she was like glass;
© michelle revolutionxrock October 20, 2006

she was like glass;
hard to get through, easily shattered
Painful to remember
Forever leaving her scars
t r a n s p a r e n t
Her world displayed for all to look through
Sharp as a knife on pale skin
Delicate and manipulated
Scratched and violated
Whole and perfect
Embodiment of beauty

She was like love in the morning
And violation in the evening
Death as thick as honey
And almost as sweet
She had no past; only memories
Painted into the grass with tears shed by the clouds.
She has no future
Only voices
Sparked to life by fire, whispering to you
Colliding into you
She was the stars
Fallen once again, but she swallowed them whole, and darkness became her song

She was a heart beat
But breathed no air
She is your wound
With no pain
Shredded skin and exposed white bone
Crystal clear eyes and bloodied pearls
She was like wine laced with disease and broken glass
A distracted sleep
With shaking hands.

She was never meant to love, but knew no boundaries
She cared not, and loved too much
She is like broken glass and colorful fields.
Chaotic winds and morning sunrise
She stole your photographed memories and betrayed them
She is death and life
Hope and sorrow
Everything you see
She is nothing