"

Sam looked puzzled.

"Huh?" asked Sam.

Leia sighed. She pointed to the seal on Sam's hand. She ran her finger over the seal, and then pointed to one of the arms on the picture on the screen.

"Look." explained Leia. "The treble Julia set has three arms, but the pattern on your hand doesn't even have a full arm yet, I think your power increases depending on how many arms there are on the seal."

Sam look at his hand and then looked at the screen.

"So you're saying that this isn't my full power yet?" asked Sam.

"Yeah. In fact this should only be a small fraction of your power."

Sam smiled. "Cool!" cried Sam. "I can't wait till I master my full power!"

Leia smiled, "I don't think you ever will fully master the seals power." explained Leia. "According to my calculations, if you ever master all three of the seals arms, the rate of genetic mutation in your body would be so would cease to be human"

Sam looked a little scared.

"Heh….." said Sam. "What would I become?"

Liea shrugged.

"I dunno," replied Liea. "But you might become a full biomechanical machine."

Sam now looked really scared.

"Ok…" he said. "I better stop using it so much."

He looked at the picture on the screen again. "Hey wait a minute, what did you say that thing was?"

"A crop circle, why?"

Sam grinned.

"Oh come on, how much proof do you need that this guy is an alien?"

David snorted.

"Don't be stupid." replied David. "Crop circles are usually made by a bunch of saddos who don't have anything better to do with their time by walking out into a field and using wires and strings for a publicity stunt, they have NOTHING to do with aliens."

"Actually…" replied Leia. They all spun round at her.

"Oh don't tell me you believe that shit!" cried David.

"No listen , I saw this documentary…"

"On what channel?" asked David.

Leia paused for a minute and look embarrassed.

"Sci-fi channel….."

There was a pause. Then David burst out laughing.

"The sci-fi channel. Half the people who make the crop-circles, WORK for that channel." he laughed.

"David shut up and listen for a second." cried Leia. David stopped laughing. "All right, let me explain. Ok, YES, some nerds who want to get on the telly will sometimes go out and use the right equipment to create these crop circles, however, in other cases, it's not…"

She paused and pointed to the image on screen. "In 1995 that crop circle appeared in a field opposite Stonehenge. The remarkable thing about it was that there were guards on patrol at Stonehenge the whole time, when they first noticed the pattern starting to appear in the field, they went away for a few minutes to go and get somebody else to look at it, by the time they had come back more of the pattern had appeared in the field. It appeared in such a short space of time, nobody could have made it by any human methods…."

David snorted. "And that's your evidence for saying that a UFO created that thing?"

"No…" continued Leia. "When the crop circle was complete a group of scientists went to investigate the methods use to make the pattern."

"Yeah, so?"

"After studying the crops they noticed that all their water sacks had been evaporated by high intensity microwaves…" explained Leia.

There was a long silence in the room.

"Ok, so there's a definitely connection between the pattern on Sam's hand and that crop circle…" replied David. "But we have no reason to believe its aliens…"

"Except for the fact that this nanotechnology is far beyond anything humans have mastered." Announce Liea. They all turned to her. "Even the military doesn't have technology like this."

Sam suddenly looked serious all of a sudden.

"Look we can stay here all day debating whether or not it's aliens behind what is happening to me…" cried Sam. "Or we can actually DO something about it."

"Like what?" asked David.

Sam held the hand with the pattern on it and clenched it into a fist.

"We know exactly what we need to do…" replied Sam. "He told us, come to Roswell, the answers lie there."

There was another pause.

"Sam, we still don't know if we can trust this guy," said David. "And we'd never get out of the country. M15 and the CIA are still looking for us so we'd get caught at passport control."

Leia paused before she spoke,

"Actually," she said. "There's a way around that…" David looked up.

"What?" he asked.

"The university has its own helicopter…and it's going to leave for America later today…if I pull some more strings I can get them to drop us off somewhere else, and we can avoid passport control all together…" explained Leia.

"But…that's completely illegal." cried David. "We're in enough trouble as it is with being smuggled out of the country."

"David, we have already made enemies of the two biggest intelligence agencies in the world." cried Sam. "We have to keep running from them otherwise who knows what they will do to us." Sam looked at the cylinder. "And if that device truly is part of an alien starship who knows what they will do with it? I mean, the second America got the nuke they blew up Hiroshima. Who knows what they could do with this thing? How many more Iraqis are gonna die from this thing?" Sam paused for a minute. He remembered his parents…killed by friendly fire…A weapon of this magnitude whatever it was…people were going to be killed, no matter what side they were on.

David bit his lips. He knew whenever Sam mention Iraq he was really only thinking about his parents…There was a long silence now.

"Alright, fine…we'll go." said David.

Sam smiled.

"You know it makes sense." cried Sam.

"Get your things ready and I'll talk with the helicopter department…" replied Leia. "See you tonight…"

Later that night they were gathered on the roof of the university. The helicopter was ready. Its blades were already spinning. The wind rustled Sam, Leia and David's hair as they packed their things and the cylinder into the back of the helicopter. The sat on the back row of seats, there were already a scientific group who were sitting in the middle row. As soon as they were ready they closed the doors of the helicopter. It rose slowly above the ground and then flew off into the night sky. Sam watched as mixture of dark and the few faint lights that was now the skyline of London rolled passed his window. He pressed his hand with seal up against the window.

"I'm coming…"

Chapter 6: Welcome to Roswell

The S.C.S. Liberon Denasos was now hovering over Las Vegas at a very high orbit. Commander Dask walked onto the bridge and over to Captain Talnors chair.

"Operation Rehabilitate is now complete Captain.All the human passengers have now been returned to their homes on the planets surface," announced Commander Dask.

No response from Talnor.He was leaning over to one side with his elbow resting on the arm rest of his chair with his head was propped up against his fist.

"Captain?" repeated Dask. "Captain?" He shook him. Talnor looked up startled.

"Oh yeah sorry, guess I sort of dozed off…" said Talnor.

Dask looked puzzled.

"You really do find this command stuff boring don't you?" asked Dask.

Talnor paused.

"Not all the time…" replied Talnor.

"You're lying." said Dask. "If we're not in the middle of a battle or commanding a marine mission, you hate the responsibility of being a Captain!"

"Now that's not true." said Talnor. "I take my responsibilities very seriously, it's just, well… I like the heat of battle.Sometimes this observation stuff can get boring."

Dask similed.

"Course you find it boring…" said Dask . "We would ALL prefer to be out there doing something, but we're stuck up here. That's why I've noticed any chance you get you would rather be leading the marine missions than be here on the bridge."

Talnor paused.

"It's true I have a desire for battle," explained Talnor. "But I swear it would NEVER get in the way of my responsibilities. I find this routine stuff a little mind numbing that's all…"

"We all do." replied Dask. "But I think things are going to get a lot more interesting soon."

Talnor looked up.

"Why do you say that?" asked Talnor.

Dask handed Talnor the clipboard in his hand.

"Our sensors were able to penetrate a little bit further into the bases scrambling field." explained Dask. "And detected something very interesting." A photgraph of a grey/human hybrid was standing next to a runway.

Talnor stared at it.

"Hybrids? Here?" said Talnor. Dask nodded. "What's so special about that?"

Dask nodded.

"How many have they manufactured?" asked Talnor.

"We can't tell for sure." replied Dask. "But we scanned it fully, it's somewhere over the region over 1500."
Talnor stared at Dask.

"An army?" said Talnor quietly.

Dask nodded.

"So let me get this straight?" said Talnor. "These "Americans" have manufactured a small hybrid army."


"Hybrids that have been known to rebel in the past."


"And they have a warship that in theory could deploy this army to anywhere in the galaxy."


"And the only thing that is stopping them from mobilising this army is them not having a military reactor."

"That about sums it up, yeah."

There was a pause.

"I want the senior officers gathered in the meeting room in 15 minutes." ordered Talnor. "One way or the other that army must not be allowed to be deployed, and if they do have a carrier then they could prove to be at least a match for us."

Talnor got out of his chair and walked out of the room.

"Not so boring anymore now, is it Captain?" thought Dask.

Back on Earth, Sam, David and Leia were on a crowded coach travelling across the New Mexician desert. The helicopter had only been able to drop them as far as Sante Fe, they were going to have to commute all the way to Roswell. It was really crowded, and stuffy.

The midday sun was beating down on the coach and everyone was sweating. Sam couldn't help but stare out of the window though, into the desert.

"Wow.. isn't it amazing?" cried Sam.

"Sam, it's a desert." said Leia. "Nothing but sand and cactuses for miles and miles, not exactly what I would call amazing…."

"Yeah well anything is better than Britian…" replied Sam.

"Yeah right…" laughed David. "Can you honestly imagine living in this? God what I wouldn't give right now for some good old British rain…" David looked around and then grabbed his hair. "I don't even know what the hell we are doing here! 24 hours ago you were saying that we were on the run from the Americian government, and now we are in the middle of America!"

"Jarfez said…" began Sam.

"Jarfez this, Jarfez that…" replied David. "We're chasing after an alien that you think has been talking to you in your sleep for Christs' sake! How crazy is that? I mean I have done some seriously crazy things in my life but this really takes the biscuit…"

Sam stared at David.

"What crazy things were they then?" asked Sam.

David looked at him for a second. Leia looked at David.

"Was it something you did in Ireland?" asked Sam.

David paused.

"Don't worry about it…" replied David.

David turned to the window. Sam continued to stare at David.

"Who's worried?" replied Sam.

About an hour later they arrived in Roswell. They had been left on the road side with their luggage. Sam looked around. There weren't many houses and they all looked the same with green front lawns. Billboards also lined the road. Sam also noticed there was a fun fair at the end of the road, with a picture of an alien on a bill board outside it.

"Huh." said Sam. "Looks like they're proud of their UFO story round here."

David looked around. The town seemed pretty empty.

"By my guess it's the only thing they could be proud of." said David. "If it wasn't for that stupid myth, no one would have ever heard of this place."

Leia was struggling to pick up the bag with their entire luggage and the cylinder in it.

"Bloody hell…" panted Leia. "Would you two stop talking and give me a hand with this…."

"Yeah sure." replied David. He walked over to the bag and tried lifting it with Leia. It was a joint effort but they were eventually able to heave the bag off the ground.

"Damn this thing is heavy…" said David. The two of them tried struggling along with the bag.

"Hey…er why don't you let me try carrying it?" asked Sam.

"Nah, it's alright!" wheezed David. "We've got it.."

Sam ran to catch up with them and then grabbed the handle of the bag. He picked it up with such ease that David and Leia were knocked off their feet.And Sam was left on his own carrying the bag.

Sam laughed.

"You alright?" said Sam.

David and Leia sat up and stared at Sam.

"Umm…yeah I'm ok…" replied David. He looked up and down Sam.

"How the hell can he be holding that thing without any trouble?" thought David. Then he noticed Sams right hand, it was glowing slightly. David frowned, he got up on his feet.

"Come on, let's go." he said.

He then turned and walked on. Sam and Leia followed.

They walked on down the road for a few minutes.

"So what are we looking for?" asked Leia.

"Let's try and find someone who knows where the starship crashed and go there," cried Sam.

"You must be joking. No one knows exactly where it was meant to have crashed." replied Liea.

"What about the ranch?" asked David.

Sam turned to David.

"What ranch?" asked Sam.

"Wasn't there meant to be a ranch where some of the debris from the UFO landed?" replied David.

Leia thought for a moment.

"You're right!" said Leia. "The owner of the ranch found some strange material that was like foil, except it kept unfolding back to its original shape…"

"Cool!" cried Sam. "Then let's go there." He turned around and started running down the street.

"Hey, wait up Sam!" yelled Leia.

Sam ran along the street. Asking everyone along if they knew where the Ranch was.

Finally he came up to an old woman and tapped her on the shoulder to get her to turn around.

"Umm…excuse me 'mam, but I was wondering…" asked Sam. "Do you know where we could find the ranch where they found the piece of the UFO?"

He old woman smiled and chuckled.

"Oh you young tourists," she laughed. "All y'all wanna see the UFO don'tcha?"

Sam smiled. The old woman pointed out towards the desert.

"Old man Brazel lives about 70 miles out that way." explained the women. "He don't like visitors so don't pester him too much."

"Thanks 'mam!" cried Sam.

"No problem young 'un…" said the women and she walked on.

Sam turned around and saw David and Leia running up to him.

"Don't….do…that…again…" panted David.

"Did…you…have…any…luck?" asked Leia.

"Yeah actually I did," smiled Sam. He pointed out in the direction the women had. "It's about 70 miles out that way."

"70 miles?" cried Leia. "How the hell are we gonna get out there?"

"We'll hitchhike." replied Sam.

David hung his head in exhaustion.

"We just got off the bus…" he thought.

A few minutes later, the three of them had crowded into the back of a truck heading out in the direction of the ranch. Sam had his arm resting on the side of the truck and looking out at the desert. Suddenly Sam felt a twitch in his right hand. He held up his hand and stared at it. It felt weird; it was as though it was pointing him somewhere. He held his hand right out and let it guide him. It started to point in the direction towards a facility in the distance. It looked like an airstrip of some kind.

"What's that over there?" asked Sam.

Leia looked over to the airstrip and then turned to Sam.

"Oh that's Roswell Air base," explained Leia. "The first nuclear bombing squadron in the world was stationed there. It's also where the UFO was meant to be taken after it crashed…Why?"

Sam didn't reply. There was a pause.


"He was there…" said Sam finally.

David turned to Sam.

"Who?" asked David.

"Jarfez…" replied Sam. "I don't know how to explain it…but I can just tell. He was here."

"You sure?" asked Leia.

"Yeah…" replied Sam. "It's as though he's leading me to him…"

There was another pause.

"Yeah," thought David. But exactly what are we being lead into…"

The driver dropped them off a short distance away from the ranch. They were going to have to walk the rest of the way. They had got a bit closer to the ranch when Sam suddenly stopped in his tracks. David and Leia kept walking for a while and then stopped and turned around.

"What's wrong Sam?" asked David.

"I dunno…" replied Sam. "I feel all…" Before Sam could finish the sentence he cried out in pain and grabbed his head and closed his eyes. When he opened them, it was no longer the middle of the day…more like late at night.

David and Leia were gone.

"David?" called out Sam. "Leia?" He looked around in a panicked state. Suddenly he heard a noise from the sky. He looked up. There was a huge fireball hurtling towards the ground. Sam squinted to make out what the fireball was. Suddenly, realised what it was. It was the Roswell U.F.O. It was coming towards him. It slammed into the ground sending dust flying into the air. It came skidding towards him. He wanted to run but his legs wouldn't move. He could see it coming…it was so close. It was about to hit him when suddenly. He passed through the hull…he was moving through the walls of the ship. Suddenly it stopped, came to a grinding halt. Sam looked around. He was in the cabin of the ship. There were dead Alien bodies lying all around. The machines on the walls lay in ruins. Sam looked around. There was a chair in the centre of the room. The Alien sitting on it looked unharmed. He stood up.

"Hello Sam…" spoke the Alien.

Sam tried his hardest to speak, but he couldn't…he just couldn't.

"Y…yo…you're Jarfez?" asked Sam.

The Alien nodded.

"Welcome to my ship." replied Jarfez.

"Th……a dream?" asked Sam.

"Yes." explained Jarfez. "You are now standing on the spot where my ship crashed all those years ago. I thought it would be suitable to show you what happed that night."

Sam couldn't speak.

"I suppose you're wondering why I've brought you here…" Sam nodded. Jarfez looked at the dead bodies. "As you have no doubt guessed, I need your help. The American government cannot be allowed to get the Hyperdrive engine and you are holding one of the only things on this planet that will allow them to do so. However they have the other thing they need to complete the engine." Jarfez pointed to himself. "I have knowledge on how to construct an engine, and although I have managed to keep its secrets unknown to them for nearly 60 years now, I fear that one day soon, I might crack and if that happens, god only knows what they will do." Jarfez now looked serious. "I need you to rescue me. I need you to get me out of Area 51."

"You…want…me…to break into the American government's most well guarded facility?" cried Sam.

Jarfez laughed.
"Don't worry." He replied. "You won't be alone."

He clicked his fingers and an image of the seal on Sams hand appeared floating in front of Jarfez.

"I gave you this so that you would have the power to protect the cylinder and to attempt the rescue." explained Jarfez. He clicked his fingers again and an image of an advanced battle armour and a Battle Laser floated in front of him.

"What are those?" asked Sam.

"That, my friend, is a Battle Laser." explained Jarfez. "And that is ion armour, standard issue for Sirian star marines."

"Sirian?" asked Sam.

"I'll explain when you arrive." replied Jarfez. He returned his hand to his side and the two objects disappeared. "The point is one of each of these devices went missing when my ship crashed. They probably got thrown out of the ship when it started to decompress. The American government has been unable to locate these devices. So there most likely somewhere in this desert, if you locate them, then you will have the power rescue me. However, these devices may be in the hands of someone by now, and if they are they will have most likely kept them hidden. So you will need to prove to them that you are on their side."

Jarfez clicked his fingers and several strange symbols. They reminded Sam of Heiroglyphics appeared around Sam, circling around him.

"Show them these and they will know that you are on your side…" replied Jarfez. "I'll see you soon…" He waved his hand and the symbols flew towards Sams head.

"Wait!" cried Sam.

Meanwhile, in Area 51, the pirate captain Nexin was sitting on the floor crossed legged with his hands clapped together with his eyes closed. He suddenly awoke and stood up. There was a powerful looking American General standing outside.

"Congratulations, General." Said Nexin. "That sample of the Ion Armour will be in your hands soon."

"Excellent." replied the General. "With that kind of attitude you will be off this planet in no time." He then turned to a cell in the corner. "Unlike some people." He added. In one of the dark corners of the cell sat Captain Jarfez. He'd been beaten again.

"Dammit…" thought Jarfez.

Back in the New Mexican desert Sam had just woken up from his vision and nearly stumbled on to the floor.

"Sam, you alright?" cried David running over to grab him.

"Yeah…I'm…I'm fine," panted Sam.

"What happened?" asked Leia.

Sam looked up. He then looked at the ground around him. It was strange; it looked as though it had been displaced a long time ago. Sam smiled.

"I spoke to him again…" said Sam.

"What did he say?" asked David.

"He said that this is the spot!" cried Sam. He knelt down and felt the ground.

"This is the exact spot where his ship crashed…"

Leia and David looked around.

"Imagine it." said Sam. "We are now closer to an Alien object than most people on Earth has ever been!"

There was now a pause.

David knelt down next to Sam.

"Sam." Began David "What else did he say?"

Sam looked up at Leia.

"Leia, do you have a pen and paper on you?" asked Sam.

Leia looked puzzled but reached into her handbag and pulled out a piece of scrap paper and a biro pen. Sam took them and started scribbling some symbols onto the paper. While he was drawing them he explained exactly what Jarfez had said about the Battle Laser and the Ion armour.

"Well that's it." Said Sam as he stopped scribbling. He looked at the piece of paper. It looked like this:

David looked at Sam.

"So now what do, we do?" he asked.

Sam got off the ground.

"We find those machines." said Sam.

"Yeah. Just one problem." replied David. "They could be anywhere in this desert, or just about anywhere for that matter if some one found them."

Leia looked around and then pointed to the ranch in the distance.

"Why don't we try over there?" said Leia pointing in the direction of the ranch. The other two turned around. "They might have the machines."

David turned to Sam.

"It's worth a try." said Sam smiling.

David sighed.

"All right." He sighed. "Come on. Let's go."

The three of them walked across the Desert towards the ranch. From the distance they could see an old man tending to his cattle. They stopped out side the fence. Sam rested on the fence and called out to the man.

"Hi there!" called Sam.

The old man gave them a glance and then went back to his cattle.

"Hi." he replied.

"Is this the ranch where they found the pieces of the UFO?" asked Sam.

The old man didn't look up.

"Yeah this is it." replied the man. "I was the one who found it as well."

"What did you find?" asked Sam.

"Oh, nothing particularly special." explained the man. "Just some weird foil that kept folding back to its original shape."

"You sure you didn't find a gun and some body armour as well?" replied Sam.

The old man suddenly looked up. There was a pause.

"Who the hell are you people?" he yelled.

Sam didn't answer his question.

"I've got something you might be interested in." called Sam. He waved the piece of paper up in the air. The old man didn't come over at first. But then began to slowly walk over to the fence. Sam handed over the paper. The old man stared at it for a moment. There was a long silence.

"How the hell do you know these symbols?" he asked. "In 60 years I've never shown them to anyone."

"Before we go any further we're not the Federal government." Said Sam,

The man snorted.

"I gathered as much, shorty." replied the man.

Sam looked angry but soon got over it.

"Ok look, it's kind of a long story…" began Sam.

Sam stood there explaining what had happened to him over the past few days.

"I know it sounds crazy." finished Sam. "But you gotta believe me."

The old man looked at Sam, then David, then Leia then back to Sam. He sighed.

"All right." said the man. "I'll believe you. Heck, after 60 years of having an Alien weapon in my basement I'll believe anything."

He lead the three of them to his gate and then into his house.

The three of them were standing in the old man's living room. There was a couch with a window behind it with a carpet in the centre of the room. The old man lifted up the carpet to reveal a trap door.

"For 60 years now I've kept this a secret from everyone." said the old man. "My friends, the media, the federal government…Revealing a piece of foil that doesn't stay bent is one thing, but giving away a piece of alien weaponry that could be used for god knows what, is another."

He lifted up the trap door to reveal a stair case. The four of them walked down it into the darkness. The old man switched a light switch to reveal a box in the corner. The three of them crowded round the box. The old man opened it up to reveal the body armour and the Battle Laser. He handed the Laser to Sam. It was made of a slightly lighter metal than the cylinder they had found.

"I've tried using that thing." explained the old man. "It's like nothing I've ever seen. It doesn't fire bullets, just bolts of light. But believe me it's powerfull, it makes my shotgun seem like a water gun." He then handed part of the battle armour- it had the same symbols that Sam showed the man painted on it.

"I haven't had a chance to fully use this thing." replied the old man. "But believe me, it's tough stuff. I've tried shooting it. Bullets just bounce right off it!." Sam felt the material of the amour.

"Wait there's more." continued the old man. He pulled out the waist of the armour. There were several round objects attached to the belt around it, one appeared to be missing.

"I've used one of those things." He explained. "They're grenades but none like I ever seen." He then looked into the box. "And last, but not least." He pulled out the boot of the battle armour. There appeared to be some kind of holster on the side of it, containing a similar knife to the one Talnor had.

"Believe me its sharp." explained the man. "It cut through steel, no problem." He flicked the switch and it retracted back into the handle. Sam held the knife, and then looked at the other devices. He then turned to the man.

"Sir," began Sam. "I know this is asking a lot…But please can I have these?" There was a pause.

"Sir the alien to whom these belong to is trapped in a cell somewhere in Area 51." explained Sam. "And I'm the one whose gotta get him out. I need these to do it."

"It's alright boy." said the old man. "I've always thought that the alien might come back to get it one day. I guess I won't mind giving them to you."

Sam smiled.

They went back up stairs so that Sam could get changed into the battle armour. It went into the bathroom, and when he came out, he was wearing the armour. He looked like a cross between a robot and an old medieval knight. He had the Battle Laser resting in his hands. He looked like a proper sci-fi hero. Leia thought he looked cool, but David couldn't help but give a snigger.

Sam went outside into the backyard to practice his combat techniques while wearing the armour and to get some target practice with the Battle Laser. He was there all afternoon. Towards sundown Sam was still practicing his knife slashing techniques. David came out from behind the barn of the ranch to watch Sam. Sam had just finished and came down with a stab with the knife. When he realised David was behind him. Sam removed his helmet and turned round to face him.

"You've gotten good." said David.

"Thanks," called Sam. "I think I'm ready now."

David paused.

"You're not still seriously thinking about going ahead with this?" cried David.

Sam paused.

"I have to." said Sam quietly.

"Why?" yelled David. "Why the hell do you have do this?"

"Because I'm the only one who can." Explained Sam. He showed David the seal on his right hand. "If I don't, no one else will."

"Dammit Sam I don't want to loose you the same way I lost my friends!" cried David.

There was a long pause.

"I think it's about time you told me what happened to you in Northern Ireland David…" said Sam.

David paused and looked at the ground, then looked at Sam.

"I was a member of the IRA ok?" cried David.

Sam froze.

"Wh….What?" he stuttered.

"Yeah. You heard me!" he yelled. "Ten years ago I was blowing up buildings to kill Catholics because I thought that a distant government in the UK was trying to control our lives." He paused. "But one day I just got tired of the killing…So I left. The following night there was a raid on the terror cell that I used be a part of by the British army. All of them were arrested. The people I had been working for thought that I had betrayed them and told them where to find me. So I went on the run with my best friend Andy. We tried to get out of the country, by the British soon caught up with us…" He paused. "Andy said he was me, and he got arrested so that I could escape and confessed to the charges."

Sam's eyes opened.

"He's doing the sentence that I should be doing." said David. "He sacrificed himself for me, to protect me from a distant government." He walked over to Sam and placed his hands on his shoulders. "Don't you see Sam? I'm afraid that you're going to have to sacrifice yourself to protect me and your sister from the American government. I couldn't live with myself if that happened again. I don't deserve to live, and people keep dying because of me…maybe even if I had gone to Iraq with your father and mother then maybe they wouldn't be dead as well…." Tears started to roll down his cheeks.

Sam hugged him.

"I'm coming back David." said Sam. "Don't worry, I'm coming back."

The two of them stayed there as the sun went down.

The eve of battle.

Chapter 7: Area 51

They had left later that evening from Roswell, and travelled through the Night. But their journey was nearly over. Sam, David and Leia got off their tour bus that had been travelling on Route 375 otherwise known as Extraterrestrial Highway, famous for having the best look-out point to see the Nellis Air Force range. While the other tourists were standing at the designated viewing point for the base watching the fighter planes take off from the runway in the distance, Sam, Leia and David had snuck away from the main group and started to head off into the desert. They were walking closer and closer to the security perimeter. The entire area around Groom Dry Lake had been closed off to civilians.

Very soon, the American government was going to be shooting at them, and they all knew it.

The barbed wire fence started to swivel into view, from the heat shimmer, you could start to make out the huge research facilities and run ways surrounding the base. David and Leia were carrying the bag containing the cylinder. Sam was suiting up into his battle armour and preparing his weapons. They finally reached a small hill. Sam turned around to talk to David and Leia.

"This is it." said Sam.

The three of them stopped. For a moment it seemed as though time had done,too. Leia suddenly burst out into tears she dropped the bag and ran over to him and grabbed him.

"Sam please don't do this…" she cried. "You can't do this! It's insane!"

"I can do this…" replied Sam. "I will do it. I have to."

"Why?" replied Leia. "Cause some alien told you to? You don't have to do this Sam, this isn't your fight…"

"You're wrong about that…" replied Sam. Leia looked up. "Ever since World War 2, the American government has been controlling this world, deciding everything. What is right, what is wrong, who can have nukes and who can't... It's wrong Leia. Everyone realises it. I realise someone has to do it but not them, not all the time, and they could at least do a better job at it! People hate the American government so much, that they are prepared to fly planes into their buildings just to show that hatred…Even when they're wrong about who had nukes and who doesn't they still think they are right…And then people on both sides of the war get killed."

Leia stood up. She now knew what he was talking about. She slapped him across the face! Sam was knocked over from the force. David jumped from sound of it.

"So that's what this is about!" yelled Leia. "You're going to get revenge for mom and dad aren't you?" Sam stared up at her but didn't answer. "Getting yourself killed won't bring them back Sam you do realise that don't you? Do you honestly think that they would want this to happen to you?"

Sam didn't reply.

"Answer me dammit!"

Sam slowly got up off his feet.

"This isn't just about mom and dad…" replied Sam calmly,

"Then, what?"

Sam paused.

"I'm trying to make sure that the same thing doesn't happen to anyone else…" said Sam. Leia paused. "If the Americians do get the hyperdrive…then imagine what they could be capable of…I'll admit I know nothing about the world Jarfez comes from. But I know enough to know that there are other people out there. Living their lives. I dunno what those lives are like, but I know one thing for sure it's not the American way! Imagine it, another Iraq, another Afghanistan, another Soviet Union! It'll be the same thing happening all over again. Just this time on a much bigger scale. How many people have to die?"

Sam paused.

"That's why…." said Sam, holding up the seal on his right hand. "I have to go. That's why I was chosen. It's my destiny."

Leias eyes widened. She'd never seen Sam like this. He was normally fun- loving, and laid back. But this was the first time in her entire life when she had actually seen him, serious. Properly serious about something. And all of a sudden, she knew he could do this.

Sam turned around.

"Wait here. I'll be back soon. I promise." He said.

He walked on. Completely ignoring the sign in front of him reading "Military installation ahead: trespassers will be shot."

Leia couldn't help staring at him. Eventually David tugged her on the shoulder.

"Come on." said David. "Better take cover." The two of them turned the other way and crouched down onto the small hill on their left. David pulled out a pair of binoculars and lay on his belly so that he could get a good sight of what was about to take place.

Sam had walked about 100 yards from the sign and then stopped. He pressed a button on the side of his helmet. The screen of the visor in his helmet revealed that the ground around him was heavily mined. There was no way he was getting past without being blown to bits. He discovered this feature of the battle armour the previous night while he was getting used to fighting in it. It occurred to him that at some point when the aliens' technology advanced enough to allow them to develop machines like the armour he was wearing, it made older weapons such as ordinary blades, guns and mines irrelevant. As a result it had become nesscarry to create newer weapons such as laser guns, plasma explosives and mono-blades to counteract the new technology.

The future was not going to bring about the end of war. It was merely going to enhance it. He was hoping that this armour would give him the advantage he needed. He took a deep breath, then quickly pulled out his Battle Laser and began shooting the mines, swinging the gun in arc motion. The rapid beams of red light appeared- 2 a second, accompanied with the usual thunderclap of noise with laser weapons.

The explosions were huge. Massive amounts of fire,dust and smoke instantly filled the air massive amounts of dust and smoke were thrown into the air. David and Leia were lying down on the hill when they were hit by a strong wind from the explosions! Once the wind had passed David crouched up so that he could see the jets of dust towering into the sky.

"Bloody hell!" cried David.

Sam, who had been temporarily stunned by the wind managed to look ahead. He could hear an alarm going off from inside the Air Force base. It worked- he had their attention. He firmly gripped the Battle Laser and ran over to the vehicle checkpoint in the distance.

Meanwhile, inside the heart of Area 51, the scientists and military aides were running around trying to figure out what exactly was going on. The General who was talking to Nexin before came running up to the central room with a large screen in the centre.

"What the hell is going on?" he yelled.

"Intruder alert on the Western gate sir!" replied a technician on one of the computers.

"Call out the guards, I don't want him to get anywhere near this facility!" replied the General.

Nexin casually walked into the room.

"You might want to countermand that last order General." said Nexin.

The General spun around.

"Why you say that?" he asked.

Nexin grinned.

"It's him." said Nexin. "He's here."

The General's eyes widened.

Back out on the Western gate of Area 51, a group of about 20 soldiers carring rifles with baynonets attached to them came running out of the vehicle check point. They knelt down and pointed their guns towards the large smoke cloud, waiting for someone to come out. One of the soldiers noticed that it had started to get darker around him. He looked around, there was a shadow casting on him. He looked up and noticed that there was a figure coming closer and closer to him. It was Sam. He landed and punched the soldier in his face, sending him flying backwards. It didn't take long for the soldier standing next to him to realise what had happened, he turned to take a slash at Sam with the bayonet, but Sam ducked in time and then, kicked upwards knocking the gun out of his and sending it flying in the air. He then kicked the soldier in the face knocking him out. The soldiers around him weren't sure what do, if they opened fire, they risked shooting their own two men. So they came running towards Sam with their bayonets thrusting outwards.

Sam grabbed his right hand. The seal began to glow through the battle armour. The first soldier was now within stabbing range of Sam. But Sam quickly grabbed the gun and jerked it out of the soldiers' hand, and then used the handle of the gun to smack the soldier in the face. Then Sam swung the handle of the gun into the face of the soldier who was now on his left. The next soldier was on Sams' right, Sam threw the gun at him and it knocked him backwards. The fourth solider was now too close, so Sam pulled out his mono-knife from the holster around his waist and cut the barrel of the gun off! The soldier stared at the gun, but before he had time to react, Sam had lashed out with the knife and slashed the soldiers arm with it- blood oozed from the wound and the soldier cried with pain- clutching the wound, giving Sam the chance to kick the soldier in the stomach knocking him backwards.

Back in the central room of Area 51, the military scientists were watching the events unfold on there screens.

"Impressive…" said Nexin. "Very impressive indeed…Who would have thought that the boy's seal type would be the treble Julia set…"

The General turned to Nexin.

"Where's that reactor?" asked the General.

"He doesn't appear to have it on him." said Nexin. "Have your men search the ground surrounding the security perimeter. I think his family might be hiding it."

The general looked up as he saw Sam break the nose of one of the soldiers.

"He's killing them!" he yelled. "What the hell do we do?"

"Let's see what he's really capable of." replied Nexin. "Call out the special guards. I want to see how he can handle a fair fight."

The General gritted his teeth and ran over to a military phone attached to the side of the wall.

"Call out the special guard!" he shouted down the phone. "Bring in the intruder." He then slammed down the phone.

Back on the Western gate, Sam had been able to take out nearly all of the Guards. There was only one left now. Sam turned around to face his last opponent. He stood there quivering, his gun shaking in his hands. He looked around; all his comrades were lying on the floor unconscious. Sam was walking towards him. In a panicked state the soldier yelled and opened fire at Sam. There were are few sparks and Sam was jerked around a little. But the bullets bounced off the armour and Sam was left untouched.

Sam looked at the pile of bullets on the floor.

"Huh." giggled Sam. "That tickled."

The suddenly yelled and ran away as fast as he could. Sam turned towards the entry point to the base and ran in. He kept running as far as he could, he could hear a large group of soldiers running behind him. He wasn't sure how strong this armour was, and he wasn't exactly going to put it to the test.

"Where the hell am I going?" thought Sam. "If I remember correctly, Area 51 is located in the western middle corner of this Air Force range…." He looked around. "Where the hell is THAT?"

He looked behind him. The soldiers who had been following him had gone.

"Why did they stop following me?" Sam heard footsteps behind him he spun round. A group of three soldiers stood behind him. There was just one difference- they were holding laser guns like he was, they had mono-blade bayonets attached onto the barrel of them. They opened fire, Sam tried to jump out of the way, but the beams of light hit his body armour and made it shatter in places. As he landed, he noticed that his left arm was bleeding slightly. Before the soldiers had time to open fire again, Sam pulled out one of the grenades from his belt and then threw it at the soldiers. It was the same effect as Talnors nanogrenade- the primary detonation sprayed everything within it's tiny nanobots which then detonated! The soldiers were able to roll out of the way before they were caught in the gas of nanotubes. One of the soldiers opened fire again. The armour shattered a bit more. Sam was sent stumbling backwards. He tried to open fire with his laser gun but they just were not giving him the chance. Eventually he just collapsed backwards. He was left panting on the floor. The soldiers walked over to him. It was the last thing he saw before the world went black.

Meanwhile back outside the security perimeter of the air force range, David and Leia were still lying on the hill trying to see what was going on. David was franticly looking around with his binoculars trying to spot Sam.

"Can you see him?" asked Leia.

"Not yet…" replied David.

"Something's wrong…" said Leia. "Why's everything gone quiet?"

Suddenly, the two of them felt a jerk at the back of their heads and felt cold metal pressing into their skulls. There was the sound of a gun cocking, the two of them turned around. Two soldiers with sub-machine guns were behind them with machine guns pointing at their heads.

"On your feet." ordered one of the Soldiers.

David and Leia looked at each other and then did as they were told.

The world was still dark for Sam, but it was starting to come into focus. He could make out shadows and shapes. Suddenly a voice spoke.

"Wake up Sam." said the voice. "Come on. Rise and shine."

It took a while for him to take in his surroundings. He was in a small interrogation room that was very dimly lit. He was sitting with his arms tied behind a wooden chair, looking down a wooden table. The American general who had been speaking with Nexin was sitting on the other end of the table. There was a sheet of glass behind him with a viewing area behind that. There were four soldiers standing at each of the corners of the room. Sam noticed that he had been stripped of his battle armour. He was now in his normal clothes.

"Ah good your awake." Spoke the General. "Welcome to Area 51 Sam"

Sam looked around.

"How do you know my name?" asked Sam.

The General laughed.

"We have Jarfez remember?" explained the General. "He told us."

Sam frowned.

"What?" cried Sam.

"You were led here Sam." explained the General.

"Wh…what?" asked Sam.

"Jarfez may have found you, but we we're the ones who brought you here." continued Macatar.

Sam couldn't believe this. He'd been tricked into coming here. He looked at the ground.

"Why didn't you kill me?" asked Sam. "I thought this place was meant to have like the tightest security in the world."

The American general laughed.

"Any other intruder would have been killed where he stood." explained the General. "But an intruder wearing alien technology, that's another story." Sam gritted his teeth.

"Sorry how rude of me, I haven't introduced myself." Replied the General. "I am General Macatar."

"I don't care." replied Sam. "What do you want from me?"

"We already have what we want from you." replied Macatar. "We already have the reactor."

Sams' eyes widened.

"W…what?" asked Sam.

"My men searched the grounds surrounding the base and found your family; they're being brought in as we speak."

Macatar turned to one of his soldiers and nodded. The soldier came over to the chair and untied Sam setting him free. Macatar got out of his chair and walked towards the door. Before he walked out of the room he turned to Sam.

"Come on Sam." said Macatar. Sam looked up at him a grin appeared Macatar's face. "It's time to see the future." Sam looked around, he really didn't have any choice. He got up and followed Macatar out of the room. The soldiers followed him. They were now walking down a wide long white corridor. On either side of the corridors were doors with glass sheets next to each one, looking into various laboratories with extremely complex technology inside them. Scientists dressed in white lab coats were walking up and down it walking into various doors and talking about complex equations that made no sense to Sam.

"What do you know about us and the Roswell incident Sam?" asked Macatar.

Sam paused.

"Not much." replied Sam. "I know that the UFO crashed and it came here and ever since you guys have been trying to reverse engineer it, and that's where you captured Captain Jarfez."

Macatar laughed.

"Oh so that's what he told you." explained Macatar. Sam looked puzzled. "Jarfez wasn't a survivor from the Roswell crash, no he came much later on in 1988, when the South African airforce shot down a UFO in the Kalahari desert. We just told you that he was from Roswell so that you could convince the Brazeal ranch to hand over the alien tech that they wouldn't give to us," Sam tightened his fist.

"Anyway," continued Macatar. "We did actually successfully recover the Roswell ship, however most of the crew were dead but there was a survivor from the crash. E.B.E. 1," he continued.

"E.B.E?" interrupted Sam.

"Yes it stands for Extraterrestrial Biological Entity…" continued Macatar.

Sam thought for a second.

"That means alien right?" asked Sam.

"Yes." replied Macatar.

"Then why not just say alien?" said Sam.

Macatar paused for a second.

"Yeah, anyway." continued Macatar.

"That's Captain Jarfez to you." replied Sam.

"Whatever." said Macatar with a hint of annoyance in his voice. "E.B.E. 1s' couldn't communicate with us because his race use telepathy."

"So…what happened?" asked Sam.

"Well our scientists and EBE 1 began about creating a series of symbols that could be understood by both humans and their kind." explained Macatar.

"Uh-huh." said Sam.

"You don't sound too impressed." replied Macatar.

"Why should I?" asked Sam.

"Well we create the biggest accomplishment in linguistic translation since the deciphering of the Rosetta stone…" answered Macatar.

"Meh," replied Sam.

Macatar shook his and mumbled something about teenagers.

"Anyway," continued Macatar. "As time went on Nexin continued to help us…but something was wrong. Although it appears these aliens eliminated bacterial infections from their ecosystem centuries ago it appears bacteria from our world can form colonies inside their respirtory system…causing them to choke."

"Nice…" said Sam sarcastically.

"E.B.E. 1 died in 1952." replied Macatar. "But we learned enough from him. It turns out that the entire history of evolution of the human race is wrong."

Sam looked confused.

"Meaning?" he asked.

"We're a genetically engineered race Sam." Explained Macatar. Sams eyes widened. "Millions of years ago before mankind had still to evolve, a race known as the Lyrans visited Earth- a humanoid race like us. They were shocked to find that another race of humanoids- the early apes on this planet had already begun to evolve. They believed that we were primitive, but kindred with them. So to help us, they sped up our evolution by hybridising their DNA with us."

Sam looked amazed. "Oh my god."

"After word of this reached Washington, President Truman set up "Majestic 12" explained Macatar. "A small group of military leaders, scientists and government officials, with the soul purpose of investigating UFO activities- and most importantly, to keep this a secret, if this got out…it would provoke a world revolution. It would prove the teachings of every major religion in the world wrong."

"That's your excuse for keeping this a secret?" cried Sam. "Society has changed since 1947! People are ready for the truth now!"

"Yeah right." Macatar laughed, he raised his voice and started to speak quickly, almost panicked. "You have no idea what the truth is like…if you knew the things I knew then…" He paused, he took a deep breath and his voice returned to normal. "Well anyway…in 1952 EBE 2 arrived at Area 51, as a guest of the government. With him we we're able to set up various deals with the Greys."

Sam looked puzeled.

"What deals?" he asked.

"Project Sign was an exchange, we wanted technology, propulsion systems, weapons system etc…" explained Macatar.

"And what did the aliens want?" asked Sam.

Macatar paused.

"They wanted…us." said Macatar. "They wanted genetic material, and human souls. So we gave it to them."

Sam stood still as Macatar walked on.

"You gave them people?" cried Sam. "You mean all those supposed alien abductions are authorised by you people?" Macatar stood still as well. "How many have you given them?"

Macatar paused.

"One in ten people have been abdubted at least 3 times in their life, not all of them have recollection of it.." He replied.

Sam's eyes opened wide.

"You sick bastard! How could you do that to your own people?" asked Sam. Macatar nodded.

"It was a necessary sacrifice."


"The greater good."


"That!" Macatar pointed to one of the windows on the side of corridor. Sam looked out of it. It was looking out into some kind of military hangar bay, but instead of being full of planes or helicopters, it was full of flying saucers. Sam could count 9 of them. They were all rounded; no sharp corners anywhere and they were all one greyish colour.

"Whoa…UFOs…" said Sam. He stared at the starships. "So why ain't you been using them?

"We have been," said Macatar. Sam looked up. "We have been developing our own antigravity saucers since the late 1950s. Organisations like NASA have just been a distraction from the real space project- the secret astronauts core." Sam raised an eyebrow. "You believe that man landed first landed on the moon in 1969 during the Apollo 11 mission. But in fact the first men on the moon landed in '62 using flying saucers, we went to Mars in 68 and since then we've visited most of the planets in the Solar System, and observed the alien inhabitants and structures that are built on them."

Sam looked stunned.

"Why…" he said slowly. "Are they helping us though? What do they need us for."

There was a pause. Macatar took a deep breath.

"Like us, the Greys are a genetically engineered race." Explained Macatar. "But to a far more extreme extent than us. They were created by a race known as the Reptilians as soldiers to fight in a war."

"What war?" asked Sam.

Macatar was started to look really annoyed.

"Stop interrupting me!" he yelled. Some of the scientists in the hall stopped to look at him.

Sam kringed.

"Ok ok! I'm sorry!" apologised Sam. "Go on."

Macatar took a deep breath.

"You know I mentioned that humans were genetically enegineered by a race called the Lyrans?" said Macatar. Sam nodded. "Well it turns out before the Lyrans arrived on Earth, there was already another intelligent race on the planet- a race of intelligent humanoid Reptilians- cousins to the dinosaurs. However they had been intelligent enough to hide in large underground caverns to avoid the disaster who would wipe out their relatives. However when they finally emerged from these caverns they discovered that humans had evolved on the surface- it was no longer their world."

"I see…" said Sam. "So what did they do? Leave the planet?" Sam sniggered at the thought of dinosaurs flying spaceships.

"Actually that's exactly what they did." Explained Macatar. Sam looked taken back. "They travelled the galaxy in advanced Starships. And eventually came across a planet known as Alpha Draconis, which was capable of supporting humanoid life- they colonised it. And then set about creating an empire that would span the galaxy- whilst they were doing this, they discovered that it had been the Lyrans who had created the humans on Earth- and declared war on them."

Sam paused.

"So the Greys…were genetically engineered to fight in this war?" Sam asked.

Macatar nodded.

"They have DNA in them from all over the galaxy," explained Macatar. "Humanoid, reptilian, insect, even plant and cybernetic components were installed into them! So they Greys became highly intelligent- they even have an empire of their own now."

"So what happened?" asked Sam.

Macatar paused.

"That war is over now." He explained.

"What the reptilians won?" asked Sam.

Macatar shook his head.

"No, not really." He continued. "The Reptilians did successfully take over Lyra using various mind control techniques. However many survived this attack, and fled to other planets including the Plaidies, Vega, Sirius, Proycon- and the descendants of those survivors formed very powerful alliances with other alien races. Forming the United Federation of Light, and the Ashtar Galactic Alliance- together they are more powerful than the Alpha Draconian and Orion Empires- resulting in stalemate."

Sam paused.

"So now the war is over…there is no need for the Greys to exist." Explained Sam. "Is that what your getting at?"

Macatar nodded.

"Exactly." He replied. "They are become a dead society. As a result of their part machine nature- they cannot reproduce, nor do they need to. When they die they simply download their souls into another body."

Sam raised an eyebrow.

"Whoa," he said. "Cool."

"Not really," continued Macatar. "It's as though they are being recycled, and with no new Greys being born- its as though there are no new ideas being brought into their culture. It's the same people, day in day out, same generation, same everything. For all eternity- they're society is decaying. That's why they need us." Sams ears pricked up. "The Greys have been studying us for thousands of years now- since before the time of the ancient Egypt. They wanted to create a Grey-Human hybrid to evolve their society to the next level!"

"Eww…" said Sam at the thought of Greys and Humans having sex.

Macatar rolled his eyes.

"Oh grow up!" thought Macatar. He took a deep breath. "Anyway they've come close to achieving this. Creating the genetic body is not the hard part- they can do that easily. It's just the soul-matrix that's the hard part- because of their cybernetic nature, the Greys think in a different way to how we do. So in order to understand the human soul- the Greys created what humans most commonly call heaven."

Sam raised an eyebrow.

"Heaven?" he asked.

Macatar nodded.

"It's a gaint computer on the moon." He replied. Sam snorted at this. "When a human dies the soul get's transferred there- the greys analalyse it, collect the data they need and then send the soul back to be re-incarnated without any memory of what happened in their previous life…most of the time anyway."

Sam felt kind of strange by hearing this. His family were Catholic, but he had never taken the whole heaven and hell thing that seriously. Now he was being told that existed in the form of an alien computer, he wasn't sure how to feel.

"You know…" he said. "I'm starting to understand why you kept all this secret…"

Macatar laughed.

"Exactly," he replied. "Anyway, we made deals with the Greys so that they could continue their experiments, and in return we would get the technology that we wanted."

"That still doesn't make it right…" replied Sam. He paused. "So come on where do Jarfez and Nexin come into all of this?"

Macatar took a deep breath.

"As I explained, in 1988 the South African airforce shot down a UFO in the Kalahari desert," explained Macatar. "Two aliens survived, your friend Jarfez who had refused to help us, and apparently a rebel pirate named Nexin, who has been a tremendous help to us. He was the one who helped lead you here by the way Sam,"

Sam clenched his tight.

"Yeah I'd like to meet him…" replied Sam.

"Anyway Project Sign resumed, but this time as an exchange between our government and the pirates." Continued Macatar

Sam stared at Macatar.

"You've been helping space pirates?" yelled Sam. "Didn't ever occur to you that they might just manipulating you?"

"We have thought about that." said Macatar. "But quite frankly if we are getting Starships in return for working with pirates then what the hell does it matter."

"Yeah I thought you might say something like that…" replied Sam.

"In any case, as of 1996 their hasn't been any involvement with the US government and the official Grey governments." Explained Macatar. "So we've needed the help of the pirates."

"Why?" asked Sam.
Macatar looked annoyed again at Sams interruptions.

"The Ashtar Alliance…" began Macatar.

"Who?" asked Sam.

Macatar was turning red again.

"An alliance of aliens who are fighting against the reptilians who are trying to take back this planet..." explained Macatar.

"What?" cried Sam. "The reptilians are trying to take control of this planet again?"

"STOP INTERUPTING ME!" yelled Macatar. His voice rang so loudly throughout the corridor Sam jumped backwards. Macatar took a deep breath. "Yes the reptilians are attempting to take control of this planet again by manipulating key areas of society, by shapeshifting to take the form of important human people."

Sam raised an eyebrow.

"Wow," said Sam. "It's just like the matrix…"

Macatar snorted.

"Anyway," said Macatar finally. "The Ashtar Alliance who are fighting against this infiltration of our society, have decreed that there can be no more official involvement with our species development, so the Grey government is prevented from contacting us."

"So you've resorted to working with pirates." Explained Sam.

"Yeah but it's not all bad." said Macatar.

The two of them were now at the end of the corridor. There was a fire door at the end of it. The two of them stopped outside of it and waited there for a second.

"One of the agreements we made with the greys is that we would get to keep some of the human-grey hybrids that they created to keep for ourselves, for our own purposes." Said Macatar. "That's what im about show you, so prepare yourself. You might find it a little bit disturbing." He opened the door and they walked into the room and looked over a balcony to the huge hanger bay below.

Around 2000 strange glass containers, filled with a green liquid, preserving what appeared to be Grey/Human hybrids stood below in a hanger bay. Robotic arms inside the glass containers what appeared to be metallic armour onto the aliens- an entire cybernetic armours army. They had domed heads, with a red visor running across the front. Their bodies were rounded, the chest had been moulded to look like muscles, and there backs had a groove in them with rocket boosters pointing out. There legs were shaped like ovals with spikes on the underside, connected by blocky legs. The hands were spherical and divided into three claws. The words "Mechanoid 3000 series: RM-23" followed by a serial number were written on their heads.

"Oh, my, god." Said Sam. "What are they?"

"We call them the Mechanoid 3000." Answered Macatar. "They are Grey/Human hybrids with further cybernetic enhancements to allow them to become the ultimate soldiers. However because they are part Grey, they lack strong muscles. We haven't been able to achieve that with human genes. So they haven't made very good soldiers. But with the Nanomachines that you've provided us with, will manipulate their DNA to make them powerful enough for the tasks we need them to do."

Sam wasn't really listening to Macatar. He was deep in thought. He was thinking back to that day, the day he heard the news about the death of his parents.

Sam had been staying with at his uncle's house. His parents had been on a 6 month tour of Baghdad. It had been an ordinary day, he was in his room, playing on his Nintendo Gamecube on Mario Kart: Double Dash. It wasn't long before Sam heard the noise of cars pulling up outside the drive of the house, when Sam looked out of his bedroom window. He could see several military cars were waiting in the drive. Two British soldiers were now walking up to the front door. Sam knew something was wrong at once. He didn't even bother to pause the game and ran down the stairs. By the time he got down stairs, David and Leia had already opened the door. The two soldiers were waiting there. They introduced themselves as Lieutenant and Sergeant something and whatever, Sam really wasn't listening. They asked if they could come in. David showed them in. Sam just stood there for a while. Then found the strength to follow them into the living room.

The five of them had sat down on the couches in the room. The following words remained with Sam ever since that day.

"On behalf of her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth the second, I have been ordered to regretfully inform you that on November 23rd 2004, Max and Alice Houser, were killed by friendly fire, serving with the Ealing regiment."

At that moment, Sam, David and Leias lives changed. Leia had begun to cry, David was trying to calm her down and at the same time comfort Sam. But Sam had just remained silent. He remained that way for god knows how long.

The soldiers had gone on to explain that their parents had been killed by an American experimental battle drone that had been used to keep the peace during a riot situation. However the radio control targeting system had failed, and it accidentally shot Sams parents.

Ever since that day Sam had harboured some sort of hatred, not just towards America. But towards, technology, mainly robots. He'd even thrown away the cool robot dog his uncle had got him that same Christmas. And now he was standing there, staring at an entire army of alien cyborgs…what the hell was gonna happen now? Sam then felt a tap on his shoulder, Macatar pointed to the ceiling.

"Er, you might want to take a look at that as well." said Macatar. Sam looked up Sam saw the giant flying saucer warship stood there gleaming off the roof. Sams jaw dropped.

"It's…so big!" cried Sam.

Macatar laughed. "Most flying saucers that people see in the sky are what would be considered civilian ships. This is a warship."

"Thi…thi…this is a warship?" asked Sam.

Macatar nodded.

"U.S.S. Harry Truman." said Macatar. "Named after the founder of "Majestic 12", it's a shame he's not alive to see it come to fruition."

Sam fell silent. Macatar began to walk down a flight of metal stairs leading to the construction floor.

"The Truman is the first United States Star Destroyer." explained Macatar. Sam sniggered at the Star Wars refernce. "The Trumans purpose is to deliver any spacecraft that don't have a very long range to anywhere in the galaxy, to provide support to our troops that it is also capable of deploying. In other words, the Truman is capable of deploying all three of the United States military forces, army, navy and air force."

Sam paused for a second.

"Hey wait a moment," said Sam. "How does it deploy the navy?"

Macatar turned around and laughed.

"Think about it." said Macatar. "What IS the Truman?"

Sam paused.

"It's a starship." said Sam.

"Right," said Macatar. "A starship. It's a ship, and what does the navy use? Ships. So if there is going to be a space military, it should be a Star Navy."

Sam looked a bit confused by he thought he understood.

"Yeah ok, I get what you're saying." said Sam. "But then which one of your military forces takes care of the ocean? Just because you can fight in space doesn't mean you don't have to fight at sea as well."

Macatar laughed.

"We thought about that." replied Macatar. "And actually we've done some research as to how these aliens go about conducting sea warfare. Apparently all army, star navy, and space force equipment is designed to operate underwater."

Sam looked puzzled.

"Really?" he asked.

"Yes apparently so. The suit you were wearing before allows their soldiers to operate under the pressures of water, and their tanks and other such equipment can also withstand the pressure. And their spacecraft that are already designed to operate in space can land on water and submerge."

Sam paused.

"Huh." said Sam. "Weird."

The two of them walked along a gangtry and entrered into the Truman and walked along the small metal corridors lined with pipes and machines until they came into a huge dome shaped room, full of complex computer devices. In front part of the room, there was a long glass cylinder that led from floor to ceiling. There were complex machines at the bottom and top of it. The bottom one had a keyboard on it and there were several scientists typing away at it. Behind the cylinder were huge machines that divided the room into several sections. It was like a maze.

"What's all this?" asked Sam.

"This!" replied the general proudly. "Is the ship's main computer."

Sam looked around.

"This is all one computer?" he asked.

Macatar nodded.

"This is the Mother Mind." explained Macatar. "She's a supercomputer." He smiled. "Say hello, Mother Mind."

Suddenly a bubble of light appeared infront of the crystal column, began to swivel, and soon the holographic image of the head of a blonde woman appeared! It floated over towards Sam who stumbled backwards when it came right up close.

"Hello Sam." said the hologram in a pleasant voice.

"Bloody hell!" cried Sam. Sam looked around the hologram. "Artificial intelligence right?"

Macatar nodded.

"We're particularly proud of her." explained Macatar. "Because although the hardware is alien. The software is ours….well mostly ours."

Sam looked at the column of crystal- there was a liquid inside it. Sam peered into the crystal, he could see something inside it. He squinted, and eventually he could make it was- it was a brain. A huge alien brain, Sams eyes widened.

"It's…biological." Said Sam.

Macatar nodded.

"Biomechanical." explained Macatar. "Like the machines in your body."

Sam paused.

"So do all alien computers look like that?" he asked.

"Oh no." replied Macatar. "This one is special. Even by the alien's standards, this is a supercomputer."

Sam looked around.

"Right…" said Sam sarcasitcally. "Amazing what you can do with crashed UFOs, 60 years, the smartest people in the world and trillions of dollars worth of funding." Sam looked at the hologram.

"Do all alien warships have a supercomputer like this?"

Macatar was about to reply but the Mother Mind unit responded first.

"Actually, no." said Mother Mind. "I am have been given a special role aboard this ship."

Sam looked at Macatar. Macatar gave Sam a look that said "ask her." Sam looked at the hologram.

"What special role?" asked Sam.

"I have the task of co-ordinating the Mechanoid 3000 army." explained Mother Mind.

Sam paused, he felt a tap on his shoulder from behind him. He turned around to see Macatar with another hybrid was standing behind him, with a strange outer metal skeleton that had been attached onto his skin. Parts of this skeleton had red armour covering the bones, on the shoulders, and lower and upper parts of his arms and legs. There were also red highlights on each side of the rib cage. He was also wearing a metal skull helmet, with a glowing red glass visor across the eye line, so you could just make out two red lights behind them where the eyes should have been.

"Sam,this is Father Mind." explained Macatar. "He's the most advanced combat Mechanoid 3000 we've created so far. He's designed to lead the Mechanoid 3000 into battle and relay the orders issued from Mother Mind, as well as protect the Mother Mind. Say hello Father Mind."

"Hello Sam." said Father Mind in a cold metallic voice. He offered out his cold metal hand for Sam to shake. Sam didn't take it. He couldn't help but stare into the eyes of the machine. For Sam, it was like staring into the eyes of the devil, of evil itself.

The stare down was only ended when Sam heard a voice from behind him,

"Let me go, dammit!" cried Leia.

Sam spun around.

"Hey hey watch where you're pointing that thing buddy."

Sam looked around he could hear their voices echoing in from one of the corridors leading into the room. Eventually Leia and David were frog matched into the room by two soldiers carrying machine guns.

"Sam!" cried Leia when she saw him. She ran over to him and grabbed him. "Oh god I'm glad you're safe!"

Sam starting flailing around and was mumbling stuff.

"What?" asked Leia, Sam pushed her off him.

"You were choking me!" cried Sam.

"Oh sorry!" laughed Leia.

"It's alright." smiled Sam. "I'm happy to see you too."

David walked over to Sam.

"Hey there, squirt!" said Sam as he grabbed his head and started noogieing him. "Just can't stop getting us into trouble can ya?"

"Yeah I missed you too David." said Sam sarcastically.

"Sir, we recovered the nanomachine container" said one of the soldiers.

"Ah good job Sergeant," replied General Macatar. "Give it to the engineering team and have them inject it into the Mechanoid 3000."

"Yes sir." Replied the Sergeant he turned. "What about these two?"

General Macatar turned to them as well.

"Throw 'em in the holding cells." said Macatar.

David, Leia and Sam spun around.

"What?" the three of them

"Yes sir." replied the Sergeant. The other soldiers walked over to Leia who was still holding onto Sam and ripped her off him.

"Hey what do you think you're doing?" asked Sam.

One of the soldiers pointed his gun at him before he could finish his sentence. General Macatar grabbed Sam's shoulders firmly

"Let it go Sam." said Macatar.

Sam gritted his teeth and started wriggling around as he tried to get free.

"Let me go, you bastard!" cried Sam as he saw David and Leia being frogmarched back down the corridor. Sam could see Leia turning round and reaching her hand out over one of the soldiers shoulder and crying out.

"Sam!" she called out. "Sam help us!" She began to yell.

Sam reached his hand out.

"Leia." said Sam quietly, close to tears. He paused. "Don't worry I'll get you outta there! Just you wait!"

The soldiers turned a corner and suddenly they were out of sight. Sam fell silent and looked at the ground.

"They won't be harmed." said Macatar. "I promise y…" Before Macatar could finish his sentence, Sam had pushed Macatar off his shoulders. But he was still looking at the ground.

"Let…them…go…" demand Sam in a quiet voice.

"Or you'll do what?" laughed Macatar.

Sam looked up. Tears were streaming down his face, but he looked the angriest than he had ever been in his entire life.

"OR I'LL KILL YOU!" shouted Sam. Macatar backed away, he knew Sam wasn't joking. Sam lifted up his right hand, the seal on it was now glowing brighter than it had ever done before. He yelled with rage and ran towards Macatar! Sam was getting ready to jump up and punch Macatar in the face, but with in a split second, the Father Mind hybrid, had stepped in-between the two of them and grabbed Sams arm and bent it behind his back. Sam cried out with pain and struggled to get free. Father Mind held his arm out to the right. An electrical light moved along the wires inside the skeleton and came up into Father Minds' right hand –a taser. Father Mind then drove his fist, glowing with electrical charge into Sams' stomach! Sam yelled in pain even louder, it was like being whacked with a stun gun! All the muscles in Sams body went weak. Father Mind let go of Sam, who was barely able to stand up without him supporting him. Father Mind lashed out with a round house kick sending Sam flying. Sam really didn't know what had hit him he rolled along the floor of the ship before he collided with the wall and stopped.

Father Mind put his foot back on the ground. The electrical light stopped. Macatar grinned.

"Nice job Father Mind." complemented Macatar.

"Thank you sir." replied Father Mind.

Macatar walked over to Sam. Sam was still barely able to move. He was able use his hands to prop himself up. But he was still crouching down on his knees. He couldn't stand up. He coughed up some blood and gasped for breath. Eventually Macatar walked over to Sam and grabbed the collar of his t-shirt and picked him up off the ground. Sams' arms and legs hung loosely. He eventually was able to raise his head to look Macatar in the eyes.

"You've seen our power now Sam." said Mactar. "You know what we are capable of and what we are prepared to do. Most people will never get a chance to be a part of that power…But you've been given that chance." He looked at the seal on Sams' hand. "A rare gift- the chance to be part of the future. Now I'm giving you the choice. You can be part of that future…or you can be destroyed. It's your choice. Your family will be safe if you join us, but if you do not…well put it this way. Very few people notice who goes missing and who doesn't at this level of national security."

Sam bit his lip.

"What do you say Sam? Are you with us…or not?" Sam didn't reply. He looked away. Macatar simply let go of him and let him fall to the ground with a thud. Sam lay on the ground. Macatar turned to another one of his soldiers. "Take him to the special holding cells. He can spend sometime with Captain Jarfez, and see what happens to people who refuse to help us."

"Yes sir." replied the soldier. Two of the soldiers grabbed Sam shoulders and dragged him down the corridor.

Macatar slowly walked over to one of the windows in the room to observe the Mechanoid 3000 cotained in the large glass cylinders below. One of the scientists was attaching the cylinder Sam had found to a large machine with plastic pipes connecting it to all the other cylinders in the room. Once it was attached, the cylinder slowly began to drain of all the liquid inside of it and travel along the pipes- the nanomachines entered the green liquid that was already in the glass cylinders- sending a spurt of the grey liquid in the green water, that slowly moved towards the hybrids that were being stored inside. The liquid entered the hybrids bodies through their noses- almost instantly you could see the difference. Their muscles rapidly grew, to the point where they had six packs. Their eyes slowly opened up- they were alive. The robot arms in the liquid finished off attaching the metal armour to their bodies. The green liquid slowly began to drain away- the Mechanoids were now standing on their feet. The cylinders opened up and they stepped out- a alien hybrid cyborg army. In the hands of the United States Government- a grin appeared on Macatars face.

"Our time has come…" he thought.

About ten minutes later in Captain Jarfezs special cell. Jarfez was looking out of the small window on the far wall of the cell, looking out into the sky. Eventually there was a noise as his cell outside as soldiers began fiddling with keys to open the door. Eventually the metal door swung open and the two soldiers threw Sam in. They slammed the door shut again and locked the door. Jarfez listened as there footsteps slowly vanished. Sam remained silent and didn't move. Jarfez walked over to Sam. Sam saw Jarfezs grey foot in front of him. Sam slowly looked up. He was now looking into the dark black alien eyes of Jarfez. He could see the bruises and marks on Jarfezs face where he had been beaten.

"Hello Sam." said Jarfez.

Sam was having trouble responding.

"You're…Jarfez…right?" asked Sam.

Jarfez nodded.

"You alright?" asked Jarfez .

Sam got up.

"Yeah I'll be fine." said Sam as he climbed up. When he got up he was able to get a better look at Jarfez. "Wait a minute you didn't move your lips when you said that!"

Jarfez laughed.

"Of course, my species has no vocal cords." Explained Jarfez. "We communicate entirely via telepathy- one of the changes to your DNA that the Nanomachines made was to make you telepathic."

Sam stared.

"I'm telepathic?" he replied.

Jarfez nodded.

"See for yourself," he answered. "Try saying something with your mind."

Sam paused, he wasn't sure what he was going to do but he tried.

"How 'bout this?" Sam asked telepathically.

Jarfez nodded.

"You learn quickly," replied.

Sam grinned.

"Awesome!" he said. Sam laughed.

"What's wrong?" asked Jarfez.

"Oh nothing," joked Sam. "It's just…well this is my first contact with an alien life form….I just imagined that it would be in a better place than a dingy little cell like this…"
Jarfez and Sam laughed slightly. Sam looked at the marks on Jarfezs' body.

"What happened to you?" asked Sam.

Jarfez looked at the marks on his left arm.

"Oh right, these…" said Jarfez. "Heh…Well put it this way. They weren't too happy when I wasn't helping them learn the secrets of my ship…"

Sam paused.

"So why didn't you just help them?" asked Sam. "Wouldn't have been easier for you?"

Jarfez smiled.

"Yeah I guess you're right." replied Jarfez. "But the Ashtar Alliances policy has always been to avoid interfering with primitive species."

"Wait…" said Sam. "The Ashtar Alliance are those aliens who are trying to protect Earth?" Jarfez nodded. "But I thought you Greys were allies with those evil reptilians?"

"Never mind," answered Sam. "Go on."

Jarfez took a deep breath.

"Did they explain to you about Nexin?" asked Jarfez.

Sam paused.

"Sort of," said Sam. "He said that he was the one who lead me here… is that true?"

"I suppose so." replied Jarfez. "I was the one who first made contact with you using my telepathy but Nexin found out and took advantage of that. Every time you thought you made contact with me after that you were actually talking to him."

Sam paused.

"And so he told me to come to Roswell, and then Area 51…just so I could bring the Americans the nanomachines?" asked Sam. Jarfez nodded. "Why? Why doesn't he obey your peoples' laws?"

"In short," replied Jarfez. "He's a bastard pirate." Sam was surprised he had sworn. "He just wants to get home, and he doesn't care how many people have to die."

"Die?" asked Sam paniced.

"You've seen the hybrids they've developed right?" asked Jarfez.

Sam nodded.

"They're evil." explained Jarfez. "I've been able to read their thoughts- they're planning to rebel. "

"Rebell?" asked Sam. "You mean like the Terminator?"

Jarfez looked confused.

"Never mind." replied Sam. "Go on."

"If they decide to rebel…then they already have that warship that'll make short work of this planet!" cried Jarfez. "And then they'll be able to deliver themselves to any part of the Galaxy." Sams' eyes widened. "Now do you understand Sam? There are just so many roads your planet could go down now…but no matter which road your planet does go down it ultimately results in one thing: the destruction of your species." Sam looked scared. "That's why we have to stop this thing now before it goes too far."

Jarfez spluttered and began to cough up blood. Sam ran over to him and put his hand on his back.

"Are you alright?" asked Sam, panicked.

"Yeah," panted Jarfez. "Sorry…I think my time must be coming soon…"

"You're time?" asked Sam. "You mean you're going to die?" Jarfez nodded.

"I'm sorry…" said Sam.

"Don't be…" replied Jarfez. "I've died countless times over…I'll be glad when my time finally comes…I just wanted to make sure before I died, that this planet doesn't get destroyed. Can I see your seal?"

Sam looked at his right hand.

"Oh sure," answered Sam. "Knock yourself out." Sam held his hand out, Jarfez took it and looked at the seal.

"Impressive…" said Jarfez. "You might actually manage to master the whole of the first arm of the seal. But even that's not enough now…They've grown so strong." Jarfez paused. "It'll take a miracle to stop it now…"

Suddenly, with out any warning a bright light shone through their cell window and illuminated the entire cell- so bright Sam and Jarfez had to cover their eyes.

"What's going on?" asked Sam. It was getting stronger and stronger and stronger. "What the hell is that?"

Jarfez paused and looked amazed.

"I'd know that light anywhere!" cried Jarfez.

"What is it?" asked Sam.

"That's the light froma Sirian Cloaking Shield!" cried Jarfez and ran over to the cell window. He looked up to the sky and his eyes widened. Sam ran over, he was even more shocked by what he saw. The light faded to reveal the S.C.S. Liberon Denasos becoming visible and hovering over Area 51.

"What the hell is that?" asked Sam.

"A miracle!" smiled Jarfez. "A Sirian Star cruiser!"

Back in the control room of Area 51 all the military personel were running around panicking trying to decide what to do- the gravity engines were interfering with the bases electronics scrambling computer screens and so forth. General Macatar was running up to the central computer.

"What the hell is going on?" cried Macatar.

"We have a massive UFO on radar, far bigger than anything we've seen before!" cried one of the military scientists.

"On screen!" yelled Mactar. The screen of the central computer flicked on- some static at first from the interference, but eventually an image Denasos appeared, which randomly flicked with static and switch bettween a negative image and a positive one.

"My god…" said Macatar. He turned to Nexin. "That's a warship right?" Nexin stared at the screen. "Nexin!" Nexin nodded.

"They've come for me…" thought Nexin.

Macatar bit his lip.

"Launch the F-22s!" cried Macatar.

"Sir they can't." replied one of the engineers. "That ships engines are interfering with the planes electronics."

"Dammit…" answered Mactar. "We'll just have to call out the BIG guns then."

The scientists knew what he meant by that.

"Yes sir!" replied one of the scientists.

Outside Area 51, several shutters on the top of buildings slid open, and large laser gun turrets (whose aliens electronics were immune to the interference from the ships engines) elevated up to the top of the building and opened fire.

Meanwhile on the bridge of the Denasos, the damage reports from the assault on the ship were starting to come in.

"They have opened fire on us." said Tekak the tactical officer. "Minimal damage to our underside."

"As to be expected." replied first officer Dask. "An alien warship appears over a military instillation, what else are they gonna do?"

"Let's give 'em a warning shot." ordered Captain Talnor. "Arm plasma beams, target their weapon systems only. Show 'em we're only trying to defend ourselves."

"Yes sir." replied Tekak.

Outside of the Denasos, the ship launched several plasma beams. Sending a bolt of purple lightning which homed in on the laser turrets and incinerated them.

The news had just reached the control room of Area 51.

"Those weapons were given to us by your people!" yelled Macatar at Nexin. "You said they were state of the art!"

"They lied." replied Nexin.

Macatars eyes widened.

"Wh, what?" said Macatar in shock. He looked away from Jarfez and at the ground.

Suddenly there was a beeping noise from the central computer.

"Sir…the alien warship is hailing us…" said one of the scientists.

There was a long silence in the room. Eventually Macatar turned around to face the computer.

"On screen…." He said quietly. The scientists looked scared, but they eventually got round to pressing some buttons. An image of the bridge of the Denasos' bridge appeared on screen (again flicking from being a negative and positive one) Everyone in the room stared at the image.

"My god…" said Macatar.

The scientists in the background began whsispering about the Sirians.

Talnor got out of his chair and walked towards the camera.

"This is Captain Areon Talnor of the Sirian Starship: Liberon Denasos." said Talnor.

Macatar gulped. He just realised that he had been lied to.

Chapter 8: Rebellion

"I am General Macatar." said Macatar. "I represent the Air Force of the United States of America, of Planet Earth. What is it that you want from our people?"
Talnor smiled.

"You can relax, General," said Talnor. "We just happen to believe that you've engineered a race of hybrids that we want to check up on, we just want to make sure you use them for." Macatar calmed down. "The alternative is that we can destroy this base and resuce the hybrids ourselves. So I suggest you take our offer of friendship." continued Talnor in a jokey voice.

Macatar looked scared.

"Er…sure…" replied Macatar shakily. "I'm sure we can some to some sort of arrangement…."

"Great." smiled Talnor. "We'll come to down to the base so that we can talk face to face."

"Ok." Replied Mactar. "But could you move your ship away please? It's interfering with our electronics."

Talnor looked around.

"Oh sorry!" apologised Talnor. "We'll move to a higher altidude. Talnor out."

The screen flickered and Talnor disappeared form the screen. Macatar chewed his lip. Could everything he had worked for over the last 20 years been a lie? He turned to Nexin, who was still staring at the screen. Macatar turned to one of his soldiers and nodded. The walked over to Nexin and jabbed a gun in the back of his skull. Nexin turned his head slightly to the side so that he could see the soldier.

"Hey what the hell is this?" cried Nexin.

Macatar walked over to Nexin

"You're under arrest, Nexin." said General Macatar "For lying to the Federal Government of the United States of America."

Nexin smirked.

"So what are you gonna do?" asked Nexin "Keep me locked up in this place? You've been doing that to me for the last 20 years!"

"No. We're going to give you to that ship and see what they do with you." said Macatar. "You're going to pay for whatever crimes you've committed against them as well." Nexin looked scared. "But hey, look on the bright side; at least you'll be reunited with your kind at long last." He turned to his soldiers. "Take him away." The soldiers placed a pair of handcuffs on Nexin and marched him away.

Macatar sighed.

"So much for the golden age of America…" thought Macatar as he looked out one of the windows over looking the hangar bay where the U.S.S. Harry Truman was waiting. Macatar walked away.

Meanwhile outside of Area 51, General Macatar and several other important military leaders were standing outside of a helipad looking up at the Denasos (which had moved to a higher altidude for the sake of there electronics). In the hangar bay of the ship, Captain Talnor and his senior staff were boarding the tele-transporter. When Talnor gave the order, the 6 of them disappeared into the blue light and reappeared onto the helipad of Area 51. It took a few seconds for the light from the teleport to disappear causing the military personell standing on the helipads to cringe at the sight of this, making this appear like a scene out of E.T. But once the light had gone the rear of the ship opened up and Captain Talnor and his senior staff piled out. They stood in front of General Macatar whose hand was shaking but he put it out to offer to Captain Talnor.

"Um….welcome to planet Earth…Captain…" said Macatar eventually. Talnor took Macatar's hand and shook it.

"Thanks." Spoke a man wearing a businessman-like uniform standing next to Macatar (he was a psychic translator, who was speaking on behalf of Talnor, as Mactar wasn't telepathic). "I think I like this planet…nice atmosphere…gets the Oxygen-Nitrogen balance just right. Anyway, if we could press on…."

"Huh? Oh yes of course, please come this way…" answered Macatar who showed Talnor the way into the facility. Macatar and Talnor walked ahead followed by his senior staff and the military personnel. One of the aides turned to another one.

"Is that it?" whispered one of the military aides to his friends.

"What you mean?" his friend whispered back.

"Come on man!" he replied. "No live long and prosper? No may the force be with you? All he could say was he liked the planets atmosphere! I was expecting more with first contact with an alien race."

There was a pause.

"How often do they let you out?" his friend asked.

Meanwhile, Macatar gave Talnor the tour of Area 51, explaining the events that had happened over the last 60 years. They had finally stopped outside the hangar bay with the flying saucers and the U.S.S. Harry Truman,

Talnor sighed. "Wow, can't believes the greys would give you this much technology."

"That, plus what the pirates gave us. Yeah…" explained Macatar.

"It's alright, General, it's not your fault." explained Talnor. "But I would still like to meet this Captain Nexin…"

"That's not a problem," Macatar replied. He turned to one of his soldiers who ordered some more soldiers to bring in Nexin, who was frog-marched through a door and into the corridor. Talnor looked down at Nexin, Nexin couldn't believe at the size of Talnor; apparently even by alien standards, Talnor was weird. He then looked around at Talnor's senior staff.

"Shame…" said Nexin. "I didn't think I'd ever have to see that uniform again."

"Captain Nexin." replied Talnor, who was now speaking directly to Nexin without using the psychic translator. "For acts of piracy and breach of article 573 of Interstellar law, you are under arrest and are to be brought back to Sirius for your crimes against the human race." Nexin looked pissed off. Talnor turned to the soldiers, the translator began speaking again. "Take him to our ship and keep him there until we return." The soldiers turned to Macatar. Macatar nodded to say it was alright to follow the aliens' orders. The soldiers did as they were told and frogmarched Nexin down the corridor. Talnor turned to Macatar again.

"Do you have any more prisoners?" asked Talnors translator.

Macatar looked at Talnor. He was kinda nervous about saying this.

"Well besides Captain Jarfez…" said Macatar. "We have captured hundreds of aliens, over the years."

Talnors eyes widened.

"What?" he cried. "You captured them?"

"We had to!" replied Macatar.

"Why?" asked Dask

Macatar fell silent.

"For defense!" explained Macatar. "There was an incident a few years ago when a reptilian race captured one of our underground bases…So other than the races we knew we were making deals with, we assumed that most UFOs were…hostile."

None of the aliens replied. Talnor sighed.

"Understandable." began Talnor. "Fear…one of the biggest motives for all military actions…"

"We must look like savages to you people…" said Macatar ashamedly. Talnor laughed. "What's so funny?"

"Oh nothing," said Talnor. "It's just funny the way all you primitive species stereotype us "extraterrestrials." There was a pause. "You all assume that we're the perfect beings…that because we're all so far more advanced than you technologically that we live our lives in a far more advanced ways, things like no crime, no war, no unhappiness."

Macatar paused.

"You mean you don't?" cried Macatar.

Talnor laughed again.

"No of course not!" replied Talnor. "If we did, then I would be out of a job."

Macatar looked puzzled.

"Why?" asked Macatar.

"Well take a look around." explained Talnor. "You think we all wear these uniforms back where we're from? We're military folk. War still happens where we come from. Heck- that's a god damn Star Cruiser hovering over this facility! But I do have to tell you this." Talnor paused everyone stared at Talnor. "Your government's meddling in interstellar affairs will come back to haunt you some day."

Macatars face fell.

"But don't worry." said Talnor with a reassuing smile. "The Alliance is here now. We'll do what we can to protect you…but we won't be able to convince the alien governments that your not hostile if your keep their people as prisoners."

Macatar straightened up.

"We'll release them into your custody immediately," replied Macatar.

Talnor nodded.

"Excellent." replied Talnor. "If you just show us where they are being held then we'll organise their return home."

Macatar nodded and showed them the way down the corridor to the holding the cells.

Meanwhile back in the cell where Sam and Jarfez were being held, the two of them were still standing by the window staring out at the giant starship.

"What's going on?" asked Sam. "It looks like everything's just stopped..."

"They teleported in…" explained Jarfez. "There probably working out some sort of arrangement between the Americans about the technology…"Jarfez laughed. "I can't believe it! This is finally it! I am actually going home!"

Sam turned to Jarfez and looked at him in wonder. Ever since that night he first made contact with Jarfez in that dream, he had been wondering what Jarfez was going to be like. He imagined all aliens to be some kind of ultimate civilization, where such things as being separated from your home meant very little to you because you were so advanced. But looking at Jarfez now he realised the he was no different from anybody else on Earth. He was an ordinary person, -despite the fact he came form another planet and had telepathic powers- and he wanted to go home. Sam smiled.

There was a sound of a heavy metal lock opening from the corridor outside their cell. Sam and Jarfez spun round and ran to the door. Sam stared out through the bars of cell to see Captain Talnor, his senior staff, General Macatar and a couple of human soldiers walk into the corridor. Sam stared at Talnor.

"Whoa…." said Sam.

Meanwhile outside of the cell, Talnor and Macatar were talking.

"My god…" said Talnor.

"Open the cells." Macatar ordered one of his soldiers.

The soldier nodded and pulled a lever on the side of the wall. There were a number of loud unlocking noises and the doors of the cells swung open. The aliens walked out of the cells looking confused.

"Alright, listen up!" called out Talnor. "My name is Captain Talnor; this is Commander Dask of the S.C.S. Liberon Denasos, Sirian Star Navy! We're here to take you home. So if you would organise yourselves into your ship groups and form a line, and talk to Commander Dask then we'll organise your trips back to your homeworld. If there is any body here from any of the members of a military, then talk to me."

A feeling of relief washed over the aliens' faces and they slowly made their way over to Commander Dask. Jarfez also made his way out of his cell, Sam stayed behind in the door frame of their cell. Jarfez walked over to Talnor and offered out his hand to him.

"Captain Tetra Jarfez, G.R.S. Requiem, at your service sir." said Jarfez to Talnor. Talnor smiled and took Jarfezs hand.

"Captain Areon Talnor." replied Talnor, with his own telepathic voice, he smiled. "Welcome back to the Alliance."

"It's good to be back." Smiled Jarfez as happiness washed over his face.

"How did you survive all this time?" asked Talnor. "60 years marooned on a primitive planet and subjected to torture must be more than any man to take."

"I did what I could to keep my sanity." said Jarfez. "But it was always hope that kept me going, that plus I knew I had to stop Nexin from allowing the humans from destroying themselves and then I found Sam…"

"Ah yes the famous Sam Houser…" said Talnor and he looked around. "Where is he?"

Jarfez pointed to the doorframe where Sam was standing.

"Over there."

Talnor looked over to where Sam was standing and stared. He looked confused.

"A kid?" cried Talnor. "You chose a child to protect the nanomachines? How old is he, 16?"

"Out of the three people who found the cylinder, he was the only one the muscle enhancing seal would work on." explained Jarfez.

Talnor turned to Jarfez.

"Muscle enhancing seal?" asked Talnor. "You mean nanomachines?"

"Yeah," replied Jarfez.

Talnor stared at the pattern on Sams' right hand.

"Interesting…" said Talnor. "I've never heard of a successful case of the seal working before." He stared at Sam. "Hey kid!" called Talnor to Sam using his telepathic voice.

Sam jumped.

"Um…yes…sir!" replied Sam telepathically.

"Come here!" asked Talnor. Sam paused. "Relax, I won't bite!" Sam slowly walked over to Captain Talnor. Talnor put out his hand for Sam to shake. "Hello Sam, I'm Captain Talnor." Sam took Talnors hand.

"Um…Nice to meet you" said Sam quietly.

"You know it's a very brave thing you've done." said Talnor.

"Um…not really…" replied Sam. "I already had the power…I just knew what need to be done." Talnor laughed. "What?"

"Oh nothing…" replied Talnor. "It just seems you still have a lot to understand…You may have had the power to what was right, but that's different from actually doing what is right. If the strongest person in the galaxy was a coward lacking the bravery to use that strength, would he be remembered for his strength?"

Sam thought about this concept for a moment.

"No…no…he would be remembered as a coward…" replied Sam.

"Exactly," replied Talnor. "Sam there could be a lot of people out there with the strength to do what you did. But the fact that you did it makes you brave…Brave enough to stand up against a government that was keeping the most important event in your planets history a secret." Sam blushed. "You know, they give medals for that kind of bravery where I come from."

Sam looked at Talnor's chest. He had a medal on him.

"Looks like you've got a medal yourself…" said Sam.

Talnor looked at his chest, and laughed.

"Oh that." said Talnor. "Yeah…I'm somewhat of a war hero…"

Dask rolled his eyes in the background.

"How did you get it?" asked Sam.

Talnor smiled.

"I don't like to brag," explained Talnor, Sam looked confused.

"Right…" replied Sam. Sam looked out of the window of the cell he had just come from. He could still see Talnor ship from here.

"So that's your ship, huh?" asked Sam.

Talnor puffed his chest with pride.

"Yep that's my ship alright!" explained Talnor. "The S.C.S. Liberon Denasos, She's a Justess Class Star cruiser, one of the finest Starships in the Galaxy!"

Sam looked confused.

"I thought he just said he didn't like to brag?" thought Sam to himself.

He looked at the ship again.

"Liberon Denasos? I'm assuming that's a word that can't be translated into a human word right?" asked Sam. Talnor nodded. "What does it mean?"

"Liberon Denasos was the leader of the Sirian High Council from two centuries ago." explained Talnor. "The ship is named after him."

Sam still looked confused.

"But enough about us!" continued Talnor. "What about you? Have you ever considered joining the military?"

Sam looked down for a moment then looked up at Talnor.

"My family has a long military history." explained Sam. "It's something I've always considered…sort of."

Talnor grinned.

"Well now that Earth falls under the protection of the Ashtar Alliance…" began Talnor. "Would you like to join the Sirian Star Marines?" Sam paused. "I'll see you get the proper training, and when you're done I'll see to it that you get a transfer straight to my ship, so you don't have to serve on any poxy frigates. My ship is one of the capital ships of the Star Navy you know…."

Sam interrupted him.

"Thanks for the offer Captain." replied Sam. "But I think after all this; I just wanna get back to a normal life on planet Earth."

Talnor's face fell.

"Sorry to hear that." said Talnor. "I could use someone like you on my ship…I'm always on the look out for hand-to-hand combat specialists like yourself."

"Sorry to disappoint you." replied Sam.

Talnor smiled and turned to walk out of the hall following commander Dask.

Sam walked over to Jarfez and tapped him on the shoulder.

"What species is he?" asked Sam.

"Huh? I dunno, why?" asked Jarfez.

"Well he kinda looks like a big space….pigeon." replied Sam.

"If you MUST know." called Talnor. Sam and Jarfez suddenly looked up. "I'm an Eaglonian."

Sam looked embarrassed.

"Could he hear what we were saying?" said Sam. He paused for a moment and turned to Jarfez. "Eaglonian…is that an accurate translation?"

"Or at least the closest thing to a human word yeah." said Jarfez. "Why?"

"Well it kinda sounds like the word Eagle…" replied Sam. "So he's a big space…eagle…huh."

"You gonna stand there all day or what?" asked Talnor.

Sam and Jarfez looked up.

"Oh right, coming!" cried Sam. He and Jarfez walked on ahead to follow Talnor.

A few minutes later Talnor and his Senior Staff, Macatar, Sam and Jarfez were now in the room over looking the USS Harry Truman, there were desks with computers all over the room.

Talnor and Macatar walked over to each other and began to speak.

Sam walked over to the two of them.

"What is the most likely thing that will happen now?" asked Sam.

Macatar turned to Sam, and gave Talnor a look that said "Should I tell him?" Talnor nodded Macatar sighed and turned to Sam.

"We already know too much about alien technology to have it simply taken it away from us." explained Macatar. "But at the same time the public aren't ready to know about an alien civilization yet. So it's going to remain a secret, but it's going to be under the control of the United Nations. As opposed to the US…who APPARENTLY" As he turned to Talnor. "Will be turned evil by such a technology…."

Talnor smiled. Sam looked disappointed.

"So…this isn't a new beginning for mankind?" said Sam.

"'Fraid not." replied Talnor.

"Oh great." said Sam sarcastically. "This is what I fought for?" thought Sam.

"Sam!" cried Leia. Sam turned around just in time to see Leia grab him. She started to cry wirh Sam in her arms. Sam pushed her off again.

"You gotta stop choking me when you do that!" cried Sam.

David walked up behind them staring at the aliens.

"Whoa…" said David. "Real, live aliens!" He turned to Sam. "You were right Sam."

"Told ya!" said Sam sarcastically.

In the background there was a coughing noise. Sam could see that Jarfez was coughing up more blood. Sam ran over to him and placed a hand on his back.

"Are you ok?" asked Sam.

"No," replied Jarfez. "I think it's nearly my time."

One of Talnor's senior staff ran up to Jarfez- his chief medical officer. He pulled out a scanner and ran it over his body.

"Damn, your cellular structure is bad." He said. "But it's nothing I can't fix, as long as we can get you back to the ship ASAP."

Sam and Jarfez turned to each other.

"Well I guess this is goodbye." said Sam.

"Not really" replied Jarfez. He pointed to the seal. "A part of me will always be with you."

Sam sniggered.

"What?" cried Jarfez.

"I just had a MAJOR E.T. moment there." cried Sam.

Jarfez smiled.

"So what will you do once you've gotten better?" asked Sam.

"Oh I'm a Captian." replied Jarfez. "I just don't have a ship. I'll just go back to Altair and whatever life I have left…What about you?"

"Me?" said Sam. He shrugged. "I have no idea."

Jarfez laughed.

"I didn't think you would think it would and this way." said Jarfez.

"What?" asked Sam.

"That I'm the one going back to a new life and you have no idea what to do." explained Jarfez. "I bet you thought it would end up the other way round."

Sam laughed.

"Yeah kind of," replied Sam.

Talnors medical staff returned to take Jarfez away.

"I'll see you round then." said Jarfez.

"Yeah see ya." replied Sam.

The two of them shook hands, and Jarfez turned to walk out of the back door. Sam raised his hand to say goodbye. Talnor also walked up and stood next to Sam and saluted Jarfez.

At the same time, Father Mind and a platoon of RM-23 Mechanoid 3000 entered in from the door at the front of the room. Sam, noticed so did Talnor, Malcatar and Dask. The four of them walked to the back of the room to discuss this.

"Why are those things still operational?" asked Talnor via the psychic translator.

"We were going to wait for the President to arrive…" said Macatar.

There was a pause. Eventually the translator spoke.

"That's funny…" said Talnor. "I seem to recall you telling me that the last US president to be told about the alien cover-up…was President Kennedy."

There was another long cold pause. Talnor stared into Macatars eyes. Suddenly Talnor heard a voice inside his head- a psychic voice. But he wasn't sure where it was coming from.

"Shit…" said the voice. "He's on to me…"

Talnors eyes widened- the voice was coming from Macatar.

"Your telepathic…" he said. "You're a…."

Before Talnor could finish his sentence Macatar had reach for his side arm and was pointing it at Talnors head! But before he had a chance to fire Talnors marines had pulled out their Battle Lasers and had it aimed at Macatar- a Mexican stand off. Macatar looked around.

"Captain what's going on?" asked Commander Dask.

"Can't you feel it, Fresk?" replied Talnor. "He's an infiltrator!"

Macatar cringed at the mention of the word infilatrator. Sam who had spun around to watch the stand off was puzzled by what Talnor meant.

"What's an infiltrator?" asked Sam with his psychic voice.

"You know about the reptilian species that originally inhabited this planet right?" asked Talnor. Sam nodded. "Well some of them possess the ability to shapeshift- to take human form." Sams eyes widened.

"You mean…he's an alien?" replied Sam.

Talnor nodded.

"The alpha-draconian empire uses them to infiltrate societies by impersonating important figures in various societies." explained Talnor. "We've known this for a long time as they are currently exectuting this method on the Ashtar Alliance, and at one point- it nearly brought about the end of Sirian society. But I never thought that they would stoop so low as to use such a method on a primitive planet like Earth." There was a pause. "Well go on then. Reveal your true form. Let the world see you for what you really are!"

Macatar paused.

"Fine then." He replied telepathically. "I will." Suddenly Macatars skin began to crawl and change colour- becoming more green! Scales started to appear, and large claws started to form from his fingers and toes! His face started to grow longer- becoming more like a dinosaurs, and his nose turned into two slits. Sam thought he would throw up- it was disgusting. When the transformation was complete- there were no signs that Macatar had ever been human- he was completely reptilian.

"Well this explains a lot." Talnor laughed. "Like how the empire has been able to stop Earth from becoming an interstellar power- you're the ones running the alien coverup!"

"But why?" asked Sam. "Why would they do that?"

"Macatar" turned to face Sam with rage.

"THIS IS OUR HOMEWORLD BOY!" he spat at Sam. "WE HAVE A RIGHT TO BE HERE! It would still be ours if the Lyrans hadn't stuck their noses in and genetically engineered you humans!"

"The Lyrans made a mistake!" cried Talnor. "They scanned the planets surface to check to see if there wasn't already an intelligent species inhabiting it- but your ancestors were living underground."

"WE WERE TRYING TO SURVIVE!" yelled Mactar. "If we hadn't have done that then we would have been wiped out by the meteorite that destroyed the Dinosaurs!"

"And now your trying to take the planet back…" said Sam. "By infiltrating human society…"

"But I don't understand…" said the psychic translator (who had been quiet the whole time) "DNA checks are ran on all personell at Area 51! Macatar was defiantly human!"

"There may well once have been a General Avery Macatar." Replied Talnor. "But he's dead now." There was a pause. "In order to take the form of a humanoid…an infiltrator needs to consume a victims DNA." Silence.

"Macatar" laughed.

"Yeah…" he said eventually. "He tasted great."

Sam was literally on the boarder of puking now.

"You…ate…him." He said.

"Macatar" nodded.

"Anyway," he continued. "I may not have been able to keep my cover…but I have still engineered the end of the human race." He looked at the Mechanoid 3000. "They will carry out my work."

"Give yourself up." ordered Talnor. "You can't escape."

"I may not be able to live to see my plans come to fruition." Replied "Macatar". "But killing one of the heroes of the Ashtar Alliance will get me martyrdom." Talnor laughed, "Mactar" raised an eyebrow. "What's so funny?"

"Do you honestly believe you're the first person to hold me at gunpoint?" asked Talnor. There was a pause. "I have survived each time…because I can kill a man before he pulls the trigger."

"Mactar" laughed.

"You're bluffing…" he replied.

"Try me." answered Talnor.

There was a pause.

"Whatever…" said Macatar- he slowly reach for something in his pocket with the hand that wasn't holding the gun. "You're still going to die."

"Don't do it." Said Talnor.

Suddenly Macatar whipped out an object from his pocket and held it high into the air.

"FOR THE EMPORESS!" yelled Macatar. He was about to squeeze down on the trigger that would end Talnors life- but before he had the chance to, Talnor had reached out for his knife in his holster and had used it to slash open Mactars throat! Mactar stared at Talnor. Cold, reptilian blood spilled out from the gash and out onto the ground- forming a puddle. Sam couldn't believe what he was seeing- Talnors speed was incredible- it must have taken a split second for Talnor to do that- he hadn't even seen him reach for his knife!

"I did warn you." said Talnor. "I can kill a man…before he can pull the trigger."

Mactar fell over backwards, into the pool of his own blood. He dropped the object he had pulled out of his pocket- it was an advanced-looking PDA. He has pressed a button on it- it was bleeping. Talnor stared at the PDA.

"What is it?" asked Talnor.

The psychic-translator eyes widened.

"It's a command module for the Mechanoids!" he cried. He ran over to the PDA to pick it up. His eyes widened when he saw what was on screen. "He ordered them to destroy the human race!" Everyone turned to the Mechanoid 3000 who were standing in the corner of the room- their arms slowly transformed into laser weapons!

One of the technicians was standing near a PC on a desk, looking scared. "SHUT 'EM DOWN!" yelled Talnor through the translator.

The technician ran over to the PC and hurridly tried to run the shut down procedure for the Mechanoid 3000, but suddenly- the Father Mind Mechanoid reached out for the technician Father Mind's hand electrified itself and he grabbed the technicians' kneck. The scientist flailed like a fish on a line, but it was pointless. When Father Mind let him go, he was dead.

A hologram of Mother Mind's face appeared in the background. It spoke at the same time as Father Mind.

"EXECUTE THEM!" yelled the hologram.

The RM-23s weapons revved up. Talnor's staff and the Area 51 personnel reacted immediately, diving for cover. But Sam, Leia and David were slow in reacting.

For Sam, the world was now in slow motion. David and Leia spun around, holding out their hands to reaching out to him in vain. Sam also did the same, in this slow motion they could easily make it to each other before the shots the Mechanoid 3000 hit them. But it wasn't real, and Sam soon realised this when the shadow of Captain Talnor came diving across Sams face, and grabbed him in the process. The two of them hit the deck together, Talnor flipped up the desk together so that they would be protected to some extent from the laser blasts about to be fired.

Sam didn't see what was going on, but he knew what was happening.

He closed his eyes and covered his ears and yelled.

He could hear the thunderclap noise of laser shots coming from overhead, he could hear bits of things flying everywhere, and large thuds hitting the ground.

"RETURN FIRE!" he heard Talnor yell to the other military personnel in the room. He could here some bullet fire as well as some returning laser fire. Eventually Sam found the strength to open his eyes. But he wished he hadn't as soon as he had.

The bodies of David and Leia had been thrown clear across the room by the laser shots from the RM-23s.

There were wounds that resembled bullet holes all over their bodies. Blood was dripping out of them onto the floor, making a massive pool. Sam was shaking from fear. He held his hand out over their faces. They didn't react. He put his hand back onto the ground but then quickly picked it back up again…the pool of blood was now out to his knees and still spreading.

That was when it hit him…his only living relatives….were dead.

He was already on his hands and knees.

But now he was consumed by the overwhelming emotions. He hung his head, in sorrow and tears streamed down his face. But he made no noise. In amongst all the feelings of saddeness and sorrow, something stirred inside him…and old memory…something that his parents told him a long time ago.

It was the day his parents left to go to Iraq. The two of them were standing in the front door of their house. Both of them were dressed in their uniforms. Sam was still grabbing his mom, begging them not to go, crying.

"But why are you going?" cried Sam. "It's not our war! It's the Americians! It's nothing to do with us! Please! Please! Please don't go!"

"Son." said Sam's dad. Sam stopped yelling for a second. He placed his hand on his head and Sam let go. He crouched down in front of Sam and smiled. "We're going for the same reason we joined the army…to protect you…"Sam paused.

"I don't understand." replied Sam.

"Saddam Hussein is a dangerous man." explained his Mother who also crouched down. "And if he gets a nuclear weapon, he'll be threat to this country. But more importantly…he'll be a threat to you. That's what we care about, protecting you and your sister."

"But that's not what this war is about!" cried Sam. "It's all about 9/11! You're going to war for the wrong reason!"

"It's true that the Americans are going to get revenge for that day." replied his Father. "But that's human nature Sam. It's true that it's not a reason for going to war, but there doing something that our family has honoured for generations…"

Sam paused.

"What?" asked Sam.

"We have an old tradition in our family…" replied Sams father. "Protect what is important to you…and if some one hurts what is important to you…make him pay for it…" There was a long pause. "That is one of vows of our family Sam, the reason we have such a long military history. And that's why we're going to Iraq now. We're going to protect you…and to help them get revenge, for hurting our friends in America." He now hugged Sam. "I hope that you will be able to live by that vow as well Sam…"

Sam returned back to the Area 51 now. The bodies of his Uncle and Sister were still in front of him.

"Mom…Dad…" thought Sam. "Ever since that day…you guys were my heroes…I wanted to live by those vows more than anything…" Sam started having flash backs of everything David had done with him over the last few years, the karate training, the rock climbing etc. "But I wasn't strong enough…I tried so hard to be strong…but it still wasn't enough…" He looked at the seal on his hand. "But now I have that strength…" He looked serious now. He wiped away the tears and frowned…rage appeared over his face. "David…Leia…I wasn't able to protect you…I'm sorry…but I will live by the vows of our family, and get you…revenge!"

Sam spun around. He could see that Talnor was looking over the top of the flipped over table and shooting at the RM-23s with a Battle Laser. Sam looked over Talnor, he noticed that he had a holster containing a laser handgun on the right side of his waist. The handgun was shaped like a modern day silver handgun with a stock for extra accuracy and comfort (which also housed the cooling fan), except with all the modifications that laser weapons get- an oval shaped barrel with a laser emitter in the centre, and a power pack instead of an ammo pack positioned near the barrel. Sam pulled out the handgun without hesitation and looked over the table and opened fire at the Mechanoid 3000.

"Hey what the hell are you do…" began Talnor. But he saw Sams face, the rage…In the time it had taken Talnor to say those words Sam had already shot two of the RM-23s in the head! "Whoa…" said Talnor." It was just down to Father Mind shooting with his laser wrist gun!

"Fall back!" yelled the hologram of Mother Minds face.

Father Mind spun round and jumped off the ledge that was over looking the U.S.S. Harry Truman. The 3 remaining RS-23s were destroyed by Talnors men as this happened. The ceiling began to open up over the Truman, a loud noise began to come from its engines- it was hovering. Talnor was about to follow Talnor but then Sam looked at Talnors belt; there was a holster for a Mono-knife as well. Sam took the knife and ran over to the ledge.

"Hey that's MY knife!" cried Talnor. Sam wasn't listening; Talnor was just in time to see Sam jump over the ledge. Talnor ad his senior staff ran over the ledge and looked over it. There were hundreds of RM-23s now forcing their up the ramp of the Truman, Father Mind followed them. The ramp closed up behind them. Sam had landed on all fours and looked up to see the closing ramp.

"Oh no you don't!" cried Sam. He looked up to see that there was a retracted ladder running down the underside of the Truman. Sam ran up to the ship which was now getting higher and higher, centimetres at a time- the magnetic disruptor field was active, so their was a bright blue glow immenanting from the centre of the underside of the ship, acommpined by the red glow from the three rocket engines in the corners of the shp. There was a ladder that was also slowly being retracted from the underside of the ship-Sam ran up to it and jumped to grabbed a hold of it! He was now dangling off the end of the ladder, but he pulled himself together and climbed up the ladder and through a small hole on the underside of the ship. Sam pushed up a small man hole sized disk and reappeared in one of the corridors of the ship. He then looked around and then ran down one of the corridors he recognised.

Meanwhile, back in the Trumans hangar bay, Talnor pulled a circular device from his pocket and threw it on to the hull of the ship. It stuck to it. Talnor turned to the psychic translator.

"Does that ship have nukes on board?" Talnor yelled over the noise of the engines. He nodded.

"Shit." Thought Talnor. Talnor then pressed one of his fingers his ear so that he could use his communicator to talk to the Denasos.

"Tekak! They're trying to take off! Don't let them leave the base!" yelled Talnor.

"Aye Captain!" replied Liuetenant Tekak who was sitting in Talnors captain's chair. He could see from the Bridge of the Denasos the hangar bay roof opening up and the Truman slowly ascending out of it. "Helmsman, move us over the enemy ship."

"Yes sir," replied the helmsman.

Then there was a bleeping noise from the computer that Tekak was usually stationed at. The officier who was taking Tekak's place spoke up:

"Sir, sensors indicate that they're charging up their hyperdrive!" cried the tactical officer.

"What?" cried Tekak. "Move us away from the ship! Hard to port!" The helmsman pressed a load of buttons and the Denasos swung away from the Truman.

Back in Area 51 Tekak yelled down the communicator at Talnor.

"Sir!" cried Tekak. "They're charging their hypedrive!"

"What?" yelled Talnor. Talnor spun around to the soldiers behind him. "Everybody, get down!"

Talnors soldiers got down on the floor. But the human soldiers and the translator didn't.

"Why what's going on?" asked Macatar.

Talnor kicked the back of the translator leg and he fell down on the floor with an "Oomph".

"JUST DO IT!" yelled Talnor.

The rest of the soldiers followed suit.

The Denasos was now a safe distance from the Truman, as it began to rotate so that its nose was now facing the sky. Suddenly there was a massive noise and its' hyperdrive fired up and it stretched away into the sky and then vanished in a flash of light- opening up a wormhole which soon disappeared. At the same time an invisible wave hit Area 51! Glass shattered, books and computers fell of shelves and desks. Talnor and the soldiers yelled with pain. It soon passed, though. The soldiers eventually were able to stand up.

"What the hell was that?" asked the translator.

"Gravity wave…" explained Talnor. "It always happens when a wormhole is opened up in a planets gravitational field…" Talnor pressed his finger against his ear to activate the communicator. "Tekak report!"
"We're fine Captain," replied Tekak, "No damage to the ship, what about you?"

"We're alright," replied Talnor. "What about that ship, where did it go?"

"Its hyperdrive was barely at 2 power when it jumped." explained Tekak. "Its' got to still be within the system…"

"Then it should still be within range of the tracking unit I put on it." replied Talnor. "See if you can get its signal."

"We're getting the signal now sir." answered Tekak. "It's orbiting the far side of this planets moon…"

"Right we'll be there as fast as we can." replied Talnor. "Get the fighter crews ready."

"Yes sir!" cried Tekak.

The translator walked up to Talnor.

"What's going on?" asked Macatar.

"Opening that wormhole will have drained the ship's power," explained Talnor. "They're now on the far side of your moon charging power; once they're at 100 they'll be ready to attack this planet."

"Wh, what?" cried the translator.

"That's right." said Talnor. "Your planet is now officially now at war with the Mechanoid 3000."

The translator looked stunned. Talnor headed over to the door at the back of the room, and past the bodies of David and Leia.

"We'll stop them don't worry." said Talnor. Talnor turned around with a reassuring smile. "I protect the things I swear to protect. Just ask my crew." There was a pause "But in the event we fail, have your president put your nuclear weapons defence system on alert." Talnor walked out of the room.

Talnor pressed down on his communicator.

"Beam us up!" ordered Talnor. Suddenly the blue light form the Denasos' tele-transporter surrounded his crew and they vanished. A few minutes later, Talnor and the rest of his senior staff arrived on the bridge of the Denasos.

"Captain on bridge!" said Tekak as he jumped out of the Captain's chair. The other members of the crew also jumped to attention.

"As you were," said Talnor

Tekak stood next to Talnors chair.

"Sir Naval command has been informed of the situation." explained Tekak. "Our orders are to stop the Mechanoid 3000 from attacking Earth, but not destroy them."

Talnor looked up.

"What?" cried Talnor. "Why?"

"They've ruled that now they are self-aware they count as a new species." explained Tekak. "Which means, we can't interfere with their development. But since they were created from non-human technology, we have to protect Earth from them."

Talnor sighed, he then turned to the side of his chair and pressed a button on it and spoke louder, his voice now came over the tannoy. "All hands this is the Captain. All hands battlestations! Repeat all hands battlestations! This is not a drill! Repeat this is not a drill! Fighter crews prepare for take off!" The lights of the ship now dimmed and a red light began to flash.

The Denasos now slowly began to rise through the air and into space, the moon was now in view from the windscreen of the Denasos.

"Sam's still on that ship…" thought Talnor.

Meanwhile back on the Truman. Sam was running through the corridors of the ship, frantically loking for the supercomputer room.

"I'm gonna find you…" thought Sam. "I'm gonna find you, you supercomputer-bitch. And when I do, I'm gonna make you pay. I swear."

Chapter 9: Battle of Lunar

The Denasos dropped out of hyperspace, and rotated on it's axis so that it was horizontal again. The Star Strikers on the flight deck were were preparing to launch. It was tense on the bridge of the Denasos. The crew were just realising that this was no longer a routine mission to observe a primitive world- this was war. A bleeping noise came from Tekak's computer terminal.

"We're within attack distance now, sir.." said Tekak.

"Hold position here," replied Talnor. "Open up a hailing channel to the Mechanoid 3000 ship. Let's give 'em a way out of this."

Tekak pressed a few buttons on his terminal.

"Hailing frequencies open, sir." said Tekak.

"This is Captain Areon Talnor of the S.C.S. Liberon Denasos." said Talnor. "You have shown aggressive military acts against a planet that is now under the Protection of the Ashtar Alliance. If you do not stand down, then I have my orders to prevent you from attacking that planet by any means necessary. It's your choice, stand down, find some other place to live and co-exist with the human race and the rest of the Galaxy, or we will be forced to destroy you."

Another bleep came from Tekak's computer.

"They're responding." replied Tekak.

"On screen." answered Talnor.

Tekak pushed a button on his computer, a hologram of Mother Minds face hovered in the middle of the bridge.

"Your threats mean nothing to us." said Mother Mind in an evil tone. "Human or not, you will all fall by our might."

"You have scanned our ship." replied Talnor. "You know we can more than match your battle capabilities. Surrender now and we can end this without any unnecessary conflicts…"

"You are weak and made of flesh…" said Mother Mind. "That is why you will loose." The hologram disappeared. A silence fell over the room, eventually another bleep from Tekaks console.

"They're preparing to launch fighters!" cried Tekak.

"Let's not give 'em the chance to get too many in the air." replied Talnor. "All fighters immediate launch!"

Tekak pressed a button on his ear communicator and spoke into it.

"Firefly, you are clear for launch." said Tekak.

Meanwhile the pilot in the cockpit of one of the fighters that was already loaded on the catapult strained his neck.

"Never a dull day on this Ship," he whispered. The fighters engines activated and he zoomed out of the ship. The second fighter that was already loaded up soon followed him.

Back in the computer room of the Truman, Mother Mind was making an announcement to the ship.

"The alien ship is launching starfighters…" said the hologram of her head. "No matter….they shall not stop us in our hour of triumph. All RF-57s immediate launch."

Sam was now standing outside of the open door of the computer room. He had his back pressed against the wall on the left side of the door so they couldn't see him. He pulled the laser gun that he had taken from Talnor ready in his hand.

"I'm gonna kill her…" thought Sam. "I'll just jump out and shoot her…if one shot doesn't work then I'll keep shooting her, if that doesn't work then I'll think of something else….If I can't kill her…well I'll worry about that when the time comes…"

Sam took a deep breath. "Ok…three…two…one…GO!" He spun round and now faced Mother Mind. He was about to pull the trigger, but something knocked the gun out of his hand before he had a chance. The gun slid across the room. Sam cried in pain. He turned to see what had hit him. Father Mind was standing next to him, and had backhand slapped Sam to knock the gun away. Father Mind then pulled his fist back and slammed into Sams face. Sam was sent flying across the room and rolled on the floor until he hit the wall. He managed to get up onto his hands and knees and coughed up some blood. Father Mind picked Sam up by his T-shirt and held him up in the air. Sam's limbs hung loosely by his side. Father Mind held out his other hand and clenched his fist. His magna-taser fired up, sparks began to fly from his fist.

"Young fool…" said Father Mind. "Did you honestly believe you could stop us? You're a human, and a human child at that. But now you will understand our power, by experiencing it yourself." Sam gulped. "You won't feel a thing. You won't suffer. Unlike the rest of your species, so consider yourself lucky." Father Mind prepared to hit Sam. "Die."

Father Mind rammed his fist into Sams' chest. Sam made an oomph noise and his eyes widened. His body began to flail wildly, the electric shock was turning every muscle in his body on and off at random. He was dying.

"Sam!" cried a voice from the darkness.

Sam opened his eyes. He looked around. Everything was dark. He was the only one around. Father Mind had gone, it looked like he was floating in mid-air. Sam looked at his hands.

"Am I…dead?" thought Sam.

"You're not dead…not yet." replied a voice.

Jarfez appeared in front of him.

"Jarfez!" cried Sam.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!" yelled Jarfez. "This is war Sam! You're not a soldier, you're just a kid! What the hell do you think you could do?"

Sam hung his head.

"I…just wanted to get revenge…" said Sam. "To live up to our family vows….to be like my parents…"

Jarfez stared at Sam.

"You really want this…" replied Jarfez. Sam looked up. "Don't you?"

"Yes!" cried Sam. "More than anything. I want this."

Jarfez sighed. He walked over to Sam.

"Then I guess there is no choice." continued Jarfez. "I wasn't going to teach you this technique, because of the danger to your body, but it appears I have no choice now…" Jarfez took Sams hand with the seal on it and held it. "Focus on your goal, on what you really want." Sam closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Clear all other thoughts out of your head…." There was a pause. In Sams mind he could see a small spark of light in the distance.

"Ok…" replied Sam. "Now what?"

"Focus those thoughts into your hand." explained Jarfez. "Into the seal…."

The was a pause and Sam tried to do this, he wasn't exactly sure on how to focus "thoughts" into one particular part of his body, but eventually he got it. The spark of light in his mind erupted into a blinding light. He couldn't see anything else. The hand that Jarfez was holding began to shake.

"I can't see!" cried Sam. "The light….it's too bright!"

"This is where your determination and strength comes in Sam." replied Jarfez. "I can't help you with this…"

"What?" cried Sam

"It's true the seal gives you the power to do what you need to do." explained Jarfez. "But it needs your strength and determination to get it started."

"My strength?" asked Sam.

"That's right Sam." replied Jarfez. "Your own strength, I can't help you with this."

"But what do I do?" asked Sam.

"Reach out into the light Sam." continued Jarfez. "Use your strength to find the power you need."

Sam took a deep breath and prepared for the task to come. He reached out with his imaginary hand and began to walk into the light. He stumbled around for a few seconds, it seemed like there was a force pressing against him, making it extremely hard to walk. Inch by inch he made it slowly into the light. Sam was soon able to make out a shape in the distance. He squinted and just made out the outline of this shape:

"That's it!" cried Sam. He moved as fast as he could against the increasing force irradiating from the pattern. It was now more powerful then ever; it felt like Sam was standing up against a hurricane. Eventually he made it; he was standing up in front of the pattern. It was pretty big, about the size of a wide screen TV. It was just hanging there in mid air. And it appeared to be an object. Sam reached out to it and grabbed a hold of one of its arms. Nothing happened. Sam was wondered what he had to do. He yanked at the pattern; it was stiff- like it was made of metal. Sam yanked again and again but the pattern wouldn't budge. Eventually he decided to give one long tug, pulling as hard as he could…

Eventually it gave way. Sam fell over backwards and was sent flying back to where he started. Sam rubbed his head and got up looking please with himself. He looked in his hand and saw that he was holding one of the Seal's arms.

The light vanished. Sam was back in the darkness with Jarfez. Sam opened his eyes and gasped for air. He looked down at Jarfez.

"You did it!" cried Jarfez. A massive light began to shine from the pattern on Sam's hand. The arm of the seal Sam had grabbed in the vision now appeared on his right hand like this:

Jarfez let go of Sam and walked backwards.

"You're good to go!" cried Jarfez. Sam held out his hand to him. "Kick his ass!"

Suddenly there was a flash of light. Sam was now in the real world, in the room with Father Mind. Father Mind removed his fist from Sams' chest, assuming he was dead; Father Mind tossed Sam away, into the air. Father Mind turned around to walk away. In that same time period, Sam landed on his feet and was able to pick himself up. Father Mind spun round after he heard the noise of Sam landing, but he was just in time to see Sams fist drive itself into his face. Father Mind was knocked backwards and landed on the ground and rolled. Once Father Mind stopped rolling he got on all fours and stared at Sam. The glass of his electronic right eye had cracked. Father Mind looked amazed just to see Sam standing there. Sam still had his fist out from where he had hit Father Mind.

"…How?" cried Father Mind. "You should be dead. That attack kills all humans!"

"You're right…" replied Sam, looking up at Father Mind. "That attack would have killed an ordinary human…But I'm not an ordinary human…'cause I have this.." Sam clenched his fist and held it up to reveal the glowing seal on it "Single-julia set! seal of the Cosmos!" Father Mind gritted his teeth.

"A muscle enhancer…" thought Father Mind. "I read about such a phenomomenon from Jarfez's ships' data base."

Sam reached into his pocket.

"Let me tell you how this fight is going to end." said Sam. He pulled out the mono-knife he took from Jarfez. "You're going to die. I'm going to be the one who kills you. So remember my name." The light glowing from seal on Sam's hand extended itself onto the knife, a silver-blue electrical flame appeared around the blade. "Sam Houser! That's the name of the man who will destroy you!"

Father Mind stared at the flame around the blade.

"He's pumping his telekentic energy into the blade…" thought Father Mind. "That's what causing those electrical distortions…I've got to be careful…that flame could slice right through me with the same effectiveness as a chainsaw." Father Mind stood up.

"It seems I have underestimated you," called Father Mind. "It seems I'm going to have to step things up a notch." Father Mind clenched his right fist and a mono-knife appeared out of his wrist. His magna-taser then fired up and an electrical charge appeared on the blade.

Suddenly a strange white translucent energy cylinder appeared around the Mother Mind super computer- a force field.

"I am protected!" said the hologram of Mother Mind. "Father Mind- you are hereby authorised to use full force to destroy this human.

"Yes, my queen!" replied Father Mind. He turned to Sam. "Now…" he called "Bring it."

Sam ran with incredible speed at Father Mind!

"What the?" said Father Mind.

A second later Sam reappeared on Father Minds left side and slashed out with his knife but Father Mind was just in time to block it with his wrist blade. Sparks and flames from the two warriors' blades flew every where. Sam then ran off again, appearing a few seconds later and trying to slash again, but Father Mind blocked.

"Damn, he's fast!" thought Father Mind. "He's about three times faster than a cheetah. How could all this power come from just those nanomachines?"

Meanwhile, outside the ship, the Starfighters and the Denasos were now only a few hundred kilometres from the Harry Truman and getting closer. They could see the Mechanoid 3000 fighters getting closer to them.

"This is Firefly calling Quaker; we are preparing to engage the enemy," called the lead pilot into his radio. "Request instructions"

Meanwhile back on the bridge of the Denasos, a radio message came over Tekaks computer so that Talnor could hear.

"Order squadrons B to D to hold the enemy fighters from getting to the ship," ordered Talnor. "Squadron A will take out the ships rear deflector screen and then disable the ships engines."

Tekak (Callsign: Quaker) relayed the orders back to Firefly.

"Roger that Quaker." replied the pilot, he switched his radio over so the other fighters could hear him. "All right, this it boys! All birds report in!"

"Piercer, standing by."

"Airslasher, standing by."

"Inferno, standing by."

And so on 36 times until it reached.

"Flashflare, standing by."

"All birds move to attack position," called out the lead fighter pilot. The ships began to descend (almost as though they were elevators) so they were on an even level with the approaching the Mechanoid 3000 fighters- the RF-57s which were shaped like black triangles with fighter cockpits on the top side, with glowing lights in the corners on the underside, with a bright plasma vortex in the centre, armed with laser cannons and plasma beam weapons. As soon as they were within range they broke formation and started swooping and chasing each other with rapid laser shots and plasma beams, yet dispite all the explosions no noise was being made in the vacuum of space.

"Ok, Squadron A form up." ordered Firefly. "Broken-triangle formation. Go!"

3 fighters moved around the leader fighter in the shape of a triangle, two more fighters stayed behind at a distance. This formation then moved away from the main fight and towards the main ship. The main ship began to fire at the fighters with its defensive guns, on the underside of the ship firing it's invisible laser beams across the void of space, to defend the ships deflector screen (a satellite dish like machine) but they were rotting too slowly to hit them!

"Ok, Piercer, prepare for your attack on the ships deflector screen!" ordered Firefly.

"Yes sir!" replied Piercer

The fighter in front of the lead fighter accelerated to a fair distance away from the rest of the formation.

"Defensive fire from the carrier is too heavy around the deflector panel!" cried Piercer. "I won't be able to get the right approach vector!"

"Copy that Piercer!" replied Firefly. "Airslasher try and take out the carriers defensive systems! Thunderunner back him up!"

"Yes sir!" replied the voices of Airslasher and Thunderunner over the radio.

The fighter to the left side of the lead fighter (Airslasher) and the left of the two fighters hanging behind the lead (Thunderunner) separated from the main group and sped off ahead, in the same positions.

"Ok I'm gonna cut across the starboard side of the ship and go for their defensive systems!" called Airslasher. "You ready to cover me Thunderunner?"

"Ready when you are!" replied Thunderunner.

"Ok!" answered Airslasher. "Accelerate to attack speed!" The two fighters speed up and turned on there axis again so that their wings were vertical as they swooped towards the ship. The Trumans defensive mechanisms now turned to face the fighter and opened up with laser fire. Airslasher moved from side to side to dodge it's fire (which came up on his scanners despite being invisible to the naked eye in space), but the turrets were ultimately too slow from this distance.

"Thunderunner, I'm beginning my attack run, get ready to cover me, this'll get those fighters attention," Called Airslasher.

"Copy that." replied Thunderunner.

Airslasher axis swooped along the and rotated on his planes disk shaped axis to bring his weapons to face the defensive turrets on the starboard side of the ship (but continued to travel in the same direction of travel thanks to the lack of friction in space). He opened fire with his laser cannons destroying huge numbers of the turrets the invisible laser in massive explosions (which made no noise due to the vacuum). Airslasher flew off the end of the ship and acended upwards.

"Piercer I just cleared my first attack run of the Carrier's defensive systems," called Airslasher. "How's it looking?"

"You've only cleared about 50 of their weapons systems on the starboard side," replied Piercer. "It should be enough but could you try clearing some more so I can get a better angle?"

"Roger that," sighed Airslasher. "Preparing for another attack run."
"Wait delay that!" called Firefly. "You've got an enemy fighter vectoring in on your position Airslasher!"

"Wait I see 'im." replied Airslasher. "Thunderunner, I can't 180-Yaw or halt with all these damned defensive guns firing on me, I need backup, where are you?"

"On my way!" called Thunderunner.

A Mechanoid-3000 fighter was now chasing Airslasher with its lasers cannons blazing!

"I can't shake him!" cried Airslasher. "Thunderunner, where the hell are you?"

"I'm right behind him, relax," replied Thunderunner. Thunderunner was now behind the Mechanoid 3000 fighter. "Just give me a few seconds to get him in my sights…"

"I don't have a few seconds!" cried Airslasher.

"Just wait. I've nearly got it!" replied Thunderunner.

Before he had a chance the Mechanoid 3000 fighter opened fire with its plasma beam and destroyed Airslasher! You could hear the pilots' screams over the radio before the flames engulfed his fighter.

"No!" cried Thunderunner. He opened fire with his plasma beams and destroyed the Mechanoid 3000 fighter and then pulled up. "Dammit! I was too slow!"

"It happens…form up with Maelstorm." replied Firefly.

Thunderunner looked pissed off.

"Roger that Firefly." replied Thunderunner who pulled up to go and re-join with Maelstorm"

At the same time, Sam was still fighting with Father Mind. Father Mind was still having trouble keeping up with Sams' movements. The room was also shaking from the assaults on the ship.

"I can't keep up with him like this!" thought Father Mind.

When Sam had disappeared again Father Mind built up a massive charge of electricity in his hand and then slammed it against the floor. The metal plating conducting and spread across the deck. Sam was caught in it and cried in pain. He stopped running for a second because of the shock and reappeared to Father Minds' vision.

"There you are!" said Father Mind. He ran over to Sam and sliced out with his arm blade. But Sam ducked before it had a chance to hit him and punched Father Mind in the stomach. Father Mind keeled over for a second, giving Sam a chance to come in with a slice from his own blade.Father Mind blocked it with his hand blade, but it gave him a chance to position his wrist gun right next to Sams head. He was about to fire, but Sam realised what was going on before Father Mind had a chance. He did a back flip and kicked Father Mind in the chin, -just in time, Father Mind fired his wrist gun and the shot hit a container on the far side of the room. Father Mind was sent flying backwards, and Sam was sent skidding backwards but he jabbed his knife in the ground to slow himself down.

Father Mind got up off the floor.

"Impressive." said Father Mind. "But I'm afraid this fight is over…"

Sam panted and looked up at Father Mind.

"Oh yeah…" panted Sam. "Why's that?"

The strange machines that were once Father Minds "lungs" flipped around so they were on his back now- they looked like jet packs.

"It takes a while for these rocket engines of mine to charge up," explained Father Mind. "And that means I can now match your speed Sam Houser."

The rocket engines on Fahter Mind kicked in and he was propelled at fantastic speeds into the air.

"Wha…" said Sam.

Father Mind reappeared behind Sam. Luckily Sam realised that he would make the same move that he did the first time he showed off his speed. Sam turned to block the attack with his knife. Sam then came in with a slash but Father Mind had already gone! Father Mind then reappeared behind Sam, so he tried slashing out at him again, but he had already disappeared.

"Damn!" thought Sam. "I can't match his speed…gotta think of something else!" Sam turned around and ran over to a pile of machines on the other side of the room and jumped on them to get over the other side to take cover.

Meanwhile back out side of the ship the fighters were now preparing or another manouver.

"Piercer, are you ready for your attack run?" asked Firefly.

"Ready as I'll ever be." answered Piercer.

"Alright, Inferno, get ready to cover him!" ordered Firefly.

"Yes sir!" replied Inferno.

"Ok, Piercer, Inferno, commence attack run on deflector screen!" ordered Firefly.

The fighter to the right of the lead fighter (Inferno) separated from the formation. Piercer flew on ahead and Inferno followed from a distance.

"How ya doing Piercer?" asked Firefly.

"Not too bad from this distance but we'll have to see what happens when I get closer to it…" replied Piercer.

Suddenly there was a bleeping noise from Piercer's controls.

"Hold up, I've got enemy fighters coming in on my position!" cried Piercer. "Inferno! I can't 180-Yaw and I can't slow down with all these guns firing on me, where the hell are you?

"Wait I see 'em to, I'm on it." Replied Inferno

A Mechanoid 3000 fighter swooped into the position between Piercer and Inferno.

"Ok relax, he's nearly in my sights!" called Inferno. "Hey wait a minute there's only 1 fighter, where's the other…"

Suddenly a plasma beam shot came in and destroyed Inferno! A Mechanoid 3000 fighter could be seen flying away in the distance.

"I've lost Inferno!" cried Piercer. "Request backup! Repeat Request back…"

Before he had a chance to finish, Firefly had shot in and destroyed the Mechanoid 3000 fighter.

"Geez do I have to do everything around here?" cried Firefly.

"Thanks Sez," replied Piercer. "I owe ya one."

"Yeah well I am the Denasos' ace pilot for a reason." answered Firefly. "Now get that deflector screen down!"

"Yes sir!" called Piercer. "Accelerating to attack speed!"

Piercer now sped towards the ship at an incredible speed. The intensity of the fire from the ship was now at its maximum. It was so intense Piercer was barely able to avoid being hit! Eventually a small hit was landed on one his of sides! Smoke bellowed out of it.

"I'm hit but not bad, I'll still be able to take out the deflector screen!" called Piercer.

"No! No!" yelled Firefly. "Pull up! Repeat pull up!"

"No I'm fine!" called Piercer.

Piercer crossed over the boarder between space and the deck of the ship. All the turrets turned on the fighter and opened fire! The fighter was torn to shreds by the fire! Piercer now looked like a fireball burning across space.

"I'M GOING DOWN!" yelled Piercer over the radio.

"MAR!" called Firefly.

Piercer's cockpit was on fire and he was yelling as he struggled with the controls! With his last ounce of strength, he was able to make the fighter fly into the dish shaped deflector panel making it explode in a fireball!

"NO!" cried Firefly.

"Firefly what happened?" called Tekak over Firefly's radio.

"We lost Piercer…" replied Firefly. "But he took out the deflector screen…He was dying and he still managed to follow his duty."

On the bridge of the Denasos, Talnor heard the noise that was coming over Tekaks console. There were fighters attacking his ship and he was struggling to maintain his defences but he still had time to listen to acts of heroism. Talnor gave a signaled to Tekak. Tekak handed the phone communicator to Talnor.

"Sez," said Talnor into phone.

"Captain!" said Firefly.

"I'll see to it that, that goes down on his death certificate." said Talnor. "He'll get a hero's funeral." A tear ran down Sez's cheek. "But now you've got to find away to carry out your duty." Sez looked up. "It's your job take out that ships' engines. Then can you avenge your friends' death. You think you can do that?"

Sez smiled.

"Yes sir!" called Sez. "I know I can do that!"
Talnor smiled.

"Good man!" called Talnor. "Now finish your job!"

"Yes sir!" yelled Sez. "Over and out!" Sez now turned his communicator to the other channels. "Ok guys, this is it! We're gonna finish the job! And if it's any consolation, then listen to this." There was a pause. "These sons of bitches killed our friends. And you know what, that makes things damn simple". There was a pause. "Cause now, there is nothing in the Galaxy that can stop me!"

"Yes sir!" called Airslasher and Maelstorm

"Form up!" ordered Firefly. "Prepare for attack run!"

At the same time back in the supercomputer room of the Truman, it was shaking really heavily from the vibrations of the destroyed deflector screen. Sam had himself pressed against the wall of a machine; he was right next to a corner that out looked into the rest of the room. Father Mind was standing just around the corner back in the front part of the room. Father Mind clenched his fist together; more sparks appeared around his electrified mono-hand blade.

"Come on Sam…" called out Father Mind. "Don't make this harder on yourself…If you surrender now, I'll make it painless…"

Sam panted.

"What the hell am I gonna do?" thought Sam. Suddenly he noticed something. The laser gun that he was going to use to kill Mother Mind was right next to Father Mind's foot, but he apparently hadn't noticed. If he could get to that gun- he would have a clear advantage. Sam pulled out his knife. Sam turned to his left. He could see the far left wall from where he was standing. He threw the knife over to the wall, where it wedged itself making a loud noise that Father Mind heard. Father Mind turned around fired up his jet pack and flew to where the noise had come from. At the same time, Sam rolled out from behind the corner and picked up the gun. He got up on one knee and took aim.

"Gotta aim this just right…" thought Sam. He waited for a few seconds and then saw it- one of Father Minds' feet in the air. "Now!" He fired a shot to where Father Mind was about to place his foot. The long laser beam appeared for about half a second and destroyed one of Father Minds jet packs leaving smoke trailing behind it (acompinied with a small thunder clap) on the ground and Father Mind skidded to a halt. He turned to see Sam with the gun. Sam opened fire again with a flurry of shots the gun making a plume of smoke appear from where Father Mind was crouching. After about a dozen shots Sam ran out of ammo and tossed the gun aside.

The smoke was now starting to clear.

"Did it work?"

The smoke finally cleared. Sam could make out Father Mind crouching down with both hands out. A strange wave like distortion appeared around Father Mind."

"What the…" thought Sam.

"Plasma shield- bends light boy." explained Father Mind. Sam looked puzzled. "I'm the guardian of the Mother Mind unit boy, as such I'm built to be a part of this ship- and as such I have warship grade weapons, as my power unit is directly connected to that of this ship while I'm on board." Father Minds left arm (the one without the mono-knife) began to transform into a cannon-like weapon. "Didn't you wonder why we didn't turn off the air to make sure there were no humans on board?" Sam looked scared. "The weapon I'm about to use requires atmospheric conditions. I didn't want to use it because it might cause unnessicary damage to the ship. But you've left me no choice." There was a pause. "Electron beam." A geometrically straight bolt of blue-white lightning, shot out of Father Minds cannon piercing the air. Sam was able to roll out of the way just in time!

"Ha!" cried Sam. "Is that the best you can do?"

There was a pause. But the beam of light still hadn't disappeared! Sam turned around and noticed that it was burning the wall of the room but the actual beam wasn't diminishing. Father Mind moved his arm to the left in an arc. Pointing towards Sam was, and the beam of lightning followed!

"Whoa!" cried Sam and ran away. The beam of light followed him, leaving a trail of devastation behind it!

"Ok…" thought Sam. "Now I've gotta think of something else…"

Meanwhile, back outside in the space battle, the Star Strikers were now preparing for there final assault.

Firefly flew towards the rear end of the ship, followed by Thunderunner and Maelstorm from a distance. There was a bleeping noise from Sezs control panel.

"I've got an enemy fighter coming in on my position." said Sez calmly. "Thunderunner get him off me."

"I'll be right with you!" replied Thunderunner. Suddenly a beep came from his control panel as well. "Wait I've got an enemy fighter on me as well!"

Two Mechinoid 3000 fighters moved into position behind Firefly and Thunderunner and opened fire with their laser guns. Firefly seemed to be doing alright in dodging the shots from the Mechanoid-3000 fighter, but Thunderunner was having considerable more difficulty.

"I'll be alright, go and help him!" called Thunderunner to Maelstorm.

"Roger that!" replied Maelstorm. "I'll be right with you sir!" Maelstorm called to Firefly.

"Negative!" called Firefly. "I can take care of this one by myself! You go and deal with the one tailing Thunderunner!"

"But sir, your attack run!" called Thunderunner. "You're the only one who is skilled enough! If you're destroyed there is no one else!"

"I am NOT loosing another comrade!" called Firefly. "And don't worry; I'm an ace pilot for a reason! Maelstorm help him out, that's an order!"

Maelstorm sighed. "Yes sir!"

Maelstorm moved to the right so that he was now behind the Mechanoid 3000 fighter that was chasing Thunderunner. At the same time Firefly was having fun dodging the laser fire from the Mechanoid 3000 fighter.

"Come on then!" taunted Firefly. "Come on then!" He moved his fighter around from side to side keeping out of the fighters' line of fire. The Mechanoid 3000 computer was having trouble locking onto Firefly with its plasma beams.

"You're just too slow aren't ya?" cried Firefly as he spun his fighter around.

It only took a second for the pane to get into the cross-sight of the Mechanoid 3000 and open fire with its plasma beams!

"Oh no ya don't!" yelled Firefly. He pulled up his planes joystick and he went into a loop de loop the plasma beam followed him, but the Mechanoid 3000 fighter was too slow to react! Firefly got right underneath the Mechanoid 3000 and flew right past its nose, barely missing it but the Mechanoid 3000 plasma beam slammed into the nose of the fighter and exploded in the silence of space! Sending it flying wildly hurtling of into the distance! Firefly did an other loop in the air so that he was now flying down towards the exposed underside of the Mechanoid 3000 fighter and opened fire with his laser guns, landing a direct hit on it's fuel tank and exploding the fighter in a burst of flame that the flew through!

"Yeah baby!" called Firefly. "That was fun! Hope we can do it again sometime!" he joked.

Maelstorm now destroyed the Mechanoid 3000 fighter that was chasing Thunderunner.

"Did you see that?" asked Thunderunner.

"Yeah…" said Maelstorm in amazement. "What a guy…"

Firefly turned around at a 180 degree angle around so that he was now facing the rear of the ship and its engines. Five-randomly moving cross sights now appeared on his computer screen. He spun his fighter around, to get ready to fire- it was only for a second, but all five of the cross sights locked onto the ships engines. He launched 5 plasma beams and they locked on each one of the circular gravity amplifiers on the underside of the ship- huge plumes of flame engulfed them !

You could see the flames from the bridge of the Denasos. Cheering and clapping broke out amongst the crew. Talnor sighed and fell back in his chair. Fireflys' voice came over the radio.

"The target has been destroyed sir!" informed Firefly.

Talnor got up out of his chair and turned to walk into the elevator of the bridge.

"Prepare a landing party to go aboard the ship." ordered Talnor. "I'll lead the assault.." Talnor stepped into the elevator

At the same time the explosion from the ships engines was taking place, back in the supercomputer Sam was still running away from the electrical beam. When the shockwave from the explosion hit, it hit like an Earthquake. Sam nearly tripped up, but was able to regain his balance before being incinerated by the beam. Father Mind was showing no signs of slowing down, but Sam was starting to pant and sweat.

"Damn it!" thought Sam. "I dunno how long I can keep this up…this power sure puts a strain on my body…I'm amazed I've lasted this long, but he…he looks like he could go for hours still! I've gotta think of something fast…or I'm gonna get killed!"

Father Mind stared at Sam with hatred.

"How long can he keep this up?" thought Father Mind. "And for that matter how long can I keep this up? This attack isn't eternal. Although the electrical in the beam HAS to be conserved by the laws of physics, my ability to keep it in the shape of this beam puts a massive stain on my power source from the ship…If I don't end this fight soon…I'll probably loose."

The beam was now catching up to Sam, and he was running out of places to run! He could see the wall in front of him coming up, and the beam behind him was getting ever, ever closer…

He was trapped.

"No!" thought Sam.

"You're mine now!" yelled Father Mind. Father Mind swung his hands over to where he could see Sam standing, the beam moved with him and slammed into the wall that had been in front of Sam! Father Mind grinned.

"It's over…" said Father Mind.

He was about to disengage the ion reflector when suddenly…

"Not yet!" called Sam's voice.

Father Minds' eyes widened.

As the smoke cleared from where he had burnt the wall just a second ago, he noticed that Sam had jumped out of the way just in time and was now crouching down on a ledge near the top of wall.

"Whoa…" thought Sam. "I didn't realise I could jump this high with this power. Good job I can though or I'd be dead by now…"

Father Mind stared up at Sam with rage and anger.

"DAMN YOU!" yelled Father Mind. "WHY CAN'T YOU JUST DIE?"

Father Mind swung his arms towards Sam was and the beam followed. Sam noticed that there was a series of these ledges running around the higher part of the walls; they were just well distanced apart. Then he noticed something else on the other side of the room- the Knife that he had thrown to distract Father Mind was still sticking out of the wall.

"Maybe…" thought Sam. "It had better work though…" Sam turned to the next ledge and jumped onto it –just in time to avoid the oncoming beam of light-. Sam followed these ledges until he came to the other side of the room where his knife was wedged into the wall. The only trouble was that it was positioned a good few feet below from where he was. Sam looked down at the knife, and then over his shoulder to the oncoming beam of light. He had no choice- he risked it. He jumped off the ledge and down to where the knife was. It was only for a very brief period of time, but he was able to get a good footing on the side of the wall so it looked like Sam was crouching down on the wall –matrix style-.

"Yes!" thought Sam. He swung his hand down and yanked it out of the wall, just in time to jump away before the beam of light incinerated the part of the wall where he had been crouching. Sam landed on the ground and held the knife with both hands. The silver flame reappeared, but this time it was different –it was glowing brighter and larger than it had ever done before.

"I'll put everything I have left into this attack." thought Sam. "If that doesn't work nothing will!"

Father Mind brought the beam of light back down to ground level and began to swing it in Sams' direction!

"YOU'RE MINE NOW!" yelled Father Mind.

Just as the beam of light was about to incinerate him, Sam landed on the ground slashed out with the knife! The blue blade left a trail of light behind it as it collided with the electron cannon.

The two warriors struggled, Sam was trying to slice through the beam of light and Father Mind was trying to push it into Sam. There were massive flashes of light and sparks were sent flying everywhere! Suddenly Sam could feel it, the beam was getting weaker!

"How can he be so damn strong?" thought Father Mind

"This is it!" thought Sam. Sam yelled out in rage and his knife successfully slashed through Fahter Minds cannon! A massive wave of blue light appeared from out of the knife where he had slashed through and it smashed against the side of the room! The remainder of Father Minds cannon exploded! Sending out a huge shockwave of blue light There was a huge thunderclap! Sam was thrown into the air- but Father Mind switched back to his gravity shield just in time to stop himself from being blown away!

There was a long silence after the explosion. Eventually Father Mind removed his arms away from his face that he had used to protect him. He looked around; the smoke from the explosion was starting to clear. He could make out the damage left by the incinerating trail of the beam of light and the subsequent explosion. But there was no sign of Sam. Father Mind disengaged his shield and stood up.

"He destroyed my electron cannon…" thought Father Mind, looking at the burnt remains of his left arm. "He was able to defeat my most powerful attack…still; at least I can be sure he was killed in the explosion…"

Suddenly there was a drip of something red on one of Father Mind's eyes. Father Mind placed one of his fingers on the substance. He looked at the drip and then realised what it was.

"Blood?" said Father Mind. He looked up. Sam was overhead in free fall above Father Mind. There was a wound on Sams's head –that's where the blood was coming from. Father Mind's eyes widened.

"No way…" thought Father Mind.

Sam revealed his knife and yelled. He was preparing to slash. Father Mind could see this coming and stuck both his hand in the air and his ion shield appeared. Sam was coming ever, ever closer to Father Mind's face. Father Mind managed to block Sams knife just in time. A smirk appeared on Sam's face. The momentum from the mid-air slash allowed him to spin around in the air, and lash out with his foot, kicking Father Mind in the head before hitting the ground- rather hardly- sending Father Mind flying backwards before rolling on the ground and coming to a stop. Both of them lay still for a second. Eventually Sam began to move.

"Arghh…" Eventually he was able to roll himself onto his front to see Father Mind. He looked up and began to laugh.

"IN YOUR FACE!" yelled Sam.

Sam laughed slightly and was able eventually to get up on to his feet. He picked up his knife (the flame that had been around it before had now disappeared because of Sam's drained powers) and began to walk over to Father Mind. Father Mind could see him coming.

"Damn it…" thought Father Mind. "I can't move. The last attack completely drained my battery completely, I've gotta wait until it recharges from the ship's power supply, but there's no time..." Sam was now standing in front of Father Mind. "I gotta keep him talking…buy me some time…"

Eventually Father Mind spoke.

"How," said Father Mind. "Why are you so god damn strong?"

Sam laughed.

"Well at a glance…" began Sam holding up the fist with the seal on it. "It may look like it's because I have an alien muscle enhancing seal. But that's not the real reason…" There was a pause. "People use their emotions to find their strength to fight. Faith, hope, rage, anger…and revenge. You Mechanoid 3000 believe that you can experience these things, but in reality it's just a bunch of programmed responses in your artificial intelligence…it's not real…that is why you lost…and even though I learnt that fact from sci-fi, it's still the reason why you lost." Sam brandished his knife and prepared to stab Father Mind in the head.

"No!" thought Father Mind. "Not like this. I just need a little longer!"

"GO TO HELL!" yelled Sam. He swung the knife down, but before it got anywhere near Father Mind, someone had grabbed Sams wrist from behind. Sam spun around; he now saw that it was Captain Talnor who had grabbed him.

"That's enough Sam." said Talnor calmly. "The battle is over. We won."

Several of Talnors marines now entered the room through the front entrance and pointed their guns at Mother Mind. Sam stared at Talnor.

"Then why won't you let me kill him?" asked Sam. "Aren't you just gonna do the same thing?"

Talnor paused.

"My orders are to simply prevent them from attacking your world," explained Talnor. "Not to destroy them. They count as a new species and that means we're not allowed to genocide them. That also means I can't allow you to kill one of their leaders."

Sam paused.

"But…they're evil…" said Sam.

"I have my orders." replied Talnor.

There was a pause. Soon afterwards a look of rage and anger appeared over Sam's face.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" yelled Sam. He struggled to get out of Talnors grip. "LET GO OF ME! LET ME KILL HIM! LET ME KILL HIM!" Talnor appeared unaffected by Sam's attempts to get free. Talnor simply pulled the knife out of Sam's hand and held it in his.

"GIVE IT BACK!" yelled Sam. Sam now started thumping on Talnor's chest with anger. Tears of rage started to stream down his face. Talnor just stood there, unmoving. "LET ME KILL HIM! LET ME KILL HIM! THEY'RE EVIL! THEY KILLED MY FAMILY! THEY KILLED MY FAMILY!" Sam fell on his hands and knees and started to cry loudly. The marines looked puzzled and looked at one another. Talnor simply looked down at Sam. Eventually he crouched down as well and looked up at Sam.

"Sam, look at me." said Talnor calmly. No response from Sam. Talnor placed his hands on Sam's shoulders. "Look at me!" Sam looked up at Talnor, still crying. "I'm gonna tell you something Sam…Something I haven't told even my closest colleagues." Talnor paused. "My planet…was divided into two species. And for centuries the two species have done nothing but wage war against each other. Driven by the need for revenge and retribution..." Talnor paused again. "Both my parents were killed in that war…" Sams' eyes widened. "And for years I felt like getting revenge at someone, for something, for anything…But when I grew up, I looked around…and soon I realised the truth. That revenge is never truly worth it…I've seen it happen way too many times Sam: a good warrior, corrupted by the need to get revenge. They sacrifice everything they have, just to make someone pay for something they might not have done. Regardless of whether you get your revenge or not…once you've gone down that path of revenge, you can't turn back. You get consumed by it…you become someone else. Is that really what you want Sam?"

Sam paused.

Talnor stood up, and turned around. "Be the bigger man Sam. Walk away." There was another pause and Sam eventually got onto his feet, he couldn't look Talnor in the eyes though, so he continued to look at the ground as he walked past Talnor. At the same time on Father Mind's internal computer, an icon read "Battery 20 charged."

"Yes!" thought Father Mind. Father Mind jumped off the ground and onto his feet, Talnor noticed this but Sam hadn't. Father Minds' wrist blade reappeared again.

"Gotcha!" yelled Father Mind.

Sam spun around, just in time to see Father Mind lash out with the blade. –Sams' powers were temporarily drained- He couldn't react. But luckily Talnor's reflexes were as fast as ever. The battle armour that was protecting Talnor's wing span disengaged and fell on the ground. At the same time he was able to knock Sam out the way so that he wouldn't receive the attack. With Sam out the way, Talnor flapped his wings and a small tornado appeared around Father Mind! Sam could feel the force from the whirlwind, it was sucking air inwards. Father Mind who was trapped inside the tornado.

"I can't move.." thought Father Mind.

Talnor looking calm and brandished his knife.

"Air prison technique," said Talnor calmly. Talnor could now see Father Mind through the tornado. He slashed out with the knife and cut Father Minds torso from his legs. Father Mind's legs lay on the floor while his top body fell a few feet away.

"Whoa…" thought Sam. "He did that with one attack…Talnor...he's amazing."

Father Mind's head now looked up at Talnor.

"Ha!" said Father Mind. "You honestly think that this is permanent? I can get this repaired. One of the many advantages of being a part machine…"

"Listen, you bastard," said Talnor. "If there is one thing I hate in this galaxy, are people who attack their enemies while their back is turned…so I would keep your mouth shut or I'll execute you under article 293 of Sirian military conduct- resisting peaceful surrender."

Father Mind was about to give a long speech, but decided against it.

Talnor looked up at the Mother Mind supercomputer.

"Mother Mind!" called out Talnor. The hologram of Mother Mind's head appeared. "You've lost. Your engines are crippled; surrender now and I won't have to destroy you!"

Mother Mind gritted her teeth.

"What are the terms of our surrender?" asked Mother Mind.

"You have two hours to complete the repairs to your engines so that you can achieve hyperdrive." replied Talnor. "After that a squadron of fighters will escort you to the Alpha Centuri star system and from there you will be escorted out of Alliance territory and into neutral space. Second of all, you will allow my marines and the boy to teleport back to my ship in peace. And thirdly…" There was a pause. "You will NOT attack this planet again, or you will unleash the full wrath of the Ashtar Alliance. And take it from, me you don't want to do that."

Mother Mind looked angry.

"We accept."

Talnor grinned and put his knife away.

"Smart choice," replied Talnor.

Talnor gave the signal to his marines and they all turned to leave the room. Sam followed.

"You were wrong, Sam." called Father Mind. Sam looked over his shoulder. "Our fight didn't end the way you thought it would. I'm not dead, you didn't kill me."

Sam paused.

"You're wrong." replied Sam. "This isn't over…"

Sam turned and followed the marines out the door.

A few minutes later, Sam, the Marines and Talnor were now standing on the hangar deck of the Mechanoid 3000 ship. Sam was standing next to Talnor. There was a long silence between the two of them, but then eventually Sam spoke.

"I won't forgive you for this." said Sam. Talnor looked down at Sam. "For letting them, go I mean." Sam looked up at Talnor.

"That's ok." replied Talnor. "You don't have to like me. It's not like I'm your commanding officer or anything." Talnor walked ahead to stand next to his marines. Sam stayed for a second.

"You coming or not?" asked Talnor.

Sam walked ahead to catch up with Talnor, who pressed down on his communicator earpiece and spoke into it.

"Denasos this Talnor," he spoke. "31 to beam up."

Suddenly the blue energy light from the tele-transporter eminated around the platoon of the marines. Before Sam knew it, he had reappeared on the transporter room of the Denasos- he nearly fell off the energy pad when he reappeard from the dizziness.

Talnor laughed. "Don't worry you'll get used to that, welcome to my ship." The marines piled off the transporter and headed to the elevator.

Within a few minutes Talnor and Sam arrived on the bridge of the ship.

"Captain on the bridge." said one of the crew members. All the crew members stood up from their stations.

"As you were," replied Talnor. The aliens went back to there stations. Talnor went down to sit at his chair. Sam was amazed by what he saw from the window of the ship. He had been so busy concentrating on getting his revenge that he had forgotten where he was –in space-. He could see the moon hanging in nothingness, surrounded by the purest blackness of space, only the faint little pinpricks of stars could be seen in the distance. But then he saw it, the Earth, the blue, cloudy atmosphere of Earth could be seen in the distance. It looked so small, and yet there it was, and it was where he had lived his entire life, it seemed so big when you are actually on it, but he realised just how small he truly was.

Talnor looked at Sam.

"Good." thought Talnor. "He's not been completely consumed by his lust for revenge. There's hope for him yet…"

Sam looked impressed by the ship as he walked over to the front windscreen of the bridge. Commander Dask bent over Talnor.

"Since when do you allow children on the bridge?" asked Dask.

"I think we can make an exception with this one." replied Talnor.

Sam now turned to the Mechanoid 3000 ship. Sam stood there for the full two hours. Even when the ship's Yeoman offered him some food he ate it while standing up. Eventually the Mechanoid 3000s time was up. A squad of Star Strikers surrounded the Truman as its engines began to fire up. The ship and the fighters went to hyperspace and disappeared into the distance. The flash of light from their wormholes soon vanished as well.

"I'll find you." thought Sam. "It doesn't matter which direction you go, how fast you go or how far you go. I'll find you. And when I do, I'll make you pay. I swear. I'll make you pay."

Chapter 10: Recruitment

The Liberon Denasos dropped out of hyperspace and rotated on its axis so that it was horizontal again, and moved slowly into orbit around Earth. Talnor, his Senior Staff and Sam beamed down onto the helipad of Area 51. A new African American General and and a large group of US soldiers were already there waiting for them. The US soldiers began cheering and clapping for them. Talnor looked slightly embarrassed, the senior staff looked proud of their Captain. Sam just seemed confused- but then he realised what was going on. They had saved the planet from the Mechanoid 3000- they were heroes.

The General put his hand out for Talnor to shake.

"I'm General Mclaren." Said the General. "The new commander of Area 51." Talnor nodded. "Captain, I can't thank you enough. You saved us from total destruction."

Talnor blushed.

"Er…it was nothing really." replied Talnor (through the psychic traslator.

The soldiers laughed.

"Well the President himself wants to give you and your lead pilot a medal for your acts of bravery," continued Mclaren.

A smile appeared on Talnors face.

"Really?" replied Talnor. "I'm honoured…."

Mclaren turned to Sam.

"The president wants to give you a medal as well Sam," said Mclaren. "For your efforts in the battle."

A massive grin appeared on Sams face.

"Really?" cried Sam. Mclaren nodded. "Cool!"

Mclaren looked serious now and turned to Talnor.

"The Mechanoid 3000 aren't permanently defeated though." said Mclaren. "They could come back again."

Talnor smiled.

"Don't worry," replied Talnor. "The Ashtar Alliance will protect you from them,"

"We we're kind of hoping we could depend on ourselves a bit more than that." continued Mclaren. Talnor looked puzzled. "When the President heard about the Mechanoid 3000 attack was over, he immediately contacted the United Nations security council to prepare for an alien attack. All the members of the security council secretly agreed to set up a new military force to protect us from this attack. Now that the threat from the Mechanoid 3000 is over, the proposal is still on the table. Earth has to be ready to protect itself when ready Captain, but we are going to need your help in order to do so before we can fully depend on ourselves,"

Talnor smiled.

"I'll contact Alliance headquarters right away," replied Talnor.

Mclaren smiled.

"Excellent!" continued Mclaren. "Come this way!" He showed them into the building.

A few minutes later, Talnor, Sam and Mclaren were back in the room that was overlooking the Area 51 hangar bay. The base's cleaners were clearing up the glass that had been shattered when the gravity wave hit the base.

The bodies of David and Leia were lying on the table tops with a white sheet over them. Sam looked at them in silence.

At the same time, Talnor and Mclaren were standing over a laptop on one of the tables. They were talking via video communications to an important looking Sirian Naval officer. He was big and muscular, with blond long hair hair and a lean face. His uniform had more medals than Talnor- the uniform of an admiral.

"Well that's the low down on the situation Admiral Sheran." finished General Mclaren. "So what do you say, do we have the support of the Ashtar Alliance?"

The Admiral smiled.

"Of course." replied the Admiral in a gruff voice. "The Alliance will pledge whatever is necessary to keep your planet safe from the Mechanoid 3000 and any other alien threats. Captain, you shall sign the papers on behalf of the Ashtar Alliance."

Talnor smiled.

"Yes sir!" replied Talnor.

"Anyway if that is all I must be going, that damned border dispute on Altair isn't gonna solve itself." said the Admiral. "Sheran out." The screen flicked and Admiral Ashtar Sheran disappeared, leaving behind an image of the Ashtar Alliance symbol. Talnor and Mclaren turned to each other.

"Well that's that sorted." said Mclaren.

"Yeah but what about him…" replied Talnor (via the psychic translator). He pointed to Sam.

Mclaren looked at Sam, who was still staring at the bodies of his dead family.

"Hmm…" said Mclaren.

"He has no family." replied Talnor. "No home, nothing to go to, and he knows about this place. He'll be treated like he's insane. And those powers of his…he'll never fit in…he'll be an outcast…that's not a life. What are you gonna do with him?"

Mclaren remained silent.

Sam acted as though he hadn't been listening. But he had heard every word. He thought about it for a second and then spun round and pointed and Talnor.

"Captain!" Talnor turned. "I wanna come with you. I wanna join the Sirian Star Marines!"

Talnor looked surprised.

"But I thought…" said Talnor.

"It's like you said…" replied Sam. "There's nothing left for me here…" He looked over his shoulder to look at the bodies of his family, but then turned back to Talnor. "But if I go with you then it's a new chance for me. For a new life in space. I wanna see it all Captain. I've already seen a small part of it, now I wanna see the rest!" There was a pause. "Please I'm begging you Captain. Let me come with you."

There was another pause. But then a smile appeared on Talnor's face.

"Fine." replied Talnor. Sam looked surprised. "I'll take you back to Sirius so that you can officially sign up to the Marines."

"You mean it?" replied Sam. Talnor nodded. A massive grin appeared Sams face. "YAHOOO!" Sam jumped up and down and began crying "I'm going into space! I'm going into space!" All the cleaners in the room stared at Sam.

Mclaren (who had been listening to the conversation via the psychic translator) turned to Talnor.

"You can't be serious!" cried Mclaren. "He's only fifteen. Don't you have an age limit on when you can join the military?"

"Actually." explained Talnor. "In the Ashtar Alliance things are done by physical and psychological abilities, not by age…" He looked at Sam. "That boy has been in battle…and proved victorious. That alone is enough to get him into your military, let alone mine."

Mclaren paused, then smiled.

"Then it's settled." Mclaren called to Sam. Sam stopped jumping up and down and turned to Mclaren. "Sam Houser! You will serve as the liason officer between the people of Earth and the Ashtar Alliance." Sams' eyes widened. "You will be the first human to join the Ashtar Alliance, so make us look good, soldier!"

Sam smiled.

"Yes sir!" cried Sam and saluted General Mclaren.

Talnor looked down at Sam.

"Just warning you now Sam." said Talnor. Sam looked up at Talnor. "Marine training is hard. And I mean HARD. It will push you to your very limits. But once it's over I'll make sure I have a place for you on my ship."

"I'm ready for anything!" replied Sam.

Talnor smiled.

"Good." replied Talnor. He patted Sam on the back making him wheeze. "Now come on soldier. We've got a medal ceremony to make! Not to mention some more pressing matters…" Sam looked at the bodies of David and Leia.

"Yeah…" said Sam.

Talnor and Sam turned and walked out of the room. At the same time four members of the Area 51 medical staff loaded the bodies onto two stretchers and followed Talnor. Mclaren watched as Sam slowly disappeared down the corridor. Mclaren smiled.

A few minutes later Talnor and Sam were on the rooftop of Area 51, on the helipad of Area 51. 8 American soldiers lay down David's and Leia's coffins Sam and Talnor boarded, stood there and were beamed up to the Denasos.

Talnor and Sam sat next to each other in the transporter room of the Denasos waiting to be beamed down to New Yourk. Talnor turned to Sam.

"Seeing the Galaxy isn't the only reason you want to go into space." said Talnor. Sam looked up at Talnor. "Is it?"

Sam looked out of the window again.

"No…" replied Sam.

"You're going because you want to find the Mechanoid 3000 again." continued Talnor. "And take your revenge on them. Aren't you?"

There was a pause.

"Maybe," replied Sam.

There was a pause. Talnor sighed.

"Don't forget what I told you about revenge, Sam." continued Talnor. "Don't let it consume you…"

Sam remained silent.

"There's hope for you yet…" thought Talnor.

An hour later, in a secret room in the United Nations building in New York, rows and rows of international Delegates had gathered for the medal ceremony. It was a massive white room. President Bush was standing at the front of the room with several American Generals behind him. The room was organised like a church, two sets of rows of chairs on either side with an isle in the middle. Suddenly, a strange piece of music started to play- the Sirian anthem- it sounded like a piece of music from Star Wars. All the delegates stood. The three of them were now standing at the back of the room. Sam, wearing the uniform of a Sirian Star Marine Cadet, Captain Talnor, and the lead pilot Sez, from the air battle against the Mechanoid 3000 (who you could now see properly because his flight helmet had been removed. He was also a Sirian.)

All the delegates turned to see what the aliens looked like. Sam looked really nervous. They all started to talk to one another. When the chorus of the anthem started to play, the three of them began to march towards the front of the room- the eyes of the delegates followed them. The three of them stopped in front of the president.

Sam stared up at him; it felt weird receiving a medal from the guy who he blamed for the death of his parents.

The president looked down at the three of them. The music came to an end.

"Captain Areon Talnor." announced the president. "Major Sezoria Derat, and Cadet Sam Houser." One of the president's aides opened up a box with three medals in it and presented it to him. "As commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the United States of America, of the planet Earth, I present to each of you, a medal of distinction," he placed a medal on Talnor's chest. "For your acts of bravery in the Battle of Lunar," he placed another medal on Sez's chest. "against the forces of the Mechanoid 3000." He placed the final medal on Sam. The three of them now turned around to face the delegates. Talnor and Sez similed, but Sam simply blushed. The delegates clapped and cheered.

About half an hour later, in another secret room in the United Nations building, the members of the United Nations, security council and Captain Talnor were sitting around a round table. The American President had a document in front of him entitled "United Earth Gaurdian act." There were several other United Nations delegates standing around the table looking onwards. The president signed the paper and then passed it on to Prime Minister Brown. The paper went the whole way round the table until it came to Captain Talnor- who also signed it. The delegates standing around the table began to clap and cheer as Talnor began to shake hands with the members of the security council.

But Sam wasn't there.

Meanwhile back in the centre of New York, there was a police line that was blocking off several city blocks, causing massive traffic jams. There were a lot of angry New Yorkers blowing their horns at each other. A pedestrian walked up to one of the officers who were enforcing the line.

"Excuse me officer," said the Pedestrian. "What's going on?"

"City hall says there's a gas leak." replied the officer.

The pedestrian looked around.

"For four blocks?" cried the Pedestrian. "And where are the gas services?"

"Hey," replied the officer. "Just doing my job."

The pedestrian looked pissed off and walked away. At the centre of the cut off area, was a graveyard. The whole surrounding area had been cleared of everyone else- except Sam. He was still wearing his uniform, standing in front of the graves of his dead uncle and sister. The funeral was over. The Area had been cleared so that nobody else could see what was about to come. Captain Talnor teleported in behind Sam and called out to him.

"Time to go Sam!" yelled Talnor.

Sam turned to go, but looked over his shoulder.

"I'll come back and see you guys someday." said Sam. "I promise."

He then looked over at the ship and headed over there. He got on board and turned to Talnor.

"Let's go." said Sam.

Talnor ordered the Denasos to beam them up, and they slowly de-materialised. The Denasos was there waiting for them. It landed on the ships flight deck.

Within a few minutes Talnor and Sam were on the bridge of the ship.

"Captain on the bridge!" said a member of the crew.

The crew stood up out of their posts.

"As you were," Replied Talnor. They all sat down again. Commander Dask got out of Talnors seat so that he could sit down. Sam wondered over to the windscreen of the bridge. He stared out at his home planet. He held out his right hand, with the seal on it, it felt like he could reach out and grab the entire Earth.

"Lay in a course to Rendezvous with the rest of the battle group," said Talnor as he sat down in his chair.

"Course laid in sir." replied the helmsman of the ship.

"Send a message to the shipyards on Sirius," continued Talnor. "Inform them that we require routine repairs and maintenance."

"Aye, Captain." replied the ships communications officer.

"Full speed ahead." continued Talnor.

"Full speed ahead, aye captain." replied the ships helmsman.

The Denasos rotated on its axis again so it's underside was now pointing in the direction or the ships destination. The three gravity amplifiers were focused on this point and began to glow- charging up power. Sam stared out of the bridges window and smiled as he watch the Earth tilt from his point of view. He feld his hand out so that he could almost touch it.

"See ya soon." said Sam to the Earth.

"Engage." ordered Talnor.

The helmsman pushed a button on his console, and suddenly the Earth disappeared into the distance in less than a second. Before Sam knew it, stars and constellations were rolling past the window at phenomenal speed.

"Wow…" thought Sam.

The Liberon Denasos vanished, into the deep, vast ocean of space.