Nothing On My Mind


I'm barely scraping by

If I didn't know better

I'd say I'd given up the fight

But those who know me well

Know I'll only give 'em hell

Before I surrender arms

I've just got nothing on my mind


I'm falling through the air

But I don't even care

I don't evem mind, if I'm left behind

'Cause theres nothing, on my mind

I won't hide, and I won't sing my heart out either

I can't be bothered, no not today

And the wheathers appauling, but I don't care

The news is scaremongering, but I no longer care


I'm dragging my feet, across the dirt

But I don't care if it hurts

I'd lie awake day dreaming

But I've got nothing on my mind

I'm drawing crazy shapes on the wall

I'm lazing in the hall

I'm running in circles,

Getting dizzy and falling down


I'll hit the bottom running

But if I never get back up

Promise me you'll never forget

The times we used to share

Sitting on our own in a feild somewhere

Back when I used to care

About all the small things

Now there's nothing left, that sticks

There's nothing on my mind