I'm sorry.

I know you hate me now, but that's okay. I'm not Celeste anymore. My name is Arujana. And I'm sorry. I didn't mean to take your friends away.

You're right, and I back you up 100 per cent. I shouldn't have taken her from you. It wasn't my place to steal her away. You said, though, that you wanted me to be real. You said you wanted me to be alive. You said you wanted me to breathe. I'm so sorry. I thought you would be happy.

You know, when I first met you, I was happy. I'm the perfect robot, you know. But what I did was wrong. Your Father designed me to always make you happy though. I thought I was failing my job because you weren't happy with having a metal friend. But you were so much fun to play with. I wish I could leave and go play baseball with you again.

You know the only reason I like baseball? Because you like baseball. And I wanted to be able to play with you all day.

But there were so many things I couldn't do. Eat, for instance. And I can't run very fast at all. Plus, I can't go near water. I know I look human, but I'm not. I think I forgot that.

Do you remember that one day? When you took me to the park and taught me how to throw a curve ball? I'll never forget how, when I threw my first good curve ball, you smiled at me and patted my head. I was doing a good job then. You were happy, and everything was good. And you know, I didn't mind that there was another guy there. You know, I thought Marvin was cool enough. He let me use his glove. Remember that?

I was so glad that day. I can't feel like you can. I feel things like it is happening inside my head. That day, I felt the ticklish feeling that meant I was happy.

I always liked the name Creator picked out for me. 'Arujuna.' It's a pretty name. I wear it with pride. And you know, I always liked the way you said it when you were teasing me. You said it funny. But I liked it. You know, I like your name too. I like the name 'Larry.' Not just because it belongs to you.

And remember when you taught me how to play video-games? I do. I know you tried hard not to cringe every time my fingers gears made a little grinding noise. It reminded you that you weren't playing with a human. And remember how I lost? But I never minded, and you were nice to me anyways. But that was the first time you asked me, "Isn't it hard being a robot?" I hadn't thought of it before then. It just... Was. But after that I started to wonder what it was like to be human.

I want you to know that I didn't understand the cost. I honestly thought she'd be okay. You know that, don't you? I'm really sorry. But that doesn't excuse anything. I'm not trying to say that what I did was okay just because I didn't know. It was wrong. I was wrong. Even though I didn't know the consequences, it was still a horrible thing I did.

Then, one day, I was watching you eat ice cream. I didn't realize I was bothering you. But then you turned and said, "I wish you were human." I was so hurt when you said that. But I couldn't cry. Robots are incapable of tears.

Then there was her. Celeste. You liked her a lot. Loved her, even. I'm so sorry. I thought that you'd like me more if I became the girl you loved.

She didn't know what was going on. But I poisoned her to knock her out. Then I did pretty much the only thing I could do. I dragged her into the basement with all your Father's equipment.

There was a machine there that, programmed correctly, could actually transfer a mind. So I set her in the scanner, and then WHOOSH, it whirred to life.

I thought she would live.

But the electrical currents were too strong. I knew what was going on, but the machine wouldn't stop. The wire connected to me began to transfer me before I could pull the plug. I'm so sorry, Larry. I really am. I'm so sorry.

The next thing I knew, I looked exactly like Celeste. It hadn't worked. It had failed. But I looked like her.

Celeste hung limply out of the scanner. Blood dripped from her shredded skin onto the ground. Her eyes had been gouged by a stray wire, and had she lived she would have been permanently blind. And something about her was so limp... So... dead.

I ran over and picked her limp, battered body off of the ground. She just sat there as I called her name. It wasn't supposed to happen like this! Celeste shouldn't have died! She should have gotten my body so I could switch us back eventually!

That was actually the plan. I wouldn't stay Celeste forever. I just wanted to be human for a day. But now Celeste was dead and I had nothing more than a new robotic form.

When the police came, they thought I was Celeste. And the police, not knowing that the girl called Arujana was really a robot, thought Celeste killed me.

But you knew the truth, didn't you? You were there even before the police, staring at me. I didn't cry, but oil and mechanical fluids ran down my plastic cheeks. You stared at her limp body, like it couldn't be true. Nobody else could recognize it. But somehow you could. You knew. I killed her. I'm a murderer.

Before the police came, I began to scream for horror. What kind of monster was I?! I killed my best friends love! How could I do such a thing?!

I didn't realize I was covered in blood. The fact that there was glass over the floor didn't register till later. Now I know how it must have looked to those two terrified cops who dragged me away from her, kicking and screaming. The fluids on my cheeks had long since dried.

I thought if I could stay with her for long enough, that maybe she would wake up. That Celeste was just sleeping. I'm so sorry that you had to see that. I saw the raw pain on your face, and I felt like something in me was broken. I wanted to cry out. I wanted to scream that I was sorry. But more importantly, I wanted to trade places with Celeste. I would, you know. If I could have exchanged lives at that point, then I think it would have been okay. She wouldn't have been guilty and neither would I.

I'm so sorry Larry. I didn't mean to get dragged here. But I have to stay here, maybe for forever. In this padded white room.

I'm so sorry.


"Who is she talking to?" asked a man in a white lab coat to a women in a similar coat who's name tag read 'Liz.'

"Her friend, Larry," said Liz.

"Where is he?" asked the man.

"Dead," said Liz. "He ran away with the body an hour after she died and jumped off of a bridge. His last words were, 'Goodbye Arujana.'"