Kari stepped out of the barn and began to walk around the pond toward her father. She turned to see if Danik was coming. He as standing at the edge of the pond looking into its depths. suddenly he looked at her and blinked. His eyes glimmered frosty opaque white. Kari's insides turned to ice as he smiled menacingly at her. She turned and ran toward her father. Danik began to walk around the pond, when he reached them Kari's father shielded her with his body. The DanikShimmer simply stood there, Suddenly Kari's father struck our and knocked him to the ground. "Run Kari" She didn't have to be told twice. Kari felt as if her feet had wings as she ran around the pond. Only once did she glance back and she saw the simmer throw her father to the ground and begin to pursue her. She would never make it to the house, she had only reached the barn. As Kari rounded the corner she flattened herself against the opposite side. "no" she whispered. Marie had kept running. Kari peeked around the edge of the wood and saw the shimmer coming closer. Behind her Maria stumbled and fell. Kari had to do something, the Shimmer had no mercy and would surely kill Maria when it realized that Maria wasn't her. The DanikShimmer tore around the corner after her. Kari grabbed his arm and held fast. the DanikShimmer's momentum carried him full around and when he collide with her she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. She could feel the Shimmer Screaming in anguish from the love pouring through her into Danik's heart. The screaming became almost unbearable but Kari refused to let go. She held on until they both went limp and collapsed onto the ground. The Shimmer was gone. Kari expected to feel the icy coldness of the Shimmer taking over her should but it never came. she laid on the ground next to Danik for what seemed like an eternity until everything went black. CHAPTER When Kari woke she was back in her own bedroom with sunlight streaming though her window. It took her a moment to realize why she was so sore then it all came rushing back, the darkness, her father the Shimmer... The Shimmer was gone. The thought filled Kari with an amazing feeling of relief and calm. Love destroyed ti. You couldn't kill it with a bullet or a knife. but a single kiss sent it back to the realm of the dead forever. This surfaced another thought in Kari's mid, "oh no" I kissed Danik. How cold i have done that? we never really wanted to be more than friends, or did we? At this point her father peeked around the door and interrupted her thoughts. When he saw that she was awake he came and sat on her bed, stroked her hair and kissed her forehead. "Everyone's downstairs, will you come join us?" "I'll be down in a minute, I really need something to eat." Her father left her alone once again and Kari pondered the events of the night before for another minute and eventually got up, brushed her teeth and made her way down the stairs. When she reached the kitchen everyone was seated around the bar looking extremely tired and worn. Her mother got up and hugged her then Maria. When Kari looked up and met Danik's eyes he only smiled. She smiled back and was extremely relieved to know that he wasn't angry with her. She still needed to talk to him somewhere alone, but now was not the time.