I wrote a poem for you

I just decided not to send it

Along with that letter

You never would want to read

I decided to turn them into


So I could fall asleep

To my dry tears

I know our glass foundation

Broke with the weight

Yet I can't help but

Cut myself on the pieces

Trying to put them back together

Long after you walked away

Bleeding hands

Running across this page

Turning black ink

Into a faded red

Time broke my heart

And made things wrong

For you and I

How I wish these feelings

Would go away

Though I knew they would


Eating away at my soul



Whatever name you choose

I am wrapped completely in it

I'm hoping someday

That I will forget it all

Maybe I won't even remember

You're name

The one you hate so much

Or perhaps this is my punishment

For every sin

That I should find

One person

The one I really can't have

Only to fall on my face

And the worst part is

I'm not sure I will ever get up

So I can walk away too