After a fucking lot of consideration, I want this song to be about one person. I just want this to be about me and all of my losses. Fuck writing songs for people who'll never care even if they do read them. Fuck writing them for friends who'll just compliment you without understanding what the words really hide. And fuck making this song into something it's not. It is what it is, and I'm done trying to adapt it to fit different situations. This is my first song, and it still resonates the strongest in my mind and in my heart, even if the situation it was written in is long dead. Enjoy.

Death of The Backdrop
(Mixed Emotions)

I've been hiding so long, behind this mask made of rage...
But it only obscures, the steel bars of my cage.
I don't know if you care, I don't care if you know.
It's cutting too deep, and I guess I'll let go.

You flattered me, with your presence!
You shed light on this empty existance!
I wish I could take back, all that I said!
This fallen soldier... Is better off dead...

Loving you's pointless, I'm too damn unprepared...
And I'm way too fucked up, to admit that I'm scared.
Don't you know I adore you, why can't you see?
Just how fucking much, that you mean to me!!

You rescued me, with your presence!
Your voice cut through, world of silence!
I wish I could hold on, to the things that you said!
These memories of you... Are hurting instead!

I'd die just to tell you, this ain't all that I am!
Can't you ignore all the voices, that tear me to shreds!
For a moment see the man, with his head on his kness...
No more than a backdrop, just fuel for the scene.
Oh God I wish, you could see straight through me!
I kissed your lips when you let me...
Now I'll turn and leave, if you want.
I may fade away, but I'll never forget!
I won't ever blame you, if you don't comprehend!
What I wrote was true...
I meant what I said.

Don't rescue me, with your presence...
Let me endure my pointless existance.
I wish I could let go, of everything you said!
Don't let pictures of me, get stuck in your head.

Don't cry for me girl, I'm already dead...