Stingers: Pride Filled Bullet

Chapter Twenty-Two The Bigger Picture

"How embarrassing to be human."
- Kurt Vonnegut -

The book was finally published a whole year later, after several publishing companies and other authors worked hard to complete it. Jordan was still credited, as well as the "Entire town of Rodngay". Nobody even heard of that town, yet they celebrated it, for the book soon became a worldwide best seller.

The world was a different place now, however, as entire countries were engulfed in these large and beautiful green forests. The trees began to take over, slowly but surely, and the people were more than happy to have these things happening. The wars were ending, and there was no more violence, as all of the blood needed was already shed.

In the original forest that was where the great Rodgnay town used to be, remained the originals of that town, who all continued to live in harmony. They all told stories of the past, as more of them began to visit from the other countries and forests. Stories of a once great town corrupted by violence, and how the spread of that violence helped grow the trees.

The black roots remained submerged underground, only arising once in a great while to allow the visitors and guests travel around and see a new, rebuilt Rodgnay town. The town was now a tourist attraction, starting from nothing and becoming a place where people could see where it all began.

Money was no longer an issue, as currency all together was just discarded. The world was no longer materialistic, and big businesses only focused on giving away free products to help keep these forests alive. The world was still growing, as were these forests and trees. The population began to die down, but then get larger again as a new generation of "baby boomers" were born, in a sense.

Everybody was happy, and that was the most important part, but they never forgot the Stingers as well as the author who helped tell the tale of them from a time of violence and bloodshed. This was a true golden age for man, as every single person in the world could let out of large sigh of relief; there was nothing to worry about anymore.


"It was all apart of the bigger picture, the bigger plan. Rodgnay was just a test, or a starting point, and it all led to a new world; the one in which we all currently reside. While I may never understand how this all began, I do know how it all ended, and as I look back now, I realize that this was something that we could never control or stop. Let it be remembered, even if it doesn't last, as the time when we were all actually happy for once. Nothing could make us forget." Terrell finished reading the end of Stingers to the children in forest, as they all cheered once they heard it. It wasn't even a children's book, but the ending was always happy and never became dull, no matter how many times you heard it.

Terrell closed his copy of the book and walked around the forest to see the kids playing. He watched as one man picked a fruit from one of the trees, and that fruit slowly began to change into a small child. The man and the child hugged, and went off onto their own. Terrell couldn't help but smile as he saw this. As he walked around, he remembered the first thing he told everyone when this new world began.

"You see, this is perfect for everyone. You only die when you are meant to die, and when you do, you will not be forgotten. This forest is very important to the survival of all of us, and if it were to be destroyed, we would die. So, that is our one mission in our lives…to protect this forest. We will grow old, and we will grow wise, but we will only die when we are chosen."

"There was a man who tried many times to die, because he thought his life was not worth living. This man was named Seymour, and try as he might, he would continue to live until it was his time. Soon enough, his time came, and his death was beautiful."

"Did you ever meet him?" One of the children asked.

"No, only heard stories. He had two friends…one was Regal, who was like Seymour and died many times, but never actually died. And then there was Thomas…he only died once…he wasn't like us."

"What was he?"

"I don't know, I never knew, but he was different somehow. Just like those soldiers I told you guys about, one of them was named Jiggins, like in the book. He was a tough one, and had a lot of problems, but he fought on. And the detective, Ridley Yu, he never gave up until he found that killer. Tyrone, the ex-convict who tried to join the Stingers only to die as one who opposed them. There were many of them, and they all weren't originally born in Rodgnay like you or me."

"I thought everyone was originally born here."

"Yes, I did too, but there were people who were different. Like I said, I can't explain it."

Terrell quickly snapped out of it, as he continued to move along through the forest. More kids ran past him, as he approached a very familiar tree. "Why did you let me leave?"

"What do you mean, my son?"

"Why did you let me live and leave Rodgnay town? I was the only one who you let live."

"That, I cannot explain to you. I just thought you were the only one of us who would be able to help, and you did. We needed as much blood as possible."

"I didn't want to kill anyone, but I figured it was the right thing to do at the time. I feel bad, looking bad to it."

"You continued the spread of violence, my son, the blood that runs through lets me live. Those terrorists…they were different, they weren't like us. Neither were Ridley, Jiggins, Tyrone, Jordan or Thomas. They were all different."

"What do you mean? I never understood it myself. How were they different?"

"They were human."

The End.