Goodbye, because I love you
a maharlika production
안녕, 사랑하니까 (annyong, saranghanikka…)

Lee Dong Gun as Kim Jae Yoon
Han Ji Hye as Lee Eun Mae
Lee Minwoo as Jang Min Joo


Kim Tae Hee as Park Kae Mi
Shim Changmin as Kim Jun Nee


Maybe, I thought letting him go…would set me free?

But did I really think that everything would be fine after, how many years now…

Knowing well and whole, that as much as I deny it…

What was it now?

Lee Eun Mae, why are you hurting? Why is there a throbbing pain, deep… buried deep within you?

You know the answer…

Because you already gave your heart to him.