Stingers: Pride Filled Bullet

Chapter One: Dead On Arrival

"Don't take life too serious. You'll never escape it alive anyway."
- Elbert Hubbard -

It was a hot day on the outskirts of the town known as Rodgnay; a small hotel is the location of such an event that the newspapers would call "A tragedy" or "A bloody massacre". The visitors of Hotel 406 call it "Saturday."

A slug, a tiny green slug, stuck itself to the side of the outside wall of Hotel 406, slowly and sluggishly making it's way…somewhere. Nobody knew the slug's purpose, or why such a thing was hanging around such a place, but the visitors of Hotel 406 think it's time to score when they see such a "marvel" at a "dead end" place such as Hotel 406.

The slug crawled along ever so cautiously, nobody even saw it before, but somehow it made it's way to this very hotel where the drug dealers and serial killers meet, where people of heaven and hell…no, purgatory and hell have their normal chess matches. It's a place that doesn't let up, but is always calm, despite the drugged up visitors and the dead bodies; it's the perfect place for the whole family. At least, that's what the rusted old sign says.

Three drug addicts looking for the newest or hottest hit just found exactly what they were looking for. The green slime dripped down from the strange slug as it still continued its quest to the other side of the building. But, its journey would be cut short, as a knife was thrown and plunged into the tiny slug, nearly slicing it in half. But, the slug remained on the wall, stuck by the knife and still dripping green ooze. It wasn't an ordinary slug, and at this point, ordinary slugs weren't ordinary. This was an ordinary slug, but also one that all of the druggies are looking for. The newest drug on the streets? Slime, and this was the first time these three druggies found some of their own.

One of the druggies, shaking a bit, grabbed the knife and pulled it out, letting the slug fall to the ground. Still shaking, he stuck out his tongue, ready to lick the green ooze right from the very object that ended the slug's journey. The knife was knocked from the man's hands as one of the other, calmer, druggies said, "You should know better to not digest Slime raw like that. You need to cook it first."

The man just nodded, looking at the dead slug and pocketing it, scooping up as much green slime as possible when he did so. At this point, you may be asking yourself…how is Slime a drug? A few years back, two men who were staying at this very hotel found a strange slug sitting outside of their room. They began to examine the slug, and soon discovered that with the right materials, this green ooze that the slug was excreting could be the hot new drug. Well, at least that's how the story is told from the perspective of someone who was as high a jet plane. Nobody knows the true story, but it's fun to try to see how many times you can alternate it.

These three men were about to die; there was no point in hiding it. They just found some pure Slime, and keep in mind…people would kill their own mothers for this stuff. They were just too stupid to realize now would be the time to leave the most dangerous place for idiots like them. But, instead of using their heads, they just went back into their rooms, ready for the next hit.

The one holding most of the Slime, the shaky one, well…he wasn't very good at keeping his mouth shut. You'll soon see what I mean.

"You guys are fucking idiots, you can't handle this stuff. I mean…this is pure fucking Slime right here, and you two think you can boss me around? I'm holdin' the goods man, I'm holdin' the goods."

It was only a matter of time before a bullet was blasted through his thick skull, but for some reason, there was a delay. Another druggie, standing a few inches away from the pact, forgot to load his gun.

"Fuck fuck fuck…this damn thing is so fucking annoying. Why do I have to reload it anyway? Aren't we advanced enough to have guns that reload themselves or some shit like that." The druggie said, just as shaky as the loud-mouthed one he was about to shoot. Of course, he was just as loud, causing him to get noticed by the three.

"Aww shit…" He said, after finally reloading his gun. He managed to get off a round into the loud-mouthed druggie's skull, leaving a nice splattering of blood on the two friends, but they quickly reacted by filling the idiot who shot their friend full of lead.

It was that time of the day, time for the real massacre to begin.

The two druggies managed to drag their shot up friend into their hotel room, and then locked the door, but they knew such a cheap door wouldn't hold. At least they would've if they have actually been to this hotel before. You won't know your way around Hotel 406 until you have had your door either kicked in or shot up at least once.

The two remaining druggies took off their loud-mouthed friend's jacket with the dead slug and the Slime and shoved it in a briefcase that they kept full of money. Again, if these two weren't idiots, they wouldn't have done something stupid like that. They both made their way to the sink to try and wash the blood off of their hands, but the sink wouldn't turn on. Twisting and turning the levers, one of the two idiots finally broke the lever off. Throwing the rusted piece of metal to the ground, the druggies just swore to themselves, not sure what to do next.

One of the druggies actually thought of something semi-intelligent as he ran towards the window of the hotel room, looking out at the train tracks. The two men heard the train coming, and they knew that they had to escape. But, if they had actually thought their plan through, they would've realized that leaving Hotel 406 alive is just as hard trying not to get blood on your hands in this crazy hotel.

As one of the druggies reached for the door, twenty-six bullets from a semi-automatic shot him up. The blood was flying everywhere, but the remaining druggie saw his chance as he grabbed the case and broke through the window, jumping out, but doing that was the stupidest thing he could've done all day. Two men burst into the room, kicking the body of the dead druggie away, and then hearing a loud crash. The two men quickly made their way to the window to see the body of the last druggie on the ground, surrounded by a crimson puddle.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me." The first man said, seeing another druggie grabbing the briefcase from the dead druggie's hand and making his way to the train as it arrived. The two men began to fire their guns at the druggie, but he managed to make his way to the train and the two men were left standing at the window as the train left the tiny station.

"Son of a BITCH!" The first man said, throwing his gun to the ground.

At this point, I think the reader should know something important. The train that the sneaky druggie managed to get onto leads to many stops, including through the dangerous Rodgnay town run by the Stingers gang, but he doesn't know that. That briefcase will probably be in the hands of many people before the drugs inside of it are actually used.


Like a silver, speeding bullet, the train zoomed passed the many different broken down buildings on the way to Rodgnay town. The druggie let out a sigh of relief before sitting down, but he ended up sitting on something that was beeping. The man quickly stood up and saw a red, flashing light. Before he could react, a bomb went off, and his blood splattered on the windows, and the briefcase was flung through one of the windows and landing on a dusty road leading to Rodgnay.

A man, minding his own business and walking along the trail sees the briefcase almost completely covered in blood. The man looked around, noticing nobody else near, and opened the briefcase to discover the jacket and wads of 100-dollar bills. The man wanted to scream for joy, but he simply closed the case, wiped the blood off of his hands and then used an old handkerchief to lift the case up. The man then whistled as he made he way to Rodgnay city.

The train, however, needed to take a pit stop. The conductor noticed that this was yet another attack created by the "terrorists" that everyone believes exists. He looked at the workers of the train station before looking back at the shiny silver train.

"We'll just have to cancel our rounds for today and start anew tomorrow." The conductor said, as he watched the workers clean up the body parts and blood that were left. Luckily, the bomb left the train in tact, just not the person who sat on it.


The two men were standing in front of the hotel, keeping their weapons close, just in case. They kept together as they examined the rest of the hotel, trying to figure out the source of the Slime, so they could make a big score. This was definitely a situation they didn't want to deal with at a time like this, but one of them found a trail. He dipped his finger in the mysterious substance and sniffed it, definitely recognizing it as the popular new drug.

The two moved cautiously as they followed the trail of green ooze, stepping gently along the path, making sure not to step on any traps that druggies would use to protect their stash. As they turned the corner, they saw a small shed. The trail was leading right inside of that shed, but they didn't know whether to proceed or not. The first man offered to go ahead by himself, as he quietly moved closer to the old wooden shed.

The second man observed that this shed had been here for even longer than the hotel, because it looked like it was about to fall apart. Luckily for them, it could also be the location of a huge stash of drugs. These two didn't actually use the drugs, they just dealt them, brining in a huge profit everyday. The first man heard a sound coming from above him, and he quickly turned and fired off his gun blindly, shells hitting the ground near his feet. A bird fell right in front of him, somehow still in one piece.

"Fucking idiot…" The second man said, looking around to see if anybody was coming. Little did they know, someone was already there. The first man slowly opened the shed door and saw a bunch of small bags sitting on the floor, the trail of Slime leading towards them. The man lifted up the bag that was leaking Slime and said, "Bingo!"

The second man gave him thumbs up, but not before he saw a blinking red light inside of the bag. The rest of the slime inside of the bag leaked out, bringing with it a tiny bomb that was resting inside. Before the first man could even think, the bomb went off, creating an explosion of blood and body parts. The second man was knocked back by the explosion, and watched as the first man fell to the ground in tiny pieces. The second man was hit on the head by something, and then as it fell to the ground saw it was the first man's eyeball.

The man backed away quickly, leaving his gun behind, but before he could even make it back to the hotel, he was gunned down. A group of five men approached the area where the bomb went off to make sure that everything inside of the shed, including the shed itself, was destroyed.

"Thank fucking god that this bullshit is over. Those two have been dealing fake slime for a long time now." One of the men said, stepping on the severed eyeball of the first drug dealer.

The five men just made their way back to the hotel, and watching as everyone else stood out of their way. If you are in a group of three or more in this hotel, and you have guns, you still have a 60 chance of surviving, depending on the type of guns and how many people you have in your group. Those five? Well, they probably have a 73 chance of surviving, if the calculations are correct.

The news was spread about the train not being available for use today, and there were both cheers and boos at the hotel. Some were glad that the train that basically always led the terrorist organization, Stingers, to their next destination was out of service, meaning that innocents would be spared for at least a day. The others were disappointed that the gang of Rodgnay, also known as Stingers, would have no way to transport more goods to the people. And by goods, you know they mean guns and drugs.

The sun beat down harder on the visitors of Hotel 406 as they tried everything to keep cool. This was a record for this area, and even the drugs were being cooked before people could get them, leading to frustration and bad drug deals, as well as many more dead bodies.


"Please…save my sister. These thugs will do anything for their money!" A little girl begged, tears in her eyes, hugging a teddy bear that was missing an eye. A man just sat in the corner and ignored her pleas, trying to mind his own business.

"Fuck it, I'll do it." Another man said, kneeling down to face the little girl. "What is your name…?"

"I'm…I'm Jessica. My big sister's name is Angela, and our car was stolen, so we had to come here." The little girl said, wiping the tears from her eyes.

"My name is Terry, and this grumpy old man over here is Frank. Don't mind him, he just doesn't like anybody. I'll get your sister back, but you have to stay here with Frank. He'll watch over you, right Frank?" Terry said, nudging the old man.

Frank just coughed a bit, spitting up some backwash before he nodded his head. "Good, I'll be back." Terry said, smiling at the girl as he loaded his 9mm.

The girl just looked over at Frank and pulled at his pants. "Excuse me, mister, do you have anything I can eat?"

Frank just sighed as he pulled out a half-eaten candy bar from his right pocket and gave it to the girl. She smiled as she sat down on an old dusty couch and began to munch on it.


Terry had a lot of things on his mind, including trying to get his money back, but he knew that he had to vent out his anger somehow. Killing the bastards that took that little girl's sister was the first thing that would help him. He wasn't doing it for the girl; he was doing it for himself…because these bastards have cheated him out of some drugs in the past.

Terry marched through the hotel, pushing people out of his way, and also shooting anyone who dared to mess with him. He just wasn't in the mood for a fight. Terry reached the room that Jessica told him about and kicked open the door down, knocking the entire thing off of it's hinges. He saw the girl on the floor, half naked and blood on her face. Before any of the thugs could speak up, Terry just put a bullet in their brains.

Terry unloaded his gun quickly, and then reloaded just as fast, not moving an inch from his spot. He just blasted holes into anyone who even thought of pointing their guns at him. One man was about to surrender, but Terry shot him anyway, just because he was still a bit angry. Terry threw a blanket on Angela and said, "Cover yourself up and let's go."

"I'm not leaving without my drugs! These fucking bastards stole it from me, and now that you killed them, I can never find out where they were hiding it." Angela spoke up, trying to stand up, trying to ignore the many dead bodies around her.

"Your little sister is waiting for you, she is scared half to death. You shouldn't have brought her here. A little girl shouldn't be involved in your fucking dirty business. Now, you come along now or I will have to force you to come." Terry said, pointing the gun at her.

"You won't shoot me, you can only stand there and point your-" Angela begun, but couldn't finish due to the bullet that was just shot into her brain. She body flopped to the floor quickly, and Terry took one last look, especially at her breasts before he made his way out of the room.

"Fucking bitch…I'll shoot anyone I want."


Terry made his way back to Frank to see that the girl was sleeping, and there were a few dead bodies lying on the ground. Terry saw that Frank had his trusty knife out, and it was covered in blood, but Frank was still as calm as ever. Terry looked at the little girl and knew that she deserved better.

"Fuck…I killed her sister." Terry said, realizing that now she was his responsibility. Frank just put his knife away and stood up, handing Terry a set of keys and pointing outside.

"Why are you giving me these?" Terry asked, looking at his 'friend' suspiciously. Frank just pointed at a car outside and then at the little girl, and Terry knew where he was going with this.

"Thanks Frank, I'll try to get her somewhere safe. But don't think I won't be back, I need to get my fucking money."


A man held out a cup of slime, standing out in the hot sun, but then saw that it was already fried. He threw the cup to the ground and screamed, not sure what else to do. The green ooze sizzled as it hit the ground, now nothing more than a "hard, green piece of shit."

The man then saw Terry getting into the car with the little girl, and then realized how he could get some good, fresh Slime. The man, without thinking, pulled out his gun and fired at Terry, trying to get him away from the little girl. You could sell anything at Hotel 406 for drugs. Cars, jewelry, animals, human body parts, human organs, or even…little girls.

Terry ducked down and watched as the bullets hit the side doors, sparks flying. Terry knew that this man was desperate, and getting both the car and the girl could get him some good stuff. Terry just got out of the car as the man was reloading and approached him. The man tried to reload faster, but Terry had already reached him, and he stuck his two fingers and dug them right into the man's eye sockets, not necessarily going for the cleanest kill. The man screamed, trying to pull Terry's fingers out of his eye sockets, as blood dripped down his face and onto the ground, sizzling up due to the extremely high temperature. Terry pulled his fingers out, bringing out the man's eyeballs along with him. Terry then punched the man once more and then used his gun to shoot him a few times, just in case he was still alive.

Terry made his way back to the car to see two more druggies trying to get it to start. Jessica woke up to the loud sounds of the druggies screaming, as Terry was approaching fast. Terry yelled to Jessica, telling her to get out of the car. She did so, and then Terry proceeded to shoot up the two men without hesitation or even aiming. The once clean seats were now covered in blood. Terry opened the door and watched as one of the bodies flopped over, and Terry pushed it out of the car. Jessica was covering her ears, but she was also making her way back to the hotel, not know what to do next. Terry didn't notice this until he started the car, but then it was too late. As soon as the car started, a bomb went off inside of the trunk, causing the entire car to go up in flames. The body of the car flew into the air, and Terry was incinerated on the spot. Jessica screamed as the car hit the ground hard. For once, Hotel 406 was silent, and not even a sound could be heard as the sun was finally beginning to die down, and the moon rise up.

Jessica didn't know what to do, so she just ran, trying to get as far away as possible. Frank swore to himself as he saw the girl escaping, and then pulled out his trusty sniper he was spending the last few minutes putting together and aimed it right at her. Frank wanted to shoot, but he couldn't. Frank just sighed as he threw the gun to the ground and lifted up the case he was holding. This case was labeled "Terry", but he didn't care, it was his now.

Frank then made his way to the room where Angela had been killed, his big boots could be heard stepping on the creaky floorboards, and then he kicked over a rug to reveal a secret cupboard, where he opened it and found a fresh stash of Slime, the same kind Angela was so desperate to find. Frank put it in the suitcase on top of his money, and then blew a kiss to Angela's body before he made his way out of the hotel.

At that point, Frank was only armed with his knife, so anybody in the Hotel could've killed him. But, the clip was empty for most visitors of Hotel 406, and it was about time to close. Frank looked up at the sky to see the sun settling down, and watched as nighttime approached. Saturday was finally over, and things would go back to normal. The word normal is rarely applied to this hotel, but tomorrow it would be.

The police arrived once again, as they would every Saturday night, and investigated the multiple deaths and arrested every drugged up visitor who was too stupid to realize that they weren't completely safe in that hotel. The cops were a bit slow, as always, even if they always knew what was coming. They were paid to be slow, paid in drugs no doubt, but they still tried to do their job…at least, the parts of their job that didn't get them paid in Slime.

And again, the next morning, the train would arrive and take people from the hotel to the town of Rodgnay, always ready for the unexpected. Drugs, a gang, a terrorist organization and lots of dirty cops, it was the perfect place for the average criminal. People knew that Rodgnay town was between "What the hell am I doing here?" and "How the fuck did he get killed?" But, the town was full of one thing that could easily be lost…pride. The bullets, all full of pride, all full of the expectations of many drug addicts, criminals, and such. But it was those bullets full of pride that made the town of Rodgnay and its outskirts so interesting and so mysterious. How could such a place still exist? Will the madness ever end? Probably not.

Death and terror – never ending until the clip is empty.

To Be Continued.